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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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act actually put out the flames. the suspect then grabbed some burning trash to reignite matthew. it appears to be a random act of extreme violence that has affected both people who knew matthew and law enforcement. >> never asked anybody for nothing. he just sat there and minded his own business. like i said, a lot of people knew him around here. so, everybody around here took it pretty hard. >> it was pretty awful to see that video. i have to tell you. and, what we saw is nobody should have to endure that. >> reporter: the suspect is described as stocky build between five foot ten and six feet tall. the most significant identifying mark is the sweatshirt that says cross fit rebok on it. anyone can information is asked to call the adams county sheriff office. it is is a pretty busy stretch
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something. jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> thanks jeff. a fire damaged a home in lakewood. copter 4 over the scene at third and garland. fire started on the second floor. spread to the attic. one person in the house got out safely. no word on how it started. developing tonight, the search is over. two teenagers lost in the mountains four days were found safely today. matt smith and tommy hendricks summited the t cross. then their families did not hear from them tuesday as expected so they called authorities. after a two day search, a helicopter spotted the teens this afternoon. >> oh, this is a thanksgiving present for all of us. certainly for the family. certainly for the kids himself. >> the boys were found at an elevation of 12,000 feet. a pimp gets the maximum sentence for trafficking
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paul burman was sentenced to 248 years in prison. he pimped several victims including adults and teenagers. his youngest victim just 15 years old. one of the victims spoke at the sentencing today saying what he did traumatized her life. the da's office says this is the largest human trafficking sentence in colorado history. now, to the latest on dangerous chemicals found inside a home in castle rock. today, police went back to that home to finish the month after police arrested a teenager who livered in the home. the home is on crest creek way. cbs4's jennifer brice is out there live for us tonight in the neighborhood. and jen, homes had to be evacuated. >> reporter: eight different families had to be evacuated that are around this home just behind me. as bomb squads had to go inside and remove what they say were
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now, the neighbors in this area are telling me that this has been both frightening and eye opening. this large container is where the bomb squad placed dangerous chemicals found inside this home. castle rock's fire chief says the last two chemicals pulled out of the home are among the most unsafe and potentially deadly. they worked medically since halloween to get all of the chemicals out. >> the biggest risk was explosion and then fire. that is why they didn't have the big if these erupted, they wanted to be able to drop it and run away. >> reporter: neighbor jim adams lives next doorment he is one of eight families evacuated wednesday morning. >> you don't like to hear something like that being so close to us and not knowing it was going on is the big thing. you know. it just kind of makes you worry a little bit. >> reporter: police are still investigating why so many chemicals were inside the home. they were discovered halloween when police came here looking for the parents of a teenager arrested. they found the chemicals scattered around the house in
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a criminal investigation. >> the chemicals being throughout the house, those are not congruent with a normal life. and, the home being safe to occupy. so, those had to be removed. >> reporter: some of the chemicals were immediately removed on halloween. others were taken out by a contractor the family was able to hire. >> you never know. what is behind closed doors. >> reporter: sources and neighbors say the teenager that livers here was heavily involved an operates a lawn maintenance company from the home. >> that was jennifer brice reporting for us. now, to a water main break that closed a part of yosemite street at greenwood village. crews worked on the prepares, they reported a two-inch natural gas line ruptured in the same area. no word on what caused the water main to break. right now, highway 34 between estes park and loveland is back open.
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repairs. cdot reopened the busy highway at 4:00 today for thanksgiving travel. 34 will stay open until 7:00 sunday night. then, it will shut back down for repairs until next may. and happening now, millions of americans traveling for thanksgiving. 49million are expected to hit the road and the tsa is bracing for nearly 4 million airline passengers nationwide. check out the scene at dia if you are trying to park. jammed full of vehicles. been that way since this morning so check the airport website to find out which lots have open spots if you are headed out that way, our shaun boyd live at dia. any serious problems to report? >> reporter: none. jim, and everyone here is thankful for that. especially with more than a million people expected through this airport during thanksgiving. it is hard to believe more than a million people are expected.
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dia hired extra security staff to help people move. and it is moving great. less than a 35 minute wait at security even during peak hours today. still, you don't want to be a procrastinator. dia says give yourself two hours and double check what you can and can't bring. pumpkin pie is okay. really. but liquids need to be three ounces or less and in a quart sized bag. the biggest part of covering holiday traveling stories is the happy reunion. the hugging and the tears but i couldn't help but wonder about the families with mixed political viewpoints. if you think traveling at the holidays is stressful, some people we talked to are more worried about dinner conversation. you have heard the saying never discuss politics and religion at the dinner table. after this election, it couldn't be more true. >> one of my friends just informed me something she heard
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come up to designate a room for those that want to discuss politics. in her opinion, it should be the bathroom. we will politely escort those individuals to the bathroom. >> our grandparents are coming into town and they are forward with their ideas on this type of a thing and my whole primary family is opposite of their beliefs. so i'm sure it will come up. but, probably, best to stay >> there's more of us. we will outnumber them and hopefully change the subject quickly with the holding of food. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they are not the only ones worried about a political food fight. 11% of people in our facebook poll said let the mashed potatoes fly. 24% said they would wait and see. 19% said they uninvited those people. here's good news. 46% said their mouths would be
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dia going the extra mile out here to ease any stress this holiday. look at this. free ice skating here starting friday through january 1. the rink is in the plaza here. there's also therapy dogs walking around you can pet and hang out with. and guaranteed parking. and the $13 a day economy lots out here. nice. huh? we are live at dia, shaun boyd, cbs4 news. >> so many things to be grateful for. >> if the political talk breaks out, how about those broncos? >> talk about something happy. well, if you are driving keep an eye out for fresh snow if you are headed to the high country. >> meteorologist chris spears is in the mobile weather lab tonight which is driving along i-70. chris, how is traffic moving tonight? >> reporter: karen, if it could only be like this every day. we have made it all the way to the eisenhower johnson tunnels in under an hour. let me give you a quick little view here to the forward
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tunnel. we are climbing the hill right nowment we had very little issues. one tiny little lane delay around idaho springs that lasted all of 30 seconds and opened right back up. now take a look at this. we are tracking a weather system on its way into colorado. it is currently in utah. it has already come through salt lake city. and the next stop will be the north western plateau and the north western slope of colorado and it is going to bring some wi the next few hours. back out here live, we are giving you one more view of the tunnels here. we are just about ready to have the tunnel and we will probably lose you. so i will toss it back to you ed greene and we will get more details. >> we have the system we had yesterday. and here comes the next system. sunny skies in between. we will keep with those thanksgiving day in denver, but this has prompted a winter weather advisory. where that is and how much snow
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>> an animal with a body of the moose but the antler of an elk is spotted in grand county. we are going to check with parks and wildlife for an explanation. >> a man and his dog come face to face with a ,,
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>> developing now, a man is sharing a lesson he learned after a scary encounter with a mountain lion. jeff steven son says he left his dog off leash hiking the wild turkey trail near morrison. when he tried to call the dog back, he heard her yelping. >> she came running down the right behind her literally a foot or two off of her rear end was a big mountain lion. >> jeff used a big tree branch to scare off the cat. his dog sustained cuts but is recovering. always keep your dogs on a leash. and further suggestions if you come face to face with a mountain lion, just visit our website, new at 6:00, this photograph of a bull moose lighting up social media. taken up in the arapahoe
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of an elk. well, our skeptical mountain news room reporter matt kroschel went over to grand county for a wildlife reality check. >> i have seen a lot of moose. >> reporter: professional photographer by trade, john williams has taken a lot of photos in his decades behind the lens. >> i have been to alaska, maine, here since 1994. i have never seen any rack like this that looks exactly like an elk. >> reporter: so when he bull moose with a strange looking antler, he knew he needed proof. >> i grabbed my phone instantly since i didn't have my real camera with me. did the best i could. but you can see it looks like an elk and not a moose. >> reporter: it immediately was an internet sensation. the photograph so unbelievable, a lot of people didn't believe it so we went to the parks and
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you might think. >> it is not typical, but, it is not i wouldn't say unusual. we have seen it before. >> reporter: wildlife managers have not spotted this bull before. but, they have evidence from similar looking antlers on other bulls over the years. >> as those points almost look like a branched antler. >> reporter: while the antlers might look like an elk, biologists say the chances of a moose and extremely low. >> genetics, nutrition, injuries, things like that. but, there's a lot of normal variability. >> reporter: williams is hoping to find the moose again with his pro camera. matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. >> sure is beautiful, ed. >> yes it is. look at this. this is our storm from yesterday. all the way in great lakes region already with snow and some rain showers.
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right into our state. but clouds now creeping into the northwest just ahead of the next system. this is bringing some snow into our area. this is off the coast. but one system, two systems, high pressure in between. what is this next system going to do? let's see how it plays out on the hour by hour forecast. you can see how it comes in at 2:00 a.m. then you see pretty good snows for the mountains. doesn't last very long. then it is over. here is thanksgiving day. sunshine all over the states. so right into black friday. if you are taking advge those sales. running into news time 10:00. you have not seen anything across the state as well. so let's go to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. >> it is going to bring snow to our high country. if you are headed to the mountains, know that snow is definitely a possibility. as you head toward the central mountains, three to six inches. aspen, vail, two to five inches of snow. which is great new if you want to go skiing.
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steamboat, a little up to five inches. less in the southern mountains. most of it is really impacting our northern mountains. thanksgiving is a beautiful day if you are doing any turkey trotting. it will be a bit cold outside. but we get to 48 degrees as the high. sunny skies, mild, breezy. and then, overnight, our low is 23. so, if you are doing that black friday shopping, you may need a lot of layers. it will be chilly. ed, nice day. a lot turkey eating. >> right. can't go wrong with that. 50 and 52 is what we did today. 49 and 21 normal. getting closer to normal this time of year. 73 and four below the extremes. 48 evergreen. 49 fort collins. centennial, 52. 42 and 40 now. northwest at 8 for the winds. we have a falling barometer.
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and you can see all the new snow that they got down over the southwest sections of our state. telluride, 15 degrees. otherwise, 20s and 30s out west. teens to the high country. here on the eastern plains, 20s and 30s . and tomorrow, there it is again. with 30s , 40s , 50s over the eastern plains a lot like today. 30s up at the higher elevations. 30s and 40s west. here is the denver forecast for tonight. we will see the clear skies. 32 and 31 by morning. then for tomorrow, fair and seasonal. that means normal for this time of year with all sunshine. we will be in the upper 40s . 10 degrees better on friday. 58, 59 on saturday. now, the cooldown comes. sunday, we are at 48. monday, 38. colder still tuesday. >> 28? >> close. >> if we are lucky. thanks ed. the denver broncos one step closer to selling the naming rights at mile high stadium.
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new name. they took over for sports authority after the company went bankrupt. but the signage remains on the stadium. so it was a blast from the past for the broncos. >> a familiar sight. maybe a little extra motivation in the locker room. how the broncos send a strong message to their team about the goals
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>> time for the ford sports desk. ford f-series, the official trucks of the nfl. >> the broncos have done their best to separate this year's team from the one that won super bowl 50. i would say they are doing a good job. but as mark not so distant pass made an appearance today. >> reporter: peyton manning spotted publicly for the first time since he retired in march. >> yeah, he stopped by. got the little ones. i shouldn't say little ones, they are getting big now. i told the rookies to go introduce yourself. a lot of guys lined up. it was good to see him. >> awesome running. as we told him, i know you got some shorts on under there.
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but ... good to see him. good to see him out here for sure. >> reporter: while peyton's appearance was brief, the broncos have part of their past on a daily basis. front and center. >> it is great to see what you are working toward. great to see it in front of you. not a picture. here in the flesh. for guys who didn't get a chance to hold it last year. just a reminder man. i'm hoping it motivates other players. >> this team is about winning super bowls. at they wanted to send. by putting him in the locker room was to show that is what we are about. >> reporter: if the trophies were meant to send a message to the team, it wasn't a message from the head coach. >> i don't know what you are talking about. you lost me. >> they put the super bowl trophies in the locker room. >> oh. well, it is good there are some in the billing. that's a good thing. we all know that. but those things don't do you any good right now. >> reporter: one thing that would help the broncos now, a
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fourth trophy will likely include playoff games on the road. with the broncos, mark haas, cbs4 sports. >> tonight's century link poll question. a couple of big games this weekend. which one is the bigger deal? broncos and chiefs or cu utah game? go to the sports page on to vote. the avalanche trying to win three straight for the first time all season when they host edmonton tonight. it would be nice to the guys to get off to an early start. slow starts have been a problem and the avalanche know it. they have gone eight ig the first period. won five of those. while the late game drama is fun to watch, it wouldn't be a bad thing for them to get off to a hot start every once in a while. >> we have to do a better job of starting on time. we find our game after we are down a goal. midway through the second period. we have to find it earlier. >> well, the rapids got hosed last night in seattle. no other way to put it. got a road goal. so, that is important. take a look at this.
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rapids get called for a very questionable penalty. mark birch can't believe it. seattle gets the pk and takes a 2-1 lead and would eventually win by the same score. sunday, here in denver, the rapids understandably upset about that. >> it is a big game and unfortunate when the players don't decide the result. i think. you know. it is football. and, it happens and that is not going to be the focus is on making sure that we come out with the same type of mentality we came out with in la. >> that was one of those when pablo wanted to say something but stopped himself because he didn't feel like paying the fine. >> yeah. it is probably smart. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> thanks michael. well, president-elect donald trump makes more cabinet picks and we'll have more on the two women he will be nominating for top jobs. >> a woman hurt while protesting the dakota access
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>> live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 at 6:30. >> a prominent charter school advocate is president-elect donald trump's nominee for
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she is betsy duvos and the latest cabinet pick. he listed some new names before headed to his vacation retreat. weijia jiang is in washington dc. trump has now tapped two women. >> reporter: karen, he has. you know, all these positions require senate confirmations first, but we have a good idea of who these candidates are based on their history. and experience among them are previous critics of the president-elecic so far have in common. president-elect donald trump releasted a video message for thanksgiving this afternoon. he acknowledged he won a bruising election and encouraged unity. >> it is my prayer we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resoever. >> reporter: he announced two
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elect trump's offer to be the next u.s. secretary of education following their weekend meeting at his golf club in new jersey. in a statement, mr. trump described her as a brilliant and passionate education advocate. the 58-year-old from michigan is a long time republican donor who is is a charter school advocate. the president-elect selected south carolina governor nikki haley for u.s. ambassador to e proven track record of bringing people together. another foe turned friend, dr. ben carson, is under consideration for secretary of housing and urban development. mr. trump and vice president- elect mike pents have held more than 60 meetings with white house staffers since winning the election. in florida, security patrolled mr. trump's estate where he is spending thanksgiving with


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