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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> developing tonight, investigators are working on a sex assault case in fort collins ending in a police chief. the suspect had been in prison on a violent attack but was released early. jeff todd is live with the latest. jeff, this latest incident involved multiple agencies. >> reporter: yeah karen, this is where the chase inned at this intersection. the suspect crashed his car and ran into a nearby neighborhood. he was quickly caught and spent the holiday in the he is charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. it was wednesday night around 10:00 when the fort collins police were called to this shopping center at harmony road and college avenue. >> the suspect later identified as jesse frees reportedly threatened the female victim with a knife. the female victim was able to escape with minor injuries. >> reporter: when police arrived, he took off. >> with the assistance of the larimer county sheriff's office
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officers, they followed the vehicle. the suspect attempted to hit several patrol vehicles. >> reporter: he crashed his car near harmony and snow mesa and fled into this neighborhood. >> he fled on foot. he was apprehended a short time later. we are all grateful when no officers or suspects are injured. >> reporter: online records show he was arrested in 1997 for stabbing a convenient store clerk and he was released after serving 18 years of a 32 year sentence. for wednesday's incident, he is facing a parole violation, and several felonies. >> second degree kidnapping. sexual assault with a deadly weapon. second degree assault. >> reporter: we heard during the chase, a larimer county sheriff's vehicle was damaged but all of the officers are doing okay. we believe he is going to have
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bond. we are live in fort collins, jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> thanks jeff. we are also learning new details about a deadly head on crash that killed a local teenager. the crash happened early this morning on i-25 and highway 7. police suspect the man driving the suv was drunk. when he hit the blue car with two teenagers inside of it. 19-year-old kyle nakos from weld county died in the crash. the 16-year-old driver was seriously injured. the alleged drunk driver be arrested once he is released from the hospital. tonight, two colorado springs teenagers are recovering at a university of colorado hospital. yesterday, they were rescued from atop the mount of holy cross in eagle county. in a story you will see only on cbs4, the two spoke with cbs4's rick sallinger about their ordeal. what is called the bermuda triangle of the rockies. >> reporter: tommy hendricks on
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two treacherous nights on a frigid peak. >> i would get snow from all the snow. put my head under the jacket. and have to smell his feet. >> religious snuggling up next to each other. because we had to have the body heat to survive. >> reporter: and survive they did. suffering only frostbite to the toes and the thigh. >> did you ever think that it might not turn out this way? >> absolutely not. fear is the epitome of >> we were praying to god because he was with us. it was about the only thing keeping us alive. and our ability to know we would get back down safely. >> reporter: rescue teams ton ground and in the air pulled the two colorado springs teens from the mountain after spotting their tracks. >> i was thankful because i really wanted to just see my family for thanksgiving. so, i didn't want to be hiking and eating cold ramen for thanksgiving. i was pretty happy.
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there was a moment of pure joy. we knew that we were going to get out of there. we were going to be okay. >> reporter: after the rescue, they were taken by ambulance for treatment before being transported to the denver area. the two are in the burn unit of this hospital because it is one of the few in the country that uses a special treatment for frostbite. in aurora, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. >> thank you rick. such good news. happening snagging black friday deals a few hours early. many stores opened tonight and we were there for the big rush. here is is a look at the traffic down by the i-25 castle rock out lets. a lot of shoppers looking to score sweet deals right now. that is where jamie leary joins us tonight. the outlets are open for 24 hours. >> reporter: 24 hours. it is a mad house out here. most people will do their
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seeing out here, this is a line of cars that is at least a mile long. trying to exit to get to the mall. so, if you think that is bad, take a look at this parking lot over here. this is absolutely insane. not a single parking spot in sight here. so, hopefully, everyone keeps their patience, now, colorado black friday, the commitment to it seems to be huge. we even found some people who decided to skip thanksgiving dinner to wait in line to pretty windy this morning. but apart from that. it has not too bad. >> reporter: when we spoke with nicole, she had been waiting outside of best buy since 6:00 p.m. wednesday. she was hoping to score the lenovo two in one laptop. there are only a few left in the state. a line outside of the best buy grew through the afternoon. majority of people in it have their eyes on one big ticket item. >> the toshiba 49-inch tv.
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you can only get the deal in store. when the doors opened at 5:00 p.m., people anxiously filed in. maxine was one of the first and one of many to make shopping a top priority. >> it is all about these tvs. >> reporter: she says she is actually buying two of them. it is all about the tvs and other deals here. i got a text message a little while ago. meteorologist chris spears is among the many people who here tonight. he said he actually came in the backway and park at lowe's so he has a system down. this is open for 24 hours. if you want the deals and dare to brave the masses this is where it is at tonight. live from the castle rock outlet mall, jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> all right jamie. if you would rather spend your black friday outdoors, state park system is making an offer that is hard to resist. all 42 parks are waiving fees
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get outside tomorrow. struggling this thanksgiving fire. a fire killed two loved ones and destroyed their home. andrea flores spoke the man who lost his son and his wife and remarkably says he has a lot to be thankful for. >> it happened so fast. my whole world turned around. >> reporter: last wednesday, an early morning fire tore through the vargas family's home in aurora destroying everything in its path. john vargas and his four sons were able to shower. >> immediately when he opened the door and the smoke, it was so thick, you couldn't see anything. but i have to get in. kept yelling for her and yelling for her. it wasn't going to happen. >> reporter: when john couldn't get to her, his son gabriel went back in to try to help. >> he ran back in. and, he wasn't about to quit. >> reporter: janelle didn't make it out. >> my wife is 4' 7", a tiny
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heart in the world. >> reporter: gabriel was left in critical condition after trying to save her. he was taken off life support over the weekend. >> he would tell his mother so many times i would die for you mom. and ironically, it came to pass. he did just that. he died trying to save the mother he loves so much. >> while it might be their first thanksgiving apart, john says they will always be her and my son. they will never be forgotten. that's for sure. >> reporter: andrea flores, cbs4 news. when the family rushed out of the home, they had only the clothes on their backs. a go fund me page has been set up to help the vargas family. you can find that on our website on we do have new details tonight about a popular local restaurant's prep prepares for what could be a heated court
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wolfgang puck over allegations he copied the look. we take a look at the federal lawsuit with karen morfitt. >> reporter: while these two images look the same, they are actually two competing restaurants. the one on the left is the kitchen which started in boulder more than ten years ago. >> we are just simply asking that they find another name. >> reporter: the one on the right is also the kitchen. but, in smaller less distinct letters there is buy wolfgang the name and logo similarities are trademark infringement they say. >> it erodes the brand. and, that is really the fear. is that, their brand is simply not our brand promise that we have continued to create. and they really are using our goodwill that we have created with the communities that we have worked with. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit. in it, they claimed with
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industry. allegedly snapping this photo following the meeting. >> he really unveiled all of his plans to wolfgang under the guise of mentor ship and trusted him. so, to turn around and have wolfgang and his team ... open the kitchen, it is like a punch in the gut. >> reporter: our request for comment went unanswered though a statement was issued to nation's restaurant news on behalf of puck saying they considered the action to be without merit vigorously. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. tonight, more cabinet controversy for president-elect donald trump. how his party is fighting the next secretary of state. a mother missing for weeks shows up on the side of the road. what we know about her kidnappers. it is a light show like no other. we will take you to the small colorado town with big holiday plans. and no pants, no problem?
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undies. >> how this scantily clad crime fighter helped the police. >> it is cold out there. but on the weather map, we have a mild friday on the way. and before the weekend is done, snow will return to colorado. >> demarcus ware spreading holiday cheer, plus, the broncos have plenty to be
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divided about who the president- elect should appoint as secretary of state. mr. trump is penning the thanksgiving holiday at his home in florida. as the recount effort picks up steam too. kenneth craig has the latest from new york. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took to twitter this thanksgiving to say he is working hard to keep manufacturing in america. mr. trump also released a prethanksgiving video asking americans to set aside their differences. >> we just finished bruising political campaign emotions are raw and tensions don't heal overnight. >> reporter: his adviser is also weighing in on 2012 gop nominee mitt romney who is on the short list to be secretary of state despite his fierce criticism of trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> reporter: conway tweeted thursday the potential pick has led to a deluge of messages
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and she checklisted the attributes she thinks should be secretary of state. being loyal as one of them. the president-elect is expected to tap billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary who splits his time between here and new york and his home in florida just down the street from mr. trump's. meantime, a lawyer for dr. jill stein says she will request a statewide recount in wisconsin by friday's deadline after raising more than $3 million for the recount requesting recounts in michigan, and pennsylvania. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. also developing tonight, the so-called supermom who disappeared from her northern california home a few weeks ago has been found and says she was kidnapped. 34-year-old sherri papini had went on a job and not been seen since. they believe she had been abducted because she would
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she showed up at an interstate tied up but able to flag a driver. >> she has been located. and reunited with her husband and family on this day of thanksgiving. >> the suspected kidnappers are two women believed to be armed an driving a dark suv. so far, we have not heard of a motive yet for that abduction. well, when it comes to the hero in this story, what he lacks in clothing, he makes up for in bravery. the man says his home in australia when his wife woke him up to say that someone had crashed into a nearby business. that man ran outside to see what was going on. >> all i had was my undies on. i started following him. he said don't be a i hero. i said i'm not. he started talking off. grabbed me. and then i started chasing him up the street. >> he helped police track down
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then taken to jail. well, forget black friday. how about sunny friday? diver, really a nice day tomorrow. >> we certainly have a good shopping day on the way tomorrow. and, it must be warmer down there in australia than here. i don't know if you would want to run around in your undies tonight. it is cold out there. the wind we had earlier today has died down. around the city, we are going 5 to 15 miles an hour here. 21 in estes park. certainly nothing like what we had earlier this morning when that cold front we had a 33 miles an hour peak gust in denver. 58 in boulder. 68 in dylan. and over 70 in rocky flats and wheat ridge. the afternoon once everything calmed down was pretty nice. we are mostly clear and most areas ended up with sunshine to finish out the day. not too bad. it is mostly clear out there tonight. that means it will be a cold night. because, we lose any heat that we gain today with radiational cooling. on the big weather map, there is high pressure over the four
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southwesterly wind here, a little breeze that will kick up the temperature a little more tomorrow. and there is a trough of low pressure off the coast of california. and that is going to change our weather big time. coming up next week. so here is how it plays out. still under the influence of the high tomorrow. a little warmer day. same deal on saturday. we are in southwesterly flow. mostly clear here over ahead of this front, there is a big batch of moisture blossoming up. it will be mostly cloudy early in the day on sunday. then by the afternoon, in the west, and along continental divide, might have a little rain and snow develop. and this low over las vegas on sunday will start to move into southern colorado coming up monday, tuesday, wednesday, much cooler temperatures. a few chances of snow return to denver by the time that arrives. today's high, made it to 49 degrees at the airport, 48
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normally 48 degrees this time of year. out there tonight, we are at the freezing point of 32 in the city. south wind of 16 miles an hour. ronald sherwood coming in at 26 tonight. and you really want to get cold, mark russell in walden. a little over 8,000 feet. eight degrees on his thermometer. most mountain communities will be cold. tines, single digits. down low, teens and 20s here. and a little bit warmer tomorrow here out east, we will be in the 50s in the mountains and the west . they don't have that wind that we will experience tomorrow. so, mostly clear tonight. 25 the overnight low. close to 60 with sunny skies. another good looking day saturday. lit be a little breezy. high around 61. and then, 57 with clouds on sunday, a chance of flurries. light snow tuesday as we chill it down into the 30s . and then, looking ahead, that cold friend might hang with us all the way through the following weekend. and we might have a little bout
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as well. a little shot of early winter coming into play. >> thanks dave. >> uh-huh. four more ski resorts fired up their lifts. crested butte got nine inches of snow in the last seven days. aspen mountain, snow mass, and wolf creek opened. vail and beaver creek are scheduled to open tomorrow. also happening tomorrow, a huge celebration. one of colorado's small mountain towns. matt kroschel shows us how salida is preparing for the annual christmas mountain liti tradition. salida is known for its heart. >> just a magical time. >> reporter: it is on tenderfoot mountain. >> the whole town comes up down main street. doesn't matter if it is freezing out or, you know, it is a huge celebration. >> reporter: workers putting up christmas lights here. count the strands by the dozens. as locals prepare for the big reveal.
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few years ago. financial support from the city on some of the electorate. >> reporter: and every year, volunteers put up more than 10,000 christmas lights, turns this mountain into a giant christmas tree. >> it is one of the largest christmas trees that we know of in the united states. >> reporter: this is what it will look like once they flip the switch tomorrow evening. >> biggest christmas tree i have ever seen. >> reporter: a larger than life tradition that attracts thousands here every year to witness. and even can be seen from passing rockies, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. >> thank you matt.
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,, >> thanksgiving a time to get family and friends back together. that is exactly what the broncos defense is doing this week. team had just a quick indoors practice this morning before getting the rest of the day off. with the return and derek wolf, the denver defense is basically back at full strength. sunday, will be able to start the same 11 that started back in weeks one and two. wolf only ended up missing one game. but, he said having to watch even one game, well, that was miserable. >> i only watch the game in the first place. i like playing. so, you have to stand on the sideline. staying on the sidelines is miserable anyway. just standing there three hours is not fun. then you have to watch your team go out there and grind. thankfully, we won. but you know, it is just not fun to watch.
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healthy again. and, looking around the huddle. seeing the starters. everyone who started the season with us. and, it is a beautiful thing to see. hopefully, we can take that momentum and use it for the rest of the season. >> feisty football in dallas. cowboys in washington. second quarter, dak prescott on the move. 17-6 redskins cut the lead to just 5. 24-19. but no stopping the cowboys rookie running back. ezekiel elliot runs in his second touchdown of the game. dallas has won ten in a row. colts, steelers, no andrew luck, so their best offense came from their punter with the trick flay pass. and pat, he was pretty proud of himself.
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big ben threw it to brown. three of the catches were for touchdowns. steelers won 28-7. they take over first place in the afc north. turkey day football. battle for first in the nfc north. matt stafford to bolden. made it 7-0. then, they had to rally in the fourth. they got a gift from sam bradford who flew an interception. lions with their seventh fourth quarter come back. 7-4 overall. they are in first placement all right, coming up, demarcus ware provides an unexpected visit
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,, ,, ,, >> november is salute to
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surprise soldiers at fort carson with an early thanksgiving dinner. >> we have no idea what is going on. >> i was actually told that i got in trouble and i had to go meet with him. so i was freaking out. >> when you get called into the sergeant major's office, you usually did something bad. you messed up. >> nobody has told us anything. not even hints. >> surprise! >> happy thanksgiving! y'all come [ laughter ] >> looking good. >> this is the centerpiece of everything. yeah. [ laughter ] >> there are people looking up to us. they said we are the star. but the thing is, for us, you guys are the stars. you are the guys that we look up to. because, you are going over and beyond in a whole different round. you are keeping us safe. that is one thing that i know i'm thankful for.
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and be you guys. >> i did not see this afternoon going this way at all. >> century link poll question, which player do you want over? von miller is the biggest pick. maybe pick up the tab, provide a a little entertainment
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>> this should be a good picture of the day. >> we had a lot of turkey trots all over the place. you have to hand it to somebody who dresses like a turkey in the turkey trot. shannon sent this in t. one ready to go in the oven, one regular. that is shannon in the regular costume there. >> she is looking good. >> i feel sorry for the other turkey there. watching cbs4 news. late show with stephen colbert captioning sponsored by cbs >> the cubs are going to the world series! yes, after 71 years of waiting, the cubbies have won the pennant and are facing off against the cleveland indians starting tuesday night. all thanks to a strong pitching rotation, hot cubs bats and the


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