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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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police blanket a neighborhood in denver's sunnyside neighborhood to investigate a killing they might think is murder. they blocked off the area of42nd and tejon.
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was shot and killed overnight. a lot of their attention was focused on businesses next door. i talked to these businesses here and they say their business had nothing to do with the crime. the body was found inside of this home. investigators have been on this scene since very early this morning. a crime lab unit arrived later and have focused solely on what neighbors describe as a basement unit. many people around here we heard there's a lot of traffic coming in and out of the home. that's a common theme we were hearing. we talked quite a few of them who said the same thing. police haven't confirmed a lot of details. we're still talking with denver police. all they'll say is a man was shot overnight. police say likely the crime occurred inside this house.
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all unfolded or what the motive is, so there's still a lot of questions that need to be answered. we're going to continue to follow this story. jamie leary, cbs4 news. thank you. all those clear blue skies are out there now after our day of snow. and it's chilly. ashton altieri is in colorado's weather center. could tonight warm up? >> maybe tomorrow night, but not tonight. we'll be back down into the en morning and this afternoon the best we'll be able to do is upper 30s. doppler 4000, it does show dry conditions across the state. the snow has moved on. what a change. back on wednesday 80 for the high temperature. tying the all-time record high for the month of november. this morning 14 degrees, with 4 to 4 inches of snow on the ground. that's a 66-degree drop in a matter of only 38 hours. we'll look at some of the snow
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inches of snow and it's neat to see all the skiers and riders at the top after a couple of delays because of the warm weather. commerce city now is at 30. lakewood 21. erie has 32. we won't climb higher than about 38 for a high this afternoon, despite all the sunshine. once the sun goes down, it's going to be cold tonight, including for the high school football games around town. 20s and overnight lows in the teens. little warmer for the forecast straight ahead. thanks a lot. takes a little dedication to be in those stands tonight. passengers are moving at denver international airport after problemming with de-icing equipment led to a ground halt last night. that had passengers sitting on planes for hours and in long lines. our dylan thomas back at the airport. die die officials say -- dia fire officials say it was
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equipment. >> reporter: for most flights here it's smooth flying, but not for united. it's been jammed up and they say it's due to issues with their de-icing materials. delays in the past 24 hours were caused by the lack of availability of de-icing crews who work to prepare each airport before takeoff in storms. united airlines said they contract out a third party company to handle their de-ices and sour cancellations to lack of staffing and mechanical issues from that third party company. passengers told cbs4 the delays were so significant that passengers on planes that landed safely were forced to sit aboard the planes while gates were filled. we talked to one passenger today. >> well, i've never been to denver before, so i don't have
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melts really quickly. when it hits the ground it's off pretty soon, so i don't have too many concerns. >> reporter: luckily for her that's the case. united airlines, almost a third of those flights are delayed. as for the inbound flights, almost half delayed as well. we spoke to a person who works for dia and they tell us that was all isolated specifically to united airlines their crews did their part last night to make sure the runways were clear. live at dia, dylan thomas. thanks. two men from alabama pled guilty to starting a fire that destroyed eight homes this summer. a judge sentenced jimmy suggs
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probation. investigators say they didn't do enough to put out the fire. a woman who was with them pled guilty to misdemeanor trespassing. new details about the deadly house fire in aurora. investigators say it was an accident caused by an electrical problem. a mother died in that fire and her son suffered life- threatening injuries trying to rescue her. seven people lived in that home. a flagstaff, arizona police officer admits to turning off his body camera but a neighbor is record it. the officer helping with an eviction when he noticed the woman on the property, believing she had outstanding warrants and tried to arrest her. >> you cannot arrest me until i know that i have a warrant. >> hey! you can't hit a girl like that. >> he yelled at me that i had a warrant and i said no, i did not, and brutally attacked me pretty much. >> the woman did and two
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resolved before the incident wednesday. that officer on administrative leave. president-elect trump has announced choices for key administrative jobs and they show a shift to the right. he's going to spend his weekend at his golf course. cbs's kenneth craig updates the process. >> reporter: trump has tapped congressman mike pompeo from kansas to be the next cia director. >> it makes a difference in how you respond to an attack. >> reporter: earlier, mr. trump offered the post of attorney general to alabama senator jeff sessions. sessions was the first senator to endorse the president-elect and was a close advisor during the campaign. before his two decades in the senate, sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship but was rejected because of alleged
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alabama. vice president-elect mike pence says the transition is going smoothly. >> we've got a great number of men and women, great qualifications come forward to serve this new administration. >> reporter: the president- elect is moving his high profile transition meetings from the trump tower in new york to the trump national golf club here in new jersey. tomorrow he's expected to sit down for a highly anticipated meeting with the former republican presidential nominee is considered a potential speak, despite his previous criticism. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: the transition team describes the meeting with romney as one to seek counsel. president obama left germany this morning to head to peru for his final foreign visit as president. he met with leaders from germany and france and italy and spain all in berlin.
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offer reassurances about how donald trump may be different as a president than he was as a candidate. >> what i said to him was that what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion during elections may be different than what will work in terms of unifying the country. >> the president now heads to peru for a summit. he's expected to cross paths there vladimir putin. coming up, a colorado satellite on the launch pad in florida now. what it will help do for forecasters around the nation. later a bear destroys an suv after getting trapped
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,, f0 happening tomorrow, state of the art weather satellite built in colorado into orbit. crews rolled it on the the launch pad in florida today. it boasts imaging technology four times sharper, five times faster than the current equipment. it gives our meteorologists new tools to give you a more accurate forecast. >> the best way i've heard, in the past when you've delivered the goes satellite data you've been showing me loops of what
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>> this is the first major upgrade to the system in 20 years. liftoff is scheduled for 3:42 saturday afternoon. you can watch it live on the cbs4 facebook page. this is the stuff geeks like us get excited about it. you like it, i like it more. in the weather community we are really, really excited about this. like he said, not only did we see loops over what has happened, but what is happening now almost in real time. most of the imagery now we at is at least 13 to 15 minutes old. and there's a jump. you get one frame and another frame. it's archaic. snow amounts from yesterday. so many people have been asking how much did we get? highway 285 corridor, quite a bit. conifer 7.5 inches. arvada almost 6. highlands ranch 4.2 inches. westminster 4 inches. monument about 3.5 inches.
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of snow. that was downtown aurora, not on the southeast side. it was a little less that way. parker about 2.5 inches. fort collins just over 2. denver at dia, 1.7 and on the eastern plains we had beneficiary moisture as well. 1.5at limon. look at the snow stake at steamboat. more than a foot of snow. they'll open next wednesday. winter park will open next week as well. it was showing 7 inches, but they the season today, as we've been talking about, a lot of happy skiers and riders. but it's cold. 14 degrees. 29 at dia. 36 in greeley. we're going to top out in the upper 30s close to 40. we're not going to warm up that much more from where we are now. it will stay a cold day, despite the sunshine. tonight will be a cold night. back into the teens for tomorrow morning. we dropped to 14 this morning in denver. i don't know if we'll be that
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tell a denver. greeley 11. frisco 19. for the high school football playoff games, kickoff 7:0 0 p.m., 26 degrees. half time 24. and by the end of the game, 23. cold for high school football tonight. here's the actual storm system, it's in minnesota and wisconsin and iowa. as it moves away from us, we're going to allow high pressure to build in for the weekend. lots of sunshine for tomorrow and sunday. a nice warmup as well. 50s tomorrow. 60s on sunday. and here's our next weather tuesday. snow will be back into the mountains by monday night and tuesday. we could see some precipitation here in denver as well. i don't want to say snow quite yet, because this next storm will be warmer and therefore may be rain possibly mixed with snow. i don't think we would see as much accumulation as we saw yesterday. but because this next storm will hit right before thanksgiving, and those are huge travel days, we'll be watching it very closely. >> i know you will, thanks a
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on the go app. coming up, a reminder about just how much damage a trapped bear can do. first, live look where the dow ,
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,, hey, we'd like you to meet roger, he is a year old chihuahua mix. loves meeting new people, affectionate. even though he likes walks. bouncy and happy. visit him in person at the dumb friends league, quebec shelter at 2080 south quebec. good luck, buddy. video you have to see to believe. a polar bear petting a dog. yes, petting a dog. a tour guide recorded the scene in canada. the dog is a sled dog and it's used to wild animals.
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thinking. but perhaps you know, just, most surprising is how this bear looks like sort of like a human being. everything is good, we're friends. bear in colorado not so gentle when she got stuck inside an suv in steamboat springs. happened tuesday morning. the black bear opened the door and got inside. she couldn't get out and destroyed that vehicle. it actually took the help of a parks and wildlife says it's not uncommon for bears to be active this late in the year. >> bears can come in and out of hibernation if we have warm days, they'll look for food. we need to bear proof. >> the snow should help the bears start to hibernate.
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she was a hollywood star, shelly duval started in the shining and popeye. but dr. phil has discovered she's living in isolation and delusion, including about robin williams. >> you don't think he's dead? >> no. >> what do you think happens? >> beetles escapes, know. stones escaped. >> where do you think he is? >> shape shifting. >> yeah. >> he looks real good in some forms and other forms he doesn't. >> do you see him? >> half, yes. >> since -- >> mostly -- >> since he was reported dead you've seen him? >> just what does shelly really believe about williams' death? what kind of help does dr. phil believe she needs, today at 4:00. we are following a developing story for cbs4 news at 5:00.
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toddler in wyoming has pled guilty. the search for the young victim, including a colorado landfill ahead. and a woman attacked in her yard by a black bear. hear her 911 call for help, all at 5:00 tonight. ashton is back now as we freeze. some of us are still freezing. though we're getting closer to freezing in some areas. this afternoon topping out around 38. that's the best we'll be able warmup head. 53 tomorrow. 63 sunday. and overnight lows not as cold this weekend. 31 saturday morning and 35 sunday morning. snow back in the mountains by tuesday and maybe a rain/snow mix in the front range. >> we are just still so dry. >> we are dry. yesterday helped, but we need more to catch up.
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? >> ridge: it's not too late. r.j.'s back, and we can have our family. it's always what she wanted for us. tell her, mom. >> r.j.: thanks for the tour. it's been...eye-opening. >> bill: you're welcome. all right, if my safe room didn't speak to your sensibilities, maybe this will. sit down in the big dog's seat. this you're gonna appreciate. videos, memes, digital content. >> r.j.: okay. >> bill: check this out. >> william: welcome to the world of spencer publications. i'm william spencer, c.e.o. and founder of the largest media conglomerate...


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