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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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look at that little girl. she is ready to go. i am ready to eat. i don't know about you? great to have you with us wednesday, november 23. i'm alan ginot. >> i am britt moreno. i tried to make a pumpkin pie yesterday. didn't go so well. i didn't bring it? >> i think about my co-workers and didn't impose that pie on you. >> we would have tried it, britt, and then given you our honest opinion. 27 degrees the currently in denver. 6:54 official sunrise. we will get to enjoy a lot of sunshine. our weather watchers reporting cold temperatures in southwest aurora. corey has 28. in the san luis valley 18 degrees in south central colorado. we will take a closer look at today's forecast and the thanksgiving day forecast
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inbound pena boulevard at 56th there is something in the road. watch out for that. colfax and gun club, a little trouble there. >> thank you very much. millions of people are going to hit the roads and take to the skies to be with family and friends. dia could see a record number of passengers. cbs4's jamie leary live at the airport this morning for us right now. hi, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, alan. things are picking up here. we are line back to baggage claim yet. dia is anticipating record numbers. a 10% increase from last year. 1.1million passengers expected to pass through here between the 22nd of november and the 28th of november. now, we are seeing a lot of people come through here this morning. we are seeing families with children in pajamas. a lot of bed heads coming through here. a lot of passengers traveling with some atypical friends.
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>> he is -- has flown before and it was good. i am not too worried. once we get through security he calms down. and it's pretty early, so he is tired. >> reporter: hopefully, he takes a nap on the plane. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: so all types of folks coming through here this morning. again it's going to be very busy. record numbers at the airport expected. record numbers of travelers all over. we just learned pikes peak lot is now full and the east on so parking filling up as well. dia advises two hours early to get here. so you can prepare for a little bit of the waits that are anticipated. live from denver international airport, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you for that. president-elect donald trump is inching closer to naming more cabinet picks even as he celebrates the thanksgiving holiday with his family in florida. we've learned from former rival and neurosurgeon ben carson
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also, trump may be reversing his position on some controversial campaign positions. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key roles in his administration yet to be filled. among them the job of housing and urban development secretary. a position ben carson says he is up for. >> i would say that was one of the offers that's on the table. it certainly is something that of mine. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president-elect met behind closed doors with reporters and editors at the "new york times" and seemed to back away from some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric. >> special prosecutor, here we come, right? i win, we are going to appoint a special prosecutor. >> reporter: when asked about his campaign promise to prosecute hillary clinton, mr. trump told reporters live tweeting the sit-down, i don't want to hurt the clintons.
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different ways. the president-elect also reversed course on the issue of climate change telling the times, i think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change. mr. trump also stood by his pick for seniors white house counselor steve bannon, formerly head of the conservative site breitbart. a group popular with white nationalists. asked about alt-right yesterday, the president-elect told the times, i don't energize the group and i disavow the group. on bannon, mr. trump said, if i thought he was a racist or alt right, i wouldn't even think about hiring him. hena daniels, cbs news. wayne state university police officer is now fighting for his life after being shot in the head last night about 6:30 in detroit. detroit police say they arrested a person of interest. the officer was patrolling an area just a few blocks off the wayne state campus. there was a 911 call about a
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police say at least three shots were fired. >> he is in grave condition. we are just hoping and praying that he pulls through. but certainly the doctors here are doing the best. some of the best here at drh. >> well, the officer 29-year- old collin rose is a five-year veteran of the wayne state university police force. day before thanksgiving. let's get a check on weather and traffic. good morning, ashton. >> good morning. yesterday of course it was a mess in some areas. nothing like temperatures are cold, however. we are in the 20s all around town. sun coming up just a few minutes before 7 a.m. mostly clear skies from the western slope to the eastern plains. so anywhere you may be traveling in colorado today, the weather will not slow you down. same thing for the region. wyoming looks good. new mexico. the states surrounding colorado looks good. yesterday's storm system heading towards cincinnati, heading into memphis, tennessee
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bus stop this morning 27 degrees for kids going to school today. mostly sunny skies once the sun comes up. by noon at 48. 3 p.m. 53 for the high temperature. that's about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. coming up we will take a look at the thanksgiving outlook for tomorrow. of course, your full extended weekend forecast straight ahead. good morning. we have a couple of side street trouble spots and one that might affect you if you are heading to the airport. this is i-25 at arapahoe volume. typical this time of day. across the denver metro area an accident as you travel colfax and gun club. on pena boulevard there is something in the roadway at 56th. be aware of that. >> thank you. this morning volunteers are feeding people with no place to go this thanksgiving. it has been a really tough couple of weeks for homeless people in the area after crews cleaned out their camps. cbs4's shawn chitnis is live from the denver rescue mission this morning where these people
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good morning, shawn. >> reporter: britt, good morning. it certainly has been a month of ups and downs depending which week you choose here in this area. just last week we want to show you what some of the homeless were having to deal with as there was another round of sweeps in the ballpark neighborhood. 150 people were asked to leave the area. some did this, while others protested. the city has argued that there are shelters available for anyone that wants them, but those opposed to these to another area, and that was the second one so far this year. but today the focus is on feeding those same people. the denver rescue mission along with 60 volunteers plan to serve more than 500 meals to the homeless. both the governor and the mayor of denver will be there to help out as well. the mission is also distributing turkeys to other places that can then offer those to families in need. their goal this year 15,000 turkeys, and that banquet for the homeless that's going to
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begin at the mission at 11:30. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much. thanks to those people doing that work. people in chattanooga, tennessee, are hurting together over the five children killed in this week's terrible crash. the 24-year-old bus driver is behind bars charged now with five counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say he was driving well over the posted 30- mile-per-hour speed limit. there were 37 elementary school kids on board that bus when he wrapped it ou >> the police are aware of a following car. so that witness we have, but we are looking for other witnesses who may know not only about this event, but also we talked about previous behavior of that driver. >> some parents say they had complained about that driver to school officials, but he has no criminal record. in addition to the five children who died, 12 are still hospitalized. six of them in critical condition. some of them have spinal and head injuries. a man found in a car in the
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and marion in denver last night is dead and police are investigating this one as a homicide. there was damage to the vehicle, the window there. it was knocked out. it had a couple of flat tires. no word on a cause of death or a report of an vest. new video this morning of a robbery caught on camera in venice, california, and in this case the store owner decided to fight back. it all happened monday night. here you can see it. the man with the gun in a black hoodie approaches the counter and the right next to him. in a bold move the store owner tried to wrestle the gun away from the would-be robber. the struggle ended up outside the store where the store owner managed to grab the gun away and found out this about the robber. >> at which point he pulled another gun and conveniently fought. >> store owner simon meller says he fought back because he was fed up and does not want
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he turned the surveillance video over to police, but so far there are no arrests in this case. right now it's a chilly 25 degrees out there. >> up next she sings, dances, and flips. meet our wednesday's child rachel who tells us that she is hopeful for this holiday season. this is the news on cbs4 mornings. if you have a news tip or story idea we want to hear from you. call our tip line
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breaking news right now. sourcers are saying downtown has tapped south carolina governor nikki haley to be the united nations ambassador. this is the first woman he has picked so far. haley was an outspoken critic of trump throughout much of the presidential race. if she is confirmed by the senate, she would become the first female and first non- white cabinet-level official in the trump administration. she is the second asian- american to serve as a u. we have new standing information about the zika virus this morning. infants who were exposed to zika in the womb may still develop microcephaly even if it is not present at birth. this is the news in health. the cdc looked at 13 exposed infants in brazil who were born with brain abnormalities but did not have microcephaly. 11 of them went on to later develop zika -- develop, excuse
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more seniors are going to the emergency room because of issues with their medications. in a new cdc study, seniors account for 35% of visits. let's turn to the weather and traffic, both of which are very, very important. >> we are doing our part in the weather office. no weather-related issues today. tonight snow in the temperature, -- high country after 10:00 p.m. there could be weather problems for you. this morning we have 22 degrees outside in downtown denver. 25 out at the airport where it's so busy this morning. 21 in greeley and 30 degrees in boulder. meanwhile, mountain towns are cold. 8, for example, in leadville. 25 out in eagle county at avon. later today most mountain towns will be in the 40s. 47 in aspen.
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slope. 40s and 50s for the eastern plains as well. wray up to around 55. holy oak expect the same. 53 in nebraska today. mostly sunny skies statewide today. our storm system from yesterday that brought us .03-inch of rain, by the way, the wettest day since july in denver, that storm system making its way into the mississippi and ohio river valleys. we are talking detroit and cleveland seeing snow right now. cincinnatild related delays. memphis same situation. houston's airport has a ground stop this morning because of thunderstorms. there could be flight delays to or through houston. here is the next storm system that will move into the mountains tonight. it's not going to bring any moisture to denver or the front range, and like i said it's not going to be until late tonight after 10 or 11:00. i-70 over vail pass 3-6 inches of snow after midnight tonight
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7:00 tomorrow morning is when the worst will be. the timing not too bad. obviously, not too many people traveling during that timeframe. if you are going to be traveling late tonight or early tomorrow in the mountains. be aware of that. 53 for the high temperature today. tomorrow 48 for thanksgiving. looks good. friday looks good. 60 degrees with sunshine. 60 around denver on saturday and then down to 50 on sunday. kickoff temperature right around 34. that feels more football weather this time of year. it will be the coldest home game we have had so far this season. >> we may be divided as a family politically, but we all have the broncos. i-25 and arapahoe row down through the tech center from the bridges, yeah, we are seeing quite a bit of volume out there. this is it, right? the last day you have to head out to work. enjoy the drive. it should be your consolation prize today. we have a couple of trouble
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and senator inbound pena boulevard at 56 and another one at i-70 east of i-25. the nuggets have plenty of success against the bulls. the pepsi center last night, the nuggets up by one in the fourth. gallinari extends a three right there. the bulls came back. less than a minute left, jimmy butler ties it up with a three of his own. 14 seconds left. now will barton right there. thank you very much. goes to the line. hits two. nuggets win. tenth in a row. first at chicago. they cannot win in denver. 110-107th final. jamal murray gave credit to the fans for the win. >> they gave me energy. i try to give to back. we were able to carry on throughout the game. >> a quick turnaround as they take on the utah jazz tonight
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seven tonight. the cu buffs are now number nine in the latest college football playoff rankings if they can get a win against utah, they will advance to their first pac-12 title game. they have to beat utah and their pac-12 title hangs in the balance. it is not exactly the rivalry cu and nebraska once had, but it is the biggest game of the season. >> i view it as the next game coming up. it's the biggest game of the season because it is our next different way. which shade of red do you despise the most? utah or nebraska? >> [ laughter ] i would say nebraska because my dad still doesn't let anyone wear red when i go home. not even my mom. >> hey, family is important. i get you, buddy. in our centurylink poll question we asked what's the
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she hopes to be the next ariana grande. rachel is ready to try everything life has to offer. here we are inside the gym with our wednesday's child rachel and coach eric. today rachel is getting a gymnastics lesson. are you ready? she flips, spins, and leaps her way into your it could be the plume of thick strawberry blonde hair on her head, or the big toothy grin. it may be her charisma. rachel is far from shy. >> i'll take over the show for you. >> reporter: that's so sweet. > [ singing ] >> reporter: rachel has a knack for math and running, but sees
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future. >> i like to dance sometimes. sometimes i literally go like that. you know the dab, right? >> reporter: show me the dab. >> it's like look at my dab. >> reporter: like that? >> yeah. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: that's great. >> no, it's like, look at my dab. you do that on television, you would be like -- that would be funny. >> reporter: in the gym she shows impressive athleticism and a fearless spirit willing to try everything and her best. this girl was just so awesome to hang out with. you can find out more about rachel or any of the children looking for adoptive families. call the adoption exchange and you will also find all the information at >> this is really the time of year to think about that, those children need a home. something to show you this morning. we have video of a fireball caught on a dash cam monday night in florida.
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camera monday in the tampa bay area. police got a lot of reports about the fireball moving towards the west over the gulf of mexico there. the weather service says it was likely a brighter than usual meteor often referred to by a lot of folks as a fireball. we will be back.
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,, it's 5:54. time for weather and traffic together on the 4s. checking in with our weather watchers. john kirkpatrick in northwest evergreen reporting 24 degrees gym bruce is in rice canyon in the foothills west of fort collins. he has 24 degrees this morning. jim says a little bit of frost on the ground. we also have two ski areas that will open up today. steamboat, they have had a little bit of snow over the last 24 hours. you will see 3 to 6 inches there tonight. winter park also open through the season. looks like a dusting the past 24 hours on their snow stake. nevertheless, everyone in
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much more on the weather straight ahead. right now to joel. good morning, ashton. we have faster speeds out there. that's a double-edged sword, isn't it? you get going and you can get in an accident. especially if you are distracted. not that anyone has plans this weekend. an accident at brighton. we have a side street accident colfax and gun club and inbound along pena boulevard as you get to 56. a better drive, but now we are seeing freedom is a wonderful time to remember. ellenthis was tweeted out. they received the highest u.s. civilian honor proving nobody can resist a good internet trend here. this is at least the second mannequin challenge at the white house. the cleveland cavaliers and the
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earlier this month. the atlanta public is asking the public to vote on names for twin giant panda cubs. they are almost three months old and will be named when they are 100 days old, which is on december 12th. the names to choose from were given by a panda conservation center in china. the zoo says the names have a special connection to the cubs or their parent. voting on zoo atlanta's website is on december 4. i may need to brth you. we have a lot coming up as we get you going for the holiday. jamie is live. >> reporter: dia expected to set a record this holiday travel season. we are roaming the airport this morning to give you an idea of what that might look luke on on cbs4 morning news. how safe are colorado school buses? we will have a closer look ahead. denver police are investigating a homicide this morning. this man was found in a
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next. also ahead on cbs4 morning news at 6, rough news for workers expecting to be eligible for more overtime pay. i will have that ,,
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,, good morning everybody. gr thisdy before thanksgiving. i'm alan ginot. >> i am britt moreno. this is the news at six. one day away from turkey day. we are thankful you are joining us this morning. first up, a man is found bleeding into his car, a tire flattened, the window shattered. police are calling this a homicide. more on what happened at 13th and marion ahead. millions heading out to the airports across the country for thanksgiving taking to the cars. a live shot at dia as people haul their stuff through the
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better idea how the crowds look so far. first, though, we want to get to that forecast because it is a big deal. here is ashton. >> she is carrying a big bag there. probably for a one night stay, too? just kidding. 28 degrees the temperature in denver. sun up at 6:54. unlike yesterday, we will get to enjoy a lot of sunshine today. dry conditions statewide before snow comes back tonight. we will explain the full forecast straight ahead. accidents across the denver tr look at them scattered along here. colfax inbound along pena boulevard, westbound along i- 270 at york. we will look at the back-ups from this coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. a developing story out of denver this morning. police now call a peculiar scene a homicide. a man was found bleeding from his chest in his car at 13th avenue and marion and the driver's side window was shattered. one of the tires was flat. the man was taken to the


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