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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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good morning everyone, i am britt moreno and this is the news on monday , as november 28. happening right now is a terrible loss for the broncos at home. even after the game went into overtime, the broncos first -- are now tied for the miami dolphins for the wildcard. we have more on this coming up. it is cyber monday and those who waited on the crowds could see some prevent porch pirates from stealing your holiday spirit. a breezy and cold start. we will have a look at your forecast coming up. this is i-76, highway 285 and eastbound 470 looking nice. i will have the full traffic report coming up. the broncos are 7 and 4 after losing to the chiefs last night in overtime.
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the broncos kicker was picked to seal the game with a 62 yard field goal, but he misses. he came up short with a minute left. he has hit from 70 yards in training camp. some fans are not on board with the decision and coach kubiak says it falls on him.>> it gives them credit. ep find themselves fighting for a wildcard and they had to jacksonville on december 4. there -- tonight there is a special ceremony for a police officer shot and killed in the colorado springs planned parenthood shooting. garrett swasey was shot and killed and will be honored at a basketball game at uc colorado at 730 tonight . -- 7:30 tonight. it was one year ago when a gunman attacked and killed three people at the clinic. robert dear confessed to the shooting and his case is making
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the courts.>> reporter: it was an attack that shook america. on a frigid november day, planned parenthood was under siege by robert dear who spoke to us from jail. >> there are nearly -- they got 4000 babies get aborted every day. i guarantee they had a lot of cancellations.>> reporter: three people ke'arre stewart , jennifer markovsky an officer garrett swasey. she says the action amounted to domestic terrorism. >> he collected propane and did all sorts of things that are premeditated. i think he knew what he was doing and i think he should be
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robert dear is in the state hospital after being found once again not competent to stand trial.>> did it succeed in discouraging abortions?>> know it did not. this is part of women's healthcare and always has been. >> reporter: the clinic open and full this year. for this sad anniversary it issued a statement. we remember those who were lostho those who provided us with comfort and support.>> apologies? no. i would say they are going to execute me and that will be apology enough.>> reporter: rick salinger, cbs 4 news. cyber monday deals are all over the neighborhood -- the internet and their are people on alert for porch pirates.
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people's packages. jamie leary is live with the report.>> reporter: good morning. i pulled it up on my phone and one of the first postings is delivered packages are stolen. if you are out of town, you can have a neighbor pick up your package and hold it for you. there is also surveillance. take a look at this. this is surveillance from the past year captured in neighborhoods around the metro area. ups estimates an estimated 630 million packages. in addition to staying ahead of the package thieves, ups also has alternatives. they started offering package pickups and drive-bys at
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nearly 22,000 locations worldwide by the end of the year. with online spending on the rise, especially with the record for black friday, package theft is on the rise. 18,000 neighborhoods across the country are already using the next-door app. you can utilize this and some neighbors to help you th cbs 4 news thank you for that. let's check the weather with -- on this monday morning with chris spears good morning. a little bit of a chill this morning. most of the metropolitan area in the 30s. 36 and centennial and in the foothills there are a few 20s by conifer for instance. the weather watcher on the
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mesa in the 20s. wind gusts at 50 miles per hour in some places. it is breezy on the eastern plains and we will keep the breeze going through much of the day due to a big storm system. there is snow on -- in the high country creating travel troubles on parts of interstate 70. the east half of love and passed is closed. here's a look at the cdot camera at i-76 and i-270. there is a pothole in the eastbound lanes which will cause problems. the slowdowns are starting just after i-70 as you head northbound and it will continue
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otherwise stalled free this morning -- stall free this morning. schools and government offices in cuba are closed today. also in miami where many ask size -- exiles are that left cuba. heather daniels has the latest from new york. >> reporter: crowds are expected at the revolution plaza to play trip -- on tuesday a public ceremony is planned in the square. the ironfisted former dictator had numerous critics abroad, but in cuba, where he ruled for nearly 50 years, many people
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the family and the father of the revolution. there will be a procession on wednesday before he is buried in the city of santiago. >> reporter: in my a post -- miami's little havana, more are celebrating rather than grieving. many consider him a dictator that kept them away from their families for decades.>> we are curious and we love the cultur without going there. >> reporter: cuba remains a communist nation under raul castro. hannah daniels, cbs news. castro was cremated and his ashes will be interred in san diego and the city -- santiago
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there was a flag flying at half staff yesterday in honor of cody donahue who died in line of duty on friday after being hit and killed by a semi truck. donahue leaves behind a wife and two daughters. a gofundme campaign to support the family is halfway toward its $100,000 goal. still ahead. a tragic shooting at a fire station in pennsylvania. more ahead firefighter who was gunned down
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people in nepal woke up to a magnitude 5.4 earthquake this morning. that country is still recovering from a devastating earthquake last year that killed more than 9000. so far police have not received reports on deaths or any amount of large damage that happened in the area. police identified the man that have -- that was killed in a shooting rampage on morning. he died after being rushed to the hospital. nine others were injured and none of their life -- their injuries were considered life- threatening. two men started arguing and then shooting in the french quarter. a man shot -- charged in the shooting death of a teenager inside of pennsylvania fire station.
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criminal homicide. he shot the 16-year-old junior firefighter inside the fire station about 45 miles outside of pittsburgh. the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene and he has not yet been identified i've police. customers at a japanese skating rink are outraged after a rink was packed full of about 5000 dead fish. the rink called it a ice pick worry him and thousands of fish were frozen into some were arranged to make shapes or words. they were forced to close their doors and they say they will replace the eye -- replace the ice and hold a mass for the fish. chris spears joins us this morning. we got a lot of snow yesterday .>> it is chilly out there this morning. you can see the stream lines
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the stream -- the screen. look at the high country west of denver where wind is nearly 40 myers park -- miles per hour in some passes. higher elevations in the teens and 20s. when you at the wind, that chases -- shaves 5-10 degrees off of many of these temperatures. arvada at 36 this morning. a storm to the north will make a trek to minnesota over the next 24 hours. meets cold air and snow -- means cold air and snow. the temperatures will stay low into the early hours on tuesday. for denver and eastern plains , we will stay dry. the action is in the higher elevations where there are advisories and warnings in effect. many places will pick up several inches of accumulation
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over the forecast. mostly 20s upside -- up high and 30s and 40s down low. 40s in denver and this will be the warmest day of the week. it has been a long -- a long time since we've talked about below normal temperatures. we may have a chance of snow by friday. >> i think a lot of us are looking forward to the snow, especially in the grassy areas where we can do some tubing. the plows are out clearing some of that snow out. be aware that there could be tough driving conditions. make sure you have adequate traction on your tires along with four-wheel and all-wheel- drive. in some areas you may need chains. there is a problem in the pothole on eastbound to 76 and
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the story of a popular chef in denver that was shot and killed last month. the two teenage suspects are expected in court on first- degree murder charges. inglewood police say that the teens shot and killed the chef and father, nicholas lewis, while he was walking home from 7-eleven. if convicted, the teenagers would be sentenced as adults. a march to remember the sand creek massacre ended at th they started walking thursday morning at the national hysteric -- historic site in kiowa county. over the past few days they made their way 178 miles into downtown denver and with the memorial service -- and capped
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according to the share's office. the man fell about 40 feet on saturday. he was hiking with someone else at the time, but it is unclear whether officials caught up with that person. authorities have not caught up with that person just yet. teen drivers get a lot of plane for bad driving, but a new survey said -- a survey that -- by aaa found that parents may not be teaching their kids the rules of the road. >> reporter: parental example plays a huge role on teen drivers. over the years, parents are getting less involved in setting bad examples -- and they are setting bad examples.>> reporter: as many times -- >> as many times as you tell your kids know cell phones,
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and learn that it is an acceptable thing regardless of what you may say about it. >> reporter: aaa surveyed 142 driving instructors across the country and 65% say that parents are less involved making it hard for teenagers to become the drivers. >> it is alarming.>> thousands of teen drivers have been taught over the years and he says the most common mistakes come from forgetting the details.>> no stop sign or doing blind spot checks. or, going the speed limit. spin back be the driver you want your teens to be.>> give teen drivers a break.>> i have seen poor drivers at every age and it's not just the high school kids. it is all the way up. they have to do a better job. new this morning. usps wants to make sure troops get holiday packages on times
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for most destinations they say priority in first class mail should be sent by december 9. by doherty express -- priority express on december 16. coloradans can shop their own christmas tree in a matter of days. the forest service will open cutting areas this weekend. a time. the areas on the -- are in the pike, arapahoe and roosevelt national forests. now a short chance to prove that you are tops and hanging lights. you can go to the deck doubt house tab at for the favorite house you can check out the entries on the facebook page and like the lights.
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,, we are getting a little taste of holiday weather. it is cool outside. good morning chris. not too bad for traveling in terms of the weather, but there is snow in the intermountain west. cool in the pacific northwest from seattle to portland. if you are going to dallas, little rock or st. louis, strong to severe storms are ahead of the system. it is warm on the backside and cold in the dakotas.
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right now all major airports report no delays. that is good news. how about delays on the road headed to dia a period -- dia? no major problems. a welcome sight for people getting to the airport this morning, or getting to the airport which is more likely. here in the high country there is a report of a jackknifed semi esa -- east of berthoud pass. it will cause delays, expects no pacs conditions. we are walking -- working the pothole eastbound 270. i've not seen crews just yet. the cbs 4 care for colorado
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the kids can have an opportunity to play sports. you can drop off toys at the studio at 10th and lincoln to drop off toys or stop by the i heart studios on monaco. the wish list is on cyber monday mean scoring a ton of deals on hundreds of websites, but it also means a higher threat of porch pirates stealing packages. we have tools to help you prevent yourself from becoming a victim. plus a push to recount votes into key states. where they are and the war of words from trump advisors on met romney.
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here is more on sports. the broncos fall and tonight it was the defense they gave up the game time drive in the final minutes of regulation. they also gave up a couple of drives waiting to field goals. after really not allowing the chiefs to do anything. they gave up the game time in the final three -- three minutes of they said this one was on them. >> at was on us. we should be able to finish that game and we didn't do it today.>> we did not when it on defense even though it looks like we did. offense we have to do more and special teams has to do more. we understood that going into the game and we failed in certain areas. we don't have anybody to blame but ourselves.>> if the playoffs started now, they
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season. they are tied with the dolphins for the final wild-card spot. the broncos have work to do down the stretch to get the wild-card let alone catching the raiders. cbs sports. ,, ,, see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis
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you may be up early with your coffee and ready to shop on this cyber monday. this is a look at eisenhower tunnel where we have plenty of


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