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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we begin cbs4 morning news was several breaking stories. denver police say at least five people were shot at three different scenes. the first shooting happened at a warehouse near cherokee and arkansas where dozens of teenagers were reportedly having a party. we do know that one pers w the hospital. it is not clear what led to that shooting. shortly after that, denver police say they responded to this deadly shooting at 38th and high street. three people had to be taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. what led to that shooting remains under investigation. the third shooting happened around 2 am this morning in the montbello neighborhood near carson. one person was killed a few details are known about a possible
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lots of happy buffs are waking up in colorado today. maybe they are still sleeping following a long night of celebrating. the cu buffs are heading to the pack 12 championship after beating utah last night 27-22. will have more than just a minute. it sunday morning to -- good sundayor let's check in with dave aguilera in the weather center. today will be transitioned day. we will get a shot of winter. early winter like weather already happening in the web -- in the mountains. the doppler is showing nothing really popping in denver. we are shrouded in clouds but we are seeing a rain/snow mix in sterling. we may see a little passes through the denver metro.
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snow in the mountains right now. we have snowing in aspen and snowing into the mountains as well. the winter storm warning that we have in effect for western colorado is through today and into tomorrow from sections of steamboat springs all the way down through telluride. that will be the worst of the weather. we're looking at 10-20 inches of snow in there. and all the way up into rocky mountain national park, about 10 inches. we are in the low 40s around here but later tonight, the wind will kick up as the system comes through. in some of the higher foothills, estes park down through bailey, dekkers, we could see up to 70 miles per hour winds . for the denver metro area, we will go into detail here, but we will be cloudy, cooler, and we might get a sprinkle of rain or a flake of snow. we will outline of for you coming up in a few minutes. new video of a rollover
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photojournalist was driving behind that suv when it rolled over. he said he saw one teenage girl stuck inside and several other teams pulled her out before taking off into a field. please responded and try to catch those teenagers. so far, they have not found them. and electrifying night at folsom field after the cu buffs beat the utah utes 27-22. the crowd rushed thel sportscenter. they said last night that boulder is bumping. they will now play in the championship this coming friday. we will also hear what else comes up later in the show. we have a look for you at oh dark 30 this morning. the broncos are hosting the kansas city chiefs in a showdown. broncos fans, you can join the
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and boat on our poll at abbey spent top. tweet with us during the game and boat on our it is rbs fan talk. you don't want to miss out. a shooting in colorado springs is left one man dead and another in critical condition. it happened last night on carmel drive. one man is in his 30s and the other man is in his 40s. police are looking for two suspects. is not clear what led up to that shooting. a truck driver is facing careless driver charges after hitting and killing a state tr the trooper, cody donahue, died at the scene.'s dillon thomas reports, this is a tragic reminder for drivers to move over for emergency vehicles. >> reporter: one -- when cody donahue responded to the scene of a vehicle crash, he never could of know the terror that was headed his way. s an officer is laying in the lanes of traffic. truck just minutes after arriving on scene. >> it looks like charlie three
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injuries over the radio. >> he is down. >> conscious, breathing? >> no. >> reporter: they said this tragedy is hitting the force hard. >> for the detectives that are out there combing through the evidence, it is hard. it is hard on the traffic accident investigators. it is a big part in it takes a toll on everybody. >> reporter: it is unclear why he struck the charges and suggested that he did not yield. >> is charged with careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. >> this is the third state trooper in recent history to be killed on that stretch of i 25 making an already difficult job much more trying for those on duty. while law enforcement sees terrible things each day, this one, they say, feels much worse., you see somebody in uniform, it makes it much harder. >> they said that this tragedy
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that they do not want to comment at this time. they said "cody, we've got the watch from here, buddy. rest in peace." cuba is now under a nine day morning.. tributes came from nations for which cuba was close allies with including russia. vladimir putin praised castro saying he was a symbol of an era. some people were seen crying. mexico's president tweeted "fidel castro was a friend of a country who promoted respect and dialogue." not all cuban-americans agree. >> i know that i've heard some people say that you shouldn't be happy about the death of someone. i am elated about the death of fidel castro. he is been a monster in my life that has hurt thousands and
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relationship between united states and cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements. during my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us." thousands in miami's little havana neighborhood celebrated casters death. they chanted "blooper todd, which means freedom there's a waved us and cuban flags. police had to shut down part of a street as the crowd grew to 3500 people. one woman says she knows it is this is closure for the cuban people. cubans here in colorado are also reacting to cuba's debt -- casters death. some are morning the news and others are concerned about what it may mean for cuba's future. we spoke with one woman who lived under his rule and is now fighting for freedom.>> reporter: cuban born letty garcia says news of fidel castro's death marks the end of an era. >> i don't know what it means.
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rise to power. >> we were always so happy when castro came to power, but things started to get a little crazy.>> reporter: her mother, and educator, was the last in her family to turn against the regime. >> he came to her to talked about -- to talk to them about his plans for education. they were odd and excited. in that quickly turned to fear. >> i remember military people from castro house and searching everything. >> her family fled the island when letty was 11-year-old -- 11 years old. today, she is actively involved in working to regain travel restrictions on the island. >> more engagement is what will bring about change.>> reporter: now letty says it is time for decades of communist rule to come to an end.
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>> future relations between cuba and the us will soon be in the hands of future collect donald trump. yesterday, he said that his administration will do all that they can to begin a nation of prosperity and liberty. we hope that you enjoyed the 60s the we had around here yesterday. it will be a while before we get that warm again. it is snowing in the mountains of colorado. blowing snow in some locations. we will let you know denver coming up. chaos erupts at a nightclub on bourbon street. what we are learning about a shooting that left one man dead and others in the hospital. what medical experts say about how lack of sleep can
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,, ,, ,, this is the news and health. a new warning for pregnant women and can a lack of sleep affect kidney function?
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>> reporter: new research shows the leschi sleep the worse it may be on your kidneys. scientists linked lack of sleep with worsening kidney function. they found the risk of developing kidney failure dropped with every extra hour of nighttime sleep. a new study in mortality shows men still have catching up to do when it comes to life expectancy. an international team loo birth and death records since the 18th century. they found that despite huge jumps in longevity, men still do not live as long as women, and they are not sure why. new data suggests that women who lie on their backs in the third trimester may be at intrigue -- may be at increased risk of stillbirth. that can add extra stress on the fetus and can reduce oxygen
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those are this week's top health stories. cbs news, dallas. a shooting any night club leaves one man dead and nine others hurt. it happened on bourbon street in the french quarter. police have not said how badly the night others are hurt. we do know two men were arrested at the scene for illegally carrying firearms, and one man is a victim. homicide detectives are still investigating this morning. no one can draw attention like lady gaga. her gaudy gallons, her enchanting personality enter singing ha but they tell us that lady gaga is now taking things down a notch. >> it seems like you are more lady now than gaga, if that makes sense. you know what i mean? >> today. what about tomorrow? >> there was a time when the one thing that you can count on from the theatrical pop diva was outrageousness. >> [music]
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>> she put meat dress in a fashion dictionary. she wasn't style over substance. her six grammys are proof of that. it was just part of the package. but her latest solo album called joanne is a toned down diva. >> [music] [ singing ] >> i think that when people see me with less of what i was doing before -- >> it is a sense that you have evolved into something. >> it is lessnau. i don't know that you can put a label on growth. i am just me. i'm growing up. on 30. this is what i want to do now.>> lady gaga doing it her way. quilting right here on cbs
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high. >> game day and ski resorts will be going gaga too. headed into the mountains today, we make it a little bit of snow this morning and some areas. let me explain what is going on. i think that all things considered, not a bad morning. we have some cloud cover so temperatures are not quite as gold for some spots as they have been in the last couple of warnings. if you remember yesterday morning, it was eight. it is 32 in wendy o leckie in pete's is coming in at 35 degrees this morning. here is a satellite and radar together. we have clouded up all night long. snow and rain developing late last night in the mountains with a few thunderstorms going on as well. now, it is spreading into the central rockies here. there's also some rain in colorado south down toward walsenburg and trinidad as
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is moving out. it opened a door for the slow to swing through with a cold front into colorado. you can see from canada all the way through texas, where completely cloudy with this guy moving through here. once this comes through, it will open the door for cooler air to come in. with the transition going on today. once we get into the weekend, our temperatures will take a nosedive around ember and most of colorado for that matter. he storm warning so we have today and into tuesday morning. winter storm warnings and advisories going on. in the pink shade, we can see 10 inches to 20 inches of snow in the mountain areas. in rocky mountain national park, 6 to 12 inches. in lesser amounts as you move a little further west as well. you can add into that, later tonight as the system swings in here, we have already had a 70
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later tonight and into this evening, we could have gusts up to 70 miles per hour going on. here we go through the day. snow in the mountains. we will have a little mix around denver early on and then partly cloudy skies later tonight. if you are going to the bronco game today, this one to be cloudy and windy as well. i today, 52. 27 the low tonight. 46 tomorrow with cloudy and windco tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we will all be in the 30s. the mountains will have some snow out of this. i think this will linger all the way through friday for that matter. we may not make it back into the 40s until may be saturday of next weekend.>> gaga for snow. >> and hopefully gaga for cold. still ahead on cbs4 news.
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,, sports break. good morning. the bucs clinched a bowl berth back in october. they made it clear that was not the ultimate goal. the goal was a pack 12 title. that seemed bananas at the time. but here we were last night. a sold-out game in folsom. senior quarterback was not going to be denied on that run. he made it 7-7 the first quarter. the bucs came up big.
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they do a lot -- they denied utah jazz to take the lead. 13-13. a perfectly placed pass. the buffs go up. they scored a touchdown on this one which pretty much sealed it. time for the students to rush the field. 27-22. the buffs will play in the pack 12 title against washington. >> we put all -- we of this hard work with these guys into finally get something out of it. this year, we have something to show for. >> we look real good right now after that win but we still have a lot more to do for the rest of the season. >> we are one win away. we are going to get into the playbook right away and i'm excited to get back to work. >> the pack 12 is this friday.
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this is been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet. the most awarded car company for two years in a row based on 2014-2015 year-end totals. brought to you by your chevy dealers. we learned the push to shop small is a big deal. when it comes to shopping in denver, bigger is not always better. just ask mayor michael hancock. >> lime soda. >> he stopped by the preserver he on main street a locally owned market with locally grown -- locally grown. >> that is a focus on small business saturday. encouraging shoppers to break away from big-box stores and shop small.
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is your neighbors and friends. there is a big effort to shop local. >> reporter: and small shops like clothing store, judith and joe, are a big deal for the state's economy. >> they employ over 1 million coloradoans. small businesses everything to our economy. >> is -- >> reporter: if you are out shopping for the da >> it is a very supportive environment here in denver with a lucky to be a part of it. >> there is still time of -- there is still time for people in colorado to shop. upses having a job fair today and they're still looking to hire full and part-time employees. had to you it -- head to ups for more information. star wars fans have their first chance to pick up tickets
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disney announced the tickets will go on sale. it is a prequel to the star wars saga. the movie hits theaters december 16. slow summer travel sales it expects and big airfare sales and hotel deals for cyber monday. is the online shopping day for online shoppers. >> wouldn't it be nice to go to the caribbean right now? you are going to want to go to the caribbean after you see what is coming the next couple of days. with 33 degrees. will let you know who may see over a foot of snow up there and whether or not we will see any snow in denver flying anytime soon. coming up on cbs4, a somber anniversary for planned parenthood in colorado springs.
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with a pro-life coming up in a few minutes.
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,, live from colorado's news channel. this is cbs4 morning news. welcome back to colorado's news channel. it is 6:30 am on sunday, november 27. this is a live look from ice 70 in silverthorne where chain laws are in effect for westbound traffic from copper mountain to bill pass.
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clear but you can definitely see snow up there. dave aguilera is in the weather center. a dave, there could be more snow headed their way. there's a lot of moisture michigan. let's take you to doppler 4000. we have some snow coming through summit county into idaho springs here. it is all coming from the west, southwest. typically when that happens, we get a downslope in denver. it dries appear in re-energize is once it gets out to sterling and some of those areas in northeastern colorado where they have a little rain/sn the bigger amounts of snow that we are working on right now are in the western mountains. you can see that moisture flowing in there. we have had some lightning bolts and thunderstorms going on was some of that. there is a lot of convection going on. that means a lot of moisture and a lot of cool, wet air coming into play there. winter storm warning, we have sunday through monday, we have steamboat all the way through sections of telluride expecting 10-20 inches. and from summit county to rocky mountain -- rocky mountain
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our breakdown for today looks like this. 39 with a passing makes this morning. mostly cloudy. when do this morning with 49 at noon. our high today will be 52. we michael partly sunny this afternoon, meaning still a lot of cloud cover, kelly, but a little more sunshine made. through as we finish up the day. that will mean mostly cloudy skies for the big bronco game later today. thanks, dave. the year ago today, a gunman opened up fire in saturday planned parenthood in colorado springs. four people were killed and a dozen others hurt. rick salinger looks back at the last year and how it is impacted the clinic. >> it was a day that shook america. the planned parenthood was under siege by a man who later spoke to us from jail.
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they get aborted every day. i guarantee you they had a lot of cancellations, and i might've saved the thousand.">> reporter: three lives were taken in the process. karen middleton heads pro- choice colorado. she fills the admitted killer is competent in his action -- and his actions amounted to domestic terrorism. >> did all kinds of things that were premeditated. i think that he knows what he was doing. i'm concerned. i think you should be standing trial.>> he is in a state hospital after once again being found not competent for trial.>> reporter: did that attack succeeded discouraging abortions? >> no, it did not. , we can try to impact the ball and we can try to use violence, but women -- this is part of williams -- women's healthcare and always has
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>> reporter: the clinic reopened this fall. they issued this sad statement. "we remember those who were lost, hope to those who were injured, give thanks to those who provided us with comfort and support.." >> "apologies? , no. i say that if they are going to execute me, that will be apology enough there">> they will -- there will be a ceremony honoring the first response was -- fst -- including swasey. one car parked into -- one car ran into a parked car on kennedy yesterday. details about a suspect have not been released. new this morning, wildlife experts are keeping an eye on the moose population to the north of us. the casper star tribune stated
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due to the drought and predators there. experts have two projects going on in the big horns and snowy range to study the animal survivor -- survival rates. more homeless are found living in cars and they are sleeping in overnight location -- in public locations. they typically see seasonal workers sleeping in their cars for about a week at a time. the the federal land despite the notification to leave. they faced off with law enforcement officers over the holiday. one officer addressed the crowd directly. >> on the north side, you have members of your group wearing armor. why would they be doing that if
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>> the army corps of engineers said they will close the land being used as a protest site on december 5. anyone trespassing will be arrested. there will be a designated free- speech area. track -- thousands of people who fled from wildfires in israel are returning home. the fires broke out seven weeks ago, and firefighters are starting to get a handle on this flames. some fires were deliberately set. 12 people have been arrested on suspicion of arson. a supertanker from colorado springs made its way to israel to help firefighting efforts. the plane holds 20,000 gallons of water which is more than all of israelis caretakers combined. friends and family of a nine-year-old killed in a bus crash honored her life yesterday. the funeral for coordination jones was held yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee. she was one of six children killed after the driver crashed bus into a tree. >> she was the most genuine child you could ever meet. you know when people say that
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they just say it. well, for coordination, it really meant that.>> reporter: five children are still at the hospital in one has been updated -- upgraded to fair condition. the charges tried with vehicular homicide. questions surround how the location name for trump tower was changed on google maps. it was changed to "dump drop" for a few hours -- for a few hours until it was discovered. the green party is requesting a recount and now they have a new supporter, hillary clinton. we have a report on today's announcement. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign team announced saturday that they will participate in a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. green party candidate, jill stein, is calling for recounts in several states that help
6:37 am
the party's race, $6 million and they filed paperwork on friday for a recount in wisconsin. >> we do not take money from corporations or from political packs. this comes from the american public. >> reporter: clinton's campaign attorney posted a blog that says "now that a recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure that the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. " she is promised and pursues recounts in pennsylvania and michigan, we will take the same approach in the states as well. the president-elect called the recount -- ridiculous saying in a statement that this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded. the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused which is exactly what jill stein is doing. linnton's team says it is not found any evidence of packing or tampering with election
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planning to launch its own recount. that now that it is happening, the campaign says it wants to ensure that it is legally represented in the process. wendy gillette cbs news. this is the first presidential recount in wisconsin state history. coming up, a baby girl is thrown into a drainage gate in a car wreck in surprise. the amazing chain of events that left firefighters in arkansas shocked. a live look from our tech center can. a little blurry this morning
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,, welcome back. a live look at our mile high kim. it is we have a little break in the cloud cover but there is more on the way tonight. the clouded up big time last night. a little break this morning but there will be more clouds as we go through the morning. if you look at the radar, you can see that there is snow in the mountains and cloud cover that is out in western colorado. a good look for you there. weather watcher, george, coming
6:42 am
rain mix was now going by their and that a little break up in the cloud cover this afternoon. we might get some sun peeking through at the end of the day. in the mountains, it will be snowing applying all day long with the wind as well. i today at 53 and fort collins. we will also be in the 50s in denver as well. later tonight as the system tracks across colorado, winds are going to be howling in the foothills west of town this evening with winds up to 70 miles per hour on the way down to decker. we will have to watch out for that. big changes in the week ahead. big-time for denver too. you will not believe what we have got for you. stick around. >> i am already cold, did -- dave. a little girl is lucky to be alive after being thrown out of the car before crashed. the baby girl and for others were what -- were rushed to the hospital. their car was clipped by an 18 wheeler during a lane change, call it -- causing it to flip.
6:43 am
inside the drainage gate with only a small scratch on her face. >> the eight-month-old was actually sitting down in the great -- sitting up and looking up at is waiting for us to pull her out. she was not screaming. she was not crying. she was just sitting there waiting for us. >> the driver of that 18 wheeler was cited for an improper and unsafe lane change. police have arrested a man who set several fires of businesses during the busy holiday weekend. two fires started at a barnes & noble and olma there is extensive smoke and water damage in both of those buildings and both of them were forced to close, which could be detrimental to their bottom line. >> i asked her to put a team of people together to make sure that the businesses with been damaged by this fire will have an opportunity to get their engineers and architects together. >> no one was hurt inside these buildings. there were several other fires in the area last week, but it is not clear if the same
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the calls of those fires are still under investigation. time now for a look at top stories while that is ahead.,,
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here is a look at your top stories this sunday morning. the buffs are on cloud nine utah utes yesterday. the buffs will now head to santa clara for the pack 12 championship. cu has now defeated top-ranked teams in back-to-back weeks since -- for the first time since 2002. a nightclub shooting on a busy bourbon street left one man dead and nine others her. police have not said how badly
6:47 am
two men were arrested for illegally carrying firearms and one of them is a victim. homicide detectives are still investigating this morning. cuba is under a nine-day mourning. after the death of former dictator, fidel castro. while thousands celebrated over the weekend, tributes came from countries where fidel was close with. russia and mexico promoted fidel castro saying he was good with respect and dialogue. aguilera with the weather. struck with a good-looking start to our day, but change is going to happen today. we had a change into a little taste of winter. 33 degrees. if you look at temperatures across the state, we have cold air and moist air moving into the mountains. 30 in avon, we have 30s and 40s across the seven -- across the
6:48 am
richford half -- richard hoffman shows it is 43 degrees where he is this morning. rain and snow wrapping up in the southwest and moving into the central part of colorado. it is snowing already in summit county up into rocky mountain national park. a big plume of moisture coming in last night around a high-pressure area that is moving out. this low, this is a storm system that dumped a lot of rain and snow into colorado and it is bringing moisture with it. it is pounding the mountains. once it gets into denver, it may not do a lot for us except for cooler temperatures. we have advisories and warnings in the mountains. from steamboat all the way down to telluride. 10-20 inches expected by monday night. 6 to 12 up in the mountains. we might see a little rain/snow mix as we go into the
6:49 am
the cloud action might end the day with just a few rays of sunshine coming through. it will snow all night long in the mountains and all the -- in the mountains and all the way through tomorrow night. we could have wind gust and high winds and effective to 70 miles per hour down to decker's. highs in the 50s across the eastern plains. all. a slight chance of moisture this morning. it will be mostly cloudy, windy, and a high of 52 in denver. if you're going to the football game tonight, it will be 36 degrees by halftime. it will be 46 on monday. it will stay windy through tuesday, and the big thing that you notice on the five day, kelly, is it will only be in the 30s for highs in overnight lows will be in the teens. i am already starting to shiver thinking about a.
6:50 am
the seventh annual 1940s christmas ball is happening this saturday in broomfield. we have some great guest this morning to talk about that. >> they are here to tell us all about the live music, dancing, reenactments of holiday classic films that will be part of this event. even some sleigh rides. we have kenzie and also andrew to tell us all about the ball. thank you for being here this morning. we are just blown away by how handsome and beautiful you are. tellis maybe what makes the 1940s ball so popular and of course fun? >> it is now eight years old, and each year, it got more and more popular. i think that people were drawn to a more simple time, specifically the nostalgia of christmases past or christmases of our childhood. we bring to life the movie, white christmas. we do the sisters act and we have being and all of the characters, the big bands in
6:51 am
jeeps and the trucks. so we really bring out that magic from christmases of people's childhoods. >> how did it get started? what got the ball off of the ground?>> kenzie was flying up at boulder, and basically she was around a lot of people that had world war ii aircraft and i think that she was inspired by her grandparents were radio performers. they did radio theater and stuff like that. >> my grandmother had a radio show in the 40s and when my grandpa got back from world war two, he became the host of her radio show. i grew up around them singing and just being really interesting characters. >> it sounds like a fun childhood>> yes. s we're looking at some fabulous pictures here. it looks like everybody is festively dressed and having a lot of fun. what are some highlights? >> for this year specifically? this year, we have the satin dolls were coming from
6:52 am
and sing like the angel sisters and have great costumes. we are excited about that. we are bringing in some of the biggest stars from vegas. judy garland, frank sinatra, young elvis. s we are going to do a vintage vegas show after the big bands. >> it sounds like the 40s were so much fun. >> swing dancing alone, everybody gets dressed up. everybody swing dances. with the class at the end of the night. the big bands just bring it out. people want to dance even if they do not know how to swing dance. >> that is so great. thank you so much for being here. we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. for more information, you can head to our website. we have information there on your screen. for ticket information, head to 1940s>> thank you guys. straka troubling situation for a woman who lost her husband in a shooting. why she says she's not surprised with the circumstances leading up to his
6:53 am
,, shouldn't cost more.
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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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a 39-year-old good samaritan is described as a talker not a fighter. now, his wife turned widow describes the moment the first moment that she found out her husband was murdered. she reports from san antonio. >> why did he have to go help? >> reporter: lisa benevides said her husband always helped people who were down on their lock. so she is not surprised at all that he died trying to save a woman from harm. is not -- he was shot together -- he was shot to death on friday at a woman -- trying to help a woman at walmart. i came back to my car, and i found that cops were surrounding my car.
6:56 am
i roll the window down and i realized it was my husband. she said the 39-year-old father of force in the light of her life for 22 years. >> he was the light of my life. he was my other half. now, he is gone and i do not know what to do.>> reporter: through tears, the family is trying to raise enough money for funeral expenses. break from the holiday stress, check out santa land diaries. it is based on the stories of david's adair is where he worked as an elf that macy's santa land. it focuses on the darker side of the holidays and is really for adult audiences. santillan diaries runs through december 24 at the denver center for the performing arts. find out more about denver mile
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website. teenagers caught in a deadly shooting in denver. what police are saying about the investigation. a rollover seen firsthand by one of our own photojournalist. more on the bizarre details surrounding that scene. with partly cloudy skies over denver this morning but there is a lot of snow moving into the mountains on
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,, ,,
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,, ,, we are following several breaking news stories this morning. denver police say at least six people were shot at three different scenes. the first shooting happened at
7:00 am
having a party. we do know one person was killed and another taken to the hospital. it is not clear what led to that shooting. shortly after that, denver police say they responded to the shooting on 38th in high. police say that three people had to be taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. what led to the shooting remains under investigation. the third shooting happened around 2 am this morning in the montbello neighborhood near carson anne maxwell., police say that one man was killed that few details are known on a possible moti a lot of happy buffs are waking up in colorado today. maybe they are still sleeping following a long night of celebrating. the cu buffs are heading to the pack 12 championship after beating utah last night 7-22. we will have more on that in just a minute. good sunday morning to you. i am kelly werthmann.


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