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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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today. strong wind blowing across the state today which will keep us on the chilly side and bring more mountain snow. here's a look at the traffic from castle rock to the dtc. bridges looking open for now. i will have a full traffic report and the mountain look coming up. soon packages will be delivered, but porch pirates are stealing those gifts before they make it under jamie leary has a warning on a pop -- and a popular app. good morning.>> reporter: this app is free and when i signed up for the app, i just pulled it up and the third post down is a package stolen. you can see it did not take long for me to find a similar post. a lot of neighbors using this to warn people.
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pick up your package if you are out of town. i want to show you various areas around the denver metro. the a lot of time stolen packages are not returned. as the cyber monday deals extend through the week, there will be a lot of opportunities the next door app is a great way to connect with neighbors and asked them to help you out this holiday season and to prevent package theft. the service allows you to pick off and drop off packages various places like the grocery store. they are extending the service this year and it is another tool you can use for package theft. people across the country are using the next door app. it is free, so why not test it
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stolen. it's a great way to keep your eyes peeled and help out your neighbor. i and jamie leary , cbs 4 morning news there will be a celebration honoring one of the people killed in the shooting in colorado springs. there is a ceremony for garrett swasey who died responding to the shooting. he will be honored at a basketball game at the university of colorado at colorado springs where he worked. the attacker, robert dear , also killed jennifer markovsky in ke'arre stewart . he is in a mental hospital. workers issued a statement saying, we remember those who were lost, hope for those who were injured and give thanks to those who provided -- thanks for those who provided help answer -- and support. there
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the death of trooper cody donahue who died while working a crash south of castle rock. the driver was arrested and he faces charges of careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield right-of-way to an emergency vehicle. donahue leaves behind a wife and two mack daughters. there is a gofundme campaign which has reached $50,000. two people are shooting in denver early yesterday morning. the shooters are on the run this morning. bulleted two people during a party inside a large warehouse on cherokee and arkansas. one person died. a shooting at a bar at high street and 39th ave. also sent people to the hospital. >> i was sitting on the couch watching shows and i heard the
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shooting left another person dead in the montbello neighborhood on carson street. coming up this week we are entering a chilly week. one where chris says we have below normal temperatures. here's a live look over the front range and one near the eisenhower tunnel which is covered in snow. there is blasting snow into the high country which is bringing a cool down here on the front range. chris spears forecast. good morning, temperatures are not too bad this time of year. normals -- normal lows in the 20s and we are in the 30s. the problem is the wind. a strong system to the north and the strong circulation is bringing gusty wind into the metro area, especially on the north and northwest side where there are wind gusts from golden to westminster.
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stop. breezy with temperatures in the 30s and the when driving the wind chill down. that is one story. the second story is the higher elevations where there is a lot of snow on the way. it snowed for a good part of the weekend and there is more on the way. this radar is not particularly impressive, but high terrain radar does not see too well and there is definitely snow on i- 70 corridor. we combined with wind and chilly temperatures bring travel problems. here is a look at i-70 e. of the eisenhower tunnel. there is a report of a rolled over vehicle westbound i-70 near the eisenhower tunnel which could be partially why we are not see many cars driving along i-70 at this time. you can csi give you the hot -- the full high country picture, it's going to be tough at the
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at berthoud pass. in town, no major accidents or stalls to report. britt one person is hurt after security guard shot amount in concorde, california. police say that something happened in the theater and the guard chased a man outside. the security guard fired after the man reportedly threatened this and they evacuated the theater as a precaution. >> one of the attendants came over and told us that we should hide and so we did.>> when they told us to hide, i didn't know what to think. i just heard the man yelling about needing to go -- like you needed to get out. then other security guards were yelling at him to get down.>> the man shot by the security guard is expected to survive. people are paying
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fidel castro. he rolled the communist nation for nearly 50 years. there is a mixture of joy and grief. supporters praise him for giving cuban people free health care and education, but many more call him a brutal tyrant. people are asked -- optimistic for cuba's future. >> we love the culture and we fell in love with the people without going there.>> reporter: comp -- cuba will be rolled role castro. -- rowel -- rowel castro -- raul castrois. wisconsin will go over a possible timeline for a recount
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trump says that in addition to winning the electoral college, i one the popular -- i won the popular vote. the chief of stash the incoming chief of staff is calling the recount ridiculous.>> those who were worried about president. trump not concede and are conducting recounts in states where we 1 x 68,000 votes. and money. -- won by 68,000 votes. i think the american people know that this is a waste of time and money. a chiefs feel cold hit the left upright and bounced through. the final score was 30-27. we have a look at what is next for the team.>> reporter: the broncos try to pull magic out
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santos with plenty of leg and it hits the upright. and it goes through and is good. the chiefs on the final play of overtime have beaten the broncos 30-27. welcome to mile high and i am alongside mark haas. the broncos fell to kansas city . the broncos will look back win. >> it was the chiefs who found a way to win. the broncos have to find a way to lose after giving up a game time drive. also the special team's mistakes and penalties. the broncos did not play their best and they have to close. >> we have to close.
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that situation to be honest with you. he was not on it as much. you know, he wasn't covering as well. i think we all had coverage mishaps today.>> playing the way we played and still losing. we hold ourselves accountable for that. that is the defense. it's a tough feeling and i haven't been a part of too many games like this, deal with when you play that well and still lose.>> we beat ourselves. we didn't execute the calls. we had perfect calls and an ascii past and execute them. we beat ourselves. storm -->> reporter: the bad news is they are two games back. they are tied with the dolphins for the wild-card spot and right now the dolphins -- the broncos would not make the playoffs. >> now they travel to
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i am mark haas i am michael spencer . it is 36 degrees in denver. we now know more on the groups suspected of plant -- planting ,
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good monday morning to you. weather and traffic on the force. we are dry -- 4s. we are dry. the mountain snow machines worked all night long and will keep going. check out glenwood springs where bob locker says good morning from -- bob lockard
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springs. temperatures are not too bad this morning in the 20s and teens in the higher elevations and 30s for the lower elevations. mild temperatures for this time of year. the problem is the strong wind due to this storm up to our north. the low pressure will make a slow trek to minnesota and more cold air comes into the state which will keep the mountain snow machine going for another and bad news for travelers. east of the continental divide we will stay dry with just occasional clouds coming through and perhaps a snow shower or to squeezing out by tomorrow morning. that is not timber's weather story. our story is when the -- denver's weather story. our weather story is windy and
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and 30s on the western slope. watch this, we will take a tumble and for the first time in a long time we're talking below normal temperatures for denver. >> i just felt the chill as you said below freezing temperatures. here's a look at what is going on for the high country drive along i-70. quite a bit of mostly because of the icy and snow packed roads. they are trying to get some of the snow off the roads, but make sure you bring adequate traction and chains as well. britt, light traffic looking at the metro ride area. no accidents or stalls to report at this time. scrolling for deals online today. i'm not saying you will see it today here at the studio, but companies are repairing -- are
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jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange with business headlines. good morning. good morning. worker productivity is going down today. the markets open in record high territory. it was a shortened trading day last friday. the dow jones up 68 and the nasdaq up the teen. -- 18. online sales could get over billion and there is a nearly 27% jump over 2014 where sales were a $2.6 billion. retailers are offering deep discounts and so are motels and resorts. most retails are offering deeper discounts and americans spend about $289 on average which is about $10 less than last year.
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9 days of mourning for fidel castro. jetblue will fly from new york to havana and other airlines will soon follow. britt now to the top stories. police detonated as suspected bomb found near the u.s. embassy near the felt -- in the philippines. a street sweeper found the device in a trash -- trash bin and it a cylinder connected with wires. and isis affiliated group is blame for the prompt -- the bombing. muslim leaders are asking for protection after the same hate later turned up at three mosques. it was postmarked with a fake name and address. one person said, you muslims would be wise to pack your bags
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sad to see this kind of thing still exists.>> it makes people feel age -- anxious in their own country and unfortunately it has an impact.>> reporter: the council on islamic relations says there has been an uptick in threats since the presidential election. so far none of the mosques that received the letter plan to close. the army corps of engineers says they have no with people protesting. they say the closure will be due to safety concerns. the decision does not mean much to them because of government treaters -- treaties with tribes dating back to the 1800s. >> it is presumptuous for the army corps of engineers to assume they can evict us off our own land.>> reporter:
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it was a tale of two halves for the broncos offense. the first half was simply okay and they got going in the second half. trevor simeon finish with 368 yards and 3 touchdowns. on back to back drives, lead scoring drives putting the broncos in a position to win. the broncos were up by eight with three minutes to go.
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struggled again and simeon's numbers were all for naught as the broncos fell 30 added 27 in overtime.>> it stinks to lose, especially going back and forth like that a couple of times. kansas city battled and battled and played a good game.>> we struggled with them in the first half early in the game. being able to protect anyhow in any way. we found a way to muster it up. trevor made big plays ac throws. i wish we could've gotten out with the win tonight. as part of being a pro, battling it out. >> reporter: the broncos have lost 3 games in the afc west and they need to finish strong with 5 games remaining including back-to-back road trips. a game account -- on the road
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if you are traveling today, it's busy in the west. a lot of snow in the intermountain west. snow and wind in bismarck and 35 degrees. in the mid-south severe thunderstorms from east texas to louisiana and arkansas and up toward not too bad from dc to boston where it is in the 40s and 50s. delays at dallas-fort worth exceeding 45 minutes due to thunderstorms in that part of the country. the drive along pena boulevard is looking nice and wide open with no major travel problems. here is where the travel problems will be, especially in the high country. this is a look at i-70 at vail pass in the eastbound
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icy, snowpacks and windy conditions are what you will deal with. on 225, speas in the 30 s. sound and it will take five minutes from parker road to what -- southbound and it will take about five minutes from parker road. things are you filling in on i- 25 s. of 70. the care 4 colorado campaign is collecting new unwrapped boys and girls -- boys and girls club. they serve about 2000 kids every day. the kids can count on a hot meal, participate in sports or participate in art. >> we serve families where moms and dads are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. for them to have the safety and security to know their kids are care for each day is important
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community.>> reporter: the care 4 colorado toy drive runs through december 24. you can participate at participating king street -- king soopers stores, the studio it seemed -- at 10th and lincoln or at the our heart studio on monaco. -- i heart studio on monaco. today is a perfect day to stay indoors
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a stunning into the broncos game puts damper behind in the afc playoff race. coming up i will ask romi bean about what is next for the broncos as they prepare for their game on december 4. we are keeping an eye on high country and below normal cold temperatures to the metro area. we hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i am britt moreno. let's get to chris spears to talk about the snow on the way. we will have chilly temperatures in plenty of mountain snow. we will talk about whether the snow will make it over the divide and into denver coming up. this is a look at i-76
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i will have the full metro area traffic picture and the traffic in the mountains coming up. in full swing. a warning for people expecting packages in the mail. jamie leary is live to explain all this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning britt. this package is prime for the picking . his is laying on the front porch and something we after cyber monday. there's a way to stay ahead of that so it doesn't happen. the next-door app is on my phone and it is free and easy to use. you can get a note to neighbors asking them to pick up a package for you. you can also see warnings. i just pulled mine up and the third post down is a warning for a stolen package. this is in wheat ridge where
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stolen. this is something you can use and it is free and it is something to take advantage of on this cyber monday. another thing you can use is picking up or dropping off packages at a local grocery store, convenient store or dry cleaners. there are locations around the world that ups is extending service to. you can see this surveillance video right now that was taken this st neighborhoods around the metro area. you can see this is something going on. for cyber monday big box tales are extended through -- sales are extended through the week. there are 118,000 neighborhoods around the country using this and it is picking up speed. that is one of the many tools you can use to prevent packages from being stolen off your porch.
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cbs 4 morning news you may see smoke today as crews do us -- a prescribed burn at heil valley ranch. they will do it if weather is favorable . heil valley ranch is closed today. we could also learn what caused the fire that forced the family from their home and brightened that started yesterday evening at 136th avenue and yosemite street . the family inside got out safely, but the home is a loss, as you they think the fire started on the back porch. right now fire crews are warning of the potential for avalanche in the high country. this comes as the storm dropped a lot of new snow. the avalanche information center just put out its latest map of the conditions. if you look at the areas shaded in yellow and orange, the avalanches are possible in the
6:35 am
greater christos. -- sangre de cristo mountains. we want to get over to chris spears because we understand more snow is on the way. good morning. good morning. we have a live view outside from the city camera network looking at the state capital. sunrise is at 6:59 this morning and we do have just a little bit of cloud cover out mack. not too much in the way of sunshine glare. that is good news for drivers, but there is color in the sky thanks to the cloud cover hanging over the city. it is complements of a storm system off to the north. 20s and 30s. 30s are above normal for this time of year on the eastern
6:36 am
times that is spilling into the metro area. gusty with speeds topping 20 miles per hour. certainly putting a chill in the air. this system is lumbering along toward minnesota over the next 24 hours. a big flow of cold air coming down the spine of the rockies. i will keep this machine -- it will keep the snow machine going for the next 24 the foothills, but denver and eastern plains will stay on the dry side. we cannot rule out a stray snow shower sneaking into the city, but we should stay mostly on the dry side. there are warnings and advisories. the pincus warnings and the purple is winter weather advisories with several inches of fresh snow on the way. bad news for travelers, but fantastic news for the ski resorts.
6:37 am
20s up high and 30s on the western slope. temperatures will tumble thanks to the storm to the north. by the end of the week we may not get above freezing and we do have a chance for snow showers. that sounds cold. here's a look at the cdot camera at i-76 and i-270. it is back to work and there is slow traffic southbound on i-25 on the approach to i-76. bere britt, as we look at the metro wide picture, no accidents or stalls to report, but you will see plenty of slow traffic this morning.>> that is good news on this back to work monday. jury selection is expected to reserve and charleston, south carolina in the case of dylan roof. on friday the judge ruled that
6:38 am
competent to stand trial for the shooting were nine people died. no reports of damage from an earthquake at mount everest. it is still recovering from last year's earthquake. nearly 9000 people lost their lives in that one. the quake had a magnitude of 5.4. new from overnight. a nasty fall for a cirque du soleil acrobat, lisa skinner. she tumbled about performing in australia. skinner briefly lost consciousness. she was loaded into an ambulance and we understand that she is in stable condition. let's get a preview of what you will see today on cbs this morning. we will look at funeral preparations for fidel castro what this means for ref -- for u.s. read -- relations with the country. we are will have
6:39 am
elect trump's fiery reactions. how sebastian learn to walk again. we will see you at 7:00 straight up. you can see gail, charlie rose and nora o'donnell this morning right after the newscast at 7:00. some of the best in the business at hanging lights for the holidays and now here's the chance to prove it. it is the season for holiday lights. into your decked out . you could win a $500 gift card to mike's camera. you can check out all of the entries on our facebook page and like the lights. the winner not only gets the gift card, but we will feature some of the most popular houses on the news. coming up next to support pouring in for the family of a colorado trooper killed in a crash on friday.
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election recount in wisconsin. a tough loss for the broncos. i will tell you what this means for the team's playoff chances next. ,,
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morning news. here's a look at the drive of i-70 -- i-25 just north of i- 70. there are no major accidents or stalls to report, just heavy volume headed into downtown. that is nice news to hear after yesterday's here the team is coming off a brutal loss to the chiefs after the game went into overtime. now we are in a precarious position as the broncos are in a dangerous position of not making the playoffs. we have romi bean joining us now. they could not make the when having -- happen, but let's -- but what is next for the team.>> reporter: gary kubiak pushed all the chips in the middle and when for the win.
6:45 am
short with just over a minute left in overtime. the broncos chance of the next -- much needed victory push them into game-winning kick up their own for a victory. the broncos find themselves in third place in the afc west.>> it is very tough. the fact that we had no timeouts made me o that direction. if you did have the time outs, maybe you think about getting the ball back. i don't know. we are going to try to win. we have seen and do that many times in practice. like you said, it's on me. we didn't get it done. >> reporter: the broncos defense dominated for the
6:46 am
pretty out of character. we know the first of the drives to tie the game and send it into overtime. there were some power drives including the kick at the last. he said it is on the defense and added, it's just not like us. yes, the broncos defense could not get a late stop and make manase miss the kick, but -- mcmanus missed trevor simeon was sacked 5 times. in the second quarter of a muffed punt return by jordan norwood force the broncos to start at their 5 yard line. then trevor simeon was tackled for a safety. on the free kick that followed the safety, they went 86 yards for a touchdown. she -- the chiefs put nine
6:47 am
swallow. third place in the afc west with most players say they have to win if they want to make the playoffs.>> i like to leave people on a positive note and this is not a platitude. the defense played well in the first part of the game and simeon looked good. who does the game ball go to today? the game ball goes to trevor simeon. despite the issues the s game, he finished with a career- best of 368 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. his first 300 yard game since he injured his left shoulder in week 4 against tampa. the only thing missing was the win. >> a minor detail. thank you for that report, romi. you can see here on denver
6:48 am
the porch pirates are gearing up to swipe your packages before they ever make it under the tree. our jamie leary is live this morning . i understand and alert went to people on a popular app. can you explain. >> there is an app connecting people. porches are prime picking four- part -- reporter: look at this, it is pretty easy. we are losing jamie. i'm sorry, we can't quite hear you. we are looking at porch pirates who still packages. we have the app on our website at if you would like to download it to figure out how you too will not become a victim this holiday season.
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patrol are thanking people for the support after the death of cody donahue. a truck hit and killed trooper donahue on friday while investigating a crash south of castle rock. police arrested the driver who faces charges of careless driving resulting in death and failure to lead -- yield right- of-way to an emergency vet -- emergency vehicle. donahue leaves behind a wi a gofundme page has raised $50,000 of a $100,000 gold. remembering the people killed in the planned parenthood shooting in colorado springs. there is a ceremony for officer garrett swasey at the basketball game at the university of colorado in colorado springs where he worked. it starts at 7:30. this is one year after the
6:50 am
jennifer markovsky in ke'arre stewart . robert dear is in a state hospital and a judge has ruled he is not competent to stand trial. the planned parenthood clinic open and full earlier this year and workers issued a statement saying, we remember those who were lost and we hope for those injured and give thanks to those who provided comfort and support. humor -- humans are remembering the doub are remembering fidel castro. >> reporter: massive crowds are expected in revolution plaza to play tribute -- to pay tribute to fidel castro. there will be a book of condolences and a public ceremony will be in the public square on tuesday. the ironfisted former dictator had numerous critics abroad,
6:51 am
admired him. many people felt like they have plus the patriarch and a farther of the family and the revolution. castro's ashes will go on a four-day island my procession starting on wednesday ending in santiago. in miami, florida where cuban exiles live, many consider him a brutal dictator that has -- that is kept them from their families for decades. >> we fell in love with the culture and the people without even going there.>> reporter:
6:52 am
-- cuba. castro was cremated on saturday and commercial flights resume to cuba. aleppo is under state control. another neighborhood was allegedly captured and thousands have fled to safety and kurdish controlled areas of the city. another area of defeat would year civil war. president. elect donald trump is blasting a recount effort . trump calls the recount a scam and tweeted that in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the people who voted illegally. >> the idea that we are going
6:53 am
president elect has been magnanimous to the clintons and the obama's is pretty incredible. the wisconsin state election leaders will meet to go over a possible timeline for a recount of the state's presidential election. holiday shoppers are thoughtful about spending their money this year. the federation said 150 shopped in stores and online. that is more than last year, but each consumer spent on average $10 less than in 2015. last year's average was about $300 per person compared to $290 this year. the retail federation attributes the drop to more discounts being available to consumers. someone in tennessee will kick off the new year as a multimillionaire and we could
6:54 am
is. a lucky person matched all the numbers over the weekend and the ticket valued at $420 million was sold in lafayette, tennessee. the winner has 180 days to claim the prize and 100 hours to say i'm the new best friend of that person. chris, we are expecting snow and cold? snow overnight and will keep the snow today. in denver we anticipate a dry day, but the picture on the screen sets the tone. the temperatures right now are 30s in the front range from denver to greeley and fort range. 20s and teens are the high. david barry with 2 inches of fresh snow overnight. it is wendy, especially in the high country once you leave denver westbound.
6:55 am
of the blowing storm sending a northerly flow into colorado. it will be a chilly day. not only in today, but for the next several days. it will slowly start to let up as we roll into the day on tuesday. good accumulations on the way. there are some snow shower sneaking into northeast colorado early tomorrow morning. by the heavy stuff stays in the high country. warnings and advisories in effect. the pink is warnings and the purple is advisories. several inches of new snow along the continental divide. the resorts are happy about this and it will be a tough day for travelers. 40s for denver and most of eastern north -- eastern colorado. 20s up high and 30s on the western slope.
6:56 am
in all week long. it is something we haven't talked about in a long time. there may be morning snow showers by friday morning and only 28 degrees. here is a look at what is going on at the cbs 4 mousetrap camera. heavier volume as folks head back to work from the holiday weekend. here's a look at the drive with speas in the 20s it will take 11 minutes from parker road to i-25. there is quite a bit of red on the map, but the silver lining is no accidents or stalls to report. looking at what could be the foreseeable future. a lot of folks were having trouble in the high country and today will be the same?>> a lot of wind and cold in addition to the snow is the big story.>> reporter: people blame the loss
6:57 am
hope brunk -- for broncos. >> a tough day. thank you for joining us right here on ,, ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump denounces plans to recount the vote in three states. hillary clinton's campaign is now backing the recot wisconsin after conceding the election. >> cuba mourns the life of a leader while miami cheers the death of a dictator. charlie is in havana today and takes a look at how fidel castro death could change cuba and its relationship with the u.s. warning for shoppers who use their smartphones on cyber money. how opening your app could put your information in the eyes of criminals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. there a respect for the


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