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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 22, 2016 4:30am-4:46am MST

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mornin taok tside. wedo have a serious round of
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watch what happens. would snow congregating down there -- we have snow congregating down there on monumenthill and shinback city, it is wa wn.
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inches toward the 19,000 mark overnight. and the nasdaq added and futures arr??e pointing to higher open. president-elect donald trump laid out the goals for the first 100 days in office, withdrawing from the trade deal, with 12 country, including japan, canada, and mexico. and mr. trump calls it a potential disaster for the united states. amazon could be working on a deal to live stream sports programmin a amazon premium sports package for prime subscribers and talking to the national football league and major league baseball and the national basketball association about carrying games live. more americans will be eating their thanksgiving turkey with co-ers. careerbuilder survey shows 28% of workers pl to
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>> ithe news wod. >> s. tocare thchildren when wavea gun becausof s ki hit hivehicle awitha snowball. happ????5ed saturday ts thfath ofneof e boys, poind the gudirely at s 4nom each d. his daugranslad as explaineand the bo were terrifi >> tralator:they re scar. they were nervs. and hehoulhave not done
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and founbulleted fourof e amof thn. one y toldpolice, ard 6 >> thansgod noing happed. did and at eyare st kids beds. d their intention wasn'tto dista >> lauren despiritrerting.
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>> every single person in pornography escorts. >> we take you inside that world, and why nalliy now talks to teens and parents about the pitfalls of porn. >> they are watching a woman self destruct. i graduated into a world that had been destroyed by porn. and i couldn't escape it. >> this is jessica's journey. you can see how her story n help keep s you can see thfull reporton cbs 4 news at 10:00 right after
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urse. t her husbd,either. leon isthe haard me im sancary. the magesays he ha foai for a turkey. wantetohavehugs and pats on hid a cuddguy. >> a ke y do leon s ll. e lly rubbs >> allrit. >> and th that, heisda ui t know>>hey,what aweher chge we have g is morning. there.take a lhis the ening as you see the re snow and raout west. th is a 1:00 ine evermorning, wh hing red to ve
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t lookall of e s arnd tarea. it det into the 30s unyou into genesee, hethe reason why.o stick through. a ncng a little low pressure area ross cold ft the nohe whing isat is his w air, bthe low bringing from xas lahoma. back into it.
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larae dutothe ndns is to goodinrmion. e. dou beevthe reviews re onli >> probly??k5vw cb4 investor ri inger crted a uct to e hoealy he di't evist.s r something >> line reviewhelp ?> the average joe in hi average me, lkg abt
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provide testoniallesabou our imaginary food truck. >> the spng rollsdown at rick'sfo?cfood, ?ftheyare st -- igot no words. >> this great. cept hever trd our food. cause our truck doesn't ev ist. >> here is anothefering his services. i will do for yo okay, a naturay sounding vid, to help ach yourtarg nd to >> okay, hnny rodney, u're >> is outstanding. get this. it is affordable. my rsonalfavorite ems, the and thspicy thai chken wings. love tm. has been reviewg companies u for over 100 year so we asked. d it surise you ifi told u we were able hire peop to write ke revis? >> absolutely not. and we also have seen examples. >> hi, my na isepnie,
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od. rolls. go just . >> fr .com issued a b4 news. response sayg in part the testimonials came from acto of the advertiser to make it clear to consumers. the compy added that is disappointing at their work
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ow in southwestern coloradoand we gothrougthe rest to crose ate. will continue should bleft behi, in the gh untry, and a lile bit of good neasweook ahead feweak distbances ll come rossthe ste, g epin slighance for occasial mounta snow inthrest.
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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on this soggy tuesday, november 22. >> i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us. that rain, we need. and in some places, it is snow. the mobile weather lab team captured this video of snow in a late night drive in the high country last night. now parts of colorado are in for a big change in the weather. and we will tell you how it affects your thanksgiving week. i'm live at the eisenhower tunnel where the snow continues to fall. we have an eye on the icy chilly holiday travel coming up on the cbs 4 morning news. >> we hope it doesn't slow your thanksgiving plans.


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