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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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now live from columbus ohio. any word yet on a motive?>> reporter: good evening, that is the big question right now. we are mainly in appearing at of investigation and morning at the sour. some of the immunity has gathered here. here at the church for a vigil. the train to make sense of a terrifying morning. authorities identified the man behind the attack at ohio state university as he drove his car over curb then into pedestrians and got out of the car and started to stab the victim spoke >> it started at 9:52 am. again, just a few seconds later, the officer called out, a call, that indicated of us are in trouble, that there was a man with a knife. >> reporter: the university
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one minute after the attack began pick >> the officer engaged the suspect and fired shots. he used deadly force to stop the attack>> reporter: one student was nearby when the car hit the curb. >> i saw and saw everyone running. i was looking, was anyone hurt? when the gunshots ran out i ran for cover. >> reporter: 11 people were injured and one is in legal permanent resident. it was his first semester at the university. they do not know what motivated the attack and authorities are looking to see if it was an act of terrorism. the student newspaper, with his first day of classes, he told the newspaper that he was scared to pray because he said it was the unfair treatment of
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one of the students on campus during the attack, mark reese, a senior studying aviation, he was in the student union when the school sent out a text telling people to take a. -- to take a. >> they turn off the light and mutely came over the pa system and the whole campus telling everyone to a set go to the basement of any building if you need somewhere to go. >> look for more information on the is a text coming up on the cbs news at 5:30 pm. a weather alert, snow in the high country causing dangerous conditions. the westbound lanes of interstate 70. take a look at that. we can see the clouds hanging over. we will see of snow's going to fall here. we will have the answer, first
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has been snowing there much of the day. >> -- >> reporter: absolutely, the snow has not stop. they have reopened the westbound lanes on interstate 70 after an accident earlier this afternoon. you can see east and westbound directions are moving. it has been touch and go for most of the last 24 hours. this is what it looked like up here at that traffic jam with that closure. we got stuck just like everyone else. no one was going anywhere fast. it happened an hour and half ago. as darkness is starting to set in some of the snow is picking up. for drivers, they say they have been fortunate considering the amount of snow.? i had a minor -- >> a minor automobile problem here and there.
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it has been good.>> reporter: i wanted to show you a little bit about how much snow we are talking about. there is a lot of snow here at vail pass if this is not a big enough issue for the drivers, tomorrow and wednesday they're planning to do some rock scaling and rock litigation work near georgetown. they are expecting to treat hours of delays for that prt. next day or so here in the mountains. >> is nice to see the stove for the ski resorts. it is cold. >> it is quite chilly. we saw vail pass and i had a friend that drove over rabbit ears and it is snowpacked. if i take away the closer you can see the snow in the high
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range, in denver we are on the dry side. is cloudy heading to the west. going towards idaho springs, georgetown, you will get a little bit of snow. most of it is off to the west, real blanco county and over by delta and mesa counties, there is plenty of snow out there. we are not done with it. we have more snow expected overnight. many central mountains could pick up three, four mountain -- three inches, four inches of snow. we are overnight today. it's good news for the ski resorts but when you have to travel threats at the bus. it has been windy, gusty winds, and we had windy conditions into the foothills. the winds are at 20 miles per hour. that does help create lower visibility is are traveling. temperatures right now, we are dropping more, 37 denver, fort collins, 28 avon and 33 grand junction. the overnight lows are going to
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actually the lowest day of the week. we will talk about a -- today is a warm stay the week. we will talk about uncle don coming up.>> -- we will talk about our weather coming up. >> you can go to for more information on your weather. he died last saturday after getting hit by a truck. the driver of the uc charges. services will be held later this week for officer cody donahue. >> -- >> reporter: it is called a celebration of life, it will take place friday 11 am right here at the church, first church of nazarene -- denver
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18 your veterans with the company -- an 18 year veteran with the company. the trooper was investigating a previous accident when he was struck by the semi-driven by the man., noe gamez-ruiz. the truck swerved out of the driving lane and striking the trooper. at this point, he is facing misdemeanor traffic charges, ca death. and failing to yield for emergency vehicle.>> the way our laws are set up, had the conduct exceeded carelessness and become reckless, then it's potential that the charge to be vehicular homicide. we do not think we have it. >> reporter: the investigation is not yet over. video from the state patrol and on the truck itself are being examined. trooper cody donahue is
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girls , he is so honest he gave his wife a ticket. >> there are laws across the spectrum that are weak when it comes to traffic. they make no exception whether the person killed, is a civilian, or a law enforcement in the law of duty, it makes no distinction. >> reporter: he was stopped mutely after the crash and was given a breathalyzer test. there's no reason to believe that alcohol if found guilty, the maximum sentence is a year in jail. it will be a tough day here on friday as police throughout the state are on hand to celebrate the life of the officer cody donahue. two tran90 -- -- two see
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hill punched tran90 one. they believe -- tran09 one. -- tran99 s jaleel awini, he will now play and the game this weekend. the former cia director what he saying about his extract -- be worn, some of the apps out there are helping cyber thieves get your information. here is the big storm in the upper midwest, it's keeping us in the snowy air over colorado. 45 degrees our high today. that the worms were going to see all week. things got iffy, he says
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about it for themselves? you will hear from them coming up in sports. she was weeks away from losing her house, a common story in a tight ,,
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by st. joseph's hospital. president-elect, donald trump is working on filling his upcoming administration positions. he met with mister trump today he is a contender for secretary of state. >> basically, he walked us around the world, and we got great grasp of the challenges out there in some of the opportunities as well. >> the president-elect expected to meet with mitt romney, another candidate for secretary of state. he is the official winner of the state and with the independent fact checkers, it cost attempt the popular vote, donald trump said on a tweet extract it is -- it is often considered the
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people shopping online today. retailers are hoping to rack up some $3 billion in sales. experts say that better technology is helping drive the increase with online sales. that does include the new apps with smart phones. >> there are some dangers, live in downtown david -- now, live in downtown denver. >> reporter: the holidays are over so your, it is the on there is an app. >> i do a lot of online shopping. >> reporter: betsy peterson does a lot of her shopping online. she did not realize that bogus apps on her smart phone could put her identity at risk. >> i have gotten free apps in the past. but i do not know if my information has been taken from
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stealing more secrets. >> it is a dangerous game they play. >> reporter: she runs the denver cyber security. he says hundreds of free apps, those that appear to be reputable companies could be fronts for cyber balance. >> there getting permission to lick -- cyber of villains. >> they are getting permission to look at all your data on your phone.>> you are dealing i working hard to take what we have. >> reporter: he says that the apple store and google play try to get the imposters but it is a losing battle. what can you do? he advises shoppers to only install apps they pay for or make sure that they come from a company directly. >> go straight to macy's and dillards, download the app straight from them. >> reporter: with weeks ago betsy peterson is hoping that
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the other red flags, with grammar mistakes and apps, or apps asking for personal information. bottom line, when you download a free up you get what you pay for oral hot lot more the or a whole lot more. -- or a whole lot more. high country, they will continue to get snow, you see it moving in from the west, there is a big blow moisture coming our way, we will be cold. we won't see much snow but friday couple snow showers, looking to the east, there is the storm you see the counterclockwise rotation, underside is known cold. on the east side of it is rain showers got very heavy rains in showers and thunderstorms even tornadoes were spotted over doors portions of the front that continues to move there. you can see these gold boxes,
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and tornado watch out now. were talking tornadoes and thunderstorms back east. here, were talking about snow. let's go back to the weather center.>> some big totals for the ski results, loveland 10 inches, snowmass, purgatory, got nine inches of snow. steamboat springs seven inches of snow. they opened up the gondola today and one new trail. the all the skiers. is not so fun when you're traveling because getting through that can be tough. we will continue to add to those totals tonight. we see storms and advisories out tonight on into mild. central mountaineers, on the pin, near steamboat springs -- on the screen, steamboat springs, could see four inches on up to eight inches. and we could see two inches and
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northwestern corner. heading to the tunnels, three inches to six inches, we will continue to add to it. there is a chance for some are snow later this week. we will get colder from here. we will have more snow tonight. >> as we look by our our by our forecast, the snow in the high country, it begins to wind down. there are some snow showers up these. you see the sunny skies snow. here comes the clouds, increasing, this is thursday at 2 pm. some of this may spell across on friday. that's when we have our chance for snow showers. 45 and 44 where the highs today. 31 and 35 were the lows. it should be 29 degrees. we have 33 percent humidity. here at the city park, this is what we are seeing down here but in the mountains, lots of snow. look at telluride, a beautiful
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they open up this friday. and then steamboat springs, this snowstorm. temperatures tonight, mostly in the teens and 20s over the eastern plains. out was temperatures in the teens and 20s. chilly day tomorrow in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. here is your denver forecast. tonight, we will see mostly cloudy skies, breezy at times, 25 and 23 the overnight lows, tomorrow, cold, gusty winds, they could gust up to 40 miles per hour for the afternoon. for the next several days we will see temperatures in the 30s until friday with a chance of snow showers, then 29. sunshine for the weekend but just 39 degrees. we know that people in colorado are getting into the spirit when they decorate with holiday lights. >> enter your house into our contest page,
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card. if you want to vote for your favorite house, check out our houses and -- of the pictures on our facebook page. it was a bold decision ,,
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industry. is wide and left a no good.>> it did not work out. i have a lot of confidence in brandon.>> unbelievable game winner.>> hindsight, it is 2020, he makes the fill goal, and were talking about a great kind the rock rose fall in overtime, 30-27. special teams was a problem. then the third quarter kick, kansas city kick the fill goal, then there was an illegal formation, then a couple plays later scores a touchdown. there are the 4 points, and it was a tough night for jordan norwood, he had two fumbles,
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norwood was shoved in the back as he was heading to the sideline. is not something were used to seeing on the broncos sidelines pick >> you have to understand what was going on at the time. i apologize to him. >> we talked earlier today and square things away. we all want to win football games. >> they have to handle those situations better. i tell my players all the time, we battle together we do not battle they understand that we are competing. >> he said it was just a matter of competitive spirits running to high. another thing that stood out, the defense, broncos defense, unable to come up with the stop, and the city put together a 13 play, 75 yard drive to score a touchdown with a 2 point conversion. that force the overtime. then at that point you thought that denver would make a big play but it never came last night.
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side, you know, these wins many times. is the national football league. we got the better end of these games, it was just one that we did not complete. we did everything we possibly could to lose the game. we did everything we could possibly do in every phase in a football game. guess what, we lost. >> of course, we will have much more in this game coming up tonight live at
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cleaning. repair services for the homeowner. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people.g >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> o'donnell: also tonight... >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of themb cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps --t hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet into a drainage ditch.


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