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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00am-6:47am MST

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four separate shootings of police officers in three states to tell you about. what we've learned about overnight. and president obama is back at the white house this morning. his final message during his trip overseas. and good morning from colo'swe her center. temperatures are mildto the day. 40s here in the metro area. but a storm system is moving in. we'll talk about when rain and then snow will develop straight ahead. and ashton we know a lot of folks going to be heading up into the high country today to do str look at this. some snow and some ice showing up on the road weather index, how that's affecting the mountain drive coming up. this morning another step in the court process for the man accused of shooting his wife and killing a well-known doctor. kevin lyons here is going to face a judge again today and cbs4's jamie leary is live right now. let's check in, snow. >> prosecutor -- jamie? er. >> reporter: it was a revelation that surprised the
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and actually caused the hearing this morning's arraignment to be delayed until this morning. now that defense team for 46- year-old kevin lyons has to weigh every plea option against the possibility of the death penalty which is why it took them so long to get to this arraignment this morning. a recent motion filed suggests that they are considering a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. kevin lyons' mental health has been called into question ever since the ri after several outburrs in the courtroom. he was deemed competent to proceed with the hearing and this morning, his defense team will likely present arguments the as to why they believe he is noeligle for the death penalty. now lyons is being charged with 12 different felonies including homicide after deliberation. he also is being charged with four counts of attempted homicide -- excuse me five counts of attempted homicide after deliberation on a peace
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that he shot in his neighborhood on april 4th. so a lot going on this morning. we're going to don't follow it. -- continue to follow it. jamie leary, cbs4 news morning. police departments in throe states are now dealing with four -- three statesare now dealing with four separate officer shooting over the past day. >> one happened in texas and two more in missouri and another in florida. right now investigators say there is no indication the xl incidents are connected. someone shot and killed san antoni as a 20 the fo]?rce, investigle iscte of a person of interest. >>ost families?7 bv6e will celebrating the holidays. sapd will be burying one of its own. >> witnesses say marconi was writing a ticket during a traffic stop yesterday outside of police headquarters when they say man pulled up behind him in a black sedan walked up to the driver's side window of the patrol car and started
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police sergeant is in critical but stable condition this morning in what investigators are calling an ambush. that officer was sitting in traffic when a driver pulled up next to him and shot him twice in the face. police eventually kaled the -- killed the suspected shooter and somebody also shot another missouri officer. this one happened in gladstone, a su ofkansas city. the officer is expected to survive. police also killed that suspected shooter. doctors treated and released an officer in florida for a shooting during a traffic a person fired at officer jared ciccone in the city of sanibel outside fort myers. police eventually took the suspected shooter into custody. new from overnight, we have images of a tense standoff between officers and people protesting the dakota access pipeline. this is wait looked like in morton county, north dakota. the sheriff's office droid this as -- described this as a riot situation. deputies used tear gas and they used water cannons to keep protestors from crossing a
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people have been trying to stop the construction that pipeline now for months. theysathat project will ?4hurt z some histonative american sites. right now our first look from copter 4. we are watching another change as we get ready for thanksgiving holiday. this heavy travel week could be
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collins we'll have dry roads. live doppler 4000 is showing some rain and snow in western eagle county going out to rifle and glenwood springs. we have precipitation, in town in telluride that's rain but that's snow coming down there in the san juan mountains between e?durango and telluride meanwhile you can see the clouds but that's all we have right now -- we have right now. unclewood at 55 and centennial 53. the 60s we had from yesterday? well, they're going to come back again is -- quite as warm as yesterday but still 63 for the high and mostly cloudy through noon and then into the afternoon, couple of light rain showers possible. that chance continues through tonight and eventually some snow could mix in with the rain. here for denver. we're going to talk about this and have the thanksgiving forecast straight ahead. tight now here's joel. we're watching pretty good start to the morning commute out there this morning ashton. we expect lighter volumes some kids out for fall break alady.
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thornton parkway. this is where copter 4 is right now. take a look across the denver metro area. i think you're going to like this drive a lot of green on the map. weekend along i-270 and westbound along i-76 getti close to highway 2. up into the high country. i know a lot of folks are going to be driving this direction. telluride. a little trouble spot for you. along i-70 between gypsum and glenwood springs look for icy conditions. turn on the partners -- for the latest traffic and cbs4 weather together. >> thank you joel. people are showing an outpouring of love after someone vandalized a denver elementary school with message of hate. shawn chitnis is live at the isabella bird community school
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students and faculty would probably be getting ready to come to school. they are on fall break. so they'll get a little bit of time beforehey come back just days after this event happened over the weekend. someone spraying a swastika on one of the doors outside of the school. here's a picture that actually shows us that swastika someone provided this photo. and you can see that there. that was before the community did come together to clean it up and many of them learned about it on social media. when a watch group for the stapleton neighborhood shared that photo. parents of isabella bird element liri school students and others in the community were concerned and wanted to act quickly. they then covered the door and wall next to it with heards that had messages of hope and love. act eleven thgh she doesn't have any children attending the school. >> i just don't want there kind ppen fin our commity. ng and thought here's something that we can do you know.
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so let's clean it up so people don't have to look at it anymore. >> reporter: and the community will respond again, they are planning a solidarity parade that is going to be led by the stapleton jewish life center. that's going to happen on december 27th. the same day that there's a public menorah lighting planned. live in stapleton, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. thank you seine for that. new overnight, at least 28 people are dead from a suicide attack in kabul, afghanistan. a bomber attacked inside. no group has yet claimed responsibility. president obama is now home from his final overseas trip as commander-in-chief. the he arrived overnight after a time ingreece any anperu. the president en?lot qutions fr world leaders ncerned about what the trump administration might brin 8j.?r >>plldake a ?wait
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his policy proposals once in the white house, once he is sworn in, matches up with some of the rhetoric of his campaign. >> the president suggested president-elect trump may be willing to adjust to current trade deals and that the world should give the president-elect he contto llposts ?-?4?3 own ec in his new administration. trump met with a number of people over the weekend golf course in bed minister, new jersey. and this includes chris christie and rudy giuliani. trump also spoke with mitt romney for over an hour on saturday. cannabis advocates plan to appeal a state rule to keep public pot use out of bars. this comes after voters decided in favor of cannabis consumption in bars and restaurants coffee shops and even yoga studios. the new department of revenue regulation keeps liquor license holders from applying for
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alcohol and marijuana together increases impairment and there are objections from marijuana business owners who see opportunity. >> alcohol messes up people well enough. add that marijuana to it. we can't be in control of the customers for a safety standard as well. >> we legalized cannabis and people are excited to come in record numbers and come to denver to come to colorado and spend money. and then when they come here, legally buy cannabis, we then treat them as them to consume here in denver. >> pot advocates say the new restrictions still leaves many other businesses eligible for consumption permits. it is back to work today for the broncos. the team returns to pr?yacti after a bye week. the broncos ll face kansas city this sunday. kickoff is at mile high at 6:30. and the oncos are excid about loss yesterday. the buccaneers ended the chiefs' five game-winning streak.
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final score 19-17. we're 569:10. here's what's coming up next on apple now replacing some batteries on some of its iphones. we'll explain. and this is just amazing. a tree crushes an suv but how two people survived? and why this is being called a
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well, we found some snow falling in colorado right now. here's a look at one of the cdot cams, this is is manukas, that's to the west of durango morning and ashton it depends on where you are. but we're going to be dealing with some of this this week. we certainly are. and just about everybody in colorado will see some rain or snow over the next 24 hours or so. we're looking up at a-basin.
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skyiers will be open. eldora is added to the list today and a really nice shot there. i'll step out of the way and you can just tee stop of the ski -- see the top of the ski lift there and also the cloud cover there in summit county. temperatures are relatively mild in the mountains. 41 boulder and 42 currently at dia. the warm their we had yesterday is still in place. today will be back into the 60s for denver and the front range. 60s for the most part on the eastern plains. most mountain towns will top out in the 40s for today. live doppler 4000 showing the snow that we were just looking at there in the san juan mountains. it's rain north of there. i'll turn off the cloud cover so you can see the precipitation a little more clearly. we've got clouds everywhere. and as we zoom in here at eagle county you can see the rain and snow right now on the far west side of the county. that is to the west of the town of eagle. we have some rain and snow to the west of pitkin county in aspen there. and then there's all the snow around telluride down toward purgatory and lake city.
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those of you in southern colorado. we always appreciate you watching. rain and snow right now on the east side of the san luis valleynd rain in far southeast colorado places like kim and springfieldling and lamar and la -- springfield and lamar and la junta. as we zoom out and look at southern california. there's our actual storm system there. it's going to come in from the southwest obviously and that's y the san juan mountains will see more snow than anybody else. 8 to 14 inches of snow down that way. from -- to 10 inches. by 5:00 p.m., we may see a little rain in denver and then overnight tonight, a few snow flakes may mix in with the rain. it's possible it could briefly change lgover?.snow g0 tomorrow morning. during the commute for the denver area. but in terms of accumulation, all we anticipate is some slush mainly on the grass. so that could be worm morning. by -- would be by tomorrow morning. wednesday big travel day looks great statewide and 50 degrees
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thursday. 55 for shopping on friday. here's joel. if you have to head out to worn this morning, you're not alone. this is i-25 and broadway this morning. and you can see the headlights. the good news is, that it's going to be lighter volumes this morning. we expect a much better drive. take a look at the drive too manies from the north -- times from the north right now. just 11 minutes from 120th out to i-70. eastbound along i-270 as you make your way through commerce city, right now looking at a ten minute drive time with speeds down into the 30s. al are acss the denver metr
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you have the river along there and you have distractions with the beautiful scenery out there and it can be icy. the speed limit is way down the 55 miles an hour and i might take it even slower than that and maintain control of yo ther. proposed alth nca.m. e amer me of sign-- merger o signa antoy and le is placin ape is replacing iphone 6 s batteries. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. hi jill. >> britt. trading volume is expected to be pretty light this week. because of thanksgiving. on friday the dow fell 35 points the nasdaq dropped 12. futures right now are pointing to a bit of a higher open. a trial challenging the $48 billion anthem sigma merger starts today. the justice department sued to block the deal arguing it elimi health insurance industry. apple is replacing batteries in some of its 6s models because the phones unexpectedly shut down. apple says the defects is only
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made between seember and october 2015. and it does come though afr samsung's massive smart phone recall because of s exploding batteries. apple wants to reassure customers the iphone batteries don't pose a safety risk. and now you can buy -- we know you can buy just about anything on amazon and now you can buy a car. fiat chrysler is going to start selling three of its models online at am some. the bad news to start they'll only be available in italy. britt? >> oh okay. maybe it will reach the u.s. at some point. jill thank you for that news. >> i guess you can just -- >> evtualit wil >> ship yourself to italy i suppose. monday's top stories want to check in right now. today a judge could determine whether it will young church shting ?5is capable of ?> standing trial. -- due in court for a r competency hearing. he is accused in the killings of nine people in a black church last year reportedly to incite a race war. the judge has close that had
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information might taint the trial. rescue crews in northern india have now finished searching the last of 14 train cars that derailed over the weekend. at least 133 people with r dead. that train was mid-way through a 27 hour trip when it just slid off the tracks. crews worked to pull people out of the cars there but a terrible mess in end yea. and check that lunch you're packing. we have a warning this morni aba popular brand hummus. sabra issued a voluntary recall because of a threat of listeria contamination. the fda says the affected products were made before november 8th and they have a best before date through january 23rd, 2017. listeria of course will make you sick with fever and muscle aches and ablal pain. this is a big hol dale travel week.
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like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet.
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today. mainly because of rain. holidahopping season gets m@?,k< underway. drive aloni-70 as you come out to the elevated portion past i-270 inbound along pena boulevard we have some really good speeds out there that's reflected onthe road data as
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everyone inside survived. it happened yesterday northeast of seattle. the tree landed where two people were sitting. a man got pinnto his se but firefighters able to get him t. a woman was le to lower he seat and crawl out through the car's back door. have you ?rseen this video? a sound guy is probably pretty sore after a vikings player stday's game. m before ?yout linvaloseph, 330 pounds n e ile cr?ossingth time. and yoowat u got to ?),bet that poor guy i sore this mo?0?sing. >>just is it over? can i look? n i look now? man. >> so bad. >>hat's -- >> poor n[guy.
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,, it's news at 6:30. this morning great to have you with us on this ng vi week. mounta and look at that. the lifts are rolling. the resort getting ready for new snow. we have a new ski area opening every couple of days and ashton is talking our weather. big deal for you. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. that change will really make the ski resorts happy but it could affect your holiday drive this week if you're leaving at least in the first part of the week. here's ashton now to update us. good morning. >> hey well good morning to you britt. hi there alan. absolutely right. we do anticipate winter driving conditions and snow packed roadways in the mountains by late today into tonight. for now the snow is really limited to areas to the west of vail. west of aspen.
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along highway 50. but the snow is really coming down at thoint dowin the san juan mountains and over portions of the western slope. where it's actually a mix of rain and snow. coming up we'll talk about when all this moves east and how much we're expecting and plus the outlook for thanksgiving itself is all straight ahead. still a lot of folks got to get out and get tutwork and that's on the -- to work and that's on the roadways this morning. the drive times from the north. we have speeds dipping down into the 30s some pretty good volumes heading southbound coming down into town. a 15 minute drive for you eastbound alog i-27loading up 30s. not too bad though alan westbound along i-76 with speeds in the 50s. thanks joel. this morning a denver
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area by the school that could help them in getting some clues this n their investigation -- in their investigation. here's a photo that showed us that swastika that of course was alarming for many people in the area. this is what it looked like before they were able to clean it up as that community came together here. many of them learneabout it on social media when a watch group for the stapleton neighborhood ared a photo of it. parents of isabella bird elementary school students and other in the community were concerned and wanted to act quickly. they washed away the symbf and the wall next to it with hearts that had messages of hope and love. and parents tell us that this is a fairly new school andso its exemngor them seethisus swasti@! of courseests ng that ispposite an against what th hool was founded on
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colorado high country, breckenridge opened over the weekend. we now have seven of the 25 ski areas open as of today. eldora will be added to the list. yes making some snow up there this morning but also going to get some natural snow. here in denver we an sis pate seeing some rain. not snow. but rain liter today -- later today mainly after 3:00 p.m. and then tonight a few snow flakes may mix in with the rain. we're not expecting much in terms of accumulation. some slushy snow on the grass maybe up to an number -- anonychia few spots tomorrow morning. sun will be up 6:50. it's 42 at dia and 37 at fort a, colls. so it is relatively mild for a november morning. later today, highs will be in the 60s. and it won't be as warm as yesterday. we hit 69 yesterday in denver. instead 63 for the high but keep in mind we should be in the lower 50s for this time of the year, still more than ten degrees above normal. live doppler 4000 showing the rain and snow on the western slope and i'll remove the cloud cover so we can see a closer look at where the actual
6:34 am
of eagle. we have some snow just now making its way into aspen and then snow down in the san juans from telluride to lake city and down toward purgatory. don't want to forget about southern colorado we've got some rain falling from walsenburg to idad and to lamar. enough to get the vement wet there. stm system moving ouof las vegas and into southwest colorado since it's coming in from the southwest, southwest mountains will have the highest snow amount 8 to 14 inches down around tellurid 6 to 12 for vail. and down toward aspen. 5 to 10 inches of snow for summit county. winter park and up towards steamboat springs. again for denver and the front range, some rain starts developing this afternoon and continues through the evening including for the evening commute. and then tomorrow morning, it could be a rain/snow mix for us some slush on the grass but that would be it. today's high 63. tomorrow down to 46. wednesday the sun comes back and statewide no issues for the day before thanksgiving and thanksgiving itself 46 in denver and some snow back in the mountains for turkey day.
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northbound along 225, we have a lane blocked off there. this is due to an accident. let's see, they are bunched up together aren't they? all accordioned together like. this some delays again northbound i-225 and alameda. seeing delays southbound coming down into town now with speeds dipping into the 20s into the 30s. 30 s minutes on the drive from thornton to denver. westbound along i-76. the speeds drop just a bit slowing down eastbound along 270 as well. that was our cbs4 mouse trap cam. down to i-70 around the stadium curve, we've got quite a bit of slowing along there. we have an accident, this is along monaco in the southbound direction at -- which is blocked off lane there as well. along i-225 loading a matter of fact take a lo at the drive times from the west. here they are southbound along i-225 this morning, alan we have speeds that are dipping into the 20s. thanks joel. new this morning, pope francis
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absolve women who have had abortions. this is an extension of special permission the pope granted them in 2015 for the holy year of mercy which just ended. now pope francis write this is in a document made public -- writes this in a document made public today by the vatican. he says there's no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away. posting fake reviews online is unethical if not illegal. cbs4 investigator rick sallinger takes a look at how people are willing to >> reporter: we rely on reviews to guide us. but can they be believed? >> we can definitely sell your product. >> reporter: created a product. a fake one, to see if we can buy positive reviews. >> it's outstanding. and get this, it's affordable. >> reporter: would it surprise if you i told you we were able to hire people to write fake
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the food. >> see the full investigation into online reviews, real or fake, tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. now a story only on 4. a rescue group in colorado is trying to save hundreds of horses that are at risk of >> unfortunately, this situation -- the organization was allowing them to breed and didn't have a long-term financial plan. and which was not in the best interest of the horses. and within a week of talking about this, and knowing we had an opening, we were able to rescue these lucky four. >> well, all of the horses in south dakota have to be adopted by the end of the month. people with the colorado horse rescue hope othstep in to help and you cavisit to learn about those mustangs up for adoption. >> they're beautiful and
6:38 am
eyeing the broncos. we will have to see if john elway has any interest come
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sunday night. the broncos get back to work today. have a great week. ,,
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,, weather and traffic together every ten minutes all morning long. we have clouds for denver and the front range. mild temperatures to get today started as well. we're in the 40s all around town. cloud cover statewide. so we're not going to see much sunshine really anywhere today.
6:43 am
but for the metro area, it's dry. so no issues for wet roadways here. but later on this afternoon into this evening, we'll see rain develop and then overnight tonight a few snow flakes mix in with the rain. wheat ridge is at 48 and englewood 57 degrees for november morning. centenni 3. so really you can get away with timing of all this put some snow tea tolls on the map for the mountains all that straight ahead and plus the thanksgiving outlook, joel? we had some cars to decide have a little meeting northbound along i-225 on the approach to alameda this welcome for the four nzcg behind the truck there. that's what happens when you are following too closely. chain reaction there. we have a total of five cars that are involved in the accident. police have just moved them all
6:44 am
lelathat blocked f defendants make a plea and in
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including first degree murder. now his mental health has been a big question nce the and ntind 2? be focal point after multiple strange outbursts court. back in june, he was deemed which is dr. ken )?d?atkinson. that's the stipulation ofhe death and this morning the defense team has been invited to make a presentation as to why -- why should not receive the death penalty. so that's ong the many things happening the morning in the arraignment. live in arapahoe county courthouse, janie leery, cbs4 morning news. thanks. reason to connect the shootings of four police officers in three states. one happened in texas and two more in missouri and another in
6:46 am
detective benjamin marconi in san antonio yesterday. the only shooting to talk about this morning. lo in critical but stable condition in what investigators are calling an ambush the officer was sitting in traffic when a driver pulled up next to him and shot him twice in the face. police eventually killed that suspected shooter. someone also shot another missouri officer during a traffic stop last night. this one happened in gladstone, the officer is expected to
6:47 am
suspected shooter. d doctorare leing an officer orr a shootidu traffic op t ??d ciccone in the city of sanibel outside fort myers. police eventually took the suspected shooter into custody. he barricaded himself in his home and was later tarkenton bustdy. we have -- taken into custody. we have pictures. now describe as a riot. have a look at this. this is what it look deputies used tear gas and water cannon to keep protestors
6:48 am
they t safety advisory comes after september's deadly new jersey commuter train crash. one person died when a train slammed into the terminal in hoe becken. investigators say that train was doing twice the speed limit at the time. doctors found the engineer had a fatigue inducing sleep apnea after the crash. thomas gallagher told investigators he had felt fully rested when we reported for -- he reported for work but had no memory of the crash, gallagher passed a physical in july. missing plain airlines flight -- maysian airlines flight 370. it was heading from beijing and family members of those on board say they will start a debris hunting trip to madagascar to search for clues to what happened. crews have collected debris but they have not found the ple. new from overnight police say they stopped a new potential attack in france.
6:49 am
vasburg and marseilles. they have not released information about this plot though. police have arrested 43 people in november alone as part of anti-terrorism operations. president obama back in washington this morning following his final overseas trip as commander-in-chief. he arrived back in the states early the morning. the president spent time in ee any and peru. he says leaders from around the world are planning tomove forward with a tranacific rtnership a trade deal in congress. >> i believe that tpp is a plus for america's economy. america's workers. and american jobs. i think not moving forward would undermine our position across the region and our ability to shape the roles of global trade in a way thorel flecks our interests and -- that reflects our interest and our values. >> trump called it a job killer and a disaster pushed by special interest. president-elect donald trump resumes tranti meetings at trump tower in new
6:50 am
he met wi numb of ?opeople over the weekd at his golf course in b ?+nister, new jersey. this includes chris christie, rudy giuliani, and trump also spoke with mitt romney. for over an hour on saturday. away. they will wait until barron finishes the school year. toys "r" us is pulling ?r?? toy dump truck after one apparently burst into flames in washington state. basck the bed of rock san e in the toys"r in everett when hofr the flam ?c?gjust started. she bought this 12-volt tonka mighty wheels dump truck.
6:51 am
and get offtrack. we pulled over and flame -- out of the truck. we pulled over and flames started shooting. >> the flames appeared to be 15, 20 feet high. yeah it was pretty shocking. >> what ?la moment. fire destroyed the truck bed but no one is hurt thank )j goodness. managers with toys "r" us will not sell the toy truck to anyone investigate. cu buffs are nonevent in both the a. p. and coaches polls. this comes after the big weeken wagt the top offenses in the country. the guy leading the charge? cuaces utahsaturdfoz=o pl?f?d?i amd?p kickoff is at at u ll be going bowling for a fourth straight season. the rams' offense put on a show during the final game at hughes stadium. qb nick stevens threw for a couple of touchdowns and ran for two as well.
6:52 am
the score 49-31. former broncos' quarterback peyton manning is reminiscing about one of his football 6f? fortunately, those are xknever taken away. these are permanent. so -- i feel very fortunate. >> fans celebrated e colts' super bowl champions dung a halfti cer?aemony and let us
6:53 am
rehasn't quite reached vail yet. it's still out to the west ?yof ea?agle and it's west of aspen
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6:55 am
we still have the accident on the approach to alameda. in the high country not too bad of a drive. >> be safe out there. >> yeah it's ,,?
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good morning. it is monday, november 21 of 1s 2016. more than a foot of snow buries the country a we're tracking your thanksgiving week forecast. a huge hunt in san antonio for a man that ambushed and killed a police detective. one of four of police shootings in 24 hours around the country. >> president-elect trump appears close t making several major appointments to his cabinet and demands an apology for "hamilton's" cast members sharp message to the vice president-elect. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.


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