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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morning. this is the news breaking in denver. at least 12 fire crews responded to a townhome fire right near the cherry creek mall. denver fire got the call around 4:30 this morning and rushed to south university and cherry creek drive. the flames were put out in about 30 minutes were some flareups when he got there. no one was inside the home at the time and, thankfully, no one was hurt. good morning to you. i'm kelly worthman. it is saturday, november 19th. let's get the weather now with ashton. >> good morning. good morning to you, kelly. good to be with you. the cold air that brought the
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camera and up at lookout mountain looking towards downtown, notice the haze that we have across the area. there is an inversion in place and that will limit how much we'll warm up. this is will be one of those unusual days where the mountains will be warmer than here. cold start to the weekend, regardless of where you are at. we have clear skies so we will have sunshine but that aloft compared to what there are here on the ground will limitus here. most of us here in the in he throw area, i don't think we will be able to do any better than 42 and that may be even too warm for some neighborhoods. yesterday, we stopped at 32 for the high. tomorrow of us will stop 30s once again. we'll talk about when we'll finally warm up and the outlook going all the way into thanksgiving straight ahead. >> ashton, thank you so much.
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broadway actor delivers a message to u.s. vice president elect mike pence. the heard of hamilton heard that vice president elect pence was there he thanked the vice president and then he delivered a mess average we are alarmed that your new administration will rights, but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold american values and to work on behalf of all of us. pence was met with both cheers and boos at last night's show. hamilton's creator, lin-manuel miranda tweeted in part, crowd of brandon v. dixon for leading with love and proud to remind
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and chief of staff reince priebus will be guests here. meanwhile, president-elect trump is working to fill his cabinet. he already picked three conservative loyalties. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect trump got a warm welcome friday evening at the luxury golf club in new jersey that bares his name. he tweeted, we will be working all weekend and choosing helping to make america great again. vice president elect mike pence is leading the transition team. >> we have a great number of men and women, with great qualifications come forward to serve this new administration. >> some of the people expected to meet with mr. trump here include possible education secretary candidate and mitt romney. despite being a vocal critic, the 2012 gop nominee is
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on friday, the president-elect picked alabamasenator jeff sessions as attorney general. and mike pompeo. >> democrats won't have the vote to block the nominees. >> if republicans stick together, the president will be able to put essentially anyone he wants if these positions. >> retirement army accepted the job of national security advisors. the next batch of announcements could come as early as monday. an update now on the murder investigation we first brought to you yesterday morning. police have arrested robert moore on first degree murder and drug possession charges. moore was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. police say 35-year-old zachary chavez was shot to dead at a
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derch dplrchlt after a violent robbery in lakeland, a jury found three men known as the screen mask murders were -- the scream mask murders guilty. the group shot a man and then tried to carjack a woman and a daughter. >> reporter: memories of this massive manhunt are not easily forgotten. for robin on her mother rhonda, they ll >> the pain becomes less severe. i don't think that you will ever forget it. >> reporter: the three were leaving the sher tan when three armed man left the hotel. robin was shot as she tried to fight back. her mother was severely beaten when she tried to help her:
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wearing scream masksthe men stole a minivan, shot a man multiple times. and left him for dead in his driveway. at the quarter of my eyes, i saw a man approaching, and started getting hit. >> a year later and three weeks of a tightly secure trial a jury says they are guilty. chief deputy d.a. robert winier says it was a strong ruling that, in the end, will >> we are going to be asking for a sentence that makes sure that community is safe and ensures that these guys had be off the streets so they can't harm other people. >> the men will likely be sentenced some time next month. with more than two dozen charges that they each face, they will likely face a very long prison sentence. the chris kindle market opening ceremony will be open
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arappapho. the market is open every day now through december 23rd. seems like it will be a cold day to go check it out, ashton. >> it will be. it's cold this morning. that's for sure. ron, our has a look for us. and look at the weather advisory. get your ski and snow boarding gear ready. the resort the that are now open and which ones are open for business today. and the average cost for a thanksgiving meal for ten people is cheaper than last
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right now, skiers and snow boarders can head up to keystone and copper mountains. fresh know made for a great opening day. thousands enjoyed their first run after warm and dry weather delayed the season. copper mountain got at least six inches of snow after the past couple of days. tumble temperatures and snowfall left visitors with many smiles. >> not too many people, nice snow. not too many people. gorgeous. >> veil opens next friday. ashton, i bet that everybody is hoping for more snow. they like that.
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snow back in the mountains. breckenridge will open today. we are looking at live cam from the peak of base 8. look at the temperatures 36. down here in denver, 27. it is warmer at the top of the lift than here. because of the inversion. same situation, warmer up there at the top than the bottom. lot of sunshine already starting to show up there in down here in denver, lookout mountain, 20 degrees. this tells the story. a bit of the brown cloud showing up. temperatures above us are warmer than the temperatures here at the ground. that traps all particulet matters on the ground. that's why we see the brown weather here. colder than what we would otherwise be. it's going to struggle to even reach up near 40 degrees in denver. right now, it's cold everywhere.
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degrees in greeleyey. here are the high temperatures today. we'll be limited to 20s and 40s. 40s for the most part for our friends on the eastern range and mountain towns will be in the 50s. aspen, 53. tonight, it won't be as code as it is this morning. we'll drop down into the lower 30s for denver in the front range, 20s in the mountains. pp here is the system that we had thursday making it way to ohio river valley all the way to the east coast where there could be some weather-related travel delays. no rain in sight here in colorado. during the day on monday, we'll see snow in the high colorado county, rain and snow on the western slope and tuesday, we'll see some rain and snow right back here in the metro
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tomorrow, as we wake up, the inversion won't be there. snow in the mountains on monday. monday, rain and snow developing in devon. tuesday, kelly, i think we will see some rain and snow here in the metro area. i don't think it will be much in terms of accumulation, probably less than what we saw with the thursday storms but those days leading up to thanksgiving, big important travel day. we'll keep an eye on it closely >> and we enjoy the moisture because we need it. >> we do need it. we'll need more of it. >> it illegal to post fake online reviews. monday night at 10:00, rick sellinger shows us how people are willing to sell their reviews for a price. we rely on reviews to guide us. can they be believed? we create add product, a safe one to see if we could buy positive reviews. >> it is outstanding. and get this. it's affordable. >> would it surprise you if we
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people to write fake reviews. we'll show you how we were able to buy the reviews and how to defect if a review is real or fake see the investigation monday night at 10:00 and hundred of workers at one of the busiest airports are threatening to strike. what workers what officials are saying. time now for the chevy sports break. it's pretty simple. beat washington state today and utah next. if new lose any of those games, the chance of playing in the conference game are slim. but who would have thought that buffs would be in control of their destiny. >> who is excited to cove that
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in it? to be able to play a big game in front of our fans. >> we are 8-2, getting over the hump and we are not losing all the time. the november games matter. it's important, really exciting. >> in tonight, csu is playing its final home game at hugh stadium needing a home win to be bowl eligible. have a great weekend. this has been the chevy sports break
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,, ,, welcome back to the cbs4 morning here.
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cape canaveral where my colleague dave aguilera is there. he is there to cover the goes-r satellite is set to launch. we'll get realtime images of what the clouds are doing across the country from space. up until now, there was a huge delay, 15 to 30 minutes from when the satellite takes a picture and shows up computer. this satellite will legal really speed things up and that's why our colleague is there. look at the cameras here. the brown cloud across denver because we have an inversion in mess and that will limit how much we'll warm up many paul romero is reporting 20 degrees. and lob lockert reporting 17. he says feels like 8 with a little pit of the wind they
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we have clear skies. despite seeing some sunshine, that inversion will limit us. it will be warmer on the west side of town. all of us will warm up tomorrow. we'll talk about your sunday forecast and the five-day forecast outlook coming up. >> thanks can ashton. this is news in the money watch report. hundreds of workers at o'hare international airport in chicago are threatening to strike du week. airport employees have been fighting for a wage increase and union rights. the department of aviation responded to the strike saying, we do not anticipate any disruption. triple a anticipates this will be the biggest in ten years. it's unclear how such a strike could affect operations at that airport your thanksgiving dinner could be a little cheaper this year. acoring to the farm bureau
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will cost $49.87, a 20-cent drop from last year. some will cost less this year, including the big turkey, pumpkin and mix. and we'll take you to florida where the big satellite is set ,,
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with no surprise overages. on america's best network. this goes-r satellite is launching into space today. it is carrying new technology to help meteorologist predict better weather. the satellite was built here in jefferson county at lockheed martin. >> reporter: a new era in
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the goes-r satellite, the first of four stationery satellites build by lockheed martin in colorado. they will replace the current array of satellites which have not been updated in over two decade. the goes-r will deliver realtime images four times better and five times faster than what we have now. >> we will see a big uptick in terms of the accuracy of the forecast and how far out we can look into art lightning mapper na will give forecasters a dramatic idea where severe storms may erupt, greatly speeding up weather warnings for rain, wind, hail and even toward outbreaks. >> potentially could give folks more time and notice to take cover and go to safety. >> reporter: there are so many colorado connections. not only was the goes-r built
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solar mapper was build at c u and the rocket itself was built by united launch alliance, all in colorado. >> this is the culmination of, for myself, over 12 years of work. for me, it's kind of an emotional moment. seems like technology up there is taking our technology power. so we'll be able to join dave in a little pit. coming up, it happened after this week's snowfall at dia. how airline companies at united are allowed (my hero zero by lemons) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
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and welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it's is 7:30 on saturday, november 19th. it is a cold start to your weekend. it is a 19 degrees. i believe that we there you are. >> good morning to you, kelly and good morning, everyone many teens and 20s up and down the front range and mountains as well. our camera at lookout mountains tells the weather story for the metro area. temperatures aloft are warmer than the temperatures here on the ground. that sips our infamous inversion situation. it will be hazy and chilly today. if the inversion was not in place, temperatures would be in the 50s today.
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upper 30s and 40s. we will be dry, statewide. no rain or snow anywhere in colorado today. 19 at city park. notice as you get higher, it's warmer. genesee, shy of freezing. conifer, 1 degree shy of greasing. by noon, 39. 42 for the high temperature. and, again, enough how warm it will be. >> thanks, ashton. this is the news breaking in denver. at least 12 fire crews responded to a town hall fire right near the cherry creek mall. firefighters got the call at 4:30 this morning around and rushed to south cherry and university drive. the flames were put out about 20 minutes plater but our photo
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were still some shot spots. and new this morning, the cast of hamilton delivered a message to mike pence who was attending the show hamilton. we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new add machine station will not protect us. our children, our parents or fe yes,alien inalien -- ann inalienable rights. >> brunt rights.
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the crew was very -- >> people living -- peeve lives in the flats have more rare cancer than anywhere else in the u.s. the site made mu tone yum trackers in nevada. the effect ares not going away but as jeff todd tells us, governments officials still are not convinced there are health concerns. >> this is the state study that was done in 1998 and looked at cancer rates in the eight and early 90s. even an official went to the area and said that science is done. no risk for people coming from rocky flats. thousands of people disagree. >> the preliminary data is concerning. >> reporter: almost 2000 people responded to the rocky flats downed winders. there were many kinds of
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>> 48.8% of the cape sers we are seeing are rare cancers and that, to me, is worth further investigation. the study has not started to look at other health issues like birth defenchts de-- defects. >> we absolutely must have some new studies and can't do that without government involvement. >> the plant was cleaned up and quickly closed. how many health issues were put to do you have to compile. >> if people offered to do more testing and do independent testing and that has not been -- no one has taken up any one on that. >> i get e-mail from people whose children are sick. this is an ongoing health legacy that is affecting our children, our grandchildren. >> there are professors from colorado state, c u boulder and
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at that but it may be months, if not even years before any more definitive argument can be made on the data more on the disappearance from a little by from wyoming. rogers is a boyfriend of the boy's mother. the case has police searching a landfill in norn month old had died after falling off a changing table and he says he put the body in a dumpster. nothing was found in that landfill. after thursday's de-icing debacle at dia, many are curious about passenger rights. there were dozens of united airline flights delayed over the past few days. the airlines said that they didn't have enough de-icing
7:35 am
cammie keen waited hours at dia thursday hoping to take off for tucson before eventually spending the night in a hotel >> instead of leaving at 7:00, it was to leave at 8:00 and then at 9:00. and at 10:00, it disappeared. >> reporter: she was booked on one of dozens of flights delayed or canceled during denver's first snowfall of the season due to de-icing issues. other passengers tweeted their frustrations, including vermont governor howard dean who tweeted, captain posted longest de-icing delay of his career. >> with a little bit of help, you have some recourse. >> reporter: file written complaint to the airline under
7:36 am
rights, fliers may be eligible for travel vouchers and further compensation. airlines that leave passengers on tarmac for more than three hours can face fines of up to nearly $30,000 per passenger. > if you do file a complaint, la russo says don't expect to hear right away. airlines have 60 days to respond but may be willing to negotiate with customer. new developments on two new railway lines. rtd says that it's unlikely that the r line will open by the en of the year which was the onlyal plan. rtd says that contractors are working to open those lines but they are behind schedule. a big pileup affected some drivers here in colorado on i- 70 after thursday's snowstorm. now other drivers in the midwest are experiencing the
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, . a goes-r satellite is launching into space today and dave aguilera is in florida right now. good morning to you, dave. >> good morning. >> it's launch day.
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>> reporter: the takeoff is at 3:32 our time. they'll have an hour launch window to get the thing up in the air. this is going to be really exciting around here. the pig colorado connection is the atlas v rocket that will take it up was built by united launch alliance in colorado, satellite built by lockheed martin back in colorado and some items were built by cu including photomagnometer. the lightning mapper that's on here is something that's never been put out into space. that's a global mapping device that will tell us if tornadoes will pop up. it's luke going from regular tv to hd. that's the da make shift.
7:41 am
>> it's exciting, dave. we have been looking forward to this day for some time. how soon will the goes-r be able to help us with the forecast? >> well, what's going to happen is once it gets up -- i bet they'll run tests which may take about six months, make sure that everything is working properly and the information is correct that they are getting back. so for us, the general public, we may start to see some of this hi def data coming through the pike at the end of spring, early summer. once we do, lot of new information that we have never seen before. it may take a few years to figure out, hey, we are hooking at this. by the way, i'm going to say, i know you guys are in the low 20- n denver. it's 69 degrees here in cape canaveral, florida. it's in the upper 70s. i thought i would make you a little jealous. by the way, kelly -- >> yes? >> is it is going to be great.
7:42 am
on our cbs denver stream. we'll have the signal out of here hopefully and we'll have that feed with that live facebook feed. >> thank you, dave. have fun out there i will the snowstorm that hit colorado is now moving east and it's causing a lot of problems on the road. the reporting many injuries and crashes and spinouts. one person at least has died. heavy snow fell across the dakotas. this was an ugly, ugly storm here, shallton. >> sure was. the next storm is already taking aim at colorado. it's' in california right now, northern california. out' going to bring a lot of
7:43 am
yesterday, kea stone and copper joined arapahoe basin and loveland and later on toyed, we have breckenridge opening for the season. you can see the peak 8 there. beautiful atop breckenridge. purgatory near tank yo will open for the season. looking live at fort collins. csu web cam, 19. yes, 19 here along the front range. we are in the 90s at the top of that's going to be the trend all day long. look at this. mountain towns like frisco and aspen in the lower 50s. hail on the front range. the best we will be able to do is upper 40s and low 50s. the reason is the inversionif that inversion was not in place, we would be in the 50s today. the inversion will be gone tomorrow. we will be in the 60s.
7:44 am
overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. you can see clear skies across colorado. here is the storm that's kelly was talking about. moving into michigan and ohio. our next storm system that's currently in california, watch the front approach nevada and move into utah. this is monday at noon. notice snow back in the high country during the day on monday. we'll see rain and snow for western slopes. monday night in tuesday, rain and snow will spread into the western area and eastern plains. that's the next batch of moisture. until then, we are dry. 42 today. 62 tomorrow. 59 on monday with the snow in the mountains and rain and snow here along the front range. at this point, we are not expecting much in terms of accumulation. looks sunny but chilly going into thanksgiving. kelly in. >> thanks, ashton.
7:45 am
away at the denver museum. stephanie joins us now to talk about the power of costume. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know that fans are excited about this exhibit. we only heard good reviews. what can people expect if they have never seen star wars when they go. >> we try to make exhibition interesting for people who are star wars fans and non-star wars fans. we s costumes. people interested in costume, arts why general and for star wars fans, things that they have never even before. >> i see kid who are really excited. i don't know if they have seen one but they are really excited. what makes this ditches from other venues in. >> this was organized originally by the smithsonian. and they had about 60 costumes.
7:46 am
including the force awakens and concept arts and maquettes and and models for characters as well as other process and materials and notes and things that are really behind the scenes. these costumes are just amazing, so intricate. every little details something amazing to look ought. >> absolutely. >> looking at my notes here, talking about thanksgiving and christmas. what is this about easter eggs that >> easter eggs are hid en things for fans to look for. and, so we've hidden hike six different objects throughout the exhibition that we found in the archives at skywalker ranch that we thought was really cool and to hide throughout. >> do you have a clue for one person who wants to find one? >> yeah. there's actually a periscope in
7:47 am
wicked the e wok. >> it's noticed. what have you most excited for, for visitors to experience? >> at love people's favorite characters are there. chewbacca, han solo, princess leai all the favorites. >> it's stuff that great fans and nonfans alike will be sound like the force is stronging with this exhibit. thank you so much. star wars and the power of costume is now open through april at the denver art museum. we do have pictures, video and
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,, ,,
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thanksgiving feasts are centered around the turkey on the at the same time but residents at an arkansas nursing and rehab center are getting their fill of turkey in a different way. >> you can join the dinner. not as part of the entree. >> priscilla is a therapy turkey. the 20-pound bird was raised to be around humans and after seeing how calm she people, her owner thought it was a food idea to use priscilla for visits to bring smiles to everyone this her presence the very unique new video shows foam and lots of it flooding the streets near the san jose airport in california. officials say a fire alarm malfunctioned inside a new air men hangar spilling the foam into the street. police set up the road blocks and the street to prevent
7:51 am
they were not entirely successful. took the crews about 8 hours to clean it up. ashton, looks like snow there. >> yes. cbs4 weather watch in littleton had 17 degrees. temperatures in the teens up and down the front range. coming up, we'll take a final look at the forecast
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welcome back. we are in the 20s right now. the best we'll be able to do today is 42. tomorrow warmer, kelly, up to 62. the next storm system monday night into tuesday. >> don't put those jackets away. no. >> don't forget to join us for
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