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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MST

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having a party. we do know one person was killed and another taken to the hospital. it is not clear what led to that shooting. shortly after that, denver police say they responded to the shooting on 38th in high. police say that three people had to be taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. what led to the shooting remains under investigation. the third shooting happened around 2 am this morning in the montbello neighborhood near carson anne maxwell., police say that one man was killed that few details are known on a possible moti a lot of happy buffs are waking up in colorado today. maybe they are still sleeping following a long night of celebrating. the cu buffs are heading to the pack 12 championship after beating utah last night 7-22. we will have more on that in just a minute. good sunday morning to you. i am kelly werthmann.
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let's check with dave aguilera to learn more about what is happening in our forecast. we have snow showing up pretty close to denver right now. this is a loop of the last six hours. you can see a shot coming across summit county into boulder county there. on the west side of boulder and the higher foothill locations, we're already starting to see some snow pickup. once you get north of boulder between folder in the loveland area, there is a showing up your. not much is moved into denver but we have a chance of seeing rain and snow the to the city this morning. not looking for a lot of cumulation, but the first shot will drop a little precept. it is snowing in the mountains and we have thunder snow going on. a lot of convection pulling in with some of the storm cells that are flowing. in some cases, you could get really heavy pockets of snow in a very short period of time. winter storm warning's in effect in most areas in colorado. some areas may see over a foot
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in telluride. they may see 20 inches of snow there. 39 degrees at 9 am. a passing rain snow mix possible. by noon at 49, and 52 later this afternoon. it will be windy as well. later tonight, there will be big wins developing along the foothill locations. there is a high wind watch in effect we could be -- could see up to 70 mile-per- hour winds in that area. a transition day with colder weather to look forward to. i will be back in a little bit. new video of a rollover crash. our photojournalist was driving behind that suv when it rolled over. he says he saw one teenage girl stuck inside and several other girls pulled her out and took off into a field.
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far, they have not found them. and electrifying night at folsom field after cu beat the utah utes 27-22. the crowd rushed the field attracting the attention of sportscenter. they tweeted last night saying boulder is bumping. they will now play in the pack 12 championship in santa clara on saturday. we will have more on what help the buffs co we have a look at mile high stadium this morning. the broncos are hosting kansas city today. broncos fans, we want you to join in on the fun with rbs fan talk. you can tweet during the game. boat on the poll on cbs a shooting in colorado springs at least one man dead and another man in critical condition. it happened last night on carmel drive. police say that the man who did
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police are looking for two suspects. it is not clear what led up to that shooting. a truck driver faces a careless driving charge after hitting and killing a state trooper on i 25. it happened friday afternoon, and cody donahue, a trooper, died at the scene. this serves as a tragic reminder for drivers to move over for emergency vehicles. >> reporter: when cody donahue state trooper, responded to a vehicle crash on friday afternoon, he never could of know the terror that was headed his way. >> an officer is laying in the lanes of traffic. truck just moments after arriving on scene, donahue was struck by an 18 will semi-. donahue's partner confirmed severity of the troopers injuries over the radio. the douglas county sheriff's office were task with conducting the investigation. they said this tragedy is hitting the bullet -- hitting
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>> it is hard on the crime scene investigators, hard on the traffic accident investigators. it is a big part in it takes a toll on everybody. >> it is unclear why the truck struck donahue but the charges suggested he did not yield. >> he was drive -- he was charged with careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. >> reporter: this is the third state trooper to be killed on that stretch of i 25, making an already difficult job that much more trying for thon while law enforcement sees terrible things each day, this one may -- this one, they say, feels much worse. s when you see something uniform, it makes it that much harder. >> reporter: this tragedy has impacted them so heavily that they will not compat -- comet any further at this time. they did send out a tweet. "quote -- quote cody, we have this one, brother, rest in peace.
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president by tamir can praised castro set -- calling him a symbol of an era. russians brought flowers. mexico's president said quote fidel castro was a symbol of communication. >> i was elated. some people said you should be happy about the death of someone. i'm elated fidel castro. he has been a monster in my life that effort thousands and thousands and probably millions of people." >> president obama released a statement saying quote the relationship between the united states and cuba was marked by discordant profound political disagreements. during my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us." thousands in miami's little havana neighborhood celebrated casters death. they chanted libertas, which
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and cuban flags. police had to shut down the streets as the crowd grew to 3500 people. one person said it is wrong to celebrate death, but this is closure for cuban people. some are morning the news, but others are concerned about what it might mean for cuba's future. we spoke with one cuban woman who lived under castrol's rule and is freedom. >> reporter: news of fidel castro's death marks an end of an era. >> i don't know what it means. >> reporter: but he remembers casters rise to power as a young girl. >> we were so happy when castro came to power, but things started to get a little crazy. >> reporter: her mother, and educator, was the last of her family to turn against the regime. >> she met fidel. he came to talk to them about his plans for education, and
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all in awe and excited. >> reporter: that quickly turned to fear. >> i have memories of the military people from castro coming into my house and searching everything.>> reporter: her family fled the island when letty was 11 years old. today, letty is actively engaged with cuba and is working to promote -- to reduce trade restrictions between cuba and the us. >> we li relations between the us and cuba is what will bring about change. >> reporter: letty says that they are hoping that communist will will come to an end. >> the lack of choices is worse than the progress that was made.>> reporter: future relations between cuba and the us is soon going to be in the hands of donald trump. yesterday, he said that there -- because of frustration will do all that they can to bring about prosperity and liberty
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and dry. checkout evergreen parkway camera. the mountain camera, there is a little rain snow mix popping up there. for the rough, there is big- time snow in the mountains. we will take a look adopted 4000 and all of the warnings and advisories for you coming up in just a little bit. next on colorado's newschannel, chaos erupts at a nightclub on bourbon street in new orleans. what we are learning about a shooting that killed one man and sent others to the hospital. sleeping, how i haven't had -- experts say it can have an impact on your kidneys. in vail, you can see a snowy roadway there. t-dot says chains are in effect.
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,, will this is the news and health. a new warning for pregnant women. and can a lack of sleep impact your kidney function? we have new health stories. >> reporter: new research shows the worse you sleep the harder it may be for kidneys. scientist linked worse and fragmented sleep with worse kidney function. they found the risk of
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>> a new study in mortality shows men still catching up to do when it comes to life expectancy. an international team looked at birth and death records since the 18th century. they found that despite huge jumps and longevity, men still do not live as long as women and they are not sure why. new data suggest that pregnant women who lie on their backs in their third trimester may be at increased doctors in new zealand found pregnant women lying faceup could add extra stress on the fetus and reduce its oxygen consumption. those are some of the weeks top health stories. don champion, cbs news, dallas. a shooting at a nightclub in new orleans leaves one man shot and nine others hurt. police have not said how bad those nine others were hurt. two men were arrested at the scene for illegally carrying
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investigating this morning. no one can draw attention like lady gaga. or gaudy downs, flamboyant personality, and enchanting singing voice have made her a superstar. but as cbs sunday morning's lee cowan tells us, lady gaga is taking things down a notch.>> it seems like you are more lady now than gaga. >> really? >> this that make sense? do you know what i mean? >> today. what about tomorrow? >> reporter: there was a time when the one thing that you could count on from the theatrical pop diva was outrageousness. >> [music] [ singing ]. >> reporter: after all, she put meat dress in the fashion dictionary. she was not style over substance. or six grammys are proof of that. it was just part of the package. >> here we go. [music] >> reporter: but her latest
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>> [music] >> reporter: i think -- >> i think that when people see me with less makeup on and less of what i was doing before -- >> it is a sense that you of them bought -- that you have evolved into something. >> it is less now. don't know that you can put a label on growth. i am just me. i am just growing up. i am 30. this is what i want to do now.>> though stories and more right here on cbs4 after the newscast. breckenridge ski resort is super excited. they say it is snowing there. >> our weather has went from lady to gaga. you can see the clouds from our roofs.-- our rooftop camera. there is a little sun making
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it is going to cloud of quickly. it will not last too long. 33 degrees downtown. if we look at temperatures across a region, current temperatures are in the 30s all over the place. 32 in boulder. 32 in fort collins. not terribly cold this morning. dave pullman and west are banner -- west are banner, 32 there. we have a little bit of rain /snow developing over the northeast. we could see that pop them in denver it is already snowing just on the west side of the border after idaho springs. as you said, breckenridge picking up some snow there. they could see up to six they could see up to 6-12 inches of snow there. in steamboat, they'll, telluride, by the time we get to monday night -- in steamboat , they'll, telluride, a lot of moisture -- moisture flowing into there. from denver into the northeast, we could see a little quick
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everything is coming from the west. when we see that, we do not get a strong upslope endeavor. not a lot of accumulation here. a lot of cloud cover, i should say, and maybe a spit of rain or snow going on and it will get out of here by this afternoon. the snow stays in the mountains all day long all the way through tomorrow morning. for us tomorrow, we will be mostly cloudy around here in cooler. the cooling trend will continue to roll onto the week ahead. at into that later tonight as the system tracks through the wins, the system will pick up 70 malik -- 70 mile-per-hour winds is possible for tonight. 30s and the mountains today. we will be in the 50s out across eastern plains. cooler than yesterday but still above normal because the wind is out of the west morris. the forecast for today, we have a slight chance of that makes this morning. it will be mostly cloudy, windy
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tonight, it will be windy but dropping into the 30s for tonight. 40s on monday and 30s for highs on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. colder air settles in as the system opens the door for transition. thursday is a big day. thursday, december 1. we ought to be getting cold already, right? >> we have been spoiled with a lot of the sunshine. >> we have been wishing l software snow in the mountains a moisture. it is finally starting to show up. >> i am excited on twitter and i'm looking at that right now. still ahead on cbs4 mornings, good news if you've been waiting to buy a plane ticket. how summer saving sales could help with discounts starting
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with you about marijuana. that is a good to know time now for the chevy sports break. good morning. the buffs back in october. they made it clear that was not the ultimate goal. the goal, was a pack 12 title. night ideas seemed bananas at the time. it we were last night. sold-out crowd in folsom watching the buffs take on utah. senior quarterback is not going to be denied on that run. it made it 7-7 in the first quarter. the buffs defense came up big. several threads in stops, including here, forcing a
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take the lead. moving into the third quarter, 13-13, the perfect place -- placed path, the buffs go up 20- 13. four turnovers last night. they scored a touchdown on this one which sealed it. time for the students to rush the field. 27-22. they win and will play the pack 12 in washington. >> it is finally good to get something out of it. we've been working hard for all of the time that i have been here. we do not have much to show for it, but this year, we do.>> we did real good after that went, but we have a lot to do for the rest of the season. >> one went away, bills great. washington is a great team. we will get right into the playbook right away and i am excited to get back to work. our state has one of the top small business economy's in the country. that helps on a slight small business saturday.
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-- the push to shop small is a big deal. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping small and denver, bigger is not always better. just ask mayor, michael hancock. >> we've got some ginger and lime soda. >> reporter: he stopped by the preserver he on main street. it features colorado grown foods and products. >> where supporting our local farmers by shopping here. typically, when you shop small and local communities, you are supporting local vendors. >> reporter: that is to break away from big box stores and shop small. >> it is her neighbors. it is your friends. there is a real commitment on behalf of the people here to shop small, to shop local. >> reporter: and small shops like clothing store, judith and joe, they are a big deal for the state's economy. >> they employ over 1 million coloradoans. small business means everything
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>> reporter: so as you are out shopping for the holidays, don't forget to shop small. >> it is a very supportive environment here in denver, we feel so lucky to be a part of it. >> reporter: happening today, there is still time for people in commerce city to find seasonal work. upses hosting a second day of their job fire -- job fair today. they hope to hire more people. those can be full-time or part- time seasonal jobs, they also need packager -- packagers and drivers. head to for more information. starting tomorrow, star wars fans can start -- can pick up their tickets to roque one. rogue one, a star wars story, is a sequel -- is a prequel to star wars. experts say that slow travel sales could expects a big airfare and hotel deals for cyber monday tomorrow. that is the online shopping version of black friday.
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trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be especially good deals. >> i could use a good deal for a vacation day. >> you need a vacation, especially if you are in the mountains. it is snowing already in many locations. if you take a look at doppler 4000, already a rain/snow mix in boulder in fort collins. it is coming over the mountain and moving into town. we will take a look at the big storm warning that we have for up to 2 feet of snow in somber anniversary for a planned parenthood in colorado springs. we talk with a pro-choice official about how that deadly shooting has affected the clinic. former presidential nominee , hillary clinton, throws her support behind a recount with them. but it could been still ahead. if you have a story idea, we want to hear from you. call our tipline at 303-86 303-
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at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
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dealer today. enjoyed the story about one of the most beloved characters, peter pan. for information, go to denver life from colorado's news channel. this is cbs4 morning news. welcome back to colorado's news channel. it is 7:30 am on a very snowy, november 27. mountains. this is a live look for my 70 twin copper in vail. chain laws are in effect for westbound traffic from copper mountain to the they'll pass. you can see why. we have a lot of snow up there, dave. >> it is starting to ramp up as the storm system moves in. we would have snow close to the denver metro area. this has looped over the last two hours. with little snow moving into boulder hear from idaho springs into evergreen. in fort collins is getting a
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there is a whole big system as this starts to move in. we could see some of this in the denver metro area come to fruition. we are watching that. the bigger system shows where the system is. the bulk is out in western colorado, but we have snow in the mountains from the northern mountains all the way down to the southern mountains. in some cases, with had some thunder snow firing up where you get really heavy snow in a very short period of time. winter storm warning is in effect for all of the moun some areas good wind up with a foot or snow or more of there. here in denver, kelly, think the we will have some passing rain this morning. the highs will be about 52 degrees. not terribly cold for us here in the city. we will take it. things, day. a year ago today, a gunman opened fire inside a planned parenthood colorado springs. three people were killed and a dozen others were hurt. rick salinger reflects on the
7:31 am
it was an attack that shook america. on a frigid november day, the planned parenthood clinic in colorado was under siege by man named robert dear. " they got $4000 -- 4000 babies get aborted every day. i guarantee you they had a lot of cancellations, and i might've saved thousand.">> reporter: three people were killed in the process. karen middleton heads pro- she feels the admitted killer is competent, this action amounted to domestic terrorism. >> the plaintiff. he collected propane. he were a best. he did all kinds of things that were premeditated. i think he knew what he was doing it i am concerned and think that he should be standing trial.>> reporter: he is now in the state hospital after being found not competent
7:32 am
>> no, it did not. really, we can try to impact the law or we can try to use violence, but women -- this is part of williams -- women's healthcare and always has been. >> reporter: the clinic reopened in the fall earlier this year. for this sad anniversary, we remember the statement. we remember those who are laws, hope for those who were injured, give thanks to those who provided us with comfort and support. >> "apologies? , no. i say that they are going to execute me. that will be apology enough." >> reporter: rick salinger, cbs4 news. there will be a memorial to honor the first responders, including garrett swasey who was one of the three killed. new information after a crash in denver turned into a death investigation. please responded to reports that a car crashed into another parked vehicle near kentucky
7:33 am
found the driver had been shot. the man died a short time later. details about a shooter have not been released. new this morning, wildlife experts are keeping an eye on the moose population of north. the casper star tribune reports that the moose are declining due to the drought and predators. experts have to surveillance projects in the big chords and snowy range to study the animals survival rates. law enforcement are saying they're seeing more -- homeless people ride lots. they add that they normally see seasonal workers sleeping and their cars for about a week at a time. the latest now on the dakota pipeline protest in north dakota. protesters vowed to stay on federal land in spite of the government directed to leave. hundreds of demonstrators face- off with law enforcement officers in morten county over the holiday. one officer addressed the crowd
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>> on the north side, you have members of your group wearing armor. why would they be doing that if you are peaceful? >> the army corps of engineers said they will close the land being used as a protest site on december 5. anyone trespassing will be arrested. there will be a designated free- speech area. thousands of people who fled wildfires in israel are returning home. the fires broke out nearly a week ago and damaged 700 homes. firefighters are starting to get a handle on those flames. authorities say some fires were deliberately set. 12 people have been arrested on suspicion of arson. a supertanker from colorado springs made its way to israel to help in the firefighting effort. the plane holds 20,000 gallons of water which is more than all of israelis air tankers combined. friends and family of a nine-year-old killed in a bus crash honored her life yesterday. the funeral for quarter shape
7:35 am
was held yesterday. >> she was amiss genuine child you would ever meet. you know when people say that they believe everyone smiling. they just say it. well, for her, it really meant that. >> five children are still at the hospital. one of them has been upgraded to fair condition. the bus driver is charged with vehicular homicide. >> reporter: new video of a funeral procession for a wayne state university police head last week while responding to a call about a specific -- about a suspicious person. last friday, the suspected shooter pleaded not guilty on all six charges against him that include murder of a police officer. officials say that a wayne state police officers not been shot and 36 years. this morning, questions surround how the location name of trump tower new york was
7:36 am
for a few hours yesterday until it was discovered. today, it is back to his normal tower as trump tower. struck the green party has initiated a audit of the -- a recount of the election. now they have a new supporter. wendy gillette reports from new york on the announcement. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign team announced on saturday that it will participate in a recount. election results wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein is calling for recount in several states that help donald trump when the white house. the party his race, $6 million. it filed paperwork on friday for recount in wisconsin. >> we do not take money from corporations or from political packs. this comes from the american public. >> reporter: clinton's campaign attorney posted a blog that says "now that a recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order
7:37 am
in a manner that is fair to all sites. if jill stein follis through as she has promised and pursues recounts in pennsylvania and michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. the president-elect called the recount ridiculous saying in a statement "this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded. the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused which is exactly what jill stn "lichtenstein said they have not found any evidence of packing with electronic or voting technology, but now that it is happening, the campaign says it wants to ensure that it is legally represented in the process. wendy gillette, for cbs news. this is the first presidential recount in wisconsin state history. a baby girl is thrown into a sewer grate in a car wreck and survives. be amazing chain of events that left firefighters in arkansas
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this is a live look from the eisenhower tunnel. you can see the snow is falling now. dave,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, live in parker. >> and adams county tonight. >> in golden. >> injunction. >> this happens. cbs4. this is the news. welcome back.
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higher mountain passes, along with some wind. we have snow coming down at a pretty good speed. that is on the west side of the eisenhower tunnel. i will tell you what, wherever you go in the high country over the next 24 hours, you will have wind and snow packed roads and that type of thing. it is 34 degrees here by the way. there are some shadows on the stadium. we have son making it down. when you look to the west, it is socked in with the clouds with that storm system coming in. here's a live look at doppler 4000. snowing in the mountains, we have some snow encroaching here on the front range. from larimer county although we down to parke county, there is no going on a we're starting to see a little rain/snow mix in boulder spreading to fort collins and on the north side of denver. a little snow sharding -- starting to slip in in denver.
7:42 am
mountains. here is a futurecast. snowing about this. it will shot of moisture coming through. and we go partly sunny this afternoon. high today should be 52 and river. 53 and fort collins and 44 in evergreen today. a little cooler than yesterday. that the real big cold wave comes in the week ahead. we will show you the numbers on that, kelly, coming up in a little bit. a.b. girl is lucky to be alive this morning after being thrown out of the car when it crashed. this happened in arkansas. how that baby girl and for rs clipped by an 18 wheeler during a lane change causing it to flip. the eight-month-old was thrown almost 35 feet. firefighters later found her inside that drainage grate with only a small scratch on her face. >> the 18-month-old was sitting up and looking up at us waiting for her to pull a set -- to pull her out. she was not screaming. she was not crying. she was just sitting there waiting for us. >> the driver of the 18 will
7:43 am
change. police arrested a man was responsible for several fires at downtown retailers. fire crews say there is extensive smoke and water damage in both buildings. both of those businesses were forced to close. that could be detrimental to their bottom line. i asked her to put a team of people together to make sure that the businesses that of been damaged by these buyers have an opportunity to get their >> fortunate, no one was inside either of those buildings at the time so no one was hurt. there were several other fires in the area the last week, but it is not clear if the same suspect is behind those. the calls of the fires are under investigation. new information on marriage in the united states. divorce rates have fallen to a 35 year low. this comes from a study by the national center for family and marriage. research say that the drop could be due to the aging us population, changing gender --
7:44 am
getting married. the state with the highest divorce rate is utah, which also holds the record for ,,
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,, ,, more news. every night at :0 here's a look now at some of your top stories this sunday morning. the buffs are on cloud nine after their win against the utah utes. the possible now had to santa clara for the, 12 championship. that is the same spot as super bowl 50. cu has now defeated two ranked teams for back-to-back weeks and the first time -- for the first time since 2002. a nightclub shooting on a
7:47 am
two men were arrested at the scene for illegally carrying firearms. one of them is a victim. homicide detectives are still investigating this morning. dave aguilera is here with your forecast. it is snow, snow, snow. look at that up at the eisenhower tunnel. >> i will tell you what. it is getting crazy of there. they're seeing this snow ramp up up there. it is going to be a -- the pretty rough morning. we are expecting the snow to ramp up and wind gusts could be up to 45 miles per hour. from time to time later tonight, we may see winds reaching 70 miles per hour up in that area. it will be rather rough up there. meantime, take a look back your. we have not had anything yet coming up here in town yet. we do have, as we look on the west side of town, some pretty thick clouds building. that is snow that is moving
7:48 am
the state are in the 30s and 40s around the area. 31 at dia. as we take a look at doppler 4000, here's what is going on on the satellite and doppler. look at the snow starting to push in the mountains. now, from southern wyoming all the way down, the front range and even into southern colorado, we have snow developing here. eventually, some of this will be moving into the denver metro area. i will tell you what. when we look at the mile high camera, you can see blue s here in the clouds moving into here. that will really envelope the city as we go into the morning hours. take a look at what is happening on the cold front that is coming through. there is a big blowout in the western side of the area. was this moves through, we will have cold air filter and behind the system and really just chill things down in the week ahead. this will be a real game changer. let's look at what we are expecting throughout the day in
7:49 am
morning with up to 10 inches to 20 inches of snow. steamboat all the way down to telluride, 6 to 12 inches all the way up into rocky mount national park. as we put the futurecast in motion, you see a rain snow mix going through denver. that will pull out throughout the afternoon. as we keep going throughout the night, you will see the snow continued to fill in the mountains all the way through tuesday morning. we will stop at the snow and rain here in the mostly cloudy. in the mountains, it will be pretty rough out there. as far as temperatures go today, -- we also mentioned that we are expecting up to 70 mile-per-hour wind gust in some of the foothills later tonight. there is are highs today. the cold stuff up into the mountains. only 34 in frisco today. that will keep going through that area. a look at the forecast here for you. we're looking of 52 degrees. slight chance of rain/snow mix
7:50 am
again that awful cold. 40 going into kickoff. 35 by the end of the fourth quarter. telepathy you are going to night. it will be rough. had a little computer problem there. >> sometimes these have double duties around here. we are collecting toys for our care for colorado campaign. here is jesse and club member isaiah. thank you both for being here this morning. we appreciated. >> red and green. we have a little christmas colors going on. >> ready for the holidays. >> we are already. isaiah, why don't we begin with you. why do you enjoy going to boys and girls club? i i enjoy going to the boys and girls club because i find it a safe haven for people. i love how diverse it is for all of the club members. it makes me happy that there are
7:51 am
pool with six-year-olds and they do not go into their separate areas in everyone just -- just, like, gets together and hang out. >> you can have fun with all ages, right? >> how has it helped you? >> it is offered me multiple opportunities like, for example, to be on the news.>> [ laughter ]>> that is great. >> that is a great thing. also having great opportunities to meet new people, step make connections outside of your own school and your own school district. >> that is great. isaiah, we really like that. jesse, tell us about this care for colorado drive. why is it important? i care for colorado driver so impactful for our club members of the holiday season. our lot -- a lot of our club members might be growing up in
7:52 am
affording the holidays is sometimes out of access. it can be a really expensive cost just on top of trying to make ends meet for your daily goals. so allowing the community members to support our kids during this time is huge. >> and we know, again, it is just so important. and people come with all kinds of toys as well as appreciate that. what do you need this year? >> so boys and girls club serves kids from ages 6 to 18. that is a wide range. we are g supplies, maybe even with the teens, you're looking at electronics, gift cards to get close that maybe they can get otherwise. there is a lot going on away which is like to remind everyone not to forget the teens. >> anything in particular that
7:53 am
are grateful that you are both here. we do have more information on the toy drive at we do have more information on the toy it is going on at participating king's -- at king. it is also at the i heart radios at south monaco radios at s. monaco st. for those king supers that are anticipating, head to your weekend. >> thanks, you too. what would you do if coming across a mountain lion while walking your dog?
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,, ,, help you qualify for season passes to winter park resort. so instead of that itchy sweater, warm up to a clearance still that brings you closer to the powder. but you better hurry. there is limited season passes available. see your rocky mountain honda dealer today. a scary encounter for a man and his dog in jefferson county as they came face-to- face with a mountain lion that escaped -- but escaped without serious injuries.
7:56 am
red rocks trail in the wild turkey trail near morrison.>> rarely do stella walk off leash, but she was free to roam here last weekend. >> i should know better. >> reporter: when jeff try to call her back to the trail, stella did not listen. then he heard his dog yelping. >> the next thing that i know she comes running down the hill and right behind her literally, a foot or two off of her rear end, was a big mountain line. >> the large cat, upwards of 250 pounds, came within feet of him estella hid behind her under. we left eye to eye, and he just made a deep growl. he showed all of his teeth. >> using a big tree branch, jeff said he was eventually able to scare the line off.>> i think it could easily taken both of us if it wanted to.>> reporter: only noticing when he
7:57 am
>> on one side, she had a deep puncture win. stella only needed a few stitches. it taught him and it -- this taught him a lesson. >> if she would've been a leash, we would've been walking along the trail and nothing would happen. we are happy to be alive. >> there are some cameras and that open space entrails were jeff and stella were. they said that cases like this serve as a >> leashes are good and smart. broncos, game day forecast. >> it is quite to be chili. it will be in the 30s during the game. later tonight, layer up. we might see a little rain/snow mix passing this morning that we should not last all day. >> we know it is snowing in
7:58 am
,, ,, ,, ? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about
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