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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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boys there. >> reporter: a terrible dream that won't end even as heather jensen leaves a jail cell for a halfway house. >> it is a light sentence regardless. even if i didn't go to prison or if i'm still in there. it is a life sentence because i don't get to watch them grow up. i would do anything in the world to get that back. >> reporter: her children were found in a toyota four runner near the powder horn ski area in 2012. tyler and william both died. jensen was sentenced to a decade charged with two counts of child abuse resulting in death with negligence. >> we the jury find the defendant heather jensen guilty. >> reporter: but she has only served a little more than two years and that has the toddler's grandparents angry. >> only five years for each child. >> reporter: according to the department of corrections, jensen was accepted into the community corrections in july of this year.
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didn't know until this week. and they don't understand why she is still not locked up in a prison cell. >> i could not believe it. i could not believe it. >> reporter: jensen says she cannot take back what happened. but is trying to move forward. >> i was still in there or out or never went, i have to spend the rest of my life without my kids. >> reporter: jensen hopes that next year, when for parole, she will be granted that parole. she says she wants tommy back home to florida to be closer to her parents. reporting live in steamboat springs, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. developing tonight, a man intervenes to stop a fight in fort collins and ends up dead. this was last night at an apartment on parker near stover. police arrested david strunk for the stabbing. he is facing first degree murder charges. kelly werthmann is live in fort
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kelly, you talked to someone who tried to step in and help the dying man. >> reporter: and karen, it u.s. so happens he works at a nearby hospital. so, trying to use his skills as a cardiac tech to try to help the man who was dying in this parking lot. jeremy keltner lives just feet from where the stabbing happened. he heard a man trying to stop a couple from fighting and another man shoute him. when he ran out to help, he found a blood covered scene. >> i saw the first man holding the second man out on the pavement and rocking him. he was covered in blood. >> reporter: and jeremy captured this cell phone video of the suspect being arrested. the lifeless victim can be seen lying in the parking lot. and the man who was killed here, his identity has not yet been released. and fort collins police tell us
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reporting live in fort collins, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> thank you kelly. new information now on a fire that burned in an apartment in thornton near i-25 and thornton parkway. firefighters now say this was arson. and they have arrested one of the people who lives in the unit. juan perez. a truck caught fire in the northbound lanes of the interstate near berthoud around noon. when it pulled onto an ramp, the hay bales it was carting caught on fire. then it spread to the surrounding grass. that scene slowed traffic to a crawl. firefighters got everything under control and no one was hurt. now to new developments in a lawsuit over the expansion of c-470. today, a judge heard arguments from a neighborhood group that is concerned about all the noise. express lanes are being added to the highway between i-25 and wadsworth. construction of that area did
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cbs4's tom mustin live for us in highlands ranch. and neighbors want cdot to build a sound wall there. >> reporter: karen, more than 100,000 drivers pass through this section of c-470 every day and the noise here has become absolutely unbearable. they believe when the project starts it will be worse. that is why they want to put the wall here. cdot disagrees and now a judge will decide which side will be silenced. the noise in this woman's highlands ranch backyard has gotten so bad. >> you can sit out here in the summer and not hear talking. >> reporter: $276 million expansion of c-470. coalition wants a wall built to combat the construction noise. the noise has already caused cia ora's property value to plummet.
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through says it is too noisy. >> reporter: a 2006 cdot study called for noise barriers to be built. a more recent cdot study found the walls were not necessary despite the population explosion. that contradicted the coalition's independent study. tuesday, after a 19 month battle, a judge heard the coalition's arguments at u.s. district court. >> we were stone walled and steam rolled. now the court has heard the we will be pleased to get. >> reporter: cdot says the construction is necessary. the plan includes noise barriers, but not in certain areas. >> cdot feels like we applied all processes. we will see what the judge decides. >> reporter: as the judge deliberates, siora says it is time for cdot to realize that silence is golden. >> do your job and give us a wall. >> reporter: cdot says delaying this project will cost
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decision in the near future. stay tuned. we are live in highlands ranch, tom mustin, cbs4 news. now to the latest on the gold king mine spill? south western colorado. the epa wants to keep the temporary waste water treatment plant in place for a little longer. the plan started operations in october of 2015. that was two months after an epa crew accidentally released millions of gallons of waste water from the mine. the epa working as it looks for long term solutions. a reference to slavery will remain in the colorado constitution. voters said no to the measure that would have changed the language. the margin does not require a recount. a colorado congresswoman is pushing for the passage of a bill that will help find a cure for diseases. >> it is called the 21st century cure.
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life saving treatments. our shaun boyd on the story. we know finding cures takes a lot of money. >> reporter: right, this bill includes $6 billion in new funding for the national institutes of health and the food and drug administration. we don't even hear about legislation that impacts every single american but this is one of those bills and it may be one of the few bills congress passes during the lame duck session. as researchers race to find cures for thousands of diseases, congress is racing among other things streamline approval of breakthrough discoveries. >> if we can't pass a bill for cures for diseases, then all hope is lost. >> reporter: the cosponsor of the 21st century cures act aimed at harnessing the potential of promising new research in fields like personalized medicine. >> with the mapping of the genome, we can figure out your exact genetic characteristics.
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treatment they are giving to you. >> reporter: the bill also includes funding for the vice president's national cancer initiative and a cutting edge brain initiative. >> alzheimers an parkinson's, ms, diseases like this are all on the rise as the baby boomers age. >> reporter: the legislation aims to speed approval of new devices by revamping the fda's regulatory process. critics worry the changes go too far, but she insists they did >> we really kept a balance when we did this bill between expediting, drug development and approvement and making sure that we maintain the high standards of safety. >> reporter: despite some concerns, the bill has wide bipartisan sup court and could be law before the end of the year. >> i like to say disease doesn't just pick people because of their political affiliation. >> she joined forces with a
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two years ago. a version of it passed the house this summer and the senate is expected to ... was expected to pass it but it stalled. now both chambers are voting on a compromise bill in the next two weeks. that bill, 350 pages long. but again, it is expected to pass. >> let's hope everybody reads this one. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> thanks. a doctor at the university of colorado hospital is the only one of her kind in the state. her crucial role in helping canc lawsuit over passports. why the person from colorado who sued says the case is far from over. >> that storm system just about out of our state with the rain and snow. and the ryan and snow is off to the east. but look to the west. more rain and snow coming our
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,, >> new developments on a colorado lawsuit over a passport. dana zim does not identify as male or female and was denied a passport for not selecting gender. well today, a federal judge
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reconsider. zim praised the ruling but said it was only the first step in a long battle. well, if you or someone you know has been through battling cancer, it can take a real toll on the heart. >> powerful cancer fighting drugs can cause long testimony cardiac problems. kathy walsh is with us tonight. one hospital is keeping the hearts of cancer patients really healthy. >> reporter: and that hospital is the university of colorado hospital. there, they have a trained doctor who doesn't miss a beat. she is the only cardio oncologist in the state. seeing her made all the difference for a mother of three young children. >> reporter: ellen march is getting an infusion at the university of colorado hospital. it is medicine to fight bone loss, a side effect of cancer treatment. it has been a long year for the mother of three. >> what you are feeling is scared. >> reporter: it started last fall. when ellen's twins wouldn't
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a biopsy showed an aggressive tumor. stage three cancer. >> i have never taken so many medications in my life. >> reporter: chemotherapy, radiation, other treatments. but one drug was attacking her heart. >> i had a breakdown because i was nearing the end of my treatment, and i only had a few infusions left. and, i thought ... i wasn't going to be able to continue treatment. >> reporter: turns out, her heart was in the right place. >> this >> reporter: dr. lavana is a surgeryically trained cardio oncologist. she monitored ellen with ecto cardiograms and medicine. >> in her case, her heart rebuilt. >> reporter: and she was able to continue the treatment. ellen is now cancer free. but she will continue seeing her doctor so the doctor can
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cancer patients is very complicated. we are lucky to have such talented doctors here in colorado. >> so many things to think about. >> no kidding. >> that's create. thanks kathy. this thanksgiving is a first for hundreds of refugees in denver. the african community center hosting its 11th annual refugee first thanksgiving celebration. always a great time. the feast include traditional dishes like turkey and stuffing but also popular foods from the refugee's native nd countries including burma, syria, and somalia. let's get to ed greene to find out more about our thanksgiving holiday forecast. >> you see skies are beginning to clear now. the storm system is just about autoof if state. a snow shower. a flurry. that is about it. it was a quick mover. look where it is already in the midwest with snow. rain, thunderstorms, cooler weather coming in behind it. that is why we are only in the 40s today. but we are starting to clear out. however, if you look to the
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frontal system. and that has some rain and snow with it. about two days away, two days away, that is thanksgiving. let's go to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. >> this will bring us a shot of more snow. we can see that tomorrow might. 10:00 tomorrow, there is snow up into parts of the north western corner of the state. could have little snow that will continue overnight into the central mountains thursday. this moves through pretty quickly. we are not getting a lot from could have a lot to start the snow thursday. the skys will clear throughout the rest of the day. noon, you are cooking, staying inside. playing a little football early in the morning. could still have know on the ground in the high country. the rest of us are dry. throughout the afternoon, it is really a nice day. a little cooler. it will feel more seasonal for us thanksgiving. overnight, if you are black friday shopping, doing any of the sun stuff leading into friday morning and the re of the weekend, we have clear conditions and it should be
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moving through. could bring in another nice shot of snow adding a couple of inches to the ski resorts. denver, 47 degrees. early mountain snow. it will be cold for turkey trots. then, sunshine and mild throughout the afternoon. ed? >> yeah, we were cool today. almost at the temperature for thanksgiving. 33 and 34 is where we started out. a little below normal. 74 and two below the roads for this day. 39, 35 now. 72% humi here come the bison, they are just going home after a long day of grazing at the rocky mountain arsenal. tara o'brien, a beautiful shot here of cheeseman ranch. and doing a little fly fishing there in the yampa. temperature to night mostly in the 20s in the plains. teens and 20s in the high country. and then tomorrow, we warm it up a little. 50s showing up. 60s over the eastern plains.
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your denver forecast. for tonight, we will look for clearing skies, 26 and 25 by morning. then, for tomorrow, a nice day. fair warmer, into the low 50s . just a few degrees above normal this time of the year. 47 on thanksgiving day. as lauren told you, sunny skies. friday, we pop to 56. look at the near 60-degree reading. sunday, the next change comes our way. a few isolated showers cool off. 46: plus, four more tonight. not out of the 30s . and maybe, struggleing to get into the 30s michael is here, nice to see the rapids getting some love. >> yeah, one of the western conference finals tonight in seattle. why the team says being without one of the all-time great is no big deal. plus, cu football, a family
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,, ,, ? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays,
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proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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>> time for the ford sports desk brought to you by the best selling trucks for 39 years straight. ford f series. the official trucks of the nhl. >> the colorado rapids expected to be in the western conference finals but they also expected tim howard to be their goalie when they reached the conference finals. howard underwent season ending surgery last week. so, he is out. but, it is not exactly a big
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replacement. zach mcmath will step back into goal. you may remember mcmath started the first 16 games this season. the rapids were 9-2. 5 in those games so losing howard certainly hurts but it is not the end of the world. >> now, it is about, uh, zach stepping up and being the keeper that he was before tim got here. so, that is why we have a team. a player goes down and the next one stands up. and the most important thing is that the group is in a very very positive and very excited about the challenges that lie ahead. the cu buffs checking in at number nine in the latest college football playoff rankings. mcintire has had a big hand in helping cu return to the national stage. buff his son jay has certainly pulled his weight too. the coach's kid is fourth on the team in interceptions and had his season high seven grabs in cu's win over washington state. consider this. last year, he had eight
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so don't let the name on the back of the jersey fool you. jay has certainly proved he belongs. >> he is definitely in that spot. that is one of the biggest things that i respect about him. is how hard he works. >> you better be happy yoga me a scholarship. >> he wouldn't say a lot in the locker room but he was excited. >> how about the harshist critics in the family? your mom an >> they were happy. my sister made fun of my first down points. my brother said all right, all right, you have to do fit rest do it the rest of the time. >> tonight's century link poll question. what is the biggest reason for the buffs turn around? there's a couple of options there. go to on the sports page to vote. cu taking on texas. george king for three.
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wide alone? you know, just running it all together. ended up, cu got the win. later in the second half. derek white with the three- pointer there. only three of the game. he led cu to 16. the buffs pull the upset 68-54. they will face wofford sunday. denver nuggets will take on chicago tonight with a 7:00 p.m. tip at pepsi center. it has been a slow start to the season. but they have gotten a boost from jamal murray. he had 18 points a he is clearly playing better and so, too, is the rest of the team. >> i think we are pretty confident. 2-1 in the home stand. the one loss taking the team in the eastern conference finals to the wall. should have won it. obviously, we have a very talented chicago bulls team coming in here. but, i think the guys are feeling good about where we are. we are getting contributions from a lot of people. so it is a true team effort now which i love to see. >> nuggets at home tonight. and on the road tomorrow
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stretch of some games but i tell you when they get it going, they are fun to watch. >> they are a lot of fun when they get everybody involved. pilot strike underway now. will not affect your thanksgiving travel plans. could delay the shipment of your holiday packages though. the major retailer impacted by the strike coming up. >> a deadly crash bringing up questions of safety. we will look at precautions colorado is taking to keep ,, with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area.
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don't worry about me. okay.
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>> live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 news at 6:30. >> federal investigators on the scene of a deadly school bus accident in chattanooga, tennessee. five children died yesterday. today, a tow truck hauled away the wreckage. 35 students were on this police arrested the driver. they think he may have wrecked the bus on purpose. >> my daughter said, right before the bus flipped, that he was speeding around a curb and asked them are y'all ready to die? >> that mother lost one of her children and two others were hurt on the bus. police arrested the driver, 24- year-old johnthony walker. they believer he was going much
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hour speed limit. we know he will be charged with vehicular homicide. and investigators are looking at video on an on-board camera. not on the bus, seat belts. crashes like the one in tennessee often spark changes to improve school bus safety. our investigator rick sallinger is live in denver with our top story at 6:30. rick, there are safety measures in place here. >> reporter: yes, jim, colorado does not require seat belts on school buses. but, a terrible crash that happened in the state many years ago led the big safety changes and how these buses must be built. what happened in tennessee could and has happened here. the precautions have been taken. it was 1971 when the brake failure led to a school bus crash on monarch pass killing eight students and a coach. that led to what is called the
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jennifer otes with the colorado department of education says this is important. >> school buses that are sold in colorado for our students have an extra safety measure to ensure that the frame of the school bus stays intact. >> reporter: that was in place in 1989 when this boulder valley school bus crashed believed due to brake failure. one student was killed but you can see while the frame the value of seat belts on the school buses has been hotly debated. higher seats placed closer together serve as compartmentalization. >> that is deemed safer than the seat belts. >> reporter: we asked the opinion of those who ride the buses. >> i do think they should have seat belt belts. the seat belts could be a


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