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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 22, 2016 7:00am-8:47am MST

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? good morning. if istuesday, november 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tennessee school bus smashes into trees, killing five children, i others. the driver faces multiple charges. more than three feet of snow buries parts of the northeast. another storm is brewing, with tens of millions set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and jon stewart reflects on the evolution of "the daily sh walking away from it all. what brings him joy right now. w butgin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> multiple children lost their lives today.
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for this community. >> a tennessee school bus driver charged in a deadly cr >> i'm jus reallyoping for so peace for some the families tt lost their babies. passed mhe actions we can tak on day one tour laws o job us. police have arrested a man spted ofling eg'twther o not this?uas ainteional explosion. >> the first major snowstorm of the seasumpedore than a
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talking abouts vice president-elect mike pence going to see "hamilton." >> he was booed go h seat andhe the castddressed him onalpe. >> pence went to the show. >> we really enjoyed -- the appropriate venue to say it. >> that's now you memorize
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"eye opener" is presented by toyota. toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." a community is in shock after yestery's crash. of a school bun more than 20 others were taken tohospitals. >> the bus driver 24-year-old johnthony walker is charged with vehicular endangerment and reckless dri driving. mark strassmann is near the season where investigators will arrive today. rk, what a tough morning there. >> reporter: a very tough morning. you can see the bus behind me in this residential neighborhood. it's lying on its si. that is a tarp on its roof. investigators have been here all night after this crush that nearly split the bus in two. >> bus is flipped over.
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>> reporter: grim images from the scene show the bus that carried 35 woodmore elementary school students flipped on its side and ripped around a tree. frantic parents rushed to the scene. >> we don't want to be asked questions now. please. go ahead and take care of your babies. >> thank you. >> reporter: four hours, rescue crews worked to remove kids from the debris. don't know if anybody can get to it. >> reporter: more than two dozen kids were taken to hospitals. >> kids everywhere, cry, hurt. >> reporter: at the scene of the crash, we found this man whose three daughters were on the bus. he said two of them were hurt. he could not find his youngest child. >> the oldest one said her sister was beside her.
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hospital. nearly seven hours after the crash. we have not been able to confirm e current condition of his three children. >> i just saw a little boy laying beside the bus. >> reporter: melanie hillman afraid. >> reporter: police arrested the bus driver, 24-year-old with five counts of vehicular homicide. >> this is happening to the famili of chattanooga. this is an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: this bus had a mera on board and investigators will be studying whatever information it has to help them figure out what went wrong here.
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forlasses today. griefouelors will avble foanyone whokds them. gayle. >> horrible sty, mark. right before thanksgiving makes it even worse. thank you very much.ts of theto bracing for more snow, more than a foot buried cars and houses in somes in the northeast. in la cona, new york, they got a foot there. tony is in new york, ny, good rning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle, this is the region as we say the snow west place in america last year. there's about two fee of ground here. three feet on the ground not far from here. d the sheriff is concerned when the wind starts blowing today it's all going to end up back on the roadway, putting drivers in danger. heavy snow buried upstate new york overnight. piling on more than a day of
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nearly unusable. a driver died in the crash on interstate 90 just west of syracuse. to the north, three tractor >> because it's so cd and it me on so fast, rdsre slick. >> reporter: this sudden snowfall has jefferson county's colleen mcneal. >> you're on high alert now? >> we have everybody working that's available and crews are out in full force. pay attention and slow down. >> reporter: deputy steve gruber has spent more than 20 yean jeffsoounty and says every winter brings the same problems. >> you can go from bright sunshine to lake-effect snowstorm of two to three miles, and visibility goes from limi0 feet front of >> reporter: and danger runs statewide.
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tudepe over in the bus driver swerved to aid two vehicles spun outhead of him. >> it fell,t really quick. >> reporter: the drivernd ten?k studts suffered only minor inries. >> everybody was screaming and then everybody was like, everybody remain calm. >> and jus as 48 million americans hit the roads for the holiday, anoer storm could be developing behind this one. there arenings in effect in upper midwest. and, yes, moreno to th rtheas later thisweek. charlie. >> ny, thanks. president-elect dond trump is planning another day of transition talks today in he put a short video yesterday on youtube spelling out the actions that he will do when his presidency begins. the president promised jobs. they need action from congress. chip reid is at the white house,
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chip good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, president-elect trump is expected to head to mar-a-lago, his resort in florida for thanksgiving. but first, he's expected to spend today behind closed doors continuing work on his transition to the white house. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our jobs and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> reporter: psident-elect trump outlined his plan for including withdrawing from the transpacific partnership, and res.onresictions on energ >> on immigration, i'll direct the department to investigate all programs of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: mr. trump has largely sidestepped the media
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president-elect obama held a conference three days after his victory. >> he will have a conference in due course. >> reporter: passing through a parade of job seekers former massachusetts senator scott brown, a retired member of the army national guard said he wants to be secretary of veterans affairs. >> i think i'm the best person. but there are tremendous people out there. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman and iraq war addressed mr. trump. she wrote in a statement i have never and will never play politics with american and syrian lives. and seen holding a document titled strategic plan for first 365 days. a crediting of eye illegal immigration, his plan calls for
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and the brexit the historic vote from the united kingdom to withdraw from the european union. last night trump tweeted nag. farage would make a great job. earli in the day video surfaced from an alt-right group in washington cheering mr. movement with ties to white nationalism. >> for us, it is only normal again when we are great again. hail, trump. hail, our people. hail, victory. >> that's the president of the naonal picy institute, an organization that is dedicated to the identify and future of european descent. the video as shows attendees
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the group says it's excited about steve bannon's appointment as white house chief strategist. bannon used to run bba news which he himself described as a platform for the alt-right movement. and saying president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and was elected because he will be a leader for every american. the suspect accused of kiing a san antonio police sergeant said otis mckane was arrested. detective benjamin marconi was killed sunday in an ambush. outside the police headquarters with the suspect's public explanation. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the flowers and candles are starting to pile up for the memorial for detective marconi. we're also learning more about mckane, he does have a criminal past which includes charges of
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member. he is now in jail after several tips led to his arrest. >> i've been through several custody battles and i was upset at the situation i was in. >> reporter: otis mckane expressed remorse after being arrested by police. he was spotted riding on the interstate in a white car. a woman was driving and a 2-year-old in the r. surveillance. at the appropriate time, the s.w.a.t. unit made the stop and arrested him without incident. >> reporter: investigators say mckane is the man seen in this video entering police headquarters sunday?t?? about four hours later, police say hepprohed secretary benjamin marconi during a traffic stop at headquarters shooting him twice in the head. although the motive is still unknown, police believe mckane
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uniform. >> over investigators willet to the heart of what happened. >> reporter: the sunday shooting in san antonio is one of four separate attacks onolice across thea4country. the number of oicers killed in comped to the same sometime st officers. so our officers will always be vigilant and on guard. >> mckane has been charged with capital murder. and could face the death penalty if he's convicted. the marconi family released a statement yesterday thanking the san antonio community and the nation for their support. gayle. >> another tough story this morning. thank you ve much, omar. an uberriver?! charged with trying to join iis in
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mohammed rafik naji was arrested yesterday. court papers say that naji traveled in 2013 to turkey and yemen in an amendmento fight for isis. prosecutors also say that he voiced support for a tru the block bridge. police used water cannonsnd rubber bullets to break up the organizers say at least 17 people were taken to the hospital. some were treated for water cannons a used to create distan between officers and the group and put out fires. le in japan are being warned about possible new aftershocks after a powerful quake rocked the country.
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survey a 6.9 quake struck the area of kushima. nearhe epicenter.cant shaking at least 14 people were hurt. tsunami waves topped out at 4 1/2 feet. the fukushima nuclear plant which is being decommissioned experienced no problems. kanye west is reportedly in the hospital thisning f treatment of exhaustion. the hip-hop sta taken to ucla after series of outbs. we is under a psychiaold h which prevents him fromving the hospital. vladimir duthier is here. gooding.rn >> good morning. yesterday, kanye west pulled the pl on all of his 21 remaining shows likely walking away from millions of dollars in ticket
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wondering what's going on with kanye west. >> and you still can't believe it. you know why? 'cause you was lied to by google. >> reporter: for a man that seems to find himself at the center of controversy even this week was tough for kanye west. after a string of midconcert rants and walking out on the show after only 30 minutes. >> get ready, get ready, 'cause the show's >> reporter: the very public and outspoken rap star scrubbed the remaining concerts on his mega . monday afternoon los angeles police and fire were called to an address of west hollywood reportedly home to trainer harley pasternak. reports say that west was taken to ronald reagan ucla medical center for exhaustion.
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kardashian was expected to make her first public appearance since being robbed at gunpoint last month but she never showed. her mother kris jenner who was there defended her son-in-law. he's really exhausted. >> reporter: due to speculation about his health. >> kanye wt has an incorrectly full plate. aside from music. he has a clothing line. he's a parent. he's a husband. he if he was just focusing o one of those areas it could still cause for exhaustion. recording artist and friend expressed concern. >> we were with kim actually right before that. hopefully, he's getting rest and time to figure things out. >> now for fans who have purchased tickets in the 21 remaining shows. don't worry, you'll be able to
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purchase. we are waiting to hear back. >> people just want him to be okay. >> okay. >> people who go to the show say it's really disturbing what's happening to him in front of your eyes. >> everybody wants him to be fine. the u.s. men's soccer team needs a new coach. jurgen klinsmann was fired yesterday after two disappointing losses in world cup qualifying games. klinsmann won a world cup as a player, and he coached germany to a third place finish in he led the u.s. to the second round of the last world cup. less than a week ago, klinsmann was a dinner guest with president obama and german chancellor angela merkel in germany. >> life can change a bit.u"os t
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why aren't seat belts required in school buses nationwide? >> ahead, a closer look at the road watch andchildren's safety following that deadly crash in tennessee. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and se, the ability to semonsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgre
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? ? >> president-elect elect mike pence was booed by the audience at "hamilton," and that's nothing compared the to what happened when he tried to see "caps." "cats." >> he had claw marks on his face. very nice and funny. >> yeah. >> all the cat people are coming after you, charlie. welcome back to cbs -- can you handle it? welcome back to cbs this morning. coming up, the thanksgiving rush will be the biggest in nearly a decade. and peter greensburg on what is driving the increase, and he's
7:31 am
the crowds. and keeping kids safe on school buses, a push to mandate seat belts have been stalled for decades. why? we will look at the enormous cost and how bus makers can help. >> and reports on wall street's post election rally for the first time in 17 years, the four major stock indexes closed at record highs on the same day, and the dow and nasdaq and the russell 2,000 will all open than ever before and the rise is due to optimism ofresident-elect's policies will bst the econy. "the posts" says at least 111 trump companies have done business in 18 different countries, and trump tweeted
7:32 am
in properties worldwide, and he said, quote, only the crooked media makes this a big deal! >> and then a gymnastics team doctor will be indicted. convictions could mean life in prison. and cbs reported last month on civil lawsuits brought against the doctor, and usa gymnastics and its coaches. the "chicago tribune" say baggage handlers plan to walk one week from today, and the walkout will be part of protests in the fight to earn at least $15 an hour. fast-food workers and others will demonstrate in 340 cities. the o'hare workers say they delayed their strike so thanksgiving travels wouldn't be inconvenienced. >> and thank them for that, because that could be a real mess. >> and "the wall street journal"
7:33 am
live sports game, and it has talks with the nba and major league baseball and the nfl. a sports package could be available with prime, and amazon declined to comment. and then the crash in tennessee renewed the quest for seat belts on buses. the driver is facing charges. the top government safety regulator calls school safest way for your children to get to and from school. and it's a look at the decade's old debate. >> the ntsb agrees with that, and when you look at the number it's rare for there to be a fatal school bus crash, and still top safety regulators say seat belts should be on school buses, but only a few states require that, and crash experts say in many cases those
7:34 am
>> we know that seat belts will save lives. >> the head of the national highway safety administration, the three-point seat belts should be on every school bus, but there's no federal mandate. six states require seat belts on school buses, but only california meets that recommendation, and the agency has been weighing mandate belts on school buses for four decades. >> we are looking at everything from research to funding to help everybody nationwide get their kids safer. >> four children die every year in large school bus crashes and it beliefs seat belts would reduce those deaths by half, and this seat belt manufacturer
7:35 am
>> independent crash investigator says two-point seat belts that only go over a student's lap may not protect as well on the side impact crash like this one in florida where a child died. >> the seat pivots over and this belt ramps up over the crest and into the abdominal region. >> so this seat belt becomes a weapon when that seat starts to move? >> exactly. >> last year it was predicted it would cost $7,300 and the cost would be in the millions, and new buses could come off the assembly line standard with seat belts. >> the manufacturers could do this on their own starting now. >> because of the cost involved, it could take up to a decade or
7:36 am
three-point seat belts could be required. and gearing up for holiday travel. the country's midsection and northwest may face the highest risk of delays tomorrow. the getaway day could bring a mix of snow, ice and rain that comes as nearly 49 million americans travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving. aaa says that's million travelers from 2015. and it is the most thanksgiving travelers since 2007. where i'l later today. peter, good morning. >> good morning, norah. well, you know the interesting thing about this year is that the economy is actually helping everybody. there are more americans going to spend more money on travel than ever before. that's coupled with a buyer's market. airfares on average are lower
7:37 am
2.6 million seats a day. and that's up 72,000 seats a day from last year. on the road, fuel prices are not as low as last year. 11 cents per gallon up from last year. that's still some of the lowest fuel prices we've spent since 2008. >> they say when you look at the flying public, peter, 27 million people will be flying over the holidays. is tsa ready for the big load? >> well, they're than, let's say, last may. they've gotten their act together. they've actually staffed things better. they've had a budget help from congress to do that. the best thing about tsa, america is getting smarter about when they're traveling. they've staggered their departure dates. the load every day is not as bad as it would be tomorrow, traditionally the worst day. however, i have to warn, you this coming sunday, back to crunch day, that's when everybody wants to come back. >> what's your take on the tsa
7:38 am
through and that line is as long as the other lines. >> that's presumed the line is even open. the last seven days, i've flown in airports and five of those lines were closed. even if you have tsa precheck, my advice is get to the airport early. up may not get in that line. >> why is the line clos? >> lines are closed because of staffing issues. they're still not at the right staffing levels that they should be, authorized to even with that budget help, they're not there yet. i was at syracuse, baton rouge, new york. terminal 2. miami, those large ones, not open. just about weaware of that, it y not be open. >> any tips for driving? >> yeah, alternate way of driving meaning leave at night. tonight leave during the day. leave at 9:00 at night. let the kids nap in the car. you'll be much better off. if you're traveling today or
7:39 am
going that far. >> bring a blanket and pillow and a movie. always works. thank you, peter greenberg. happy thanksgiving. facebook reacts to criticism of fake stories on its news feed. straight ahead, a former employee explains why the discussion earlier this year about the trending topic may have contributed to that growing problem. and we'd like to invite to you subscribe to this morning's podcast. we've got the and you'll find them all on
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? facebook is promising changes for the spread of misinformation and fake news on the social network. founder and ceo mark zuckerberg is laying out a plan to keep phony news stories off facebook feeds. jericka duncan spoke with a facebook worker who said that the company should have seen this coming. good morning. >> zuckerberg is making sure all
7:44 am
took time out from a conference to address the growing d on fake news. and decisions made months ago >>ceoark zuckerberg probl toldbal leaders inperu, he wants to connect the world. >> you can take any system in the world and make it , much better than it i today. >> even as he demrated virtual reality to peru's president he was forced to deal ck at more troubling reality proliferation of fake news. it's versmall, bute not satisfied with that. >> zuckerberg outlined seven yso curtaieake formation. third party verificnacng orons,a
7:45 am
parties or the facebook community. but critics say zuckerberg's proposed fixes are too little too late. >> i think as a diplomatic answer it was great, but, you know, i think what people really want are more specifics, and he failed to deliver that. >> adam was contracted to work for facebook's trending topics in facebookmay, and he w id off four months later and the division was >> in your opini should mark ses coming? >> maybe not mark zuckerberg, per se, but t l y mpave been paying more attention to what was, you know,ng u peoples' news feeds for sure. >> his job was t make sur inaccurate news did not trend os imated just weeks after criticism earlier this year that facebook's information gate
7:46 am
division could have helped minimize the amount of fake news. >> by stopping fake news from trending, you are likely to stop fakes spreading the biggest princips of t one of journalism is making sure people have tthful, fair and accurate news. news. maki sure the news feed is accurate. he told me it's realistic for e the news on their feeds so he said it's up to the distributor, in this case, facebook to step in. >> ie seen lot of fake news on facebook. not just political stuff, information about foods. >> peoe areot fact-checking. they don't know the difference. it seems like facebooks rethinking things. >> they absolutely have to.
7:47 am
whs creating this news. jericka, thank you so much. n nhe?w wrong kind of spotlight. laser tting players. >> announcer: this morning of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers.
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loss, but he did sayt hurts his vision. greewas a problem at the mexico city game before. in 2012 someone pointed a beam at tim howard. i remembthat. i don't know why anybody thinks that fuy. jon stewart said "the daily show" bought better as the world became worse. more ahead, you're watching "cbs
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good morninerne. 7:56. right now, i'm gin gin. snow is starting to fall at d.i.a. the airport shows us this morning, the airlines are de- ing ansome arriving flights may see delays now. ofut 30 mite are you loing at a live picture right there, dave aguilera ming fe widens c-470. a plan that has some neighbors in douglas county worried about the noise. that t projis supposed to add two express lanes along c-470 from i-25 to wadsworth in douglas county. the highlands ranch neighborhood coalition filed an injunction to block that project. c-dot's original expansion plan included noise barriers along the highway. leaders dropped the barriers after they say testing found
7:57 am
review that project. let's look at the morning accumulate right now, here is joel. >> a small piece of good news, if you're heading into the high country. westbound along i-70 at copper mountain. it has reopened. there was an earlier accident at vail that shut it down. the conditions were too tough. and look at all of the traffic we have now in the backups there. as you're making your way westbound along i-70. it was this stretch along here that had been closed near vail pass. now we come across to denver metro area and seeing mostly green but look at it change to icy conditions like along i-, portions of i- -225 and i-70. if that sneaks over re to the ed portis of the
7:58 am
,, ,, hi, gang. daveera wiyoin the colorado ather center. we were just doing a little sh you k live there, so let me e radar now. and whatwe got goi rain the city. it ischanng over to snow.
7:59 am
8:00 am
? >>s tuesy, november 22, 2016 welcome back to cbs this mornin. more rl new ahead, includi looking for knowledge in space. an 8:00.ou can?'ee tus bd vestighan he cra nearl split t bus o. >>woofnow on coned he win starts inwill allnd on the roadway. >> mckane in jail after several tips led to his arrest.
8:01 am
his tour. and then reports of being hospitalized in los angeles leavg fans wondering wt is going on. >> zuckerberg addressed the growing debat over fake ne >> president-elect trump expected to head to head to his resort for thanksgiving, but first behind closed doors transition. >> donald trump may be coming to a town near you becau he is planning a inauguon victtour s,lle likng ston reuni trnly wit old whitej
8:02 am
the driver johnthony walker is under arrest, charged with rec? driving. >> the busearly spt in two parents rushed to thcrash scene waiting to hear about their child's condition. nearly two dozen were taken to hospitals. grief counseling will be available for students and t >> parts of the east coast are bracing for one of the day's busiest travel days. nearly a foot of snow in the northeast. lacona, new yo, 40 inches.a bus students from rochester heading a new york city tipped ov.
8:03 am
thplans for fit days in ss, dal office. mr. trump has not held a news coence as president-elect yet.president obama spe to was ected in 2008.tter he transi team foa list of take on daone as presidecan three of the six topics that trade,menergy and >>ade, i am going issue a notification of intent to withdrthspacific on energy, iill ncel job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale energy and clean al, creating many ll-paying job. on immigration, i will dir the depart oboto investigate alabes
8:04 am
>> the president-elect focused on policies can put iplace on his own.? he did not mention wng with congress on other policies like repealing obamacare or building a wall on the mexican border. a former university of virginia dean is speaking out. rolling stone and the author was sued over the article. the article was later discredited but not before it changed the life of the university official. interview since the trial. >> good morning, the "rolling stone" story exploded two years ago this week. eramo was at the center of it. she was depicted more concerned about the school's reputation than a victim of gang rape. ?voted as saying no one wan to send their daughter to a rape school. a statement she said she never ma.
8:05 am
discredited "rolling stone" article was published, the university of virginia campus erupted in protest. and nicole eramo began receiving e-mails calling her the dean of rape. she subsequently was removed from her position as the dean in charge of counseling victims of sensual assault. do you feel like collateral damage? >> i can't turn back the clock to november 18th, 2014 and be dean again. that's really a loss for me, not just not professionally, but that was a huge part of my identity as a person. that was the work that i loved. >> reporter: the article depicted a brutal gang rape at the phi kappa psi fraternity house. but allegations quickly unraveled. within five months, "rolling stone" issued a retraction and
8:06 am
substantive evidence to support jackie's claims. then a repor by the columbia journalism school called the article by sabrina reuben erdely, a journalism failure. >> her responsibility was to get the facts right and she actually did a disservice. >> reporter: it took away from the very real problem plaguing college campuses with one in four women claiming they have been victims of sexual crime. uva was one of about 130 schools favoring a sexual abuse investigation under the title 9 law by the education department, for the way they handled sexual abuse allegations by their stts. at the time the story was published more than 180 students had been expelled for violating the honor code. but not a single for sexual assault. but that's changed. the university told us that three students have now been expelled under new anti-assault and harassment policies. do you think it's a positive development that now there have
8:07 am
>> i think it potentially sends a message to those students who report to be taken seriously. >> reporter: but she says it also has a chilling effect. >> anyerson who comes forward in t aftermath of this article has the fear of having this article thrown in his or her face that people lie because look what happened here. >> reporter: eramo who still works at uva in the office of student affairs is trying to situation despite winning the defamation suit and being awarded $3 million. >> i didn't feel- >> reporter: you don't feel vindicated? >> i feel vindicated. >> this isn't the end of the story. the fraternity is suing "rolling stone" for $25 million telling cbs news in a statement, we look forward to presenting our case to receive justice for the
8:08 am
gayle, that trial is set for late next year. >> the dean raises a good point. there's a difference between vindication and heing. thanyou very much. astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson is on a mission to make america smt again when it comes to science. mr. smarty pants is in our green room to talk about asteroids, and the controversy over pluto.
8:09 am
8:10 am
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whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always bre off.
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8:14 am
? ? scientists think the evidence is mounting that life exists elsewhere in the universe. but almost unanimously, they found no evidence that anything outhere come her >> tt s waerronkite. i love his voice. his voice, walter cronkite and cbs news looked at the possibility of life beyond earth. that was back in 1966. a special called "friend, foe or fantasy." "welcome to the universe."
8:15 am
>> it asks all of the questions that makes science interesting. >> let me just say this, it's very, very heavy. i'm saying, great grade of paper. the physical weight of the book and the content is heavy. you make no apologies for it. wi an ndchp.ooks today are mile if is yo first expo and we thought it was time to take you a mile deep as well. so, it's a tour of the universe. lce to the universe, saht not only what we've come to know about the universe, but how we've figured it out. and that's what will distinguish this book from others on the shelf. >> so, what's the most important thing you'd like to tell us about the universe? >> charlie, no, i think -- >> is that a funny question? >> it is, because -- >> all of these questions -- >> i think the universe is vast in space and in time. and we are small.
8:16 am
>> yeah, yeah, so the whole opening chapter gives you a sense of the cosmic perspective. it was hard-earned, too. we had to earn that we were small in the universe. >> you did things like einstein's relativity? >> it's all there. you learn, how you learned to think that way. the space time continuum is curved. what does that mean? we were compelled to go there because of thea this book is a survey of what we know and how we came to know it. >> you have a whole chapter on searching for life in the galaxy. >>here way to explore that fke -- >> not drake the singer? >> nor do i think ey're
8:17 am
a full blown versi in the book. a simplified versi is you start with the total number of stars in the galaxy. that billion.then yo what percent, what fraction of ose have planets, what fraction of those planets have and what intelligent life has communication. and the very estimate of those fractions. and the result we come up with is about00 civilizations in the galaxy right now that we can communicate with. >> hold on. my 9-year-old daughter would go like this. that's mind blowing. >> civilizationow. t you mean by telligent life? >>ecau we're doing the defining.
8:18 am
so advanced beyond us that they would not classify us as intelligence. >> ah. >> uh-huh. >> ireg sificad you' defining these civilizations, don't you have to have a fion >> y. brilanquesti's a clean way we t this. re senng -- we have the cacity to send radio signals clouds of the galaxy aan s the ? h stinatioat the speed of lht. if you hava ciza >> you talk about going to mars, you say you'll only go if the guy who hae spaceship sends his mom up first. >> yea i'm glad wepeople who like dothat stuff first.g them >> t asteroid strike, this is so scary. you say it's not a matter if, it's a matter of when. of cours. >> catastrophic? >> depending on the size you can
8:19 am
climate is affected by local phenomenon. in the old days you might think rothere, kills everything there but everybody else is ok what is that,ec pluto lovers. >> i think it's exciting. >> i'm just revealing this fact whoever will listen and pay attention. >> well, we are thankful for you. it's all in the book. a very heavy book. thanksor beingere. >> thanks for having me back. >> and neil had the honor of making the first move at the world chess championships in
8:20 am
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8:23 am
,, ? badness -- >> turns out chess grand master sergey karjakin is right.
8:24 am
carlsen. after seven straight, karjakin won yesterday played in new york. clearly upset, carlsen refused to participate in a news conference afterwards. >> he don't want us to -- to make a draw. it was a big, big day. e. e than $1 million ist >> wow. he was clear visibly upset, charlie. intereing what happens next. jon stewart says "the daily sh" wh he knolm how to do, ahead, inside runf his nearly 17-year satirical and whye has reservations about its popularity.
8:25 am
to snow i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. and jamie is live ingesee. jae, howreheroadout there? >> reporter: you know, nothing like we saw at the eisenhower tunnel. in fact, i'm surpriseat traffic is n more backed up bulook atthe sibility. there is just incredible. this is something weat ve, se ain,asa trd all are along i-70 a some of the higher
8:26 am
especial given the w visilityhe. soke iteasy. fis hasnbacked up t but i inwith as it go it ca lyget wo britt, back . >> jamie, thank you so much for being on weather duty for us. let's get over to joel who is watching the rds and all thp whave camin quite the is a lile glih in e system higham and s om the mile it le to drive in colorado if you'rivin denver. al suddenthgsswch. ay, and for you. bepared for widriving conditions, not only in e high country but in town where it is wet and getting a lot of splash-back as well. ale little accident as you travel along i-25 at colorado. we have another one along i-70. right near colorado. in that westbound direction. and it just becoming a tough drive across the denver metro
8:27 am
8:28 am
welce back. look can at downtown denver through the camera. the snow has finally arrived in downtown denver. it is showing up very well on doppler 4,000. you can see all of thrain now changing over to snow. we've got snow around denver, all the wawn and it changes over to rain once you get through pueblo. a lot of moisture all over the eastern colorado. beneficial moisture at that. and high today, later, we should make it to 43. we may see some glimpses of the sun later tomorrow. the sun will come back and 50s by afternoon. 48 for thanksgiving.
8:29 am
,, ,,
8:30 am
,, two seconds. from 75. he got it. >> i don't think he got it off in time. >> it was late, buthe shot was still nice. >> that's incredible. making incredible shots is nothg new for ste curry. in yesterday's game against indiana, curry hoisted one up about 70 feerom the baskets in attempt to beat the halftime buzzer. it went in, as you can see, but fans, the warriors beat the pacers 120-83. that's almost 40 points. >> doesn't count when it looks that pretty.
8:31 am
morning. >> remarkable. >> i think so, too. seems like a really nice guy. new part of charlie's interview with former daily show host and author chris smith. about the evolution of the long-running comedy show. stewart talks about his life now and what he left behind. plus, less than 50 years since the supreme court ruled that interracial couples can marry. we learn about the new movie on case. >> right now, time to show you some of this morning's headlines. canada's plans to phase out the use of coal in power stations. canada wants to end coal-fired electricity by the year 2030. the goal is for 90% to come from sustainable energy. a possible carbon tax is in the works. president-elect trump has vowed
8:32 am
dementiaes inhe united states are declining, and that is despite an ageing population. the dementia rate by 24% over the 12 years ending in 2012. the cause of the d>jrop is not clear. the independent in london says some taxpayers want britain's royals to pay for the modernization of buckingham palace. an online petition already has more than 1000 the issue could go to parliament. john stewart has been optimistic outlook for our country's future after the presidential election. he gave us his thoughts last week. >> donald trump is a reaction not just to democrats, to republicans. he's not a republican. but they will reap the benefit of his victory in all of their
8:33 am
going to come to jesus now about the power of government. >> we have more of that interview today with the focus on nearly 17 years as host of "the daily show." the book was written by chris smith. he highlights the show's rise with stewart at the helm. >> over the 16 years, how did the show evolve? what did it become that it was not at the beginning? >> in truth, i think the evolution he became better at doing it. >> this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. >> what we tried to develop was a decent internal barometer of what worked for the show and how to execute it. to end.ou can see, it's never gn i'm going to work on my obama. are you ready? here we go. yes, we can.
8:34 am
i haven't seen an entrance that majestic since my friend met me orange grabbing an >> i don't know if this is emmy worthy. >> yes, indeed. >> you had to try and keep your own morality and integrity as the beacon for where you wanted the material to go. >> i have one simple goal. i want you to admit that there privilege. that's all i want. >> is it the best extension of your talent? >> i believe it was the best exns what i know how to perhaps i didn't necessarily >> bou were running the show, too. you were there in the trenes. >> if you have a craft services table, generally that is nottr >> so what didtbecome?
8:35 am
>> more than ashow. >> yeah, it's easy to forget in 2016 wt media world looked like in 1996, 1997, 1999 where comedy central was, your hon kn still kind of sketchy proposition. >> we're going to have an honest open debate between the president of the united states. able to do through bush versus bush back in -- >> 2003. >> -- 2003. he knows this way better than i do, by the way. >> mr. president, is the idea to just build a new country that we like better? >> we will tear down the apparatus of terror and we will help you to build a new iraq that is prosperous and free. >> i don't think our troops ought to be used for what's called nation building. >> in the news business, how do
8:36 am
five years ago. i go, tivo. we record it and go back and search for it. >> the idea of what it became was not something banging around in your head when you took this job, or was it? >> well, whawasanging around in my head was is there a better way to execute public affairs comedy that means something to me. can i things that i care about in a way that's entertaining enough that i won't get fired. and it could get rejected, but at least -- >> go down doing it my way. >> that's right. i'm going to go down the way i feel like -- i'm going to do it in the way that i think is the best iteration of my abilities. and if that goes down, you know, i can bartend.
8:37 am
>> what they found early onas a tone. >> it's every reporter's dream. >> they found a tone in a piece steve carell did with john mccain in late 1999. >> the best way to get to a presidential candidate's bus is through his wife. >> carell is a world class improviser. the difficulty in this, you have them working with civilians who don't know they're in an improv. that you were one of the most vocal critics of pork barrel politics, yet while you were chairman of the commerce committee it set a record for unauthorized prop rations. >> and mccain freezes. >> what do we have to do at that point? we let you go. it's catch and release. >> i'm just kidding. >> we have to undercut it with a laugh. >> i don't even know what that
8:38 am
here's my one moment and i'm going to with a scalpel go at the crux of your identity as a politician and ex-pose it for everybody to see. >> the world is demon strably worse than when i started! have i caused this? >> one of the difficulties of this is this has been given a greater place in the discussion and a larger discourse than is warranted. and once that started to happen, i think you began to question if it's a good thing or a bad thing. >> do you think that you can find something that's equally right for you again? or do you just simply hit a home run there, you found the perfect
8:39 am
>> yes. it was a gift that was -- that i was fortunate enough to be graced with for all that time and to be in contact with all those incredible people. but i don't expect to find that again. >> this is just -- it's a conversation. this show isn't ending. we're merely taking a small pause in the conversation. >> there's a difference between satisfaction and joy. this gave me great satisfaction. and but joy, joy, driving a couple of knuckle head kids home from school that i get to -- >> that's joy. >> joy. >> that's so beautifully said, the difference between -- there is a difference between satisfaction and joy. i just love him. >> yeah. >> you really feel his absence, charlie, during these times, don't you? >> indeed. there was no -- there was nothing quite like him.
8:40 am
well. we see them and show their work here during the political year. >> yeah. >> but jon had a special place. >> he did. that catch and release, i forgot those. it's no fun on the other side, but it sure is fun to watch. >> they assemble such an -- >> steve carell. >> and colbert and so many others. john oliver. so many others. >> samantha bee. >> especially samantha bee. the full interview is tonight on an interracial couple's fight for their right to be married in their home state.
8:41 am
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> you think you'll lose? >> well, yes. but i think it's all right. we may lose the small battles, but win the big war. >> the new movie "loving" chronicles the lengthy fight for interracial comes to get married in the u.s. the state of virginia challenged their marriage more than 50 years ago. jan crawford spoke to one of the lawyers who argued the loving case and two people whose lives
8:45 am
fight. jan, good >> reporter: the lovings were just a quiet unassuming couple from rural virginia. they got married, they wanted to live near their friends and family. but they quickly ended up in the middle of a decade-long legal fight. their struggle shows how regular people can change the world. >> we were maied day of june. >> reporter: they were unlikely civil rightspioneers. >> the police came after us the 14th o >> would you marry me? >> reporter: the new movie tells their story. married in 1958 in washington, d.c., they were arrested when they returned home to central virginia. >> what you doing in bed with that woman? >> i'm his wife. >> that's no good here. >> reporter: authorities ordered them to leave virginia or face five years in prison for violating the state's ban on interracial marriage, as the
8:46 am
interview with cbs. from my family and friends. ay >> leaving my home was the hardest for me. i didn't see why it made sense. >> reporter: they settled in washington, and seeing the struggle for civil rights up close gave them hope. >> i'm writing to you concerning a problem we have. >> reporter: phil was a recent law school graduate who got involved in the lovings' fight the american civil liberties union. did you know right away, this is a case that could change history? >> no. >> reporter: nvo. >> if it was something of such great note, there's no way the aca would have let bernie cohen and me do it. he was two years out of law school i was two months out of law school. saying we had no significant supreme court experience is we had no supreme court
8:47 am
rights milestones, more than a dozen states at the time still banned interracial marriage. >> those who support such laws claim they are necessary in order to preserve the purity of the races. >> reporter: the supreme court was rady to end those laws. its unanimous decision in loving versus virginia immediately changed the lives of interracial comupmup come >> did you ever thi want t
8:48 am
a common thing, i know that. >> reporter: when they decided to get married in 1968, joan assumed they couldn't return to virginia. >> so we planned our wedding in new york and i thought, it's going to be so sad, my parents won't be there, my family, my siblings. and then i got a phone call from my mom telling me that there had she sa, you can now legally getarn here. ter: a because an to go ba home. >> so they were theioneers f us. they paved the way. >> reporter: and lawyers that believed the country was ready for a new direction. >> there are a lot of outside influences that had nothing to do with our abilities. >> reporter: but it still changed history. >> it did. these precedent views don't do much for me on it. the mornings and no one else is there, i can look in the mirror
8:49 am
ground-breaking decisioound a constitualighto marry in the o thcourse paved theay for st year's same-sex marage k decisi. that would not have been possible wicldrd and mildred loving. >> you did right is right. >> thank you. what an incredible story. >> and how we take it for granted. so sorry that they had to go through that. but look what they >> the arc of history does bend towards justice, it does. >> quite amazing. >> you're watching cbs this
8:50 am
,, ,,
8:51 am
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8:53 am
going to get married ? >> you ,,
8:54 am
, ,,
8:55 am
g us. od morngyone. and thaw out. but firstly, she is veat h and federal. how is it in that area? >> well, from blowing snow, to thick fog now, to a look at the metro area, you can see, it is just a mess out re. road-wisuch traffic-wise, t is ininright no so yoa loofplash-ing on isthe of hewh
8:56 am
an is ally chillyou of tght little icy, definitely ttle slick this morning. so just be careful when you are driving. some of that water does have a tendency to grab tires. it that's when you hydro plane. it is messy. the possibility does exist. we will continue to keep an eye on this. live in denver, jamie leery, cbs 4 morning news. >> thank you very much. water splashing on the camera lens. joel is watching the roads an let's hope evyo there. >> indeed. splashing on the camera lens, you snow what it is doing to your windshields, right? this is the cbs 4 tech center cam. it is really coming down along i-25, and it is tough. and in the south of town, you get -- you can see the cbs 4- mile high cam and the mousetrap cam and fewer flakes on there, and better visibility. that is not the case once you get into the tech center. and up into the high country, chain and ?p??
8:57 am
ice. it is an icy drive. >> jo,, ,,
8:58 am
> le well, the cold has arrived around here. most of the temperatures and the metro area haved into snow. downtown, snowing still. rain outside of boulder here. it is really coming down from the highlands ranch, all the way to monumell. that's where we d see up to two to five inches of snow accumulate. atat is the worst of the snow. least for the ea. anmehere is thedown now for us. chaining to partly cloudy skies skies this afternoon and t sun and 52. ght now, anksgiving looks
8:59 am
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>> today, on "rachel ray." >> sock 'em down. >> we are showing y a few thanksgiving stops. you can't wait to get those leftovers. some treats. and now, are you ready for rachel? [cheers and applause] >> rachel: woo! [cheers and applause] >> rachel: you know, thanksgiving, of course, is just two short days away.


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