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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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hi, everybody. belateed happy thanksgiving. i'm alan gionet. this is the news on black friday november 25th. our lane lyon is live. >> reporter: good morning, alan. we're here at the target store in southeast aurora. normally in years past we've had a long line of people
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not the case this year. people are shopping at different times and in different ways. we'll have more on where the deals are coming up. one of tv's most famous mothers has passed away. florence henderson is dead this morning. what her manager says may have been the cause of her death coming up. plus, a mom who disappeared from her northern california home three weeks ago is found alive. she's telling the story of her kidnapping. let's get our first look at the forecast now. big weather forecast for the weekend. a lot of folks with a a lot of shopping happening out there, ashton. that's right, alan. everything looks good for today. looks good for tomorrow as well pretty much state-wide. then weather-related problems at the end of the weekend. great for skiers and snowboarders, but if you're trying to make your way back down from the mountain to the front range sunday, we'll talk about that coming up. most neighborhoods around
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above that. lakewood at 32. thornton at 25. castle rock at 30. coming up we'll take a look at the full forecast. now let's check in with joe who is here for joel on this black friday. >> reporter: good morning. here's a look at the drive from the eastbound of town. northbound parker road slowdowns at arapahoe, but otherwise looking good. north and southbound 225 and eastbound i-70 are looking nice and wide open for now. i will have your full traffic picture coming up. we begin with breaking news famous for her role as the mom in "the brady bunch" has died. her manager says she passed away because of heart failure last night, but she wasn't sick and her friends and family are shocked by her death. she was 82. she played one of tv's most famous moms. the show started in 1969 and became a huge hit for its five years and then in syndication. led to a bunch of spinoffs and
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the actress later said carol brady was essentially the mom she always wished that she had had. families burning off their thanksgiving meal with shopping on this black friday. we are now a month away from christmas and lane lyon is at the target at e-470 this morning. hi, lane. >> reporter: alan, good morning to you. let's face it, black friday is more than just a one-day event anymore, with many people getting started early. which mean this morning, little hint, there's not a lot of lines, because a lot of stores opened up last night. they've got deals rolling all day long today, including this one here, mix and match toys, buy one get 150% off. a lot of shoppers were getting started last night. castle rock was another location to be last night. in fact, we have some video to show you. just as soon as the thanksgiving bird was put away, some early birds for black
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droves. stores like the nike outlet store were very popular. occasionally it was tough to find a parking space in the parking lot. and that's on thanksgiving. now it's actually black friday today. as we come back live here at our target store, i've rounded up one family who is up early. have you stayed up all night or are you just getting up? >> we're just getting up. hence the coffee. >> reporter: got the coffee going. i see your cart e here. >> yes. >> reporter: what are you looking for today? >> really, various things. my daughter and son-in-law are also shopping, so they're getting things for their new house that they just closed on yesterday, so. >> reporter: perfect timing, actually. a lot of sales going on. thanks for talking to us. happy black friday. got to tell you, alan, i've been kind of asking questions
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nintendo classic, for example. those hatch a moles that are so popular. i'll tell you what i'm being told here by managers coming up. thanks, alan. here's ashton. >> good morning to you, alan, good morning, everybody. it's the end of november. it should be cold outside, and it is cold outside. most of us are in the 20s around denver, boulder and fort collins. greeley, good morning in weld county, you're colder, 16. 24 north of laramie, 24 in the san juans and telluride. we could see 10 to 14 inches of snow in telluride by the end of this weekend. it will start in the mountains coming up tomorrow night and will continue into sunday. until then we'll be dry state- wide. today sunshine from the western slope to the eastern plains. and it will be noticeably warmer than it was for thanksgiving yesterday. by noon today in the metro area we'll be at 55. then our high temperature will be around 60 this afternoon.
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straight ahead. now let's check in with joe for the latest on traffic. >> reporter: good morning. this is i-70 at around the eisenhower tunnel from our cdot cams. no major travel restrictions imposed by cdot. no major tread restrictions, chains, anything like that. if you're heading up to the mountains, i would bring the chains in case, but you should be okay at least for the next day or so. we'll focus at the aurora mall, 225 looking good for now. some of that traffic around sable and even on alameda can get tricky this morning. thanks a lot. one person was killed outside a macy's in new jersey. happened early this morning. police have not said if they have the shooters or shooters in custody. a fight over a parking space at a wal-mart yesterday turned deadly in reno, nevada. this happened last night.
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details about the victim have not been released. police have not said if it was related to black friday shopping. a missing california mother has been reunited with her family after three long weeks. but for police, the search for her alleged kidnappers is just starting. >> reporter: a family's prayers answered. 34-year-old sherrie i morning. she went missing november 2nd while jogging in northern california. police say she had been freed by her captors and left on the side of the road, about 140 miles from where she was last seen. according to police, she freed herself and flagged down a passing motorist. days after she went missing, her husband broke down as he spoke.
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world. i've-- it's never -- it's the worst thing ever. >> reporter: community members who helped search for her were overjoyed at the news. >> it was just a rush of relief, and a lot of tears and realizing that it was over in the best possible sense. >> reporter: but officials say it's not quite over. the sheriff says the alleged kidnappers are still at large. >> we're looking for a dark colored suv with two females armed with a handgun. >> reporter: police don't know the identities of the two women, and they still don't have a possible motive. but for the family, all that matters is that she's finally home. >> incredible story. some shoppers are looking to save in the stores today. you only need your smartphone
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on this black friday many people will be looking for holiday deals, but what about every day items like groceries? you can get cash back and all you need is a few minutes and a smartphone. >> what else do we need? >> reporter: finding good deals at the grocery store is a must for kate. >> i do everything to save money. >> reporter: that means putting in work before heading to the store. >> i cut coupons, i print them out online. i shop the sales. >> reporter: and she uses apps like check out 51 and ibotta. >> it has everything from, you know, dairy items, produce, it even has alcohol on it. >> reporter: discounts range from just 25 cents to a couple of dollars each. but the savings over a year can
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to sneeze at. >> reporter: with check out 51 shoppers star items they plan to buy. after checkout users claim the reward and upload a photo of their receipt with proof. same with ibotta. users may have to watch a quick ad or answer a one-question survey. >> come into our app and spend a little time learning about a product you might want to buy. if you buy that product and try it out, we you in the form of a cash reward. >> reporter: ibotta users upload bar codes and the receipt. the entire purchase will be reviewed to tailor future deals just for you. >> there are so many offers we went to put the 10 or 15 best ones on what they like. >> reporter: kate saved 50 cents on carrots by doubling up on both apps.
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for this busy mom. >> all in all it takes five minutes out of your day. everybody has five minutes. >> reporter: you need at least 20 bucks in your account to cash out. you can get an online payment, gift card or check in the mail. kate merrill for cbs news, boston. it's kind of cool out there, ashton. >> it is chilly. we're in the 20s, so we are below freezing obviously for everybody around the area. i don't think there's anyone this point still above freezing. waning crescent moon. about 15% full. sun will be up at 6:56 today. we'll get to enjoy a lot of sunshine and it will feel warmer by this afternoon. we'll be at least 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. didn't quite make it to 50 at dia, our official high was 49 at the airport yesterday. we're at 29 now at dia. boulder is at 27. and as promised, i don't see
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the state at 11. craig at 10. steamboat, good morning, 14 degrees. we'll climb to 40 for the base area of steamboat. 56 in trinidad. 54 on the eastern plains in limon. here in denver we'll top out close to 60 for a high temperature. again, we'll get to enjoy lots of sunshine today with not many clouds in the state at all. meanwhile, on the west coast there's a storm system moving into eureka, california this morning and that's the storm our mountains tomorrow night, saturday night, and snow will continue in the high country through sunday into monday. until then, dry state-wide. futurecast for today not showing anything. i'll fast forward through 9:00 p.m. saturday. little snow developing in the mountains north of durango there. and the snow just explodes in the high country. we're going to see a lot of snow in the mountains by sunday morning. that snow will continue through
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coming back home to the denver area late in the day sunday, there could be significant slowdowns including along i-70 with snow packed roadways and winter driving conditions. heaviest snow will be in the san juans. i think we'll see at least 10 to 14 inches of snow that way. for the i-70 corridor easily5 to 10, maybe 6 to 12 inches. for the next couple of days it's dry for everybody. 60 today. 62 tomorrow. 55 sunday in denver. for the broncos' game, not as kickoff temperature around 39. still the coldest home game so far this season. here's joe. >> reporter: good morning. we'll start you off with the metro-wide picture. little slowing here and there. mostly to the north and northwest part of the drive. northwest parkway has slowing, especially westbound west of i- 25. also looks like there's an
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at mccaslin. flatiron crossing, that mart is looking good. and no major accidents or stalls in the mall area. popular local restaurant is preparing for could be a heated local battle. our karen morfitt takes a closer look at the federal lawsuit. >> reporter: these two images may look the same, but they're two competing restaurants. the one on the left is the kitchen which started in boulder >> we're simply asking that they find another name. >> reporter: the one on the right is also the kitchen, but in smaller, less distinct letters there's the name, wolfgang puck. courtney walsh, director of marketing for the company explains their concerns. >> it erodes the brand. and that's really the fear is
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continued to create and they're really using our good will we've created with the communities we've worked with. >> reporter: they've since filed a lawsuit claiming musk met with puck in 2012 to discuss and share advice about the injury, allegedly -- industry allegedly snapping this photo. >> he unveiled all his plans to wolfgang under the guise of mentorship and trusted him. open the kitchen, it's like a punch in the gut. >> reporter: our request for comment went unanswered. though a statement was issued to restaurant news on behalf of puck saying they considered the action to be without merit and vowed to defend vigorously.
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,, big celebration in one of colorado's small mountain towns happening today and our matt kroschel shows us how they're getting ready for the christmas >> it's a huge tradition. >> reporter: salida is known for its heart. and it's on tender foot mountain at the end of main street every heart heart is in bright lights for everyone to see. >> the whole town fills up down main street. doesn't matter if it's freezing out or, you know, it's a huge celebration. >> reporter: workers putting up christmas lights here count the strands by the dozens, as locals prepare.
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volunteers. few years ago had support from the city on some of the electric. >> reporter: every year volunteers put up more than 10,000 lights, turning this mountain into a giant christmas tree. >> it's one of the largest christmas trees we know of in the united states. >> reporter: this is what it will look like once they flip the switch tomorrow evening. >> biggest christmas tree i've ever seen. >> reporter: larger than life tradition that attracts thousands every year to witness, and even can be seen from passing commercial planes above. rockies, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain newsroom. >> that is going to be awesome. well done, folks. four more ski resorts fired up their lifts on thanksgiving. crested butte shared this picture on their facebook page. they got 9 inches of snow. vail and beaver creek are scheduled to open today. ashton, it's on. it is on. so many of the resorts were
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plenty of snow in the high country, both man-made and natural and we're going to get a lot more natural snow by the end of this thanksgiving weekend. it's going to be tomorrow night, saturday night into sunday, we could easily see 10 to 14 inches for some mountain areas. more details on that in just a moment. if you'll be traveling around the state today, no weather- related problems expected. from northern california to seattle could be a few weather- related delays because of rain and snow there. 40s kansas city year. few showers in houston today. 71. and rain on the east coast from new york up to boston, all major airports are in good shape if you are heading out to dia early on this black friday. let's get a check on the road situation with joe. >> reporter: good morning. the road, pena boulevard inbound and outbound, are looking good for now. your travel to the airport is wide open. here's a look at i-25 and county line, no major delays around the south side of town.
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bit of headlights coming. maybe coming to the mall. here's a look at park meadows. some delays county line on and off ramps to i-25. also park meadows center drive can be a bit of a headache on black friday. >> i checked on the airport, no cancellations we can see at dia. broncos are back at it at mile high sunday night. here's mark haas with your morning sports. it's thanksgiving, a great time to get friends and family back together. it's what the broncos' defense is doing this week. they had a quick indoors practice yesterday morning. with the return of aqib talib and derek wolfe, the defense basically back at full strength. come sunday they can start the same 11 they started back in weeks one and two. wolfe only missed one game.
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one game was miserable. >> i don't like watching in the first place. i like playing. standing on the sidelines is misreally. standing there three hours isn't fun. watching your team grind, we won, but it's not fun to watch. >> similar to last year when we started getting guys healthy again and looking around the huddle seeing the starters, everyone we started the season with, it's a beautiful thing to see. and hopefully we can take that momentum and use it for the rest of the season. >> broncos and chiefs su
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ready, set, shop. here's the lowdown. 31 degrees on this black friday as you go going. we have all you need to know. good to have you with us. i'm alan gionet. let's get right over to ashton to talk about what we have to deal with this morning. we need shopping weather. this is a special category. >> i suppose that means dry, is that pretty much what it means? >> so the bags don't get wet. >> for the shopping die hards probably doesn't matter what englewood at freezing, 32. outside of park meadows and highlands ranch and lone tree we have 33, so just above freezing in park meadows. if your shopping will take you up to broomfield, temperatures there around 30 degrees this morning. by 9:00 a.m. we'll be at 34. by noon today, 55. a high temperature of 60 with wall to wall sunshine for today. changes ahead, though. snowstorm coming back for the colorado high country. lots of snow for the mountains
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details straight ahead. let's get over to joe. >> reporter: here's a look at the drive from the west side of town, i-70, 6th avenue, highway 285 and eastbound c-470 are looking wide open for now. i'll have your full traffic picture coming up. some shoppers are taking advantage of black friday deals already. look at these folks outside the best buy last night captured from drone 4. this is the best buy on mexico right near south colorado opened. they were open on thanksgiving day. take a look at the traffic on i- 25 by castle rock's outlets last night. stores opened at 8:00 in the morning. lane lyon checking out black friday shopping now. he's at the target now on e- 470. hey, lane. >> reporter: hey, alan, good morning to you. we're starting to see more of the aisles fill up as people


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