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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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der bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. . we begin at noon from ohio state where a knife-wielding man attacked police and an intense hunt was on lockdown as the hunt ended up in the suspect being killed. the suspect first ran into people with a car, then stabbed others. nine people are injured, one is in critical condition. there are many people from
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golden, a senior studying aviation. he was at the student union when text alerts were sent outers notifying everyone to take cover. >> it ends with run, hide, fight. that was kind of a shock to most students. i stayed in there, turned off the lights, and they immediately came over the pa system for the union and whole campus, telling everyone to get down, get secured. if you are in an office, if you need somewhere to go, go to the basement of any building. >> the students were later given and all-clear and notified all classes had been canceled for the day. investigators are looking into whether this was a terrorist attack. new developments into the colorado state trooper as the truck driver accused of hitting him faces a judge. trooper cody donohue was killed friday south of castle rock while investigating another car accident.
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following the late nest the story. you have new information into what happened? >> we do. we attempted to talk to him as he left court but he stayed silent. he posted a $500 bond shortly after his arrest so he currently is not in custody. he appear this had morning, family by his side. we spoke with rewheeze's brother-in-law over the weekend that ruiz's brother-in-law over the weekend that said his family is devastated. he is charged with two misdemeanors, one for careless driving resulting in death and the second for failing to move over for law enforcement. he drifted over the line, striking trooper cody donohue you. donohue and another trooper were investigating a crash, both pulled over to the side of
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vehicles, both with emergency lights on. donohue was outside the car when he was struck and he died on the scene. ruiz stayed at the scene, tolltarial submitted a blood these -- voluntarily submitted a blood test and has been cooperating since. we asked the judge why the charges for such serious actions? they said it is early in the investigation and those are the most appropriate charges for now but the investigation has a lot of pieces to implement so the charges are subject to change. we will continue to follow this, large from csp headquarters in castle rock, jamie leary, cbs 4 news. >> thank you, jamie. a gofundme page has reached more than $50,000 to support the family. the goal is $100,000. a winter blast in the high country is causing slick road condition, especially for drivers heading back -- slick road conditions, especially for drivers heading back home
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we are live in frisco along i- 70. it just looks cold there, matt? >> reporter: yes. it is cold up here! i can tell you while right here near frisco the road is actually pretty clear and drivers are able to keep up speed, a couple miles down the road in either direction you will run into the icy, snow- packed conditions. this is what it looked lying last night at csp and the colorado traffic folks out here were working hoedown completely. it created -- shut the road down completely, causing all kinds of problems for travelers and skiers trying to get back down to denver. the road conditions have improved a little bit today but the chain and traction laws are still in place for all vehicle, not just commercial vehicles of the you have to have good snow tires, chains or four-wheel drive on your vehicle. i can show you on my xterra, it was nice and clean, i
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these icicles. >> thank you, matt. you will have to wait until the end of the season to get that car washed! here is a live look outside. to'ed will likely be the warmest day of -- today will likely be the warmest day of week, yes, warmest. we are only getting to 40 degrees this afternoon. we have more with a look at the chilly week ahead. it suddenly feels like holidays, lauren. >> it does. if you are decorating for christmas, festive out there. take a look at the satellite and radar. you you just saw matt kroschel out there in fresco. we have the systems easing up a bit but the snow totals will increase later on as more snow rolls in later this afternoon
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loveland has 9.5 inches. here are other ski resort totals. great news for the skiers. we will keep adding to that. it is windy outside from the hyskon to the eastern plain -- high country to the eastern plains with close to 50 miles per hour wind conditions in ray. the temperatures right now 43 in tennessee. 43 in boulder, 50 in burlington. in the mountains it is pretty chilly, 30 in avon, 27 aspen, 29 in craig and 33 in grand junctionment we have sunshine and cloud cover. the will get cold overnight. we will talk about the cooldown heading our way and when the next chance of snowfall rolls in coming up. >> thank you, lauren. many may be inside where it is warm cyber shopping. millions of americans may be online searching the cyber monday deals. it is expected to be the busiest online shopping day in history.
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offering steep discounts on a wide range of products. upset estimates it will deliver more than 600 million packages through new year's day. as the delivers arrive on your doorstep, thieves want to get their hands on them before they make it under the tree. neighbors are using this website, to warn people about porch pirates. you can share surveillance video and ask neighbors to keep an eye out packages so this doesn't happen. broncos is heart broken over the last night loss. take a look at this, the lucky score, 30-27. >> we beat ourselves. we executed, defense right, we came off side about four times. we did it ourselves. >> the broncos play-offs hopes are kind of slipping away,
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various generations of cubans are reacting differently to the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. older people that grew up under his regime are demonstrating loyalty, while others don't feel the same way. here is more from havana's revolution square. >> reporter: this church league soccer game may make it seem like any other sunday havana, until halftime, when both teams hold a moment of sigh ups lens for fidel castro. these two say they admire him. for the cuban, they say, it is a great loss. but for many young people here, it is a imagine molded less by firsthand experience and more by tradition and family. . your grandparents cried by this? they were part of the revolution.
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more than we do, he says. that was apparent away from the field. in church pews across the highland where many older cubans openly mourned. we spoke with this gentlemen after mass. >> it is too much. >> reporter: i see a tear. >> yes. i liked him so much. i love too much. i lost too much today. >> reporter: there is no publicly. about the abuses and oppression of the castro regime. the effort here, in fact, is to make sure the revolution does not fade into history for young people. nearly a third of the island's population is under 25. they are increasingly drawn to american pop culture, as wifi hot spots pop up. in the decade since fidel
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have supported access to wifi to expose young cubans to new ideas but there is a concern the nation's youth is becoming too distracted during a defining time in the island's history. cbs news, havana. up next, president-elect donald trump is back to work today, picking members of his cabinet. but he still found time to stir up a little controversy on twitter over the weekend. we will explain. >> and coming up, certain smartphone apps may be yi cyber monday shoppers are especially at risk. you will want to know these tips on how to protect
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dylann roof is charged with hate crimes and destruction of religion. he opened fire in june of 2015. jury selection in the trial resumes today. roof face as possible death sentence if convicted. happening tonight, people will remember one of the three people killed in the planned parenthood clinic shooting in colorado springs. this comes one day after the year anniversary of this attack.
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7:30 for officer garrett swayze who died while responding to the shooting. people will honor him during a basketball game at the university of colorado in colorado springs where he worked. the confessed shooter, robert dear, also killed two other and is in a hospital undergoing mental evaluations. the planned parenthood kristianic reopened earlier this year. workers issued a statement to mark the anniversary saying we remember those hope for those injured and give thanks to those who provided us comfort and support. president-elect donald trump is back in trump tower where he will meet today and tomorrow with several possible candidates for secretary of state. his visitors include mitt romney and former cia director david petraeus, who are both being considered for the position. trump also slammed hillary clinton's campaign for getting involved in a recall effort
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green party capitol jill stein. he claimed widespread voter fraud without evidence when he tweeted sunday... well, we will turn now to this cold weather and the snow that could come our way in the higher elevations. good afternoon, lauren. >> good afternoon, brit. it feels festive outside. clouds, but still a little blue sky in denver. it is cool across the front range. we will have a pretty cool week in store, a. because it will only get colder from here. we are 6 degrees cooler in denver than where we were yesterday at this time. 2 degrees cooler in akron, 6 for burlington, in the mountains 2 to 6 degrees different than yesterday. the western slope is 7 to 8 degrees cooler. grand junction is 33. 29 in craig, 27 in steam both, 43 in world and -- steamboat
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gillette, and 34 in cloddy. cool temperatures to the north -- cody. cool temperatures there to the north and gusty through monarch pass and wilkinson pass. in the denver area we have been on the gusty side, as well, especially as you head up to the foothills and high country and south of town. the winds about 20 to 30 miles per hour in some spots. taking a look at satellite and radar, cloudy across the front range and east. eastern plains will stay dry. and high country have snow going on right now. in denver we are on the dry side with blue skies and mostly clouds. heading to the western slope areas from parts of rio blanco county to montrose county we have good snow going on. lighter in the higher elevations and more is possible later today and tomorrow. we will still get another good shot of snow heading our way. most of the mountain areas and higher elevations 4 to 8 inches of snow from later this
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like craig to meeker, 2 to 4 in the san juans and 4 to 8 in the front range, mountains and tunnels. the snow will continue and it will pick up more la right on this afternoon and evening. you will -- more a little later on this afternoon and evening. overnight tonight the snow continues in the mountains. it will still be snowing tomorrow morning in the high country. in denver the cloud cover and then the snow eases up later into the evening hours. still snowy for a while tomorrow in the mountain ar frigid either. 45 in denver, 46 in greeley, 56 in lamar, 27 in frisco today, 31 in eagle, 31 in craig and 38 in grand junction. tonight we get a little chilly outside. 22 in denver, 37 in boulder, 25 in burlington inspect the mountains a lot of teens.-- burlington. in the mountains a lot of teens today. 25 in grand junction. for the five-day forecast tomorrow, we cool off more.
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we spend most of the week in the 30s. we will have sunshine. it won't be very warm. overnight lows in the teens. friday there is a chance for a little snow, maybe even here in denver. temperatures will get into the 20s, so, brit, we have a cool shot coming our way. you will need the jacket this is week potentially. >> exactly. the glove, hat and everything else. >> exactly. >> thank you, lauren. up next, these specially trained otters are not just out for a swim. how they are helping children diagnosed with seri look at where the dow is
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,, ,, welcome back. online sales this monday are expected to reach $3 billion, but cyber security warns online shoppers could be at risk because of bogus apps.
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>> reporter: nicole likes shopping through her apps but didn't realize they can put her identity at risk. >> it is really scary. you trust those brands when you see them and you just accept or trust that that is who you think you are dealing with. >> reporter: but a company that creates many of those apps for major retailers found some shopping apps for names likedy lards, pay less, christian dior and jimmy choo weren't real. >> we found there are >> reporter: snoop wall says it is about getting your private information. >> some of these shopping apps are so good they give you a complete shopping experience, from everything like congratulations, here is your order number, it is on its way.
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>> reporter: and these super popular emoji keyboard apps replace the one on your phone, giving you an endless supply of emote cons for every occasion, but they can gain access to your contacts, text messages and possibly even passwords. and there is a separate tool for android devices to verify apps. apple provides notice on keyboard apps about the fact the apps can have access to what you type, except for passwords which apple says can only be typed in using the regular keyboard. >> if you flatly want the cute' -- desperately want the cute emoticon, don't install the ones that are free but buy one from a developer based in the united states and don't allow
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you go awe. it is from an animal sanctuary in california. you can see the otters and kids swimming together. but it is not just a cute moment in the pool. it is a form of therapy. the otters are trained to interact with children with severe or terminal illnesses, for this 7-year-old and her family, it makes all the difference. >> i am at the pool, having fun, and they are so cute! >> it was awesome. she has the hand's it has been great. >> anyone can swim with the otters at a fee. the organization uses the money they raise through paid swims to fund all their "make-a-wish" visits. the cbs care for colorado campaign is collect'ing collecting new and unwrapped toys for kids in the boys and girls clubs. they can count on a hot meal, opportunity, sports, the arts, as well as caring staff
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the care for colorado toy drive runs through december 24th. you can drop off a toy at a participating king's super store or our studio at 10th and lincoln or the studios on south monaco. we have a wish list
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? >> brooke: that's not mistletoe. >> bill: parsley. it came on my sandwich. ? >> ridge: how does that feel? >> it's okay. >> ridge: it's okay? >> yeah. >> ridge: overall, how does it feel? >> it's weightless. it's like a nightgown. >> ridge: ah. maybe you got to put that sash back. i got to think about it. what about you? you bored yet? >> r.j.: that one keeps smiling at me. >> ridge: maybe she thinks you're cute. >> r.j.: i don't want to be cute. >> ridge: no? what do you want to be?


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