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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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to die while she had sex. she is already out of prison. >> it is a life sentence. regardless. >> the man who tried to save a dying stabbing victim records the accused killer's arrest. >> he asked the kids if they were ready to die right before he crashed their school bus. >> and a mother and son busted for a housing scam in denver. we found the newest victim. >> what am i going to do? >> tonight, we are following two breaking news stories right now. crime scene tape denver. police are only saying there has been a suspicious incident and one person did need to go to hospital. also in denverings an accident involving an rtd bus to night. this happened at 17th and glen arm downtown. nasty wreckage, but no serious injuries. tonight, new developments as cbs4 learned a colorado mother convicted in the deaths of her two young sons is out of prison after serving a third of
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only on cbs4 tonight, matt kroschel spoke with that mother and matt, she is part of the work release program right now? >> reporter: yes, karen. and our search brought us here to steamboat springs where she is working at a sandwich shop. she is breaking her silence finally after four years. and she says she hopes this helps with the healing. her former inlaws say they don't think she should be out of jill at all. >> it is very hard. >> that won't end as heather jensen leaves a jail cell for a halfway house. >> it is a life sentence regardless. even if i didn't go to prison or i'm still in there. it is a life sentence because i don't get to watch them grow up. >> reporter: in 2012, she left her children in a toyota four runner near the patterhorn ski area while she was having sex with a man in another car. four-year-old tyler and his two- year-old brother william overheated and died.
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defendant guilty. >> reporter: but she has only served a little more than two years. that has the toddler's grandparents and other family members angry. >> if he wouldn't have gotten up, i don't think she would have even been to court. we were cheated when she got only five years for each child. getting double stabbed in the back. >> reporter: according to the department of corrections, she was accepted into the community corrections in july of this year. a decision the grandparents of the didn't know until this week. >> could not believe it. and the way i found out was a picture of her down at the grave site. >> reporter: jensen says she can't take back what happened, but is trying to move forward. >> if i was still in there, or never went, i have to spend the west of my life without my kids. >> heather jensen tells us she is hoping the judge will approve a parole for her next
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to her life and moving back home with her family in florida. we are live in steamboat springs, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. and developing tonight, a deadly stabbing in fort collins. we are learning the victim may have been trying to break up a fight. and not start one. our stan bush following the investigation. stan, you talked with a neighbor who tried to save that victim's life. >> reporter: jim, he tried but the injuries were too severe. this parking lot is where that and, as we learned today, the victim and the suspect knew each other well. a neighbor was recording when police confronted suspect david strunk. he put his hands in the air and surrendered feet from his victim, 50-year-old dwayne gardner. >> he yelled i stabbed him. >> reporter: jeremy keltner
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door. >> i heard a man's voice say you better stop threatening her. >> reporter: he tried to give first aid to gardner bleeding out in the parking lot. he says strunk considered running away. >> reporter: he was was back in apartment pacing back and forth. he said we need to get out of here. just just go. let's go. seemed like there might have been some type of drugs involved. it is hard to tell after someone just murdered someone else. >> reporter: strunk is in custody tonight. he was arrested for first degree murder. live in fort collins, stan bush, cbs4 news. a man is arrested accused of starting a fire that forced dozens of people from their homes at the sunset peak apartments. no one was hurt. the fire started on or near a couch in the one unit that did burn. now, juan perez who lives in
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degree arson. a mother and son facing charges for an alleged scam involving rental properties. this is not their first arrest. it is an elaborate con that involves identity theft and leaves the renters stuck in the middle. lauren dispirito is following this case for us tonight. you met their current tenants who were unaware of the scam. >> reporter: yeah, they had no idea. you go back two years ago, torres was indicted on similar accuon to rent a condo that was not his to rent. well, in that case, the district attorney argued for prison time. but instead, torres got community corrections. and, according to the da is now found to be scamming people again. 49-year-old andreas torres stole a man's identity and used it to advertise a single family home for rent on craigslist.
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unsuspecting tenants. according to court documents, torres used the alias gabriel del gato. a tenant uncovered his alleged fraud when he slipped up and was heard using his real name. we went to the home investigators say he rented to that tenant and found another woman living there with her children. we showed her torres' booking photo. >> he signed the papers in front of me unde gato. >> reporter: she said the man asked her to sign two different lease agreements. she says she has been paying rent and covering the cost of home repairs since september. >> right now, i'm in shock. i don't know what to think. i'm just worried. what am i going to do? >> reporter: she called the police fearing now she will be out of a place to live. >> i'm also angry. because, everything feels so real. >> reporter: investigators have also charged torres' 76-year-
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tampering with the case by telling a witness to lie to investigators. torres is due here in court tomorrow morning at 8:30. his mother is being held in the adams county jail. we are live tonight in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. and right now, we have an update on breaking gnathus led the newscast. police told us it is is a homicide case officially. the investigation happening right now at 13th investigators haven't told us how the victim died. now, the latest on the tragic school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the 24-year-old bus driver is behind bars. charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say he was driving well over the posted 30 miles an hour speed limit. there were 37 elementary school kids on board that bus when he wrapped it around a tree. >> the police are aware of a following car. so, that witness we have, but
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about this event, but we talked about the previous behavior of the driver. >> some parents said they had complained about the driver to school officials. he has no criminal record. in addition to the five children who died, 12 still in the hospital, six of them are critical. that school bus was not equipped with seat belts and they are not required on colorado school buses either. it is up to the school districts to decide. a very big job. cdot has started inspecting thousands of guardrails across colorado to make sure that they the statewide inspections were triggered by a nasty accident last summer that seriously injured a woman north of denver, jeff todd is reporting in along i-25. jeff, specifically ha are the crews looking for? >> reporter: there are two manufacturers cdot uses and they make the guardrail and the end cap. now, these pieces do fit together, but, cdot is finding out that mixing and matching is
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inspections are going on. >> so far, of the 50% that we have looked at which is about 20,000, we have uncovered about 144 incompatible installations. >> reporter: crews are looking for another 20,000 guardrail end caps. most of the problem guardrails have already been involved in an accident. >> they have been hit. and they have been replaced by our forces and those installations are not correct. and that is the issue. >> 1500 accidents happened each year. involving guardrails. and now, they are going back and checking their work. while, one woman was injured, cdot says there is not a high risk to drivers on the road right now. >> i would characterize it as a low risk. >> i don't think there is an immediate threat to the public. >> reporter: cdot said it didn't know how much all of this was costing and an official with the federal highway administration said
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anywhere else in the country. could mean some big changes ahead. jeff todd, cbs4 news. developing tonight, new insight into donald trump's plans. he has changed his mind on the key campaign promise. >> plus, new video of the robbers who smashed their way through a jewelry store. >> and, recalled toys that could wind up under the christmas tree. >> and new tonight from porn star to a high profile madame in denver luring >> it would take less than three days to groom a girl. >> our last system has moved onto the midwest. thanksgiving is right around the corner. we are watching what is happening in the pacific northwest. we will talk turkey day coming up. >> the rapids try to quiet the sounders in one of the conference finals. speaking of conference championships, the buffs are eyeing one of their own and maybe more.
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>> donald trump backs off a few more campaign promises. it happened during a candid meeting with the new york times. times staff asked him if he planned to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. he says he is no longer interested. according to a reporter's tweet, trump replied i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways. trump also says there is evidence that humans are
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a reference to slavery will remain in the colorado constitution. the election ballot was too close to call until today. now we know it did fail. that measure would have removed the word slavery from the language. opponents argued that would have interfered with the state's practice of making prison inmates do work. and new video out of new york city showing us two men robs a jewelry store. one points a gun at the workers. orders them to the ground. the other smashes display cases and they than $300,000 in merchandise. no one was hurt thankfully. the bad guys were inside the store for just longer than one minute. no sign of them tonight. developing tonight, trouble in toy land. that's the name of a new report by the colorado public interest research group. it lists 44 toys that can be dangerous to kids. the toys have all been recalled but some might still be found for sale online. >> shop online, you cannot
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toys with the recall notice that's are already there. some of the recall toys are available online. >> and, you find the full report with the names and pictures of each toy at shaping up to be a nice thanksgiving after that little thing. we will see. >> all right, we have nothing going on right now. so this is last night. you can see 10:00, monday let's put it in motion. a few scattered showers up to the north. here comes moisture moving in from the west. it is starting front range. we have snow l. and we saw rain showers about 4:00 a.m. then, a lot of heavy snow just to the east of the city. but still, snow showers back in denver. a few showers even a thunderstorm down over southeast sections of the state. then everything cleared out quickly. we had lingers showers over the northeast and the southeast. but look at how the skies are clearing now. you can see the system well up into the upper midwest. with snow showers. a few thunderstorms. there's our system before that.
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but, what we are watching now is this in the northwest. we have some rain, some snow coming along wit. it is headed for colorado. what does it do when it gets here? let's go to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. >> we have the chance of moisture coming in later on tomorrow night. so, tomorrow, a mild sunny day. temperatures are going to rebound a bit. so we are going to start the futurecast at 7:00 tomorrow night. that system will be just up to the north and we are looking at some snow and rain to move on through. mainly snow in the high country. and by 6:00 a.m., there's still some of that sticki if you can't leave until thursday morning just know, there is the possibility for some snowy conditions throughout the early morning hours on thanksgiving. if you are headed up into wyoming which i know a lot of folks do, there will be some snow up in that direction as well. then it clears out. by lunchtime, should all be wrapped up. mostly sunny skies. then, the rest of the day thanksgiving looks to be very nice. temperatures will be down a
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thanksgiving. not a ton. then overnight into friday, we have cold temperatures but clear skies if you are plotting out black friday shopping or don't have an interest in that, it should be fine outside. this isn't a huge system coming through for us. two to four inches in our mountain spots. maybe enough to make it a little tricky for travel. we are looking at the upper 40s . it's a little breezy for us at times in the morning but overall, it's a sunny mild thanksgiving. ed, if you are not interested napping weather. >> it is always good for that. sunshine down here. a little freshening of the slopes. here is what we did today. 42 and 46 after starting at 33 and 34. should be at 49 and 22. 74 and two b low the extremes. 36 and 34. we have a rising barometer. winter park, they are grooming the slopes. they open up tomorrow. wolf creek, they have a lot of great snow.
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aspen snowmass also opening. wolf creek got 16 inches of new snow. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 20s over the eastern plains. we will find mostly teens at the higher elevations. out west, 20s , and lower 30s . and then tomorrow, we will warm it up. nice mild day around here. with 50s . even nearing 60 over the eastern plains. okay, here is your denver forecast. for tonight, we will see skies. 26 and 25 by morning. then, for tomorrow, fair, warmer, temperatures in the low 50s a touch above normal this time of the year. as we look to thanksgiving day. there is the cooler day lauren talked about. 47 degrees with mostly sunny skies. we near 60 by saturday. for the bronco game in the evening it will be in the 30s but 46 and sunny for that day. and look at this little cool spell here. 38 monday. 31 on tuesday. maybe some rain or snow showers, then, we are back to
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thursday. remember, every storm we have seen started out as just isolated rain and snow showers on the far away forecast. >> so expect some snow. all right ed. thank you. she grew up surrounded by religion. then got pulled into the multi- billion dollar pornography industry. now she tells her story to our jennifer brice giving us a chilling look into the connected worlds of porn and human trafficking right here in denver. >> i didn't know anything else but my relationship with god. >> reporter: jessica grew up a she would become a woman of the cloth herself. the 22-year-old virgin was living in estes park working as a youth minister when it happened. >> i was going out to my car to warm it up. my head was slammed against my car. >> reporter: she was raped by a stranger. >> i wasn't angry at the personment i was angry at god. >> reporter: that is when jessica's life changed radically. >> i am going to choose who i have sex with. >> reporter: promiscuous.
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then porn, then prostitution. >> every single person in pornography escorts. it is human trafficking. i tried to keep my rate up here so i signed up for every scene. >> reporter: before she knew it, the pastor's daughter was now a madame with the brothel running right out of the denver tech center. >> i was a madame based on what i learned in pornography. >> reporter: social media sites she says are ripe with girls that jessica would turn into escorts. women from 18 to 35 years old she targeted. college stts >> you are already having sex for free. why don't you join me. i'm not going for modest girls because i don't need to go through their morals. it would take less than three days to groom a girl. i would show expensive dinners at shanahans. i toted this lifestyle in front of them and seduction was so easy. going after college debt. >> reporter: the women, she admits, were more challenging to find. but the clients were not.
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sports teams. >> reporter: at its height, she was making $10,000 a day between porn and human trafficking. >> money was the only thing left in the room. i didn't have my friends. i didn't have my dreams. >> reporter: but she finally got out. it took ten years. that is why she is here at this aurora high school. she travels to schools an churches and tells parents an students how porn kills love. >> you will never be satisfied with the woman that god gives you when you get entangled in porn. >> today made me community. but, just because it is normalized doesn't make it okay. >> i'm on facebook and snap chat. a lot of people i have on there post very sexual posts and that has just become a norm. >> reporter: jessica says technology allows porn addictions to form in the palm of our hands. >> one scene is one too many and a thousand is never enough. this is something that can never ever be satisfied. >> reporter: jennifer brice, cbs4 news.
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way with the chicago bulls lately here in town. denver won nine straight home games over chicago looking to make it ten in a row. hey, dewayne wade in denver. he had 22 tonight. who needs wade when you have jamal murray? played 22 minutes, scored 24 points. the nuggets went on a 24-0 run in the first half. murray a big part of that. this one was how about galo? he had 15. later in the fourth, this three- pointer here. will barton had a couple of big three-throws and the nuggets get a 110-107 much needed victory. >> the guy gets 24-6. and he is shooting into a hula hoop right now. he is feeling very, very confident. and the guys are finding him. and, i want him to shoot it. so, he is playing at a high level. >> good to see murray getting going for sure.
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rapids, how would they do without tim howard? a wet one in seattle. we pick it up in the 13th minute. kevin doyle with a nice ball. rapids go up 1-0. then seattle scored. then in the second half, things got a little tense. questionable call gave seating a pk and the sounders take advantage. colorado picked up three yellow schoolyards tonight. seattle leading this one in the final minutes 2-1. cu hoops playin at the legends classic taking on texas. george king left all alone for the three pointers. cu up by 12. king finished with 12. later in the second half, derek white for three. cu gets the upset win. 68-54 the final there. when we come back, it is not easy being the coach's kid. especially when you have to answer to your mom with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink,
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>> century link poll question. what's the biggest reason for the colorado buffs turn around? most of you are saying dominating defense. close race. some of you are saying more mature team. cu checking in at number nine in the latest college football playoff rings. if they can get a win against utah. they will advance to their first ever pack 12 title game. you may notice a guy by the name of jay mcintire making plays. he had seven receptions for 90th yards. being the son of the coach is not easy but jay is showing he can ball. >> he has earned the spot. that is one of the biggest things i respect about him is how hard he works. >> you better be happy you gave me a championship. >> championship. >> he was excited oneself we got home. >> how about the harshest
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>> they were happy. my brother was telling me, i did it the first down. all right, you have to do it the rest of the time. and i kept getting first downs. kept doing it. >> great. good look. >> that's awesome. >> if he doesn't shy,,
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>> so what do you treat us to tonight? >> i thought you were looking at that. let's take a look. we have beautiful fall berries here sitting on there. also, a perfect place a squirrel might camouflage himself to enjoy the berries. >> oh my gosh. >> look at that. you can hardly see him in there having a lovely meal. >> he has food for days in that tree. >> 30-pound squirrel. >> thanks for watching cbs4 new to night. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> start with the cbs4 morning neam have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: it's a beautiful race day here at the ed sullivan speedway. i'm your race announcer larry boberry and hot diggity dog do we have a race for you today. in a lane one, new competitor to


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