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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:30am-5:59am MST

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you may be up early with your coffee and ready to shop on this cyber monday. this is a look at eisenhower tunnel where we have plenty of
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november 28. i am britt moreno . chris, it is feeling like the holidays and pretty chilly outside. absolutely. we have below normal temperatures on store -- in store for this week. here's a look at the drive from the east side of town at parker r your pain this morning after a sad loss for broncos country. they could not vanish strong against the chiefs and fell 30- 27 in overtime. mark and michael diagnose what happened.>> there is a snap and santa ros has plenty.
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the final play of overtime have beaten the broncos 30-27. along mar costs, i am michael spencer . the broncos fell -- mark haas, i'm cbs 4 morning news . the broncos fell. >> the chiefs found a way win. they gave up a game time drive in the final couple of minutes. also the special teams mistakes and the penalties. the broncos did not pay their best tonight and we have to close. >> we have the close man. there is no way we could let them drive down and get a conversion. he always calls those calls in that situation, but he was not
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he was not covering as well. you know, i think we all had coverage mishaps today. >> i think when we look at the last drive that we hold ourselves accountable for that. you know it is tough. it is a tough thing to deal with with our plan.>> perfect calls and we didn't execute them. we didn't run the defense right. we beat ourselves.>> reporter: the bad news for the broncos as they are two games back from the raiders and tied with the dolphins for the wild-card spot and right now the broncos will not make the playoffs.>> an unfamiliar situation for this team and they travel to jacksonville on this sunday.
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cyber monday deals are in the neighborhood. people are on alert for people who steal packages. these people are called porch pirates. jamie leary has a look at how neighborhoods are keeping an eye out for deliveries.>> reporter: good morning. more and more people are using an app called next door. if you are going out and you need a neighbor to pick up a package for you. more people are worried about package thieves. the third post down is a package stolen from my neighbor in north we rich. she says to be aware that if you are expecting packages he. this is one way this is being utilized. take a look at this home surveillance video -- footage
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and a writ -- various neighborhoods were porch pirates are striking. with an increase in black friday sales, we are expecting more. this is a tool that you can utilize. ups is expanding its service where you can pick off and drop off packages at grocery stores, convenience stores and various places around the neighborhoods. it is a tool to keep packages the next-door app is used in 18,000 neighborhoods around the country. 46% report packages still --'s stolen. i am jamie leary , cbs 4 morning news. good morning. the temperatures would not be so bad if it wasn't for the wind.
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in many areas, especially the higher you go. there is also a jackknife is jackknifed semi truck causing delays -- a jackknifed semi truck causing delays. a fire -- a fire burned a family home may have had to find another place to got the calls from neighbors. actually multiple reports of smoke and flames from the house. >> reporter: the family got out safely before firefighters arrived on scene.>> it was a double wide trailer that was completely engulfed.>> reporter: the family was too shaken up to talk on camera, but they told cbs 4 that they believe the fire started on
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-- porch. luckily nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. andrea flores , cbs 4 news -- cbs 4 morning news. donald trump tweeted that he won the popular vote if you delete the millions of illegal votes. trump had no data to back the claims. he criticized the answered -- effort in wisconsin.>> reporter: president. elect donald trump firing off a tweet storm about the pending recount in wisconsin. he wrote that hillary sent -- hillary clinton conceded and the democratic nominee said that we owe him a chance to lead. clinton's general counsel said they would participate in the recount which was initiated by
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stein. she has raised nearly $6 million for the effort and may pursue recount in michigan and pennsylvania.>> it is ridiculous. it is a fundraising overwriting -- notoriety driven fraud. >> reporter: the transition team's debate over who should be secretary of sp governor. met romney and mayor rudy giuliani are among those to be considered. kelly and conway appeared on several programs to slam governor. mitt romney he gave speeches against donald trump and attacked his character. did he go to syria where they are having a crisis. did he offer to help?>>
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been on vacation with his family and is expected to name or cabinet -- more cabinet members. what coloradans need to watch out for, plus new details on the dakota access pipeline. what the army corps of engineers is saying about the protesters this morning. the broncos took a
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trucks along i-70 had a chain up last night to get through the snowpacked and icy mack rhodes. temperature slipped well into the teens from silver flown -- i see roads -- icy roads. temperature slipped well into
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the information center said the san juan mountains, sangre de cristos and aspen mountains are at risk. there were several large avalanches near cameron and berthoud passes on saturday that we have to take note of. chris spears is here to track the forecast. it is more snow coming? there is more snow which is great news for the the normal low is 20 with a high of 47. we have gusty winds crossing the state due to a storm system to the north. 10-15 miles per hour in the metro. some places with wind gusts near 50 miles per hour. when you add the snow, that makes it tricky westbound out of denver. from golden and westminster and black hawk there are wind gusts
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there will be a slow trek toward minnesota and we are getting a cold flow on the backside of that low pressure system. that will keep the snow machine going for the higher elevations today right on through tonight and even tomorrow. notice denver and eastern plains for the most part stay dry. we cannot rule out a stray shower squeezing through, but the big story is for the higher elevations where there are warnings and advisories in a deck. keep the the continental divide, you will need them over the next 24 hours. 30s and 40s on the western slope and 40s and 50s on the eastern plains >>. enjoy these temperatures, this is the warmest day of the weekend we take a tumble as we go through the next five days. we will stay mostly in the 30s and drop to the 20s by friday. we may have snow showers to wrap up the week. it is
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friday. here is a look at i-70 where there are tough travel conditions around the eisenhower tunnel. icy and snowpack conditions. -- snowpack -- snowpacked conditions. as we look at the metro live picture, there are no accidents are stored -- or stalls threatened the security guard outside of a movie theater in concorde, california. investigators say this started with a disturbance in the building. the man ran out and the security guard chased after him. the security guard fired after the man who reportedly threatened to shoot. police evacuated the theater as a precaution. the man shot by the guard is expected to survive. some in tennessee --
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multimillionaire. the powerball ticket worth nearly $421 million was sold in lafayette, tennessee. the winner has 180 days to claim the prize. what a holiday present. right now shoppers are clamoring to snag resort discounts. they hope to book their next vacation while saving cash. sera marriott and several standalone properties are offering more than 50% off room rates. some wonder if cyber monday is a thing of the past. there were holiday up -- holiday discounts offered days or weeks ago. the broncos are coming off of the lost to the chiefs and are in danger -- boss -- loss to the chiefs and
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playoffs. i'm curious to see what you have to say about this.>> reporter: this is tough. gary kubiak put everything on the table and went for the win. the 62 yard attempt fell short with just a minute left in overtime. there was a much needed victory. the kansas city chief -- she is had a kickoff for their own with a 27- they -- the broncos find themselves in third place.>> that -- it made me want to go in that direction. maybe you think about punting it down to get the ball back, i don't know. we are going to try to get it back. like you said, it's on me.
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them they could do it, but they didn't get it done. now the broncos defense dominated for a majority of the game. the defense allowed the chiefs to score on three skid -- three consecutive drives. they tied the game and send it into overtime and the next two were peeled -- a pair of overtime drives. after the game he said, is us, on the defense. he added, it's just not like us. the broncos defense could not get a late stop, but they let ed -- and they lost the kick. there is a leaky offensive line and shaky special teams. trevor simeon was fake -- was sacked 5 times. in the second quarter, a muffed punt return forced the broncos to started the 5 yard line.
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simeon was tackled for his safety. then kansas city 186 yards for a touchdown. -- went for 86 yards for a touchdown. now headed to jacksonville. they are going to have to went out if they are going to make -- win out if they are going to make the playoffs. even though the broncos did win, i'm giving a game ball to trevor simeon who despite the issues that the defense had, he finished with 368 passing yards. he also had 3 touchdowns. the first 300 yard game since he injured his shoulder in week 4 against tampa.>> he looks better out there. i was giving credit at home.>>
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he had fire and he thought. we should be very impressed with trevor simeon. >> the defense look great as well.>> yes they did. you can hear more from romi bean . ,,
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,, wel b drive. the snow has been falling off and all -- off and on all night long in the mountain locations. remember radar does not see into the mountain locations very well. as you head along i-70, you will hit patches of snow. here is a look at the drive through the high country. there is a problem eastbound i- 70 where there is a jackknifed
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you can see the red on the map is due to the icy and snowpack conditions causing delays. in town there is a pothole they are working on on eastbound i- 76 at the 270 interchange. and some medications cause seniors to fall? a new study suggest a link between medications used to treat anxiety doctors say that the dosages were too high and nearly half the cases. lab mice with a certain receptor gene were protected against obesity when fed a high- fat diet. researchers that the discovery may lead to better pharmaceuticals for regulating human appetite. this is my favorite. despite thanksgiving being over, scientists have proven that giving banks long after
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gratitude can boost physical and psychological health, improve relationships, and even help you sleep better. fire officials plan on performing a prescribed burn in boulder county. this will be at the heil valley ranch in longmont. don't be surprised if you see smoke in the area. if it does not happen today, it can happen any thank you for joining us on cbs 4 morning news . we are at 36 degrees and jamie leary is here to tell us about porch pirates. >> reporter: it is cyber monday and is packages get delivered, it is prime targeting for thieves. we have more coming up on cbs 4 morning news and icy commute in the high country this morning. a closer look at traveling in
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week. plus, denver police are working on leads after three shootings in the metro area happened in one weekend. also ahead on the cbs 4 morning news at 6:00 , retailers have big , retailers have big expectations for ,, at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... , retailers have big expectations for ,, raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. no antibiotics ever. good morning everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is cyber monday and this is the news at 6:00 this morning. the broncos fall to the chiefs after a failed field goal. what this means for playoff hopes. the president-elect fires
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today. strong wind blowing across the state today which will keep us on the chilly side and bring more mountain snow. here's a look at the traffic from castle rock to the dtc. bridges looking open for now. i will have a full traffic report and the mountain look coming up. soon packages will be delivered, but porch pirates are stealing those gifts before they make it under jamie leary has a warning on a pop -- and a popular app. good morning.>> reporter: this app is free and when i signed up for the app, i just pulled it up and the third post down is a package stolen. you can see it did not take long for me to find a similar post. a lot of neighbors using this to warn people.


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