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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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right now, a storm is dropping snow in high country. take a look at the road conditions on i-70. it has been a dicey drive all day. and this video was taken this morning from downtown breckenridge. you can see it was a gloomy start to the day and conditions have not improved. we are tracking the store but we begin weather coverage in georgetown.>> reporter: katherine, the snow continues not a lot of traffic on i-70 because the big problem is probably going to be temperatures dipping down into the teens and maybe even lower. and with the wind gust, it is going to be a thin layer of ice on the roads. this is from silver point and as you can see, a lot of issues with the traffic.
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year, causing accidents along the roadway. anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of fresh snow which is great for all of the ski junkies out there. not so much for those trying to get home from a quick holiday weekend. as you can see behind me, traffic is moving pretty slowly as people are being very cautious. as you will more snow is coming to the area as well as wind gusts. up to 65 pounds with our -- miles an hour in the mountains. dave, the snow is not quite done, yet.
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getting set to move through later tonight. that will add to what we have already seen. anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow. 14 inches of snow respectively and still coming down at a pretty good clip. there is still snow in the mountains and we have an issue that has returned to eastern colorado. a little snow makes has developed from northern county into washington county and the denver metro area. at the same time, there is some light snow and back up into the mountains, we still have snow coming in although it is not as strong as it was earlier but there is another wave coming from the pacific northwest on tuesday. for that reason, we have another wintry storm advisory continuing through tuesday morning. still possible, 10-20 inches of
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mountain national park. or denver, snow is not going to be a big problem. -- for denver, snow is not going to be a big problem. we have the return of highs in the 30s for several days in a row and we will talk about that coming up in the little bit. >> here comes winter. new information tonight on a rollover crash. an suv rolled from westbound i-70 and landed on i-40. one man had to be airlifted to the hospital and two others were also taken to the hospital. no word on the crash were the condition of the vehicle's dutch -- condition of the victims. >> this family is now looking -- -- >> reporter: a brighton family is displaced tonight after a fire tore through their home while they were inside.
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neighbors. actually, multiple. >> reporter: the family of four got off safely before firefighters arrived on scene. >> we found lots of smoke and realized it was a double wide trailer completely engulfed. >> reporter: the family tells cbs they believe the fire started on their back porch. rocky fire says the home is a complete loss. luckily, no one was hurt but the cause is under investigation. andrea flores, cbs 4 news . we have the latest as police investigate three separate shootings in denver. three people were killed overnight in four other people were injured. melissa garcia reports the search for the shooter continues. >> reporter: signs of a crime scene remain at this home. police say it started as a house party and ended when one
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was gunfire. >> reporter: the sound of gunfire startled her and her dogs when shots rang out across the street. three victims sent to the hospital. it is not the first shooting in the neighborhood. >> like you said, i am new but i have never had any problems. >> reporter: in the industrial area, the scene of another overnight shooting. fight broke out at a mass gathering of teenagers. around struck two people, killing one of them. >> it is a tragedy and we have been trying to determine who is responsible.>> reporter: less than two hours later, shots rang out at a house fire -- at a house party. in denver, melissa garcia. cbs 4 news .
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mass shooting in colorado springs. one year ago today, a gunman killed three people at a planned parenthood clinic. this case is still making its way through the courts. we are following the aftermath of the attack. >> reporter: on a frigid november day, the planned parenthood in colorado springs was under siege. he speaks to us from jail. >> born every day. -- getting aborted every day. i might have saved the thousand. >> reporter: terry middleton
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>> he collected propane and built all sorts of things that were premeditated so i think he knew what he was doing and i am concerned. >> reporter: he is in the state hospital after being bound once again not confident. did that attack discourage abortions? >> no, it really did not. we can try to impact the part of women's healthcare and always has been.>> reporter: the clinic opened earlier this year. in a statement, we remember those who were lost, hope for those who were injured and give thanks to those who provided us comfort and support. >> i say, if they are going to execute me, there will be apology enough.
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for officer swasey. monday, the insufficient -- nine-day mourning period. today, the plaza was quiet and students used candles and flowers to honor the men who they called a revolutionary leader. >> possible. >> castro's body has been cremated. us politicians are weighing in on castro's regime. president obama has been criticized for his reaction to
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a hand to the people. and offer condolences to fidel castro's family. >> barack obama is the president of the most powerful country in the world and what i call is pathetic, not even mentioned in that statement that there were thousands and thousands of people who suffered brutally under the castro regime. developing tonight, donald trump reacts to the recount effort in wisconsin. mosques in california requesting extra security after receiving threatening letters. a miracle baby surviving a nasty crash. on the weather map tonight,
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and we have a big cold wave that will be settling in.
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developing tonight, president-elect donald trump claims millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election. he tweeted this weekend, i won the popular vote if you deduct millions of illegal votes. the message was part of a
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the recount effort in wisconsin. party officials have filed for a recount in wisconsin and the clinton campaign says it will take part in the process. on sunday, the president will lean on the count saying hillary clinton conceded the election. nothing changed. the president-elect also tweeted his own words to trump about accepting the results of the election. >> the idea to drag this out now, the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous. >>, democrat -- former democrat bernie sanders defended the recount effort. >> there is nothing wrong with going through the process.>> president-elect returned to trump tower sunday night. tomorrow, he will resume
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several cabinet positions including secretary of state. his senior advisers made it clear sunday that she does not the nominee -- >> governor romney went out of his way to question the character and integrity of donald trump, now president- elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post, secretary of state. has been in contact with president obama and allegedly talked with him for 45 minutes on saturday with policy related to cuba. right now, mosques in -- are asking for protection. >> it is kind of sad to see this kind of thing still exists.
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me. >> the council on is america -- on american islamic. a happy ending for a family in arkansas after a crash that could have been deadly. police say an 18 wheeler struck a car while changing lanes clipping the car. firefighters later found small scratch on her face. >> i thought she was gone and that was the worst 15 minutes of my life trying to look for her.>> others suffered minor injuries. the baby was not properly restrained in the car seat. we are talking weather and we are dealing with snow and wind tonight.
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we will be down into the 30s for highs in not too long. we have a 35 mile an hour wind gust. 20 in parker and as we get into the high areas, 24 and colorado springs, 36. nothing like what we had earlier. take a look at some of these wind gusts. over 60 in boulder at the air force academy. wolf creek coming in at 75 and that is hurricane force winds. and the wind is part of the reason we did not see much moisture in denver. and as we look at the wind directions, all day long, the winds are at of the west and northwest. it's a down sloping wind east of the divide. what happens with that air is that it warms
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clouds. so, it will snow like crazy in the mountains and we got a little moisture out of the northeast but for denver, just a little shot this morning. already, this is up into the decoders. rain shower is behind it. it is still snowing in the of the mountain communities. we have snow and as we put this into motion, the western slope areas, not as heavy as this at a pretty good clip. and it is starting to cloud up into eastern colorado, as well. white snow in the higher foothills so we may see those clouds linger into the morning hours. and we will see if break up somewhat during the course of the afternoon. our highest today did manage to get above normal. duty to act 2:07 today.
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on the west side of town, a little stronger and that low pressure is right over eastern colorado and most of the weather watchers are coming into the 30s. 38 degrees and he says he had a trace of accumulation of merit -- mix. as we look at the bigger picture, there's another blob of moisture coming in om will be snow overnight tonight into tuesday. and low-pressure trough is coming through and opening the door for cold air to filter in about a candidate -- out of canada. we have cooler temperatures that will finally be "normal and will last for quite some time. snow continues in the mountains tonight. tomorrow morning, it clear to
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a cold night tonight, teens-20s. the clouds are staying blustery out there tonight. 45 for your high and partly sunny skies. windy from time to time and looking ahead, the 30s return. but no snow in the forecast. just called and we get back to the 40s and 50s. expect major discounts from online retailers. we have some of the best deals for cyber monday. >> it is hard to tell when black friday ins and cyber monday begins. amazon is rolling out more than 75,000 sales starting monday. those continue with a variety of products including toys, electronics, video games and
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sellers but the most-watched deal has been the moment tell bank it -- blanket. you may want to login on cyber monday. slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel cost cuts. some deals may last through the first week of december. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to come quite cheap. that issue money watch report. while many americans enjoy serving a thanksgiving meal with each other. >> reporter: they spend months away from home. 80 in the front against isis on the other side of the world. to a thanksgiving lunch was not
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6000 us servicemen were asked and many of them spoke of their loved ones. just to be together for a few hours at thanksgiving. they have only been married for a few months. >> th could be together? >> somewhat. yes. >> it just turns out that way. >> reporter: stephen bryant, serving as a chapman, ministering. but on his tours, he is thankful for something rather practical.
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is communications. it has given me the opportunity to express to my girls into my wife and to my mom and dad more frequently. that i miss them. that i love them and that i appreciate their support. >> reporter: private first class from southern california >> this is a whole new experience. those socks. snowshoes. -- no shoes. it is crazy. >> reporter: specialist think is infectious. she feeds 150 soldiers every day
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>> it is something that i am very passionate about. i put my emotions into it and i love it. today is a good day. >> reporter: cbs news.
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,, millie the base. judy williams said they said.
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it is still snowing. i think tomorrow morning, it will be cloudy and if you are traveling, the big thing is i and with the wind, limited visibility so do be careful. your early-morning drive tomorrow continuing through tuesday, we will see another batch of snow in the high country. we could still see a foot of snow or more in the northern colorado. it will be windy again and would cool off to the 30s for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. online at the sa. streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
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no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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the broncos lose to the chiefs in overtime. >> mark is live at the stadium. oh! a tough one.>> reporter: they
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have been in their favor. this one was not. you think back to three minutes to go, a 76 yard touchdown and you think, the broncos are going to win this one and all of a sudden, you look at the scoreboard and kansas city wins it. >> three and half quarters and neither of the offenses could do anything and the broncos scored two touchdowns in the final seconds. and the broncos defense was they give up a 13 play 75 yard drive in under three minutes. and a two-point conversion to send the game into overtime and they are so used to the denver defense making the big play. but the bad news for the broncos is, they are out of a playoff position. the dolphins could win a tiebreaker. but this is a loss that is
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times. and even when kansas city got the ball with three minutes to go, you think, broncos defense is going to take care of things. we will have much more reaction. coming up tonight, we will have a chance to hear from them starting at about 10:35. >> it was tough. thank you. a lot of times, i thought they had autonation, all access is next. thank you for joining us for this weekend. ? i'm waaaiting... ?
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to your holiday favorites.
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with 3 minutes to go, you have by 8, the broncos defense was on the field. this was a close one that didn't go the broncos way. but it did go their way. from cbs sports, this is auto nation all access. shop over 100,000 vehicles at drive safe. drive now. auto nation.


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