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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  November 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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reactions for cubans in the nation's capital and from florida. >> plus a state trooper is killed while investigating a crash on csp's warning to other drivers to prevent this from happening again. >> and you won't be able to get a burger at the cherry cricket anytime soon. what the owner of the popular restaurant has to say to those who left without paying their bill after a fire in the kitchen. good morning. i'm kelly workman. we are going to begin this morning in cuba. fidel castro died last night. he was 90 years old. his brother and current cuban
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television last night. after nine days of mourning, castro's funeral will be held on december 4th. this is the last public photo of him, taken on november 15th with vietnam's president. you should see that shortly. there you go. castro's reign is marked by a failed u.s. backed bay of pigs invasion and the cuban missile crisis a year later that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. a somber mood from residents cuba's capital of havana. . >> castro survived a u.s. trade embargo and multiple assassination attempts. he lived long enough to see his brother negotiate an
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60s. well, can you believe it? it is the last weekend of november. it may not feel like it today, but there are some changes on the way. let's go ahead and get a check of the forecast with dave aguilera this morning. >> you're right. there's a pacific storm that's brewing out there that will be bringing snow back to colorado before we're done with the weekend, believe it or not. as we start you off, we're in the 30s primarily. cold on south castle rock, englewood, all 31 degrees. bowler, a little westerly wind. there's a little cloud cover, too, that's helping to keep things a little bit warmer. dave pullman, our weather watcher in west arvada is coming in at 28 degrees. over the northern part of colorado, we have a little bit of high cloudiness pushing through. so we'll start out with a few clouds this morning, but the sun will be breaking out as we go through the day. here's a look at the forecast now. 37 at 9:00 a.m. it will be breezy today as well, 57 at noon.
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cloudy skies. we'll be about 61 degrees. so a pretty nice -- a little breezy from time to time. but already winter storm watches are set for sunday into monday in some of the mountains. some areas could see a foot or more of snow, and we might even see some snow here in denver before everything is all said and done. . >> thanks, dave. a state trooper is honored after he was killed along i-25 yesterday afternoon. the death of co reminder about the importance of moving over and slowing down so law enforcement can safely do their job. melissa garcia tells us about the deadly crash investigation in castle rock. . >> really good kid, good family man. >> reporter: hearts are broken as a community mourns the loss of trooper cody donahue, killed in the line of duty friday afternoon. donahue was outside his
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rock when a passing commercial food carrier truck hit and killed him. >> this is becoming much too frequent in our community, and quite frankly, it needs to stop. >> reporter: officers on scene covered the trooper's body with an american flag before saluting and escorting him away in procession. >> -- reached his destination. thank you for your sacrifice. trooper donahue leaves behind ai elementary school-age children. authorities detained the truck driver, and are working with the district attorney to determine what charges he my face. >> we don't call them accidents for a reason. this was a crash, and crashes, especially like this, can absolutely be avoided. when you see these troopers and you see these law enforcement officers that are out there just trying to do their job, please move over. give them the room that they need, because if not, this is what happens, and it
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it's got to stop. >> that was melissa garcia reporting. investigators are looking for the cause of that and dash cam footage. we're told there was video taken from two cps vehicles and the truck that hit trooper donahue. donations are already pouring in to help the fallen trooper's family on a go fund me page. if you would like to donate, you can find a link on our web site, you may remember, another state trooper was killed a year ago not far from yesterday's crash scene. jamie jercevix was hit by a drunk driver while investigating a crash. she is survived by her husband and baby daughter. lakewood police tweeting a powerful warning about drinking and driving. you can see a car with an open beer in the center console there, and the tweet reads, "dangerous dui, passed out behind the wheel while stopped southbound in the northbound lanes. it could have been a very black friday for one driver." . one man's quick thinking
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thornton. christian anderson, he's a former volunteer firefighter. he told us he first heard a smoke alarm going off in a unit two doors down, then spotted flames inside an apartment. that's when he jumped in, helping a man in the burning unit get out safely, and then calling 911. >> at that point, the front window blew out, and it just accelerated. so i called around the first floor, tried to find him. the spoke got came back out, started pounding on the doors, getting everybody out. >> investigators say the man anderson helped to safety intentionally set a couch on fire. he is facing arson charges. no one was hurt in the fire, but some families did lose everything they owned. a popular denver burger place closes indefinitely after a fire in the kitchen on wednesday night. the owners of cherry cricket say sam of the stoves and kitchen equipment are a total loss. no one was hurt, but customers
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checks. >> we got all these people coming to our web site, saying how sorry they are, number one. number two, they didn't pay for their dinner, and wanted to if they can come by and pay. so it's on us. no need to come by and pay, but massively appreciate it. >> now, it's unknown when the cherry cricket will reopen. the owner does say, though, all employees will be paid during the repair work. if you didn't get enough shopping done on black friday, well head out for small business saturday, and support local stores. so if you are downtown denver -- in downtown denver, the parking garage at the denver pavilions is free today. the entrance is on wellton between 15th and 16th, and you have until midnight to park there for free. let's go ahead and get a quick check of the forecast. dave? . >> free is always good. we have a great-looking start to our day. another warm day before a major
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>> this is the news coming up. the nuggets playing in front of a home crowd with john elway sitting court side. >> we'll tell you when you may be able to get the ,,
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,, >> the toys benefit the kids at the boys and girls clubs of metro denver. du hosted some club members recently at a basketball game; and as you can see there, the kids got to display the flag during halftime. well tonight's collection will
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wisconsin. collection bins will be at each of the entrances to the richie center, and we need new unwrapped toys appropriate for kids ages 6 through 18. appreciate any help you can offer. and i love seeing the care for colorado toy drive, dave. it's my favorite time of year, people getting back. it's just fun. >> it's always a good time. when we go out to king super's and collects all the toys, great to meet everybody who stops by. people really come through. 's awesome. take a look at that shot from camera, looking back toward downtown. we have a few clouds over the northern part of colorado. going to start out partly cloudy this morning. then we'll get into sun as we go through the day. want to show you the current temperature map, and i want you to look at liman. they are only 8 degrees in liman. same thing in leadville. 0 in alamoso. most of our temperatures around the metro area are close to freezing or a few notches above it.
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centennial, he's coming in at 34 degrees this morning. here's the -- you can see it kind of push and ride over wyoming, northern colorado here. mainly high cloudiness, but what we're seeing is a little wave cloud, too, under that through collins now through denver with westerly flow around here. that moisture comes up over the divide, con denses, and creates that little wave cloud. that will break up a little bit once we get into the afternoon. as we look at the bigger picture now, i want you to look out the coast of california. e' this is really going to be a game changer and bring some colder, honest-to-goodness late fall weather here coming up the next several days. already in san francisco, they're picking up some rain. they're going to see quite a bit in the way of snow in some of it mountains out. there for us later tonight, we'll start to see snow in the mountains. for sunday into monday, we have winter storm warn information the pink shaded areas, steamboat through vale, aspen, 10 to 20 inches of snow possible there.
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12 inches of snow. as we look at the future cast, we will see some moisture in the denver metro area. fortunately it may be late tomorrow, just in time for the bronco game. sunny to partly cloudy today. there's the snow. tomorrow morning it's snowing pretty good in the mountains. we might see just a little sprinkle or maybe some light snow in the denver metro area coming through, and the chances continue through the evening. not a huge chance, but we might see a sprinkle or a little -- kind of little light rain-snow mix maybe coming together around here. i don't think we'll see much accumulation in the here we go, sunny, breezy day, about 61 degrees with a few clouds this morning. then sunday, 50 degrees, partly cloudy. there might be a little mix here and there, and that will do it. not much accumulation. and then monday 45. and then 30s settle in tuesday and wednesday. at this point, doesn't look like a lot of moisture with it but for sure, looks like we're going to really get some chilly weather coming up tuesday, wednesday, probably for the rest of the week ahead as well >> well, we're due for it. it's been a listening time.
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borrowed time. >> right. >> everybody's wishing for it now. >> right. >> looks like it's coming to fruition for us in a few days. >> thank you. >> you got it. the nuggets in action last night against the division leading thunder. john elway was at the game. he told them to go deep. well, back to the game. all tide up with 4 seconds to go. the manimal, kenneth fareid comes one a big block. but the thunder got pay back. down by 2, okc gets the to seal their win. 132-129 the final. the nuggets fall to 0-3 this year. the broncos hosting the chiefs at mile high. mark haas has the latest on the broncos. time now for the chevy sports break. >> the broncos signed -- gafford today after ruling out casey train we are a calf injury.
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healthy the rest of the roster is now. denver defense, they are back to full strength. the bronco are going to have the same set of starters as they did in week one. today -- yesterday, wade philips called it an interesting group he has, but in a good way. lot of big personalities that together make beautiful music. >> this is almost like sticking, you jackson, prince, john legend, just sticking everybody in a rock band and just telling them to sing, and they come up with something good. . there's so many guys with so many personalities, and that's what you need. >> i'm definitely michael jackson, of course. you know, i'm definitely michael jackson. lead singer, always ready to go out there and dance, do whatever.
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,, >> check out some of our weather watchers. we've got 30s. we've got 20s up we got teens. shelby majors in fort collins is coming to 34 degrees. she said it's a beautiful crisp morning in northern colorado. then we take you to some of the cold stuff. 12 degrees now in mathrop from delmar smith, watching things there.
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to keep your head warm. we have a little cloud cover from fort collins down through denver. that will break up somewhat this afternoon. we'll see a little more sun. high temperatures today are looking about 59 to 60 fort collins, 60 boulder. evergreen about 54. should be about 61 in denver today. an above-normal day on temperatures. we will get to below-normal in the week ahead with a cold shot. we'll let you know when that arrives and how cold it will get coming up in a few. >> thanks, dave. if you plan to use a credit card for any of you more if you don't pay on time. this is the news in your money watch report. the government is raising the limit on some credit card late fees "the wall street journal" reports that starting in january, american express will be the first company to increase its late fee, charging customers $38 if they're late on more than one payment in the six-month period. and experts say slow summer travel sales should
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monday. some deals may even last through the first week of december. trims to the caribbean and europe are expected to come quite cheap. and disney has announced tickets for "rogue one: a star wars story" will go on sale monday. news came from an official treat from a "star wars" account yesterday. it debuts in theaters on december 16th. well, coming up, hateful, racist words are spraon
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ]
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>> a woman in aurora and the
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after a racist message was spray-painted on her front door. as andrea florez reports, the family wonders why they were targeted >> opened up the front door, and noticed someone had spray-painted 3 "k's" on my front door. >> reporter: ari and her teenager daughter were at home when a neighbor in evidence them of some disturbs news. racial slurs including the "n" word spray-painted on the door while they were home. >> they taped a note on door that also said, "watch your back, kkk." . >> reporter: the local naacp chapter is standing by ari's side >> people are emboldened in this political client, thinking they can say and do anything and the naacp is not going to tolerate it, and our community is not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: local leaders say the threat the more
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and white. it ought to bother any of us. >> reporter: aurora pd says the investigation is at the top of their list. >> it's started to the community and creates fear within the community as a whole. we will pull out all the stops. >> reporter: while ari says she no longer feels safe, she has a strong message to share. >> you're coward, and your behavior is not acceptable. your behavior will not be tolerated; and if and when they do find the people responsible, i of the law. >> reporter: andrea florez, cbs 4 news. some are celebrating and others are mourning the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. coming up, we'll look back on his rise to power before leaving cuba under his brother's control. we have a live look into little havana, miami, this morning. people there have been celebrating in the street since the announcement of
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,, ,,
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at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> this is cbs 4 news. >> and welcome back to the cbs 4 morning news. it is 7:30 on saturday, november 26th, and this is the news. fidel castro has died. we'll get to that in just a moment. let's get a check of the forecast with dave.
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it's a little chilly now. some of us are below freezing, especially in castle rock, highlands ranch, centennial, where it's 30, 31 degrees out there. you get out on the west side and up in the foothill, where we have a little westerly breeze going. boulder now feels like 50 degrees with that wind coming through. and here's the satellite and radar together. you can see, right over northern colorado, there's a little bit of high cloudiness going on. we have a little that has formed through denver with that westerly flow. that will give us partly cloudy skies, at least to start the day. we'll see some breaks in that system, sun this afternoon. so temperatures should be warming to about 57 by noon, 61 ought to be the high, under partly cloudy skies today. and it will be a little breezy from time to time, especially on the west side. big changes coming into play starting tomorrow. we already have winter storm warning in effect for the western mountains of colorado tomorrow through monday. i'll let you know how much snow will fly there, and whether or not we'll see any in
7:31 am
a bit. >> okay, dave. thank you. now to the news in cuba. state tv reports 90-year-old former president fidel castro has died. his brother and current president rauel castro said fidel will be cremated. kenneth craig takes a look back tat life of fidel castro. >> viva la revolucion. >> reporter: to supporters, he was dictator. but for better or for worse, fidel castro was cuba for nearly 50 years. he was born in 1926, the illegitimate son of a wealthy farmer. in the late 19 50s, castro, along with earnest toe che gevara began a campaign
7:32 am
>> i was happy here. >> reporter: under castro, cuba became a communist country, just 09 miles away from the united states. the island nation established close ties to the soviet union, and seized all u.s. owned properties. the united states responded with a long-running trade embargo. the u.s. also tried numerous times to oust him from power. in 1961, president kennedy authorized a force of cia trained rebels country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days in what became known as the bay of pigs invasion. the u.s. found evidence of soviet missiles in cuba, and the world held its breath as the cuban missile crisis escalated hour by hour until the soviets finally blinked, agreeing to remove the missiles. through the years, castro survived countless assassination attempts as he continued to goad the
7:33 am
in 1980, he embarrassed the u.s. when he included thousands of prisoners and mental health patients in a mass exodus of cuban exiles. nearly 20 years later, he turned a custody battle for a young cuban boy named elian gonzales into a public relations war against the united states. castro introduced free medical care and -- to cubans, but hes a maintained his power, abolishing multiparty elections, sensoring the media, and making most he was married twice and fathered nine children from five different mothers. just before his 8th birthday, castro shocked his people when, before undergoing major surgery, he turned the reigns of power over to his. after that, he made only occasional public appearances to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to
7:34 am
cuba and the united states. kenneth craig, cbs news. a chase through denver's neighborhoods ends with an arrest of two murder suspects. we've learned this case started with a shooting in aurora on thursday. jeff todd has the latest. >> reporter: the case started thursday morning at this travel lodge in aurora. a man was found around 2:30 in the morning with gunshot wounds. he later died. investigators were looking for this car, which they found as denver. the car was still on fire when we got on the scene. investigators are looking into whether it was intentionally set on fire. police saw the suspects nearby, and that's when the chase started. a chase went into the neighborhood where this mini van was hit, and then on the east side of federal, the chase came to an end as police officers executed a maneuver to stop the car.
7:35 am
both were taken to a nearby hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. after being treated, it's expected they'll be headed to jail. jeff todd, cbs 4 news. a community is in mourning after a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on i-25 crashes into a car carrying two teenagers. one of them died. it happened on thanksgiving morning near ari. alex rodriguez is charged with vehicular last night in windsor there was a vigil for kyle nacos. . wisconsin is preparing to recount all the votes cast in the presidential election. green party candidate jill stein filed the request. her campaign raised more than $5 million online to
7:36 am
she says she wants to make sure hackers didn't skew the results in those swing states. >> there were lot of hacks taking place around this election, hacks into voter data bases, into party data bases, into individual e- mail accounts. but we also know, unfortunately, is that the equipment that we use, much of it is not just open to hacks, hacks. . you can get a preview of lights at the denver zoo tonight, starting at 5:30. the event opens next weekend and runs through new year's day, and the zoo is taking steps to manage those crowds, because we know it gets busy there, by offering a shuttle from the commute rail at 40th and colorado to and from the zoo. tropical storm otto has still left plenty of damage in its path, leaving behind victims and
7:37 am
homes. the after the next. ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,,
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>> more than a month's worth of rain hit some areas near the nicaragua border. costa rica's president has declared three days of mourning to begin on monday as people affected by the storm are being helped with food and shelter. certainly a powerful storm. where the otto headed . >> it's over open water. not rally headed for anybody. we're in good shape. you have to feel for those people when you see pictures like that. and we complain when we get a little bit of snow, and something like that, when you look at it, it's incredible. let's track otto. we don't have big weather concerns in denver. we just have a mountain wave cloud. here's a look. we're taking you down into
7:41 am
costa rica out here, and across central america. look where it's going. it's open water here. at the moment, tropical storm otto has 45 miles per hour winds, moving west at 16 miles per hour. so on that current track, it will just take it right out to sea here, and weaken into just a big low pressure area. there's a look all the way through tuesday morning here. so that's good news. still a storm system, but it loses a lot of its punch as it gets out over open water. that's good new there is. meantime around here, we are looking at temperature place. look at p. it's 8 in liman, 21 in greeley, and would we are that westerly wind we have this morning is at 50 degrees. out in deer trail, it's 20. so it just depends how close to the foothill you are as to how warm your temperature is this morning. a little bit of cloud cover. there's that little wave cloud that forms there with that westerly wind, just hanging in over the front range. that will thin out somewhat as we warm up during the course of the afternoon. then we turn our attention to the next big weather
7:42 am
low pressure trough already raining on san francisco and snowing in the western nevadas. . tomorrow through monday, many locations in the mountains have a winter storm warning in the pink shaded areas, through steamboat down through aspen and telluride. about 6 to 12 from summit county up into rocky mountain national park. as this comes through, hit some moisture in denver. a few clouds this morning and mostly clear this afternoon. good. no measurable snow in denver where you might see a few flakes or raindrops flying by. most of the accumulating stuff will stay in the mountains. sunny, a little breezy from time to time. 00 tomorrow. welfare the evening bronco game
7:43 am
a little mix here. i just don't think it's going to really interfere with the game. not a big deal for us. 45, partly cloudy on monday. you want it cold, you want to break out the sweaters. 30, 35 respectively. even with that the cold shot, i just don't think we're going to see much moisture out of that. we're still wishing for a lot of moisture around here. wishing and hoping, it's still going on. it's almost time to start celebrating the holidays around here. i know a lot of people put up christmas -- >> they had good weather to do it. joining us is jane bach. good morning to you, jane. tell us, mile high holidays, what is that. >> it's our annual campaign to encourage visitors and locals alike to get out and celebrate the holidays in the mile high city. >> give us an example what people can partake, what kind of traditions are going to on? . >> we have the lights up. that's pretty cool. they'll have zoo lights, and blossoms of light
7:44 am
gardens. there's the heart-warming shows at the denver center for the performing arts. they have a christmas carol, "the christmas carol," then "rue doll if the red-nosed reindeer." ice skating, and of course lot of shopping, whether you're downtown, terry creek or all those neighborhoods around denver. >> that's almost the most important thing is the shopping. >> i was going to say, we've got the shopping down, the christmas lights um. now, if we can just get the weather department working here. >> i for sure. >> jean, i understand, too, there's some good deals for hotels around the area. can you tell us about? . >> is filled with deals and events. the hotel deals start at $99. that's a great way to make a night out of it or a week. don't forget, you have to start planning for move, firew, parties, et cetera, so there's lot of hotel packages. they're not all $99. >> sure. >> you can get on the web site and find out --
7:45 am
going to go downtown. >> for sure. >> now, "rue doll if the red- nosed reindeer" thing, that's new. is there anything else new? . >> "finding neverland" is coming. there's always new events happening. you have to look at the calendar, because there's so many. we have lot of fun things to do. and this year, there's blockbuster competitions. >> oh. >> at lots of the museums around town and also at the zoo. so all es wars" -- "washed ashore" at denver zoo, and mum mys at denver museum and signs. >> i love it. jean, thank you so much for being here this morning. we really appreciate it. very excited. the holidays are here, and we've got a link to the mile high holidays web site. just go [blues / country music] don't miss cabela's black friday weekend sale. come in for great deals on all your favorite brands, like 25% off sorel footwear
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>> people there have been celebrating in the street since the announcement of castro escheat. miami's mayor, who is a cuban american, says he supports the celebrations as long as people remain peaceful. toy experts looked at hundreds of new season. marly hall tells us the ones that kids will definitely want this year. >> reporter: for the young and young at heart, there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark, including the nerf imperial death trooper blast. lori schat is the toy officer at toy insider, and says "star wars" toys are expected to be among the
7:49 am
the shelf and fly off. >> reporter: from oversized action figures to this economizable light saber, "star wars" toys come in -- >> the kylo ren voice changing helmet. >> and you can use this on your kids, too,: "do your homework." there's also a flying millennium falcon, one of many drones on the market. this one is voice-activated. but the break-out toy holiday season, hatchemals. the small interactive creatures hatch, grow up, eventually learn to walk, talk, play games. the toys, which retail around $50 are sold out at most stores, but people are selling them online for well over a hundred dollars. >> there's going to be a shortage. i mean, if you see this on shelves, buy it. don't think twice. in fact, buy as many as they have, and don't think twice. >> reporter: with so many popular play things on kids' wish lists, toy makers have something to
7:50 am
more than a decade. marly hall, cbs news, new york. when the pac 12 conference expanded, the thought was cu and utah would become regional rivals. with a big game between both teams tonight, eric christiansen want to find out to see if the rivalry is real. >> reporter: which team do you want to beat the most every year? . >> all of them. >> reporter: which state has the best scheme? . >> we do, colorado. but i never -- i never actually my dad won't let me. >> reporter: fifteen years from now, you're married with kids. ''let's go on vacation to utah." what's your reaction? . >> no. >> reporter: no? which shade of red do you despise the most? utah red or nebraska red? . >> nebraska red. >> reporter: the state snack of utah is jell-o. the state snack of -- is a cinnamon roll. which do you prefer? . >> cinnamon roll, no doubt. my mom made cinnamon rolls the other day.
7:51 am
the bucs take on the utes tonight at 5:30. dave? >> good morning for you. cinnamon roll and hot cup of coffee out there. it's cold, but we have a few clouds out there. one more warm day, and then some changes coming to play, especially in the mountains, where tomorrow into monday, some areas could see a foot of snow or
7:52 am
,, ,,
7:53 am
7:54 am
,, ,, >> we cool it down next week, 40s, 30s, monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> it's coming. the holidays are here, and the weather should match it.
7:55 am
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same day delivery is available. again, all in stock, don't wait. and people, if they have the ability, they can take it themselves too if they want. oh yeah absolutely, you could pick it up at our 300,000 square foot warehouse. we won't make you walk the whole warehouse. we'll bring it out and we'll put it on your vehicle for you. some people may want to. i mean, really just walk off the thanksgiving meal. anything else you want to say to our viewers out there about the sale, about what's going on? well yeah, i mean, there's no doubt you're gonna save a lot of money on mattresses and appliances no matter what you do. but appliance factory and mattress kingdom, you're also getting super knowledgeable sales people to give you super service, because again if you think about that number, thousands and hundreds, you need somebody that can pick the right appliance and the right mattress 'cause you're gonna have it for years. and you don't want somebody in an orange smock helping you. you want a sales professional and that's what we're gonna give to you at appliance factory and mattress kingdom. alright perfect. great information.
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down there. really appreciate it. and we'll tell people where you're located and how to get a hold of you, so thanks so much. thank you chris. visit one of appliance factory and mattress kingdom's 16 colorado locations today. you need to, you really do need to. these are the final days to get black friday prices. their 300,000 square foot warehouse is stocked and they can deliver the same day. so stop by this weekend and get 40 to 80% off. visit their website at their main number is 303-782-9000. this segment is sponsored by appliance factory
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