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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 22, 2016 2:44am-3:44am MST

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>> by the time he turned 12, his parents divorced. and the family band broke up. money was tight. his four sisters moved in with his mom. he and his brother lived with his dad. >> on top of this building? >> on top of this building. >> anywhere they could. >> my dad was the king of finding these little spots for us to stay that we should never have been staying at. >> you were look homeless people? >> yeah, for sure. we was in a 1984 limousine. >> reporter: sleeping in the back of the car, on top of buildings and this place. >> this is where you lived? >> paradise park. a bird zoo where his dad took a job. this was the first time he had been back here since. even people who work with him, haven't heard this part of his story. >> where we were staying at first. didn't have a bathroom. so we would have to walk across
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>> reporter: wow. >> in a -- >> reporter: some times in the middle of the night. >> middle of the night. >> reporter: when the park closed they stayed, moving into this one-room building. >> right here. >> reporter: this was your house? >> yeah. >> reporter: they lived here more than two years. >> just so people don't think we were crazy. it did not look like this. >> had a roof. didn't have plants growing inside. >> don't have plants going inside. don't know what happened to the middle. awe. >> reporter: all sleep in one bed? >> sleep in one bed. >> happy memories? >> the best. >> reporter: that is kind of amazing. >> yeah. >> reporter: and what you remember about it is not the struggle or the things you didn't have -- all the things you had. >> yeah. we had it all. you know? we had each other. and it never felt like it was the end of the world.
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it's all right. temporary. we'll figure this out. you know, maybe that's why i have this mentality when it comes to the music. because i know i am going to figure it out. just give me some time. >> reporter: as soon as he graduated high school, he left the show rooms and hawaii altogether. >> reporter: you could have stayed here, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: made a good living. and done what your dad did and been a big star in hawaii. >> i wanted to go for tip. >> reporter: you wanted more? >> i wanted more t pushed me. and this island pushed me. >> reporter: how? >> these are my team. this is my culture. i want to represent them. think of hawaii, palm trees, magical island, and bruno mars. >> reporter: so he headed for los angeles where he was quickly signed by motown record. gone was his given name of peter hernandez. branding himself bruno mars instead. bruno, his childhood nickname,
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but the record contract didn't. motown dropped him. >> i don't blame motown. it was simply, wasn't ready yet. i think everybody don't know what color i am. it's like, he is not black enough. he's not white enough. he's got a latin last name. he doesn't speak spanish. who are we selling this to? are you making urban music? are you making pop music? what kind of music are you making? >> reporter: with no hit songs of his own and dead broke, he started over. ? i got nothing on you ? >> writing and producing songs for other artists with arie levine and phillip lawrence. they were starving musicians, inspired by the hustle to pay for food. they came up with this song. ? i want to be a billionaire so frickin 'bad ? >> it led to another record deal of his own.
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? there's not a thing that ? >> reporter: his career as a songwriter and performer was finally on track. >> just the way you are. about that time though, he was arrested for possession of 2 1/2 grams of cocaine. from the outside you really seem to keep it together. and to be very professional and, you know very committed. but you nearly threw it all away. >> i did something very stupid. i'm in las vegas, laura, i'm 24 years old, i'm -- i'm, you know, drinking way more than i am supposed to be drinking. and it was so early in my career. and i always said that i think it had to happen. that was the reality check i needed. and i, i'm -- promised myself that, you know, never going to read about that again. ? i'll catch a grenade for you ?
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the museum in san francisco where the food in the cafeteria is a work of art. john blackstone stopped by for a bite. >> reporter: at san francisco's recently expanded museum of modern art, record crowd have been feasting their eyes on the works of contemporary masters, like ellsworth kelly, andy and feasting themselves on the works of master chefs. like wily duframe and dominique ansel. >> so obvious when you think about it. >> reporter: chef cory lee reimagined the museum restaurant as a museum gallery. >> a lot of people kind of stumble in here. they sit down. they're look what is this? >> reporter: the restaurant offers signature dishes of some of the world's celebrated chefs. >> they open this menu that
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start seeing dishes from around the world. dates on ?4them. i think it is disorienting for them. >> lee is a celebrated chef himself. his three michelin star menu is blocks away. but the 37-year-old does not serve any of his own creations at the restaurant. >> i think of cory as curator of food. >> chosen to design a museum worthy restaurant. >> wonderful amount of curiosity about what we do, pictures come to be on the walls. i ex-plaeplained if we wanted t one, our curator would bring them to our museum. >> i wanted to do the same thing with food. a diner can come in and try a dish from the chef in bell up. chef in japan. chef in hong kong. this very fun, kind of new experience with food.
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visited, teaching the kitsch in staff to reproduce perfectly. when executive chef brandon rodgers prepares fresh steamed crab claw it looks and tastes just as it did when first served at hong kong's restaurant in 1970. >> got the exact bowl they use to prepare it. same portions they serve. try to immitate that exactly. he does the same with chef thomas keller's pan roasted duck breastro french laundry in california's wine country. >>-from 1995. within the first year of them opening. >> reporter: some of the classic dishes served here are no longer on the menus where they originally appeared. and sometimes, the chefs who created them, are among the diners here. alice waters stopped in to try the meier lemon ice cream and sherbet dessert she first made at her named berkeley
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not only is thanksgiving week the biggest travel week of the year, it is also primetime for holiday shopping. 137 million americans are expected to hit the stores between now and next monday. and most of them will get there by car. but there are new warnings about the dangers of parking lots. the national safety council says up to distracted as they look for parking space. and the insurance industry says one of every five accidents happens in a parking lot. chrkris van cleave has the stor from a parkiotng l in arlington. >> no surprise number one culprit for distraction in the parking lot is the cell phone. experts say we all have a false sense of security because of the slow speeds cars are traveling in parking lots. but the consequences of
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deadly. video captured the moment a speeding driver struck a mother pushing her 15-month-old baby's stroller last month. 24-year-old maria cruz gonzalez cortez died. her baby survived. wisconsin police released a video of a driver who lost control of his vehicle, slamming into nine cars, before coming to a stop. amazingly, no one was seriously injured. but the national safety council found on average, at least 60,000 are more die in 50,000 plus crashes in parking lots and garages every year. >> just as dangerous to be distracted, in a parking lot, going five miles an hour, as it is to be going 50 miles an hour. >> deborah herzman runs the national safety council. >> people have their heads down, in their phones, behind the wheel or pedestrians. there is a lot of inattention out there. >> reporter: a recent survey found 66% felt comfortable
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more than half would text. roughly half of drivers were okay with sending e-mails. using social media taking pictures or watching video. 42% said they would video chalt. joyce droba was more focused on her phone than cars around her. >> do you think you give the parking lot the same attention as the road? >> not really. >> why do you think that is? >> we think there is not a lot of traffic in the parking lot. actually there its. i think people should be more aware of this. >> on average, every year, 51 people die in parking lot accidents that involve cars backing up. experts say particularly this time of year where it is getting dark earlier and people are increasingly wearing dark winter coats. worth taking a second to double check before you back up, or use that camera. that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others we hope you will check back a lit baiter for the morning news and then cbs this
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in new york city. i'm michelle miller. breaking news. children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. >> also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secure his plan to enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> an officer down in front of >> the manhunt for a cop killer. and, one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. we begin the broadcast with a deadly school bus accident in
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story and has the latest. >> reporter: it is an horrific scene in chattanooga, scott. here is what we know -- close to three dozen elementary students on a school bus this afternoon when it crashed. police are confirming multiple fatalities. according to the hamilton county district attorney, at least six children are dead. these are kids ranging in age from kindergarten to fifth grade riding on the bus. the name of the school is woodmore elementary school. 23 taken to area hospitals. a fluid situation. the bus the only vehicle in the crash. pictures from the scene show a tree slicing through. the crashed bus a grim situation in tennessee tonight what the governor is calling a tragic event. >> jim axelrod, thank you. we will update this as we get more information. just as millions of americans are starting to hit the roads for the holidays, some
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dangerous. in the east, many are covered with snow and ice. parts of new york state got about 2 feet of lake-effect snow. and another foot is possible by tomorrow. tony dokoupil is in the storm zone. >> reporter: winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour and deep snow pummelled upstate new york blinding drivers and sending dozens of vehicles careening off the road. it was a frigid snap from the day before. when rochester and watertown basked in 70 degree heat. jefferson county sheriff colleen o'neal. >> everybody went from short sleeves and shorts to mittens and hats. >> reporter: the first major lake-effect storm of the season dropped as much as an inch of snow an hour. the same storm whipped through minnesota and michigan. giving wolverine football fans a snowy celebration in ann arbor. by monday afternoon, lacona, new york buried in 2 feet of snow, jackknifing this
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this is tug hill region of new york, the snowiest place in america last year. timing is not great for people in this region. the start of the holiday travel season is today. >> when you see the weather report showing snow, what goes through your mind? >> cars in the ditch. here we go. >> jefferson county deputy, steve gruber busy since 5:00 this morning. >> how dangerous are winter driving conditions here relative to places in the country? >> this ishe >> winter storm warning remains in effect for vast stretches of upstate new york. and 5,000 homes are without power. scott, conditions are expected to improve in time for thanksgiving. tony dokoupil, thank you. eric fisher, our chief meteorologist at cbs in boston, wbz, eric, what is coming next? >> scott, the winds will continue to crank. lake effect machine going through overnight into tomorrow.
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some towns will pass 30 inches of snow from the first big lake effect event of the year. tomorrow watching a developing storm in the middle of country. that will bring rain to chicago midweek. wintry mix across the upper miest. and a wintry mix, in the northeast. as we head into thanksgiving itself. the stormiest part of the country, the pacific north west. round of rain swinging into washington state, oregon, northern california. snow expected here and windy conditio at the coastline. that will go through friday. but look at our coast to coast on thanksgiving day. dry, mostly mild across the southern tier states. light, wintery mix, moving through the northeast. stormiest across the pacific northwest. not a major storm on thanksgiving day, scott, a few pockets here and there. >> eric fisher, wbz, thank you. >> adding to the travel worries
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possible strike. at chicago's o'hare airport. a major national hub. well today baggage handlers and janitors said they will walk out, but not until the tuesday after thanksgiving. japan has been hit by a very powerful 6.9 earthquake today. off of fukushima devastated by the quake and tsunami five years ago. a small tsunami hit the shore today. first reports indicate the waves were no higher than 3 feet. no immediate sign of further damage at the nuclear power plant that was knocked out in 2011. in syria, the assad dictatorship with the help of russia is completing the bloody destruction of its largest city. rebel-held eastern aleppo is shuddering as bombs rain down with no place to treat the wounded. we have more on this now from elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: after each air
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the bodies. between 200 and 300 people have been killed in the past week of relentless bombing. hospitals that were still functioning just have now been hilt. this rock? he survived the one air strike. the bombs are still falling. the goal is to drive opposition fighters out of eastern aleppo. then the governmenwill be looking to talk to president elect donald trump, says syria's foreign min see, whalid moalam.
3:07 am
funding armed groups in syria and to tell allies to do the same. but that's politics. and this is war. six years in, and still escalating. in fact this past week's fedeprosecutors say he expresd suppt for a potential uck attack in time square. like the one that lled more than0 pele in nicefrance in july. > the s "oveight news"
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trump's new york city office has become theiest employment chip reid there.ntry.fn >> reporter: a parade of job-seekers passed through the lobby of trump tower today. former massachusetts senat, scott brown, told mr. trump he wants to be secretary of vetera affairs. >> i think am the best person. but there e some tremendous people out there. >> reporter: former texas governor rick perry di't say ?!h
3:11 am
sources say he ibein coider for secretary of ener. mr. trump, cesswoman tui "th bbard, and she came to offeher opinion on u.s. policin syria. top network news peop discussion. f the reco coerence. noheld a press r. thenresident elect obama held one on d three. but te today, the president ect releed this video >> i will rmulate rule wch ys that for ery one ne relation, two old gulatis must be eliminated. >> y know who at is, right? >> or the weekend, mr.rump met with a long series of b candides at the ornate, trump national golf cl in new jersey. during the campaign, mitt roey called mr. tmp a phonynd a frau mr. trumcalled romney a loser.
3:12 am
discussion. >> marine general james d dog mattis leading candidate for secretary ofefense. the kansas secretary state, a lding ctic of illegal immigration appears beaking a play for secrery of homeland security. en holng aocument tied kobach sategic plan r first y, 36days. it lists axtreme vetting reduce intake of syrian refugees to zero. in what appears to be xican bordere document e says hav entire 1,989 mes planned fo rapid build. t, kobach's office did not respond to request for comment. chip reid for us tonight. with business interestsn more
3:13 am
potential conicts beten his businesses and foreign policy. anna werner has been looki >> reporter: donald trump s beendamant that hisusiness will mea nothi t him prest. >> facebookhoto fromast pell esday shs the smiling president elect trump tower joined by three of his indian business partne develope of xuryrtmepaomplex dia. the tmp organation sayst was an ehange of hellt indianedg itas more saying donald trum etsndn partners. one story qting one biness indian economiicy with d trump's children. an expert india foreign policy at brookings institution. >> tnk the focus w v ery ch on the siness leaders as we. o are they, what kind of cess wld they get in the
3:14 am
one th definity d was increase but also, these indian busess rtne within the indian medi inrests could also create ness uniqueictsflf interest, when it mes toational secuty. for example, in turkey, where the s. has been critical of e gornment for its crackdown the new prident s licensed to
3:15 am
wi be strictlydher to. and, and he set thatone from the very beginng. lawsill be fwed.he vice present t there lt, thaoto of mrtrump th his indian siness partners,s since beenelet. anna werner, tmp tow, manhatn's fifth avenue. thank u. made an arrest in the murdf benjamin marconimbushed ile wrg a traffic ticket. policeesterday. ofrs were shot and woued ? in st. lou, and kansatyx< burb and in be 60 cs have been kied in the s. thiyear. inhoenix, a look iidthe so-calt right moment. most dangero place during holida could be e parking ?
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the far right-wing movement on to the donald tru campaign ansome of its leaders say that his ctory is nowg th givin a big ??boost. we have mo now. >> hail ump. ha our peopl hail victory.
3:19 am
think-nk drew hundre inse the roldeagapavilion in ? washington, d.c. >> identity is the foundation of politithousands, t foon odaticulture. and even more tse. sie 20the 08, t right or alteativght movement l on obscure message boards it gaine attd moretion after trudonald hired ste ban nonto rufn presidti campaign iaugust. baon's bbart has the had chard spcer isresident of >> i'm enthusiastic about steven bannon acting ashe strategist. breitbart has be aen place for a lot idea i care about. baoneingnies blt rig membs are uslly lleg
3:20 am
manyhite men began to feel process. othe politica >> thinkt happened is at all ofhecks to system a lot of people onhe rig, agly say -- g, oucurrent way thinking is not working for us. call gups likeours ract?leho >> theorcist doe't have meaning anore. it's basically clinge a mean old gu
3:21 am
their skin?ef the color of >>veryone discrimating in a all rts of- >> do u do thagh?>> i discrimin. >> ser says he opposes election of donald tmp a step toward o neworma > thank you. when we me b hundreds are kied eh yearn parking lo ugh, it's only luntime and old ' aring off. stsfew urs. orke mucinex. e ll fs coestion for 12 hour. no thank y vy much e ll fs coestion for 12 hour. e's gonna stick thehort-tm stuf 12ours? s i wot be eing you for whi 12ours? ishat a ? just lost my appetit take medicines
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fi your ho with the joyful ts of the miteitair wickolid collecon,
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asonic into gh gear, perhapwe s surpsed toea that parking ts ar. how dang kran cavhas the story. >> rorter: surity mera captur tent he momr baed up into 24-year-old moer pushinher baby's soller last h.nt the ther was kled. her ild unhurt in wiscons police rele
3:24 am
56% woultext while aboutf media,ake picturesr watch al os. 42said they woulvideo chat. deborah man ruional safety coutill which publish e repo >> when we loo the hidays we areking at compounding a hectic busenvirot. the could overcwding a lot going on.?u just a dan envgerousment. i ink people take it for anted cause things a slow moving >> reporter: we found joyce droba focused on h phone, not cars. >> we think there is a lot a lot of traffic in the parking lot. there is. people suld be more aware. rise and injuries from so-called distracted walking acciden. t, every year on average, 51 people d in accints where a car is backing up in a parking t. that need to keep an eye out.
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very much. up next, t w it is.,, ,,
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lter cronkite school of jourlism ands communication at arizona state toelebrate the centennial of thman for om the school was named. walt once sa it is up journalists to heducate amerans so that they have the infoation to seleir ers. ad today, wspent time witthe next geration of jalists ashey prepare to take up t onkitehallenge. more impornt now than ev. >> t qualityour democracy is bound tightly t heret the cronki schl. under the leadership ode haveeen waer cronkite's wo 100th birthday. weieve there is noore appropatd deserving news. an scottley of cbste
3:29 am
scottin so ny ways the standard bearer for the ki of urnasm that walterronkite dened for so many of us. the reports of nalismur democracy are in good hands. d th's the "overnit ne" for. for some of he news contues. for others, check ba moing newsanbe sure not to miss "cbs thning."
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thiss the cbs "overnight ws." welcome the "overnight e trumtransition tmoved . cros athe river to t guilded halls of trump tower in new rk city. where the presidenect receivedarade of a-list visitors. mr. trump's cabinet is sti a is anxious to fill some key positions before heading to florida for the thanksgiving holiday. chip reid has the latest. >> reporter: a parade of job-seekers paed through the lobby of trump t, former brown, told . trumhe wants >> i think i am the st pern. people o there.emendous >>ter: former texas governor rick perry didn't say why he was there.
3:31 am
energy. at leane democrat t wi mr. um congrswom gad, she ce to offer her opinion on u.s. poli isyria. came for an ofthrerd eople discussion. 13ays afthe election, mr trump hanot held a press coerence. en president electbama held one on d three. t late today, the president elect releas this vide outlining planfor his fi 10days in office. i will formulata rule which says thafor evy one new regulati, two old regulatis must be eliminated. >> you kw who that is, right?>> meth a long sees of national golf ub in new jersey. called mr. trump aho and a y mr. ump called romnea ser. now he is under nsideration for secretary of state
3:32 am
>> four marine genel james ad dogmattisding candatr secretary of defense. he is the real deal. >> the kansas secretary of e, chris kobach, a leadi critic of illel migration apto bpes making a play fo kobach was seen seenolding a document titled ment of sttegic or first 365 ch days. it lists addxtreme vting question for high ri aliens, question them regarding support
3:33 am
while a especially trained d searches fortrd survivs.?u is drill i meant to help ergency responrs ppare for the real tng.>> youant be the t ared, best tra and most ficien possie. >> reporr: but thesereme scenios could easily become reality. usgscientists dioveredwo of t cc aparare actuallyonnected miles creatingne masve11mi ngau. using thiscoustivice, they nfirm th the hay wd faul thsan pablbay near sanfault in francisc >> longer a ult the larg earthquake it caproduce. if t faus wentoget along thr length up to magnitude 7.4. >> rorter: wkind of damage are king about her >> mr. dame than hurcane
3:34 am
leveled san ancisc in 19, theuake kled people and caused $billion inamage. >> folks in e bay area need berepared. tr reporter: watts' team is o predict the future stying when earthquakes occurredere in the past d how often. when aearthquake occurs, the sediment along t faultine shiftsnd crees a time stamp the m.?+?7 watts' team drs downong water ancut.>> le a cheese cter. slid en. w. awesom >> and ptogrhed.think of it aso ugh me. we can fina da for t fla t yers on ?cl
3:35 am
esntial. mireyalady?rrea califora. po holy year ts weekend they ide t america.r ld to and news of e promio was brdcrle vaticatelesionenter the a small d tes a loo fomass in st. peter's ua su it was coved 1 2 udin camesweepi those caong rams. momeinclg thosing of antranitted t wld at the esquia vel mos us cannot imine.
3:36 am
weeeked in to vatin 's vans. mobile productn the iadow of . per'basilica.m 21 fme emplo.y% vat telision e mouse roared. ay, ny operati if yo at lomber of pele. the ality is g greg former fox ne correspondent. whw runsatican pressoffice.?. is paraed accs allows
3:37 am
does. indeent obrvrai? pathe urch'sassive p aps. nder its mission are onndff. 524? her it ie car cardals en benedt ecampe ?o therit store 2800 cassemory to ny rourc to tv?>> the ar this ht
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(ach!) co flu vuses capick u fr om thio foo 48ours? it'ke havina sick famiemr n'even as there an all know what hapns?f?x n'evwh one fam mber gsick. incling on
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brown. ofheir alsf ?+
3:42 am
stag th.?ar i t songs se yeah, ahh yeah, ? >> rter:hen i listo urongsu hearyoll of listenedoplehat u >> y this.ay tngound e year or he yisolookhis. ani'm al like, y you e all, g, e e l re olother mucian. thow this wos. that's h m?]uss >>orteead. to aueo rican father a filiotr..
3:43 am
vewaan bact was ca the >>hen bruno was 4 old his s recluded him in th lyins. ? ainfrief >> le elvis ine
3:44 am
hifour srs m in wi his mom. >>adise park livedr#d rd zoohere hadk a thasst the f had be bac since?7. even pplwho wo wh him,han't hedf y. >> whee were stayi at rst. didne a baroom. soe woulhave tlk acr?@
3:45 am
lef thnigh >> mide t nht.? epor when closed ty ayedmovinto lt& rig onebuilng.ere. >> rr: thiwayour hous yh. reptey livehere re to years. >>so people n'nit as?thk we ra didot looke thi >> hadoof. insi.lantswing 't havplan hpy mie the best. >>epte and what k ?? er about it is t you had. all this >> yea it alhu??kn ad eh ot
3:46 am
of his own and dead broke, he d over.?!?q got nngyo lene and phillawreartiwith arie they werstarngicians, spired be hust y food iantoa binae so son ?icn 'bada?, t led to ath recoralof h own?fff
3:47 am
sowritererfoer was?x?g0 y onfinallra. t the u are. arrested f posseion 2 1/2 ams cocne.frrs??he o ymrg reale antoe veryrofeional u knowery committed.??% i somhing vy stupidv drngay me th ano?c? tbein itrlin mcareheck i ne
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me t p?'?eerrmanceee ar?j d thremys includinf ar recordis maducer, ronp thggest afull >> y can s the fport igve w .s. righ
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amazing. and stngerth from day e. oh nhat looks gr whoa, ilwhat iat?t. u tta trit it'serrible. i n'?m?2?'nna y it if it's terrie.
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the muse in safrancisc whthe food in feteria is a work a. hn blackone stopbyor bite rr: at san francisco's recentlydemuseum of beeastineir eyes on the s of contempory mast ke ellswelly, dy ol. and feasting themsve the works of mastes. >> sobviouen you thinkabou it. rry lr: chef agineduseum stnt a lot opeople kind of ?l stumblin he. they s down. theye look what is thi reporter: the restaant offersignatu dishes of some of theorld's celebrad chefs. theopen this menu tha
3:52 am
the worl dates on tm. i thk it is disorienting for th. lee is a celebr chef hiel his the michelin star menu is bloc away. but the 37-year-old does n servise any ofwn creations >> i think of cory as cur of food. >>hosen to desn a museum worthyestaurt. out what we do, curs worty pict come to be the i exned if we waed to do one, oururator wou bring them to our muse. >> i wanteto do the me tng with fd. diner can come iand y a dish from the in bell up. chef in pan. chefn hong kg. perience with fo.few >> reporter: cfs from fromll
3:53 am
crab claooks and taste just as did wn firsserved atg kong'staurant in 70 got thexact bl they try to immitatthat exact he does the same wh ch thomas kler's pan roasted ck fr lry in californ thin their year of them open >> reporr: some of thelass dishes served he are nlonger?; on the menus where they originally appea sometimes, the chefs w created em, aramong the diners here. alice wars stopped ito t the meielen ice eam and
3:56 am
, not only is thanng week theweekigge traf year, it i primeso for holiday shopping. 7 millioicanerare expe to hithe stor ben now and next monday. and f will gethere car. buare there w ings abo thers of parng lots. the national sy councisays to 2b distractedey look r parking e. and the inrance indu says happen png lot.e accents culprifor diractio the no surps ing lois the cell phone. expertsay well have a false sene sl speedcars are traveling p lots. t the uencesconseqf
3:57 am
deo captured the momena speedi driver struck a mothe puing he15-mon-old babs stller lasmonth. -year-a crd mari gonzalez cortez d her bavivebyur n posconsice release control of his vehicle, slammi a stop.arsbeforeoming to amazglon found avege, at least ncil 60,0 are injured and or evie i50,000 plus s in parking a t8q,?? ust asrous tbe diractedin a parking lot, is t going 5s an0 le, as it natieborah hzman rthe afety council. >>eople have tireads down, in the phones, behd e eel oredestrians. ere is a lot of attention out there. reporter: a rsurvey
3:58 am
ing lot. mo thahalf wld text. roughly hawere of dr okay witing e-mag social media 42 they wovideo alt. joyce droba wamore foced on her phone cars ound her rking e same ation e t >> not reall hy do you thin is? ofotraffice parking lot.tually . think pe s die iin dents at involve cars expertpaulars y this me of year where iis get arlidark e and peoare insingly wearing dnter worth king a second to d check before back up, or usethah >>'s the "ght news for this tuesday. for someu the ws
3:59 am
? tuesdaynovemb 22nd, 2016 >> this is an absoluightmare for breaking overght, achool bus driver is chargewith th left sel students dead and many me hospitalized hailour people! thateaed p-elect t gro ump. now e pridenelecis speakingut about the dth threat wintike blas bying parts of theorthea and mor


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