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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. >> hi everybody. 4:30. this is the news on this thanksgiving eve. the turkeys are in full defrost mode, wednesday, november 23. >> i am britt moreno. we have just one more day until turkey day. wanting to catch a flight. here is an early look for you at what will be a pretty busy spot this morning. we will let you know what to expect if you have to head out to the airport later on this morning. >> and the roads. traffic last night on the way to lax looks like there are a lot of people getting ready to take the red eye to begin the thanksgiving weekend in los angeles. in colorado, we have a lot to talk about. ashton gets it started.
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yesterday's storm system has moved out. we are going to enjoy mostly sunny skies statewide today. if you are traveling anywhere in colorado. you shouldn't encounter anything weather related that will slow you down. we will zoom out here. our storm from yesterday now moving through the midwest. that's where there could be a few weather-related delays. meanwhile, on the west coast rain from northern california to portland that's our next system. that will start to bring snow back into the mountains tomorrow. again today we will be dry statewide. 9 a.m. 34. the weekend forecast is straight ahead. right now over to joel. good looking start to the morning commute if you have to be up early, taking someone to the airport this morning. should be a great drive. this is the cbs4 tech center
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cones. isn't that nice to see as you travel through the tech center? eastbound along c-470 some slowing. up into the high country, unlike yesterday, britt, it's an excellent drive. >> thank you. peoria donald trump is inching closer to naming more cabinet picks as he celebrates the thanksgiving holiday with his family in florida. we have learned from former rival and neurosurgeon ben housing and urban development. trump may be reversing his position on some travel campaign positions. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key roles in his administration yet to be filled. among them the job of housing and urban development secretary. a position ben carson says he is up forge i would say that was one of the options on the table.
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interest of mine. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president-elect met behind closed doors with reporters and editors at the "new york times" and seemed to back away from some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric. >> special prosecutor here we come, right? i win, we are going to appoint a special prosecutor. >> reporter: when asked about his campaign promise to prosecute hillary clinton, mr. trump told reporters live tweeting the sit down, i don't want to hurt the clintons. she went through a lo different ways. he also reversed course on the issue of climate change telling the times, i think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change. mr. trump stood by his pick for senior white house counselor steve bannon. once described by bannon as a platform for alt-right, a group popular with white
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the president-elect told the times i don't want to energize the group and i disavow the group. on bannon, he said if i thought he was a racist or alt right, i wouldn't think about hiring him. hena daniels, cbs news. >> as for his businesses, trump shrugged off the issues telling reporters, quote, the law is totally on my side after laying out his plans for the first 100 days in a youtube. he is expected to release on thanking. a police officer is fighting for his life right now after being shot in the head at about 6:30 last night. police arrested a person of interest. the officer was patrolling an area a few blocks off campus after there was a 911 call about a troublesome man on a bike. then at least three shots rang out. >> he is in grave condition and we are just hoping and praying that he pulls through. but certainly the doctors are doing the best.
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anywhere right here at drh. >> that officer, 24-year-old colin rose. volunteers are planning to feed people this thanksgiving. shawn chitnis is live at the denver rescue mission. shawn, a bigger job than ever? >> reporter: right, alan. it is a busy week here at the denver rescue mission as they try to help those in need and provide them with a meal, thanksgiving week. behind me is where the volunteers will head in to get to work on the meals later today. 60 volunteers in all are working with the staff at the mission to provide more than 500 meals today at a banquet for the homeless. now, this will help men, women, and children in need all looking for a hot meal. both the governor and the mayor of denver will be here to help out as well. the mission is also distributing turkeys to other places across the metro area.
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they were close to their goal of 15,000 turkeys earlier in the week. only needed another 2,000 to be donated. as for that banquet that's set to begin at 11:30 right here outside the shelter. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. a man found in a car in the middle of the street last night is dead. police are investigating this one as a homicide. there was vehicle damage. the windshield was no word on the cause of death or any word of arrest. a robbery caught on camera in venice, california, and in this case the store owner decided to fight back. it all happened monday night. here you see the man with the gun in a black hoodie and the store owner was right next to him n a bold move, the store owner tried to wrestle that gun away from the would-be robber. they ended up outside the store where the store owner actually grabbed the gun away and found
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>> at which point he pulled another gun and eventually fled. >> the store owner says he fought back because he was fed up and he doesn't want anyone to take his stuff. he turned the surveillance video over to police. so far no arrest in the case. >> so fortunate nobody was shot. investors are hoping to keep up the rally before they go cold turkey and skip the trading on thursday. >> i see at we have a shortened week on wall street. it was pretty good. jill wagner live on the floor at the new york stock exchange. we are giddy because of a shortened weekend and thanksgiving is coming up. >> nice puns there. good morning. the dow opened above 19,000 for the first time after. the s&p and dow are high. the dow rose 67 points yesterday. the nasdaq was up 17.
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open. investors think president-elect trump will ease taxes. wells fargo must get permission from federal regulators before handing departing execs the so- called golden parachutes. the new restriction is the latest fallout from the wells fargo accounting scandal. and what does your smartphone say about you? british researchers interviewed hundreds of people and found iphone users are likely to younger, female, less honest. android users are older, agreeable, and more honest. >> thanks very much. i am going to try that toss at 6:00. see if i can deliver it better. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. nuggets have had plenty of success against the bulls in denver. chicago looking to break a nine game losing streak at the pepsi center. nuggets up by one in the
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a three. the bulls come back with less than a minute left in the game. jimmy butler ties it up. 14 seconds left. will barton draws the foul. it's two at the line right after that, and the nuggets win their tenth in a row in denver versus the chicago bulls. bulls just don't have any luck here. 110-107. jamal murray giving credit to the fans for helping the team win. >> they give me en. another game. >> quick turnaround for the must as they take on the utah jazz tonight. tipoff at 7. avs play edmonton at home tonight. the buffs number nine no the college football playoff rankings. if they win against utah they will advance to the first ever pac-12 title game. it's not exactly the rivalry that cu and nebraska once had, but it is the biggest game of
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gay marriage coming up. it's the biggest game of the coming up. >> which shade do you despise most? >> i would say nebraska. my dad still doesn't let anyone wear red when i go home. not even my mom. >> boy. >> there you go. in a centurylink poll question we asked you what's reason for the buffs
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,, ,, welcome back everyone. new stunning information about the zika virus this morning.
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develop microcephaly. the cdc looked at 13 exposed infants in brazil who were born with brain abnormalities, but did not have microcephaly. 11 of them went on later to develop zika along with significant neurological complications. more seniors are going to the emergency room because of issues with their medications. in a new cdc study, seniors accounted for 35% of emergency room effects. that's up from 26%. blood thinners, diabetes, drugs, and opiates were responsible for the majority of the visits, and how a dad responds to the becoming a new parent could have long-term implications for his child. oxford researchers followed thousands of children from infancy to age 11. they found kids were less likely to have behavioral problems as preteens if their dads adjusted well to
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>> i don't know about you, you ashton, but it took me some time getting ready to go where i wanted to go in the car. >> that's true. that goes on for a while. my guy is 18 years old and it takes forever sometimes. him and his mother -- well, i won't get into that. 29 degrees in denver. temperatures are very cold in the mountains. it's 11 in leadville, 24 in avon. meanwhile, here in the denver area most ever us are in 20s. a little warmer perhaps in boulder. we can't call it warm. 30 there. 21 greeley. later today high temperatures in the 50s up and down the front range. it will not be as cool today as yesterday. mountaintops in the 40s for high temperatures on this day before thanksgiving. a huge travel day. in colorado no weather-related delays in the state or the
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moving into the ohio and mississippi river valley this morning. so maybe some delays in memphis, cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, possibly chicago as well. could have some problems. then by tonight it could be atlanta where they experience a few weather-related problems. on the west coast there is some rain from northern california to portland and seattle. a few showers today in places like san francisco. this is actually the first of a series of storm systems. none of them are strong. each one will make their way into the mouns this thanksgiving weekend, and that's going to produce some light snow in the mountains. the timing here, we will start at 4 a.m. obviously, quiet statewide. through midnight without much going on. then around late evening, say 10, 11:00, closer to midnight maybe we will see some snow develop in the mountains, including long i-70. tonight through early tomorrow morning some snow is possible
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after 6 or 7:00 it rapidly comes to an end and we expect dry conditions statewide during the day for thanksgiving tomorrow. 48 for the high tomorrow after a high of 53, and then 60 on friday. high temperatures near 60 on saturday and then colder weather comes in for the broncos game on sunday. joel. >> that's a good looking weekend. c-470 in colorado a great looking drive. as you travel along c-470 it's nice and wide open. we do have some patches of slower speeds as you travel direction, you know, on the approach to colorado there. so fyi if you are heading out the door right now. that's going to delay you maybe 30 seconds, maybe a minute. so just enjoy it. i-225, i-70 a similar situation. in the high country chain restrictions yesterday. it still could be icy out there. now, the latest on that tragic school bus catch in
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the 24-year-old bus driver behind bars charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say he was driving well over the posted 30- mile-per-hour speed limit. there were 37 elementary school kids on board when he wrapped that bus around a tree. >> the police are aware of a following car. so that witness we have. we are looking for other witnesses who may not know only about this event, but previous behavior of >> some parents say they had complained about that driver to school officials. he has no criminal record. in addition to the five children who died, 12 are still hospitalized. six are in critical condition. some have spinal and head injuries. >> sadly, not on board that bus seat belt. crashes reich this one in tennessee often spark changes to improve school bus safety. our investigator rick sallinger shows us the bus safety measures here in colorado. >> reporter: what happened in
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happened here. precautions have been taken. it was 1971 when brake failure led to a school bus crash on monarch pass killing eight students and a coach. that led to what's called the colorado rack and load test. jennifer oaks with the colorado department of education says this is important. >> school buses that are sold and operated in colorado for our students have an extra the frame of the school bus stays intact. >> reporter: that was in place in 1989 when this boulder valley school bus crashed also believed to brake failure. one student was killed. you can see while the frame wrinkled, it did not collapse. the value of seatbelts on school buses has been hotly debated for years. this video by a proponent of the belts. but she says higher seats
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compartmentalization. >> that is seemed safer than the seatbelts. >> reporter: we went to a school in the cherry creek district to ask the opinion of those who ride school buses. >> i think they should have seatbelts on the school bus. if the seatbelts, they would just be a little more protective. >> reporter: last year a bus overturned near boulder. all survived. the most recent fatality involving a colorado school bus happened in september at dia. the driver was killed. >> that was rick sallinger right now in colorado seatbelts are only required for the driver and on smaller school buses under 10,000 pounds. time now for the chevy sports break. >> like one of the mls western conference finals taking us to seattle last night the big question for the rapids, how would they do without goalie tim howard? 13th minute, kevin doyle with a nice ball putting the rapids up
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little questionable. a questionable call gave seattle a pk and the sounders took advantage. colorado picked up three yellow cards last night. they were not happy about that. seattle wins leg one 2-1. the rapids not exactly a terrible night for them. leg two of the western conference finals sunday back here in denver. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet. the most awarded car company two s
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,, ,, ,, we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a?
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and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. you are a part of something very special. something that doesn't exist anywhere else in the united states. critic at large greg moody explains. [ music playing ]. >> reporter: there are special moments in life when you get to work with the people who are doing the things that you want to do.
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company. the roundabout theater company provides education programs to teach, enhance, and encourage young performers to stay involved in the arts. >> it is pretty special. the denver arts community seems like it's really wonderful and the facility is really beautiful. so it's wonderful to bring this piece of theater to this community. >> reporter: but as great as this is, it takes possible. that's why scfd is so important. >> it means the world because it makes these programs possible. we do a lot of work in schools through our play-writing program through shakespeare in the parking lot, and it makes possible for schools to give scholarships. it makes it possible to have the breadth of programming that we have. >> reporter: one-tenth of one cent of every dollar in the area goes to the scientific and
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it importance the bcpa, museums, schools, music, art, and culture big and small. there is no other program like this in the country. >> not to my knowledge. it's amazing the impact that it has on the community at large. all the organizations that it supports, it makes arts in colorado possible. >> reporter: which, in turn, makes denver the envy of every other city in the country. we, together, through scfd, have made our corner of colorado one of the prime artistic destinations in the world. one-tenth of one cent out of each dollar. it's not a bad price to pay to help make your dreams and those of others come true. i am critic at large greg moody for cbs4 news. [ music playing ]. brad pitt stars in a world war ii thriller. here is suzanne marques with your eye on entertainment.
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actor and late late show host james corden is adding a new title. the british-born creator of "carpool karaoke" will emcee the grammy awards february 12 and you can watch it all on cbs. >> you have never had a drink in your life? >> reporter: warren beatty plays howard rules. the film is about a religious small town beauty queen who boundaries. beatty says before he went in front of the camera, he interviewed friends of the reclusive hughes. >> the only rules that apply to him were his rules, and people did not speak badly about him. they felt he was impossible. >> reporter: rules don't apply stars lily collins. it opens nationwide today. brad pitt stars as an intelligence officer who falls
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and possible double agent. the french-born actress had training to do to bring her character to life. >> i needed to invent a lot of things to feed the character, and i needed to train with guns because i really don't know how to use them. >> reporter: allied is in theaters now. that's your eye ,,
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,, ,, taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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lottery. live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i am britt moreno. this is the news on wednesday, november 23rd. of course, the day before thanksgiving. >> so today you probably not want to eat much so you have plenty of room for tomorrow.


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