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tv   CBS4 News at 5  CBS  November 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MST

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the second half, we controlled the tempo of the game in the second half on offense, so jalen did a good job in the second half and we did a better job executing. i told them at halftime, forget everything and go out and execute. >> allie: alabama has beaten auburn -- hasn't beaten auburn three consecutive times since 1992. what does it say about the toughness and the senior class? >> i'm proud of our players, we've had great leadershiper but i especially appreciate these guys. >> allie: thank you so much, coach. >> thank you. >> allie: one of those seniors is jonathan allen standing by me. your last game in bryant-denny stadium. you could have gone to the nfl. you stayed. what will you remember most? >> my teammates. they're my family. best fans in america. thank you for all the support they've shown me and the
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good luck in the s.e.c. championship game. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> verne: jalen hurts. freshman quarterback. 30-12 the final. we will return to bryant den in tuscaloosa. (vo) it's black friday weekend at verizon, and people are ready. because they know a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. get our best smartphones for free. like the iphone 7. the samsung galaxy s7. the pixel, phone by google. all absolutely free. plus, you'll get an $800 visa prepaid card when you switch 4 lines. shop our best black friday weekend deals this saturday and sunday only. hurry, and get it all at verizon. during the ford year end event, discover why ford is america's best-selling brand. ?i'm on top of the world, hey!? with the most 5-star ratings... award-winning value... and the highest owner loyalty...
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>> verne: 30-12 the final. time now for the napa play of the game. this will not surprise you at all. this beautiful pass from jalen hurts to ardarius stewart, who tiptoed down the sidelines for a touchdown. the napa play of the game. let's listen to the call of alabama announcer eli gold. >> gets the snap. looks. finds a man. throws. first down. stewart gets free. ardarius to the 10. to the five. he's in. touchdown, alabama. 38 yards. yes, indeed. >> verne: well, a full house here at bryant-denny. if you're an alabama fan, you loved this afternoon. thanks to our crew here in the
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stork. >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: our spotter, dave bolden and butch baird. our statistician chuck gardner. and a spouse, nancy. for gary danielson and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from tuscaloosa. the keep post game show is next after these messages. emphasis. that training becomes wisdom. and that you can only count on auburn graduates believe in honesty, a spirit that is not afraid, and prepardness. because, one never knows when cause for celebration will arrive.
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep post game show. >> adam: welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam tonight on cbs celebrate the holiday season with robbie the reindeer and the story of santa claus followed by a new edition of "48 hours" in the game you just saw alabama over auburn 30-12, all field goals frts tigers, bama hasn't allowed a touchdown since the a&m game five games ago. florida doing anything to crack this? >> rick: alabama established their presence on both lines of scrimmage, got back trong the
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is an x-rated film. you have got to find some holes in that defense. no one has. >> brian: i don't know how to follow that, really. they could not run the ball, auburn, came in averaging 297, got 66 yards on the ground. you look at florida and that young offensive line, they're going to be overwhelmed by this veteran defensive front of alabama. it's going to be difficult. >> adam: alabama is no all audiences. >> brian: that's true. >> adam: action from around the country, lamar jackson's heisman hopes. are they in trouble, rick? four turnovers. >> rick: lamar jackson fumbling inside two minutes. did he fumble his heisman trophy away? that's the question. austin mcginest takes advantage of the miscue and strikes a 47-yard field goal giving kentucky the victory. >> adam: fumble coming with the tie game and kentucky ends their
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louisville 41-38. stephen johnson a star in the making for kentucky. more s.e.c. versus a.c.c. kirby smart. what happened? >> brian: qua searcy. >> adam: they've won the last two between the hedges on georgia. it's the egg bowl, rick. how about an omelet. >> rick: nick fitzgerald off to th cracking an egg over ole miss's head. this is getting ugly. mississippi state huge ahead of ole miss. >> adam: about a dozen. 55-20 the final there. ole miss ends up in the s.e.c. west basement. not from the s.e.c. but a record setter, the highest scoring game in f.c.s. history, pitt with 76, syracuse 61, more combined points than either of their basketball meetings last year.
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and oklahoma. >> adam: we'll tell you what the wild ending in columbus means for michigan and ohio state. ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ? ? and if you want to be you, be you ? ? 'cause there's a million things to do ? ? ? ? ? ? the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating
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>> adam: welcome back to "the jeep post game show." tuesday night at 8:00 eastern join me and the rest of the over on cbs sports network for "inside college football" only on the 24-hour home of cbs sports we'll talk about the mess that is the big ten after the big game went to overtime and michigan left kicking everything, b.j. >> brian: jabrill peppers getting ready for the game. is brooklyn in the house? curtis samuel. 39, whirly, derly, they pick up eight yards.
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i'm going to say no. the refs say yes. jim harbaugh on my side here -- the next play curtis samuel, game-winning touchdown run and after the game urban meyer, who won the game, had something to say to his counterpart. >> it's my wife. i'll get right back to you. i'm at the press conference. all right, bye. she said bring a gallon of >> i'm bitterly disappointed. in the officiating. can't make that any more clear. my view of the first down was it was that short. >> adam: jim harbaugh loves milk. urban meyer, may be a dig there. i don't know. 30-27. he's 5-0 against michigan. ohio state. they get this win, they're number two. but they're not even going to go
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michigan state 45-12. they're going to represent the east. wisconsin has clinched the west. what do you make of ohio state chances? >> rick: i think this is bad news for the pac-12 and the big 12 because i think the winner of the big ten has a great chance to get in and i think ohio state is a lock to get in. >> brian: bad news for the committee. they placed a premium on conference champions. ohio state is not going to win their conference yet they're going to get into the playoff. r number two. they've got to go. they beat the number three team in the country. >> brian: if conference championships don't matter, say they don't matter. >> adam: thank you for watching the jeep post game show. here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday at 4:00 eastern. the s.e.c. championship presented by dr. pepper. number one alabama and number 15 florida. our coverage starts at 3:00 eastern with cbs college
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presented by jeep followed by "autotrader college football today." the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow. double header action. many will see the bengals and ravens. most will see the panthers and raiders. starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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. tonight the cu buffs take on utah. good evening i'm kathy walsh. it is safe to say this is one of the biggest games in cu history. with every win the next
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leading up to this point regard less of what happens it will be a big year when they go back against washington, still have the regular season 9 and 3 and head to a big bowl game one of the outcomes is a lot more desirable standing in cu's way the utah u's would have been playing for the same thing had they not lost last week. and the past 4 contest again they beat us the three years i've been here, all the games have been close and they found a way to win at the end and. this comes to a couple plays here and there we'll have to do it just like washington state and we'll make some plays. >> tonight's game is a sell out first one at fulsom since 2008.
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denver the driver was found with a gunshot wound. cbs4 dillon thomas is live at the scene with the latest. tom still very much so an active scene police continuing to arrive here about once every 10 minutes a new officer showing up a lot of these officers are packing into this road between federal and irving along kentucky where we're looking into a suspicious death a person who had wound. details are limited police originally responded with reports of a small vehicle crash they found a car had crashed into another parked car and the individual inside the car had a gunshot wound. the officer called for help as the victim received cpr but police say that adult male was pronounced dead at a local hospital police are continuing to show up as minutes pass there are a lot of police here tonight once again between federal and irving on kentucky
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answer right now is did this gunshot wound the victim have was it obtained before the crash happened or afterwards or did it possibly cause the crash? they are going to continue to investigate that and we'll bring you the updates. cbs 4 news. we have new information on the crash that killed a colorado state trooper south of castle rock. a driver of the truck hit the trooper arrested on two charges, melissa garcia is live at the state patrol garvin, another tragedy. the colorado state patrolthree troopers, it was a year ago to the month that jamie was killed along the same stretch of i-25 that the trooper was killed, and under circumstances that were very similar. it was around 1:30 when the colorado state patrol arrived
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castle rock to investigate an accident. >> police radios recorded donahue to report damage to this black sedan. >> the honda civic. >> little did he know his life was cut short. >> an officer was in the lanes of traffic other troopers soon saw it was true. >> looks like charlie 3 is down. >> scene? >> we got a driver that walked up to us. >> a trooper, husband and father of two pronounced dead at the scene. >> seeing something that horrific is horrible, horrible for anybody to see when we see somebody. authorities say the driver of the u.s. foods truck that hit donahue 41-year-old gomez
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cooperated with investigators he was arrested for traffic citations careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield the right of way of an emergency vehicle. >> he wasn't able to move over or didn't slow down or a combination of both. >> when you are driving a vehicle that size and you see emergency vehicles, it is a dangerous combination. we are putting our lives on the line every single day. he was bailed out of jail on a $500 bond we spoke with was visibly shaken he says that family is absolutely devastated by the tragedy and will at some point be making a statement but for right now, events happen are still too fresh reporting live melissa garcia cbs 4 news. the boulder county coroner will perform the office with a man found dead under a tractor, isaac was found by a family member pinned by the tractor at his home in longmont, no foul
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exactly what happened. we've got an update on the two colorado springs teen agers who survived being stranded on colorado's highest peaks we learned tommy hendricks and matt smith have been released from the hospital after being treated for frostbite they spent frigid nights with eagle county with little protection from the elements the teens were rescued wednesday after search crews spotted their tracks they are now at their homes in colorado springs. right now the worl castro. cuba's long-time leader the island nation is 90-miles from florida thousands hit the street in celebration, don champion has the latest from little havana neighborhood. >> reporter: people celebrating fills the streets in miami's little havana as word of fidel castro's death spread. the neighborhood is a cultural
5:28 pm
political prisoner in cuba for years, her family fled to america when she was 11. >> i saw suffering, i was a small child now i'm here, very thankful to be here, this is my country and i'm hopeful. i'm very hopeful for cuba. throughout the day the crowd behind me has shared many stores of decades of oppression and hope for the future. castro ruled cuba for nearly 50 years but health forced him to step down in 2006 known as a tyrant for imprisoning critics, others looked at him as a revolutionary, a fact he recognized. >> he was loved around the world because he is standing up to the american power. but the people who live in there -- president raul castro broke
5:29 pm
to the cuban people on state- run television friday night. flags are flying at half staff as the economist nation observes 9 days of mourning. castro's body has been cremated the funeral will be on sunday after a four day procession. turning to weather, dave aguilara is in. >> wig snow in the high coun we may get some snow in denver believe it or not, i saw a couple people out there putting their christmas lights up, this is the last of the real storm stuff. 60 degrees in denver, we made it to 61 in boulder, fort colins 59 in greeley we're already seeing changes, sunny to end the day, look at all the cloud cover coming in over southern colorado, that's a sign things are changing on the big picture, i want to show you what we have here.
5:30 pm
still out in california, ahead of it a big plume of moisture that will bring light snow to the mountains and cloud cover over the eastern plains as this system which we're watching move rain and snow in the west coast starts to move inland, it will get some wheels on i want and by tomorrow night this whole system out here should start to move into colorado, that's where we'll see snow. already we have winter storm warnings and advisories in effect for most of the mountains of colorado, some areas like summit county, rocky mountain national park 6 to 12 inches of snow, telluride, 10 to 20 inches of snow. sunday into monday. some of this is going to move into denver we have a chance of a rain/snow mix tomorrow, i'll show you how much i'm expecting and kathy, a major change in the weather is coming in the week ahead so we want to stick around for that. we will. thank you. americans are being asked to shop at local stores for the
5:31 pm
owned and operated stores in colorado, kelly tells us our state is one of the top business economies in the nation. >> when it comes to shopping in denver, bigger isn't always better. just ask mayor michael hancock. >> we got some ginger and lime soda. he stopped by the preservery on blake street, locally-owned market with locally grown products. >> typically when you shop small you are supporting local venders. encouraging shoppers to breakaway from big box stores and shop small. >> it is your neighbors, it is your friends, and there is a real commitment on behalf of the people here to shop small, to shop local. small shops like clothing
5:32 pm
all a big deal for the state's economy. >> they employ a million coloradoans, so small business is everything to our economy and our success so as you're out shopping for the holidays don't forget to shop small. >> in denver, kelly workman, cbs 4 news. small business saturday parking in the garage in midnight to park free of charge. nice. happening tonight you can get a preview of zoo lights the event officially opens next weekend at the denver zoo and runs through new year's day but tonight through 9:00 you can check it out before opening day. the zoo is taking steps to manage the crowds by offering a round trip shuttle from the commuter trail between 40th and colorado.
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assignment, where they'll be helping crews over seas. ,,
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. happening now, a super tanker from colorado springs in israel, helping fight a growing number of wildfires that may be linked to terrorism that plain flew 600-miles to join a team of firefighters, it is the first time of seeing action since the faa cleared it for service in september. tens of evacuees in israel are allowed to turn home since crews get a handle on the fires, authorities say 12 people have been arrested for arson the super tanker and crew will stay over seas until no longer needed. the green party initiated a recount in wisconsin, also eyeing several other states now the group has a new supporter, hillary clinton. cbs 4 has the latest from new york on today's announcement. >> reporter: hillary clinton's
5:37 pm
a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. green party candidate, jill stein, is calling for recounts in several states that help donald trump win the white house. her party has raised almost $6 million and filed paper work friday for a recount in wisconsin. >> we do not take money from corporations or from political pacs. this comes from the american public. clinton's campaign attorney posted a blog that says. now that a recount has initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process precedes in a manner fair to all sides. if jill stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts in pennsylvania, and michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. the president elect called the recount ridiculous, saying in a statement, "this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded and the results of this election should be respected
5:38 pm
abused which is exactly what jill stein is doing." clinton's team has not found any evidence of hacking, or not planning to have its own recount, they want to ensure it is legally represented in the process. cbs news. this will be the first presidential recount in wisconsin state history. new tonight, the secret service says it may rent a floor in trump tower the agency would turn the rooms into a 24/7 command host to help protect president elect donald trump and his family it would cost $1.5 million a year. agents sy they started considering the plan after the trump's announced first lady malania and their son baren completes the first school year. the secret service reveals the code names it will use for incoming administration, every president has a nickname as
5:39 pm
be mogle. first lady trump will be known as muse. mike pence is hoosier, ms. pence will be humming bird. hillary clinton had the code name evergreen, bill clinton was known as eagle. let's go to the man with the code name of weather wizard winds of change are blowing our way. we'll start with tomorrow and today nothing cool about this 60 degrees the high, normal high is 47 this morning we were chill at 41 degrees. out there, dia is a little colder at 38 with a southeast wind at 13 humidity at 27 and a check of our weather watchers joy jordan in bennett is coming in right at 40 degrees right now, fire stone, john murphy is checking in with 48 degrees. now, here is the satellite this morning we have a little wave cloud that built up that cleared out nicely, we had sunshine and really warm temperatures, warm down sloping
5:40 pm
starting to cloud up over the southern stretches of the state and that's a moisture plume that's shooting in from mexico and arizona between systems that high pressure ridge is moving out. that's pulling up some of that moisture here. then a big deep trough of low pressure moving in to california and in between that's where we have that little plume of cloud cover coming through. this will initially give the southern mountains light snow over night when that front comes through tomorrow morning it is really the snow here is what we have that flow going on as we look at no this trough there is a big batch of colder air coming through with this we'll take you to the next several days the cold front swings through, by tomorrow morning it is here. snow in the mountains, we may have rain/snow mix here in the morning in denver. no accumulation on the snow, it may wet things down a little bit as this trough moves through, what we'll notice, this will open the door for some of this arctic air to flow through in the week ahead.
5:41 pm
tuesday, several days of prolonged cold air probably mid to upper 30s for the highs all the way through next weekend once we get to tuesday. advisories now we have winter storm warnings going on in the pink shaded areas 10 to 20 inches from steamboat through telluride. 6 to 12 inches of snow, summit county into rocky mountain national park all the way tonight and into tomorrow night. get ready for the snow up there. if you're driving, visibility will be way down the wind will be kicking up 35 mountain passes. for us, a little bit of moisture here. i just don't think it is going to be a lot. will be cloudy early. for the bronco game tomorrow night, it will be mostly clear, very, very cold. over night 30s, 20s across the state, highs tomorrow not as high as today. a lot of 50s here in the east, we're seeing that temperature drop only 50s and 40s for highs in the west. tonight, increasing clouds, freezing over night tonight.
5:42 pm
sprinkles in the afternoon temperatures still go to about 50 but it is going to be windy tomorrow. not as nice as today. 45 on monday. mostly cloudy. there is the big cool down tuesday, wednesday and thursday, not a lot of moisture with this coming through but high temperatures only in the 30s over night lows dropping into the teens by the time we get to the middle of the week ahead. winter is here all of a sudden. >> yeah november will go out with a big shiver, i th
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tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. . a key member of the no-fly zone not going anywhere anytime soon. agreeing to a four year deal, the new contract worth 28 million, 17 of it guarantees the majority of the core of the denver defense now locked up for the next couple of years meanwhile 10 games into this season the broncos defense still a work in progress. they ranked 27 in rushing yards, 23 in passing yards per
5:46 pm
average at best and turn overs have become a problem the last couple of games the good news broncos are 7 and 3 and still right in the thick of things in the nfc west. >> i don't think anybody on offense would say we've put together a complete game, we've shown some things we can do but a little too much inconsistency probably and i think it is exciting we've won 7 games and we know we can get better. i don't think there is too many teams that can say that and be so with stuart getting a new contract, we ask who has been the defensive mvp. john elway at the nuggets game number 7, still slinging drops an absolute dime for a touch down during the time out, i tweeted the video out last night lots of people are suggesting the hall of famer should come out of retirement for the next six games. that pass came during the fourth quarter of the nuggets
5:47 pm
thunder were mounting a john way fourth come back. not either defense for the come back the nuggets did put on a show the nuggets had a double digit lead with four minutes to play, just couldn't get it stopped russell westbrook had a double that forced o-t, where the thunder won 32-29. pretty easy to figure out. >> we played a little bit of defense in that game we get to win that's just another tough he that we've had this season and you know, hopefully we can win more than we lose. >> hosting the second leg of the conference final. 2-1 up in seattle the scoring if it is a one-goal rapids win, road goals would be the tie- breaker the case for the rapids
5:48 pm
have told us this at the beginning of the year, you've got one game you have to one 1- 0 at home and the mls cup inthink we take our chances i think we are confident going forward we'll not change much we'll do what we've done at home all year. college football and alabama a lock for the college play offs number two iowa state number three michigan this is how lebron james and the cavs felt on the pick six dance on the side t harbaugh felt after a call he didn't like. started breaking things game went to overtime, needs a touch down, they get a touch down, and let's play some more football. second o-t, win it with a touch down and there it is, that's a touch down ohio state wins 30- 27. the buckeyes won't play in the big 10 title game that will be
5:49 pm
still in pretty good position for the play off, pretty common to see a camera man get on the sideline, ms. arizona getting trampled. don't worry guys, ms. arizona, she was okay. >> ms. arizona what happened. >> you're good, we've got an apology. >> i guess i wanted to play apparently, i wanted to jump right in front of them i am so good because i'm a physical therapy technician, >> there you go. finally high school football on tuesday, it is fans rushing the field thinking their team has won, you see the little score not so fast a couple seconds left on the 00:00 clock, the kickoff they fake the hand-off after circling back around would flip it to that player and the coverage team getting tired without a position make a couple guys miss off he goes your classic high school
5:50 pm
he ran over ms. arizona ms. massachusetts. >> never lost her crown. >> she didn't. >> she is a physical therapy major, she stuck the landing. >> incredible. taking a live look outside now,
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,, ,,
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$90 off a masterbuilt elite electric smoker and $100 off a quantum tour kvd casting reel shop for incredible deals in store and at y26gly yvpy . . okay, if you're traveling in the mountains tonight all the way through monday, we've got some big snow coming that way, several advisories and warnings for at least 1 to 2 feet of snow in many mountain locations a lot of wind blowing that around visibility will be way down here in denver, 32 with increasing clouds, breezy tomorrow tomorrow there is a slight chance of a little sprinkle of a rain/snow mix in the morning not a big deal
5:58 pm
so it will feel colder than that watch out and the big change comes next week 45 on monday mostly cloudy the 30s return, clear to partly cloudy skies as well. >> thanks ,,
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,, ,,
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>> today on the "american health front," we discover our body has the power to repair and heal itself using its own cells. we explore the advantages of joint-replacement surgery performed in an outpatient surgery center. we learn how dental implants can restore our natural smile and help maintain good dental health. please stay with us as we explore a team of home-care providers who make a difference in the lives of every client, every family. hello, everyone. i'm bill levasseur. welcome to the "american health front." the purpose of our program is to educate and inform you, the viewer, about treatment options now available in the ever-changing world of medicine. this is a special denver edition of "american health front." our staff has teamed up with some of the area's finest physicians and healthcare facilities to explore the fascinating frontiers of today's


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