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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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better idea how the crowds look so far. first, though, we want to get to that forecast because it is a big deal. here is ashton. >> she is carrying a big bag there. probably for a one night stay, too? just kidding. 28 degrees the temperature in denver. sun up at 6:54. unlike yesterday, we will get to enjoy a lot of sunshine today. dry conditions statewide before snow comes back tonight. we will explain the full forecast straight ahead. accidents across the denver tr look at them scattered along here. colfax inbound along pena boulevard, westbound along i- 270 at york. we will look at the back-ups from this coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. a developing story out of denver this morning. police now call a peculiar scene a homicide. a man was found bleeding from his chest in his car at 13th avenue and marion and the driver's side window was shattered. one of the tires was flat. the man was taken to the
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police have not identified a suspect. a colorado mother talks to us after she was released from prison following a conviction of her -- in the deaths of her two children. in 2012 heather jensen left her children in a hot truck near the powderhorn ski area while she had sex with a man in another car. the boys died. jensen spoke with us, saying she wants to set the record straight. her in laws say she should still be in prison. >> it's a life sentence regardless. even if i it's a life sentence becae i don't get to watch them grow up. >> the in-laws feel like they were stabbed in the back twice now that she is out of jail. she is eligible for parole next october. new video from los angeles international airport. nothing but brake lights as millions get ready to go home for thanksgiving. almost 49 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or
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according to aaa, that is the most since 2007. dia is working to make the travel smoother. jamie learly have live at the airport where there are plenty of people up bright and early to catch the thanksgiving flight. good morning. >> reporter: crowds starting to pick up. we are at the southwest ticket counter. new kiosks helping to ease the checkpoint, that was about 20 minutes. so nothing too terrible. dia expecting to set a record with 1.1 million visitors during the holiday week. actually, the best thing about this really is the individual stories that we hear. so i have been talking to a lot of people. one couple in particular, they are newlyweds headed to a thanksgiving they will never forget. >> it's our first time meeting the family. we are going to fly back for thanksgiving. we are surprising a couple of my sisters. they don't know about it.
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saturday after thanksgiving. so, yeah, pretty exciting. >> reporter: this is a huge deal. how are you feeling right now? >> i am really nervous. >> reporter: i can't imagine. you must be feeling some excitement. are you looking forward to meeting the parents for the first time? >> yes, i am looking forward to meeting them. i have heard lots of good things about them. i am really nervous. >> reporter: so a rather nerve wracking thanksgiving for the folks, wouldn't you say? pikes peak lot is the only lot that's full right now. so definitely get here early because things will start to fill up. the economy lot was full at one point, but that's open again. for a better idea of what things look like on the roads, let's check in with joel. good morning. you know, pretty good spirits, waving at the camera there. hopefully the airport experience is great. we have an accident heading out to the airport. inbound along pena boulevard at
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over this accident at i-270 and york. we hope to get a better signal from them. we lost that here a couple of moments ago. but we have got another accident eastbound along i-70 as you get to brighton boulevard. look at that. eastbound along i-70 speeds in the 40s. slow on parker road. then we have i-270 in that eastbound direction because at york we have got that accident. so right now 30 minutes to get you from i-25 out to i-70. i might suggest if you are heading to 470 or come down to i-70 and cut across. if you are about to get in your car turn on our partners at koa radio to get your traffic, and you are giving the weather, ashton, every ten minutes on the 10s? always a good time talking with them on the radio. 28 degrees this morning right now. sun will be up in 50 minutes. a little bit of light showing up there on eastern horizon.
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statewide sunshine all day long. temperatures are colder than yesterday morning, however. aurora is at 28. lakewood has the same. thornton at 26. compare the numbers to where we were yesterday at this time, most of us are 10 to 15 degrees colder. enough of a change that you will certainly notice it if you are about to step out of the house. you see the clear skies on doppler 4000. a few high clouds over the northern portion of the state later on. the storm system we had here yesterday making its way through places like memphis, es thunderstorms in houston. enough storm activity down there to create some delays at houston's airport. keep that in mind in your flight takes you that way. mostly sunny for kids going to the bus stop this morning. chilly temperatures 27. high temperature today around 53. that's 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. britt and alan. >> ashton, thank you. this is new for us this morning. a pair of out of town hikers got stuck at jasper lake exist of eldora.
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louisiana yesterday. authorities asnowy -- say snowy conditions caused them to get lost. both men are okay. cdot is starting to check thousands of guardrails across the state to make sure they are safe. they say although pieces from two guardrail manufacturers they used fit together mixing and matching them that is been causing problems. cdot says some incompatible installations. they will look at more endcaps. most of them have already been involved in some difficulties. >> they have been hit and they have been replaced, and those installations are not correct. that is the issue. >> they got to work it out. cdot says 1,500 crashes happen every year, they say that hit guardrails, there is not a high risk to drivers on the road right now. tennessee is hurting this
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accused of killing five children in chattanooga, tennessee. onanthony walker started trying last august. he was reportedly speeding, hit a mailbox and a utility pole before crashing into a tree on monday. one child says walker asked them if they were ready to die. he will face a judge next week. crashes reich this -- like this one in tennessee often spark changes to school bus safety. colorado does not require seatbelts on most sc the school districts are the ones who decide. still buses here are put through the colorado rack and load test. following a crash in 1971 when eight students were killed. >> school buses sold and operated in colorado for our students have an extra safety measure to ensure that the frame of the school bus stays intact. >> colorado does not allow more passengers than there are seat
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a belt and all smaller school buses under 10,000 pounds must have seat belt. a police officer at wayne state university is fighting for his life after being shot in the head last night. detroit police arrested a person of interest. the officer was patrolling an area a few blocks off campus. there was a 911 call about a suspicious person on a bike. that officer is identified as 29-year-old collin rose, a five- year veteran of the wayne state university police department in detroit. a colorado in court this morning accused of conning renters and stealing their identities. two years ago andre torres was indicted for running a scam to rent a condo that was not his to rent. the district attorney argued for prison time, but he was sentenced to community corrections. well, now the d.a.'s office says torres is scamming people once again. one victim did not want to be identified, but says she feels
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i really don't know what to think. i am just kind of -- i am worried right now what am i gonna do? i am angry because, i mean, everything seemed so real. >> investigators have charged torres' 76-year-old mother, elena romero, accusing her of tampering with the case by telling a witness to lie to investigators. a man is in jail for pointing a loaded gun at kids who threw snowballs at his van. scheduled for a bond he today. he was arrested saturday afternoon in boulder. he told police he was taking a nap and scared by snowballs that were hitting his van, so he waved a gun at the three boys to scare them. witnesses say he pointed the gun at the boys. police say they found his revolver with rounds in four of the five chambers. we will follow what happens in the court process. temp outside chilly this morning. 25. >> it sure is. just in time for the holiday. up next, stunning new details
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welcome back everyone. this is the news in health. babies exposed to the zika virus in the womb may not have it at birth, but they are still at risk for later on. the cdc looked at 13 exposed infants in brazil who were born with brain abnormalities but had normal head circumference. 11 of them later went on to develop abnormally small heads, a condition called microcephaly. this happened in their first year of their lives. more seniors are going to the emergency room because of issues with their medications. in a new cdc study, seniors accounted for more than a third
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drugs. that's up from 26%. blood thinners, diabetes drugs, and opiates were responsible for the majority of those visits. and dads, you can enhance your kids' lives when they are just tiny babies. how a dad responds to becoming a new parent could have long- term effects on children. oxford researchers followed thousands of children from infancy to age 11 and found kids were less likely to have behavior issues as preteens if fatherhood when they were just babies. we have a traffic alert here. joel hillan is watching the roads. joel, i-70 and york, what's the issue? >> he don't want to see this, right? tomorrow is thanksgiving. let's cooperate on the roadways, right? this is off to the right shoulder right lane blocking off eastbound i-70 at york. there are some injuries involved. this is the elevated portion of highway. can you smell the puppy chow? it's right there on the right portion of your screen there.
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cars to go. so now you are down to two lanes on a major interstate. here we are across the denver metro area. let me show you the map. this is where the accident is. unfortunately, you head north on york and get to i-270, similar situation in the westbound direction this time. although i am seeing the slowing in the eastbound direction, which leads me to believe it was westbound first. it's eastbound and inbound along pena boulevard. here are the drive times. you are heading eastbound along i-70. average speed into the 30s because of that the north, ashton. i-270 in the eastbound direction where we have the accident, speeds dipping into the 30s as well. a tough situation on a busy travel morning. in terms of the weather, however, no weather-related issues expected for traveling anywhere in colorado today. a different story tonight. late tonight snow will make its way back into the colorado high country. speaking of the high country, looking at the live web from arapahoe basin as the sun is
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county. it's 6, however, in leadville. 16 degrees in aspen. 19 in greeley. 28 in fort collins. so it's cold for everybody. we are all below freezing. bundle up this morning. temperatures topping out in the 50s later on. it will be mostly sunny skies. it will be 10 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday. we are watching a few high clouds making their way into the northwest corner of the state. i think we will see a few high clouds in denver later on. overall, mostly sunny skies. the storm inch of rain yesterday is making its way to the east coast. yesterday was the wettest day since the first of july in denver. weather-related delays from houston to cincinnati and detroit and cleveland. our next weather maker on the west coast. this is the one that will bring snow to the mountains tonight, but not until late after most of us will be at our destination. midnight tonight you see snow other rabbit ears pass, vail pass and the approaches to the tunnel. that snow will wrap up by 6 or
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the mountain areas along and north of i-70. in denver it's dry. 53 with sunshine today. tomorrow 48 for thanksgiving. 60 on friday. 61 on saturday. colder weather comes in on sunday. it will be the coldest home broncos game so far this season. kickoff temperature 34. back to you guys. >> ashton, thank you so much. president obama's law on overtime for american workers faces a setback in federal court, and a data breach at madison square garden could affectth this is the news on wall street. we have a shortened week this week. jill wagner live on the floor at the new york stock exchange. hi, jill. >> reporter: good morning, britt. i was getting ready for alan's thanksgiving puns. okay. the market is in record territory. the dow opens at 19,000 for the first time in the 120-year history. the dow rose 67 points yesterday. the nasdaq was up 17. futures right now pointing to a bit of a lower open.
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extended overtime eligibility to more than four million workers. it was supposed to take effect december 1st. 21 states and some business groups sued to block the regulation. it's a blow to the obama administration, which has been trying to beef up labor laws. the labor department is considering all legal options. if you have gone to an event at madison square garden your credit and debit card info may have been hacked. there was a breach between nomb october of this year. radio city music hall beacon theatre and the chicago theater also were impacted. your amazon gifts may not get there on time. about 250 pilots for a cargo airline that serves amazon and dhl began a strike in ohio. amazon works with a variety of carriers and they are confident they will keep serving customers. britt. >> and in terms of the jokes, alan's are so good.
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i am going cold turkey today. >> i am enjoying them. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving, jill. a look at the top stories. north dakota's attorney general has given the okay to allow the company behind the dekalb county accuracies pipeline to buy the ranch. the company says the land would give workers better access to the pipeline. the attorney general would monitor how the land is going to be used to make sure that the corporate farming law that could be a factor there on the dekalb county access debate. well, more than 3,000 police officers will include heavily armed counterterrorism units and explosive detecting dogs. for the first time, more than 80 salt and sand trucks will be parked at intersections to prevent vehicles that might be loaded with explosives from
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the traditional thanksgiving game tomorrow. the minnesota vikings take on the detroit lions tomorrow morning on cbs4. the lions are first in the nfc north. i can't believe i am saying that, but i am. the vikings are at second. kickoff is set for 10:30 a.m. ford field in detroit. our wednesday's child hopes to be the next ariana grande. rachel is a spirited 15-year- old ready to life has to offer. she gets a lesson in gymnastics. she is flipping, spinning, leaping her way into your heart. now, it could be the plume of thick strawberry blonde hair on her head or that big grin t may also be her charisma. she she is showing me the dab. >> [ laughter ]. >> reporter: you are singing it. you are meant to be a star.
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>> yeah. maybe. >> reporter: you're meant to be on stage. okay. so between the singing and gymnastics, what other talents do you have? >> i like to dance sometimes. like sometimes i see -- i literally go like that. >> reporter: reaction to the sneeze. >> no, you know the dab, right? >> reporter: show me the dab. >> no, it's like, look at my dab. >> reporter: that's great. [ laughter ]. >> she is so talented. much honesty and heart as she has when telling you she is just a teenager trying to find her way. join us at fun to see her full story. >> a wonderful good.
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. time for weather and traffic together every 10 minutes. a beautiful start to this wednesday, the day before thanksgiving in denver, and no weather-related troubles expected in our state or any of our surrounding states. up in the pacific maybe a few weather-related delays today, and then from houston to memphis, cincinnati, cleveland, detroit, weather- related problems expected there because of the same storm system that brought us the wet weather yesterday. east coast the rain will make its way there by tonight. houston's airport is red, meaning delays greater than 45 minutes. if you have to work together, we are here for you. look at these thousands of other people that are in your way between you and work.
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this is i-25 and i-70 this morning. an accident eastbound along i- 70. that's slowing things down. it's at the purina plant. you have the right lane and right shoulder is blocked off. eastbound along i-270 a similar situation on inbound pena boulevard. an accident at 56th. here is how the drive times break down. eastbound along i-70 you want to allow extra time because of that accident. speeds dipping into the 20s. >> thank you. let's get a preview of what you will see today on "cbs this morn" and britt. from prosecuting hillary clinton to global warming and torture, we will look at several issues where president- elect trump is now changing his position. plus, target's ceo is back in studio 57 today with this year's holiday strategy to take on the online retailer. and the typical thanksgiving meal can top 4,500 calories. enjoy. how to approach the big meal. the news, it's back in the morning. we will see you at 7:00 sharp.
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pants and it's all gravy. you catch gayle king, charlie rose and nora o'donnell right after our newscast. thanks for joining us on this day before thanksgiving. right now 24 degrees in denver. >> shawn chitnis live at denver's rescue mission where a holiday tradition is hours away. shawn. >> reporter: it's been a rough month for the homeless here in denver, but coming up the community comes together to feed those in need. we will tell you the latest in and i am jamie leary. we are monitoring holiday
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this is the news at 6:30. thanks for joining us on this day before thanksgiving. a busy travel day. millions of americans are driving or flying home this morning for the thanksgiving holiday. here is a live look inside dia right now. and there is no doubt you will probably need to pack your patience and plan to get to the airport just a little bit earlier than normal. thanks for joining us this morning. i am britt moreno. >> i'm alan ginot. if we look at the security areas at the airport, they are busy. that is one part of terminal that looks pretty clear. ashton altieri will help you get where you're going. we have delivered in terms of the weather. nothing weather-wise that will slow you down on the air or on the roads today. 27 degrees the temperature outside. it is cold. it feels like a late november morning. the sun will be up in about 20 to 25 minutes from now. official sunrise 6:54. snow comes back into the mountains tonight. we are going to break down the timing and show you which parts
6:32 am
snowfall, plus as of today ten ski areas will now be open. we will take a look at the ski report. a lot of folks are going to be traveling tonight to make it to their thanksgiving destination. we will be watching that forecast closely. right now we have an accident in the eastbound direction of i- 70 as you get to work right there by the purina plant. it's blocking off the right lane, right shoulder. back-ups along i-70 over i-25. right now we have speeds averaging from i-25 out to i- 225 into the lower alan. >> thanks a lot. this morning denver's rescue mission is ready for a holiday tradition of making thousands of thanksgiving food boxes for the homeless. shawn chitnis is live. hundreds of volunteers will start streaming in. there is a lot of work to do. shawn. >> reporter: yeah, alan, all that have going to happen behind me. that's where the volunteers enter. this is happening at a time when it's been a bit of up and down for homeless in our area. really just within this month.
6:33 am
and did their second sweep of the year trying to get those in the ballpark neighborhood out of here. around 150 people were actually asked to leave the area. some did, while others protested. the city has argued that there are shelters available for all that need it, but those opposed to these sweeps say it just pushes the homeless to another area. now, today the focus is on feeding those in need. the denver rescue mission along with several volunteers plan to serve more than 500 meals of denver will be along to help out. the mission is also -- the goal, really, for the mission is to distribute turkeys to other places that can then give out those to people in need around the metro area. that's part of their ongoing goal, to get a turkey on every table. this time the goal 15,000 turkeys. and that banquet for those in
6:34 am
already meandering through dia as they make their way to friends or family this thanksgiving, and this year might be a record-setting year for the number of people traveling through dia. our jamie leary is out there live now. jamie, good morning. how are things moving? >> reporter: good morning, britt. things moving okay. we want to give you an idea of what it's like at the airport. we are curbside outside the southwest ticket counter. a bit of a sense of urgency, but it's not i talked with multiple employees who say they expect that to change as the morning goes on as the flights start coming in and going out. so two hours is the rule of thumb. most people are doing a good job with that. dia expecting to set record numbers this year. 1.1million folks expected to come through between november 22nd and the 28th, which is the monday after thanksgiving. so a lot of people. that's a 10% increase over last year, if that's indeed what
6:35 am
plenty of time. we will continue to keep an eye on the situation out here. live from dia, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> i love the hug there. ashton, a big warm-up we are going to get today? >> yeah, definitely warmer today than yesterday. 10 degrees warmer, in fact, today, than what we experienced yesterday. it's also going to be dry. the wet weather is gone. that wet weather brought some nice snow to the mountains, including for the ski areas that are opening today. that includes steamboat, winter season, and crested butte will start their lifts a little bit later this morning. looking at the snow state camera at steamboat, they got a little bit of snow over the past 24 hours. steamboat reporting 1.5-inch. keystone 3 inches. loveland 3 inches. a-basin 3 inches. breckenridge an inch of snow. 3-6 inches of snow on the way for the northern and central mountains coming up late tonight into early tomorrow. for denver we will stay dry all
6:36 am
at dia. it's 16 up in aspen. so it's cold everywhere this morning. later we will top out in the 40s for most mountain locations. on the front range lower 50s later on. again about 10 degrees warmer today than we were yesterday. there are a few high clouds overhead, but nothing like what there is out to the east. this is the storm system we had yesterday from houston to memphis up to detroit. there will be weather related delays today. on the east coast the going to bring snow to the mountains tonight, mainly after most folks have gotten to their destination. if you are going to be traveling late, late tonight, midnight or later, there will be snow over rabbit ears past, berthoud pass. 3-6 inches expected for those mountain locations by early tomorrow morning. in the metro area dry. today 53. tomorrow 48. 60 friday. 61 on saturday. colder for the broncos game sunday. take a look at the drive.
6:37 am
in your way. southbound into town speeds in the 50s. eastbound along i-270 an accident at work. speeds averaging into the 20s. 12 minutes on that drive from i- 25 out to i-70 the here we go across the denver metro area. this is that accident we are following eastbound i-70 over i- 25 this morning making your way to brighton boulevard by the puppy chow plant. there is an accident. it's blocking off the right shoulder and right lane. look at it load up underspace needle i-70 as -- underneath i- 25 as well. starting to see it load up eastbound -- westbound, excuse me, traveling along i-75, eastbound along i-270. southbound coming into town slowing along i-225 developing as well. drive times are still there. eastbound along i-70 where we have the accident speeds dipping down into the 30s. britt. >> joel, thank you. new this morning, president- elect donald trump is naming south carolina governor nikki
6:38 am
u.n. trump is getting closer to naming more of his cabinet picks. he is considering ben carson for a post at housing and urban development. the president-elect met with reporters and editors at the "new york times" yesterday, and he seemed to soften some of his ideas and controversial campaign ideas, including not prosecuting hillary clinton. there are now some people in california who want to secede from the to the united nations. now, there is a remote chance the united nations could recognize california as an independent country. >> it's not so much about donald trump. it's more about the character of the american people because after all, it's the american people that elected donald trump president of the united states, and, you know, he will be gone in four years. maybe eight years. but the american people will still be here and they will still be electing people like donald trump or even worse.
6:39 am
need to agree to make that legally permissible along with two-thirds of the u.s. senate and congress. so don't count on it. happening today u.s. 34 scheduled to reopen for thanksgiving temporarily. the three mile stretch between estes park and loveland has been closed for work following flood damage. the road will close again on sunday night. construction should be finished by may of next year. we have some breaking news we want to bring you this morning. take a look at your screen. copter 4 is over what was a house fire, and there you street here in lakewood, and as the copter is sort of rolling around this area, we're looking for that house that was the one caught on fire. we understand there is some pretty extensive damage to the back of the home. it's happening here at 3rd and garland. the good news is everyone got out safely. we will stay on top of it and bring you any updates as soon as we get more information. coming up next, scary details about somebody messing
6:40 am
restaurants in california. what police are looking for. and a detroit officer shot in the line of duty. he is now fighting for his life. we are back with the latest on a person of interest now in custody. time now for the chevy sports break. >> leg one of the mls western conference finals taking us to seattle last night. the rapids, how would they do without goalie tim howard? a wet one in seattle. the 13th minute, kevin doyle with a nice ll rapids up 1-0. second half things were a little questionable. a questionable call gave seattle a pk and the sounders took advantage. colorado picked up three yellow cards last night. they were not happy about that. seattle wins leg one, 2-1. the rapids not exactly a terrible night for them. leg two of the western
6:41 am
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it is a cold start to this day before thanksgiving. most of us are in the 20s as we get this wednesday started. sun will be up here in a few more minutes. 6:54. the temperature outside here at cbs4 is 28. our cbs4 weather watcher john kirkpatrick in evergreen 24 degrees is what he is
6:45 am
let's get a check on the road situation. here's joel. copter 4 this morning, the i-70 drive has been done due to an accident at brighton boulevard. you can see here past that, it's nice and wide open. the traffic is metered. that's playing nicely on drive times right now as in that eastbound direction of i-70 you're looking at average speeds in the 20s alan. thousands of people are filing through dia trying to get home for thanksgiving. >> you know, we saw lines snaking through the airport at security earlier in our 4:30 newscast. we are thankful we have not seen any signs of delays at dia this morning thus far. our jamie leary is live there now. jamie, good morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. still no signs of delays, which is a good thing. right now behind me one of the longest security lines, and
6:46 am
last year we were seeing lines that extended to baggage claim. things are moving. parking is filling up. economy west nearing capacity. pikes peak lot is full. that's typical at dia. they are expecting record numbers. 1.1million passengers expected to pass through here from the 22nd through the 28th. that's up 10% from last year if that holds true by the end of the holiday week. we are seeing all kinds of people coming through. families with kids. we actually talked to a gentleman who with a rather atypical companion. take a listen. >> reporter: what are your expectations for traveling with this guy? >> he has flown before and it was pretty good. once we get through security, he calms down. it's pretty early, so he is pretty tired. >> reporter: hopefully, he takes a nap on the plane? >> yes. >> reporter: so all kinds of people hoping to make it home to family for this holiday weekend. dia advising at least two hours
6:47 am
tell me they are anticipating these lines to pick way up and parking, again, is getting full. we will continue to keep an eye on thing. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> even the puppies are home for the holidays. thank you for that. this morning more temporary evacuations in the castle rock area as crews work to remove chemicals from a house. eight homes will be evacuated near that home in question due to the nature of some of chemicals. specialty equipment is necessary to continue the clean- up. on halloween homes in the area were evacuated after explosive devices and chemicals were found. police were led to the home after two teens were arrested for a separate incident. the juveniles now face charges connected to the explosive devices found. police are investigating the death of a man found in a damaged car at 13th and marion as a homicide. there is the car in the middle of the street. they have yet to say anything
6:48 am
been any arrests. but that car we know had its driver's side window smashed out opinioned two tires flattened. a scary scene downtown after an rtd bus complied with a car at 17th and glen arm. there was some nasty wreckage. fortunately, there were no serious injuries. only on 4, a colorado mother talks to us after she was released from prison. she was convicted for killing her two young sonsn in 2012, heather jensen left her children in a hot truck near the powderhorn ski area while she had sex with a man in another car. the little boys died. jensen spoke to us to set the record straight, but her in laws say she should still be in jail. jensen is eligible for patrol next october. a man in jail for pointing a loaded gun at kids throwing snowballs has a bond hearing
6:49 am
nap and was scared by snowballs hitting his van, so he waved a gun at three boys to scare them. witnesses say he pointed the gun at the boys. police say they found his revolver with rounds in four of the five chambers. a reference to slavery will stay in the colorado constitution. official ballot numbers came back yesterday showing that ballot issue failed. that would have removed the word slavery from the language. opponents argued that would have interviewed with the state's practice of ma right now cdot is starting to check thousands of guardrails across the state to make sure they are up to par and safe. cdot says they use pieces from two guardrail manufacturers that fit together. they admit, however, mixing and matching them causes problems. cdot says about 144 of the 20,000 they have looked at so far have incompatible installations. crews will look at another
6:50 am
cdot says 1,500 crashes happen every year involving those guardrails, there is not a high risk to drivers on the road right now. a police officer with wayne state university in detroit is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. this happened last night in detroit. police arrest add person of interest -- arrested a person of interest. the officer was patrolling off campus after a 911 call about a troublesome man on a bike. officers are pulling together to support his family. >> he we are just hoping and praying that he pulls through. certainly the doctors here are doing the best. some of the best anywhere right here at drh. >> an officer 29-year-old collin rose is a five-year veteran with the wayne state police university force. new this morning an armed robbery is caught on camera in venice, california, but in this case the store owner decides to fight back. it all happened monday night.
6:51 am
black hoodie and the store owner next to him in a bold move. he decides to try to wrestle that gun away from the would-be robber. eventually the struggle ended up outside the store where the opener managed to get the gun away and found out this about the robber. >> at which point he pulled another gun and eventually fled. >> store owner simon mellor fed up and did not want anyone stealing from him. he turned the surveillance video over to police. so far no arrests in this case. right now police in south lake tahoe, california, say the public is at risk after someone tampered with a salsa bar. >> they say the suspect put some sort of substance on the food that sent a 12-year-old boy to the hospital.
6:52 am
serial offenders, as this suspect is, they don't stop until they are caught. >> now, the fbi is now involved. investigators believe that man seen on surveillance video is the same one seen on surveillance video a week ago. that video shows him putting together into the hot walk bar inside a grocery store. tomorrow new york city hosts the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. the big apple got a preview last night, and some perforrs specter, the rockettes, and the cast of "sesame street." this could be my favorite. tony bennett. he is expected to perform. >> that is going to be cool. the denver mayor is going to kick off the red kettle campaign at the king soopers in colorado at yale later this morning with the official bell- ringing ceremony. 100% of the donations go
6:53 am
programs and services. the rink is open. the southwest ice skating rink downtown is open. it opened up yesterday. the seventh year for the rink at skyline park next to the clock tower. skating is free. bring your own skates and you can represent a pair for a couple of bucks if you don't have any. it opened daily through february 14. thanksgiving hours 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. for more holiday fun in denver go to the mile high section at here is something to know before black toyland just released by the colorado public interest research group. it lists 44 toys that can be dangerous children. the toys have been recalled, but some can still be found for sale online. >> as you shop online, you cannot assume that toys are safe automatically. you need to be checking those toys with the recall notices that are already there. some of the recalled toys are available online. >> you can find that full
6:54 am it is that time of year once again. the cbs4 care4colorado campaign is collecting toys for kids at the boys and girls club. recently, alan spent time at the owen's boys and girls club talking to kids there. his interviews and experiences we put together into a koa special called giving 3rd. that hour-long special airs on koa newsradio 8:50 it will air thanksgiving day and again at 1 in the afternoon. there is a link on the care4colorado section of >> yeah. nothing is better than getting down to the boys and girls clubs and talking with the kids and families. makes you realize what it's all about. here is a gorgeous picture, ashton. >> look at that beautiful shot. that's along i-70 going into the mountains in jefferson county not far from genesee. the temperature up there is in the teens.
6:55 am
genesee. 24 degrees outside our cbs4 building this morning. it's cold. our temperature rollercoaster will continue. 65 on monday. 42 yesterday. we saw .03-inch of rain yesterday. our wettest day since the first of july. today 53 degrees. tomorrow down to 48. then as we get into friday we bounce back up to 60. temperatures are cold everywhere. we have 20s and 30s for most locations. leadville in the single-digits. 6 degrees up there right now. frisco at 46 for a eagle about the same. we will be in the lower 50s for denver and the front range later on. 10 degrees warmer this afternoon than we were yesterday afternoon. yesterday's storm system now moving towards the east coast where it will be by tonight. from houston to memphis, cincinnati, detroit, cleveland, weather-related delays. on the west coast a little bit of rain from portland and seattle. moisture in northern california as well. that next weather maker makes its way here tonight and we will see snow by midnight
6:56 am
accumulation. that snow wraps up tomorrow morning. 53 in denver. 48 tomorrow. 60 saturday. colder for broncos sunday. joel. well, ashton, it is a parking lot out there. these live pictures coming in from copter 4. i mean, look at those cars stacked up out there. that's because it is a parking lot. this is at dia right now. just keep in mind to check. check and see the status of each of those. across the denver metro area, a couple of accidents to tell you about. i-76 and i-270, inbound along pena boulevard at 56th. the drive times we are looking at right now, eastbound as you travel along i-70, maybe you are heading out to the airport. you have a 30-minute drive right now from i-25 out to i- 225. guys, happy thanking to all of you. and to all of you, we hope you have a great holiday with family and friends. >> and a safe one, as with. >> and the president's final turkey pardon is coming up
6:57 am
>> no re-election or anything, right? >> how will obama do this? >> his last one. thanks for joining us, everybody. we will see ,,
6:58 am
,, ,,
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,, ,,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? tens of millions of people are on the move for thanksgiving weekend. thunderstorms on the way. we will take you inside the operation center of one of the nation's largest airlines. >> cbs news confirms that president-elect trump will nominate nick consisty he-- nik haley to be the next.


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