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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we have two school closures. revere school district, sedgwick delayed two hours and clear creek delayed two hours. we have these for you at >> we're going keep you covered. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. this is the news. the cold has really settled in. ashton altieri is tracking the temperatures for us. shawn chitness is live at dia where passengers hours. first, let's check in with jamie leary. without the gloves out there, brave. jamie. >> reporter: this is ill advised. you definitely need gloves because it's about 20 degrees. we decided to head west to check out conditions. we're in littleton right now, just off c-470 and university. wanted to show you the intersections.
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the roadways. we've noticed on and off ramps really bad, especially over bridges. some of that snow has crusted over, frozen to the ground. people taking it nice and slow. you can see it car hitting curbs, these are icy. they've cleared up intersections, but there is glare on the roadways this morning. we'll be giving you an eye what it's like on the ground and on the roadways this as traffic picks up, you'll want to take it nice and slow, also allow yourself extra time to warm up that car this morning. i know i had a nice thick layer of ice on my windshield. we're out here on the ground keeping an eye on things. for a better idea of what it's like weather-wise we're going to check in with ashton. good morning. some of the highest snow amounts around were to the south and to the west near the
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northern douglas county to monument hill. everything has come to an end. the storm system is in nebraska and dakotas. so we're not going to see any more snow for the time being. 20 at cbs4. sun will be up at 6:48. unlike yesterday, we'll see sunshine today. in fact, full sunshine all day long, but the problem is the air mass that's in place is so cold that the sun is not going to be ab much today. green wood village at 17. arvada 23. cold state-wide. i want to show you the windchill values. when you look at the wind, we have 5 degrees in avon and feels like 5 outside at dia. let's check traffic. starting to see accidents developing. accident in the eastbound direction of i-70 at peoria. westbound direction of i-70 as you get to brighton boulevard. even the camera shot is
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roadways this morning. your car might be glazed, at least the windshield. now the computer has completely frozen up. i would just mention you'll want to take it a little easier this morning, the transitions especially tough from making your way to ramps and over passes because those transitions will be tough. thanks, joel. we want to get back to this airport story. dia is trying recover after that blast of snow and ice. believe it or tough time yesterday de-icing planes. all the flights on at least one airline were delayed because of this. >> frustrated people sitting on tarmacs for a while. cbs4's shawn chitness is live at the airport this morning. a lot of people were kind of, you know, irritated and wondering why weren't they ready? >> reporter: yeah, alan. we have reached out to united, that's the airline that was impacted by this. so far they've explained it was an issue with their vendor to
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equipment they use. we're hoping to learn more this morning. where i am, this is where we can see what's happening with tsa. the line getting a little bit longer and we're at that spot where folks come down this escalator and realize the line is longer than they wanted. we'll keep a track on that. let's show you what the situation was like last night as that situation was unfolding with united airlines. we can see really long lines. that was an issue with the de- icing and specal vendor that united uses to get that done. they had some issues and that's what caused so many delays. talking to some of the passengers here who have been here throughout the night, spending the night at the airport, waiting for another flight, some of them won't get into their final destination until a day later, or leaving a day later from when they planned. looks like things are getting better. departure side we've seen with united almost all nights are on
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arrival times delays and some cancellations. that corner in the distance, that's that hallway that leads to this main area, that's where we see the line really getting long. we'll keep you posted throughout the day here. live at dia, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. busy place this morning. shawn, thank you so much. the trouble with snow in the high country is if something goes wrong with one vehicle, the domino effect comes into play and it so littered all over the highway. this was a 20-car pileup. we checked on drivers as the sun went down and much of the traffic in the high country was at a crawl, if it was moving at all. >> for some reason we're the only car that's still moving. most cars are just stuck. their wheels are turning. i even asked her, what's going on? she's like, i think they can move. >> the other advice drivers were giving us, keep it slow
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guy. there is a silver lining. in a few hours copper mountain will open for business. they're billing this as the welcome home weekend. not only will the lifts start at 9:00 this morning, but there's live music, tasty treats and give aways throughout the day and evening. today president-elect trump is moving his transition meeting to trump golf course in new jersey where he'll meet about a job. trump has offered alabama senator jeff sessions the role of attorney general. this comes a day after mr. trump offered the job of national security advisor to retired three star general michael flynn. >> reporter: general michael flynn would be involved in every major defense and foreign policy decision president-elect
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committee member, he bashed flynn for his past remarks about jihad. flynn spoke at the republic national convention this summer. >> coddling and displays of empathy towards terrorists is not a strategy for defeating these murderers. >> reporter: mr. trump's latest cabinet pick followed his first face to face meeting foreign leader since his election. and more meetings with lawmakers favored for key administration posts, including south carolina governor nikki haley. she's reportedly in the running for secretary of state, despite harshly criticizing trump during the primary. >> what i've seen in donald trump is he brings out the worst in people. >> reporter: the team says mr. trump is absolutely open to
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cabinet roles. among them, texas senator ted cruz, and former republican presidential candidate mitt romney, who also had harsh words for the president-elect during his campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: mr. trump is scheduled to meet with romney in new jersey tomorrow. hena daniels, cbs news. >> they're talking about potential post of secretary of state for romney. mike pence met yesterday with republican and democratic leaders in congress. the owner of a denver apartment criminal charges for supposing people live -- exposing people living there to asbestos during a renovation project. >> reporter: the owner of a denver apartment complex and one of its investigatives are facing federal charges after asbestos exposure. in 2014 health officials found renovation work at the overlook at mile high caused the hazardous material to be released into the air. the residents of nearly 100
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moved into hotels. now according to court documents, the ownership company is charged with a felony, accused of violating a federal rule by failing to inspect for asbestos. and its executive, john tom williams, is facing one misdemeanor counsel for negligence in the case. his attorney says he responsibility and plans to pled guilty. they settled a class action lawsuit with 43 residents last year. >> the president of the company faces up to a year in prison and up to $100,000 in fines. his attorney says to date nobody has fallen ill and the problem has been mitigateed. state of the or the weather
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colorado launches into orbit tomorrow. >> it will revolutionize the way we forecast your weather here at cbs4. we've been keeping up with its journey. lockheed martin built it. crews have now put all the pieces together and after several delays, the spacecraft is set to blast off from cape canaveral in florida saturday evening. it's the first major upgrade to system in 20 years. >> the way that noaa describes is, you're going from standard definition tv to high definition tv. >> the goes-r will track space
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and communications here on earth. dave aguilera is in florida now. he will be live from cape canaveral tonight and tomorrow. we'll be streaming the launch live saturday on the cbs4 facebook page. a soyuz spacecraft took off from kazakhstan yesterday. it has an american setting a new record on board. the crew is expected to arrive tomorrow, and on astronaut peggy whitson, the oldest woman in space. this february she will celebrate her 57th birthday. >> wow. she's really representing, isn't she? 16 degrees this morning in denver. >> it is chilly out there. ashton tells you when we're going to turn around.
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welcome back. the cdc says deaths from certain cancers is dropping. they studied the five leading causes for deaths of people under 80 and the study says from cancer fell 25%. there were lower deaths from stroke and heart disease, but deaths from accidental causes including drug overdoses and cantic respiratory disease increased. scientists are learning more about the secrets of alzheimer's disease. australian researchers say brain protein which is lost as the disease progresses can have a protective effect if reintroduced. authors say the study which focused on mice is a new way of
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developing a treatment for humans. >> wouldn't that be great? 5:44now. ashton is here with the latest. good morning. the snow is ?gone, but the cold air remains. that's the story over here in the weather department. 20 degrees outside right now in downtown denver, as we look live towards civic center park. 6:48will be our sunrise. unlike yesterday we'll see a lot of sunshine. how much snow did we get? foothills and northwest side of town saw talking about arvada and westminster and over into the foothills like conifer, along 285 you saw 6-point 5 inches of snow. broomfield 4 inches. steamboat saw 3. that was in town. more at the top of the mountain. now at dia it's 16 degrees. factor in the light wind we have, it feels like 5 on the windchill. leadville at 8 now. that's the actual temperature. avon is at 14 in eagle county. highs today will be in the 30s
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state. some of us will be lucky enough to climb into the 40s. greeley we have 43 on the map for you. it will be a below normal day for a change for everybody. tonight another cold one, temperatures dropping back into the teens along the front range tonight. it will be cold for those quarter final high school football games this evening. kickoff temperature 26 by the end of the fourth quarter we'll be at 23 for those games. doppler 4000 showing a couple of clouds left in the mountains. storm system is now in the upper midwest. we have blizzard warnings for s minnesota. 6to 12 inches of snow up there along with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. travel delays through minneapolis. high pressure over the weekend, lots of sunshine. there's our next storm system, rain and snow in northern california this weekend. that system will be here monday night into tuesday next week. it will be warmer, so i doubt we'll have all snow in denver. beneficial snow in the mountains monday into tuesday.
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grandmother's house. this is as you travel along i- 70 up over those mountain passes this morning. you're going to see lower visibility. you're also going to see restrictions in place. in town we have the sheen on the roads. yes, cdot putting down quite a few chemicals overnight. you get into temperatures like this, and you can start to see some of those chemicals freeze as well. i would be cautious out there. watch your speeds across the denver metro area. this is that view in country. you saw the lower visible that we had -- visibility that we had. chain and passenger restrictions. tough drive, especially out to conifer due to that snowfall you had, 6 inches that direction. across the denver metro area, an accident i-70 in brighton. you've got along i-225 northbound direction at alameda. another accident at peoria,
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that was closed for a period of time last night. new accident i-25 onto santa fe. that's the story that will be playing as we get throughout the morning this morning, just a reminder, we haven't had to do this in a long time. give yourself plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you and adjust your drive times. a customer is lucky he didn't get shot inside a convenience store in washingt a masked man came in. the clerk asked him to take it off. instead he pulls a gun. a customer was next to him and almost got hit when the man fired shots at the clerk. unbelievebly, nobody hurt and the man ran off. >> i said, man, everybody is safe, just leave. you don't want to make it really tough, so just leave. he said, okay, if you move i'm going to kill you. i said i'm not moving. he left. >> police still trying to catch
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saturday, csu is saying goodbye to hughes stadium. rams host new mexico. hughes has been home to the rams the past 49 years. tomorrow will mark the 262nd game at hughes. current bronco barrett was one of the notable names to play during that time. has fond memories. >> the game against utep they was winning and we came back and took then i remember the air force game when we dominated air force. and it was special to me. i like hughes stadium. i also think oncampus stadium will be a lot better. but i'm happy they're getting it, but it's a bittersweet moment. >> cu buffs are back in the national rankings. playoff committee has the team at number 10. this weekend the buffs have a tough home game against the
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>> to the end zone, caught, touchdown. >> reporter: it's been 11 years since colorado was playing for more than pride in november. saturday's game versus washington state is incredibly the first of three games that could propel them to a pac 12 championship. >> who's not excited to cover that and play in it? to be able to play in a big game, especially at home in front of our fans who has been incredible this year. >> we're 8-2 and getting over the hump an time. we're playing for something in november, the november games matter. so it's really important, it's exciting. >> reporter: what's not to like? it's the first top 25 matchup here since 2002. top 10 in the north against the top team in the south. league's best pass offense against the league's best pass offense. combined they've won their last 12 conference game. >> definitely gotten better throughout the weeks and we've
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clash between two of the best. >> we need to be ready as offense for a shootout. it's not like a secret they don't score points. you don't have to watch any of their games, you can check the stat line, okay, they score points. it will be exciting. >> we have to win out to go to the pac 12 championship. that's been our goal. we're not going to settle for anything else. washington state is a great team. come in here fired up. they haven't lost in seven games. we're ready. >> reporter: we know the buffs e but if they win tomorrow,
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,, welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. doppler 4000 showing dry conditions state-wide. the snow is gone. at least the falling snow. we of course have snow and ice on some roadways. our cbs4 weather watcher in lakewood is reporting 18. yes, 18 degrees in lakewood. he says he's got 2 inches on
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clear skies, around 17, by far the coldest morning we've had at the bus stop so far this season. let's get a check on those roads, here's joel. good to see him in black tie there can our weather watcher -- there, our weather watcher. eddie castro is driving along bowles. green valley ranch boulevard in the westbound direction you can see the side streets have that sheen on them as well. couple of trouble spots northbound along i-225, causing big delays. closer to 6th. you can see the delays now extending almost back to mississippi. thanks a lot. volkswagen says they're going to cut 30,000 jobs in the aftermath of their emission scandal. they made that announcement today. most will come in germany, where the company is based. after they were found to be cheating emissions tests, fines and compensation payments added up to tens of millions. the late show with james
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finds himself in a stressful moment with tsa with a suitcase with fantastic beasts. >> what is that? >> i do it looks like -- >> this is a hard and fast rule, sir, nothing over 3.4 ounces. >> great stuff. late late show james corden on tonight. actor jamie lee curtis is a guest. 7-year-old autumn not letting the legs keep her from doing gymnastics. the little girl was born prematurely. she is also a cheerleader and was named little miss wheelchair texas last year. you are an inspiration, autumn. >> all right. way to go. right now, 16 degrees in denver. it has been a while since we've said that. >> we have a lot to cover this morning.
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live at dia. >> reporter: crews had some trouble de-icing united planes yesterday. coming up, we'll give you the latest on how flights are looking this morning. president-elect trump has made another big pick for his cabinet. our crew is at nasa's kennedy space center. a closer look as they get ready to cover a satellite launch ,, switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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weather alert. live picture 88th and wadsworth, copter 4 getting to the scene of an accident. snow has stopped, cold is on, roads are icy.
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happening. here's the silver lining, the snow could not have come at a better time for the high country. you're looking at pictures from the eisenhower tunnel on the left side of your screen, and we have new video from keystone. they're about to open this morning along with copper mountain, just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> live look at dia now. we are keeping an eye on the situation at the airport after a lot of delays from this storm last night. couple of schools have a two- hour delay, including in revere district and sedgwick and clear creek school district. kids, you can sleep in just a little bit. >> yes. >> but you might want to do the shoveling. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. the issue this morning is the bitter cold and the ice on the roads. joel hillan will talk about all the problems on the roadways this morning. ashton altieri will tell us how long the cold will last. let's get over to him now. good morning, ashton. now into the deep freeze and this cold weather will


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