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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the snow just continuing up here . we have seen them put in those safety checks here on i-70 over vail pass. right now the interstate is open, but at the same time all the snow is creating a danger and that is for users in the back country. with more than a foot of snow piling up in some parts danger. they are forecasting moderate to consider avalanche danger in major sections of the state throughout the high country. >> safety is always on everyone's mind. where we are going it's a pretty low aspect ratio, a lot of the high country, some pretty high avalanche warnings out right now. >> before you head into the
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forecast. right now at cbs, look at d links and -- at the links and find out what it's like where you are going. that after avenue large danger includes this county. no one was caught up, but again, we are just starting the season and they would like safe for everyone. we are live, cbs 4. right you toipt get to lauren whitney. it's starting to feel like winter. >> certain feeling like the season, so get your winter coat out and clovs. we -- gloves. as we head into the denver, as you leaf count up into the
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but heading toward the western slup through grand junction and we saw matt where there is continuing snow. that will continue overnight and last night we had some real whether i good snow in the -- really good snow, all 9 inches of snow, winter park with 8, wolf creek and steamboat with 7. we are looking at some models here, some another 4 to of snow. some of your front range mountains, 3 to 6 inches. this is our first really good snow of the season and taking a look at the winter advisories, tleez still in -- these are still in place. plus you add that wind, be cautious because it can be
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just the rest ft week will be a little cold with temperatures in the 30s for the highs. back to you. and right now back to our top story, a dramatic scene at green mountain. you can see the lines of that fire. our rick saltenger from the ground. >> i am at the mountain, alamita and union. looks like a wall of flames primarily on the south and east side of the mountain. wind is obviously blowing from a northerly direction to the south because there was a tremendous amount of smoke in the air which
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there are a number of houses that pretty much enkirk l is mountain with the exception of this c470 side. now you ask is it getting any better or worse. from my advantage point it does seem to be improving situation, but it is quite possible it is spreading over on another side out of my advantage where i am right now. jim and karen. >> we will stay with you, certain an interesting fire line the flashing lights of the responding fire crews. rick, i know you live in that area. have you seen anything like this this time of year? >> when you qualify it to this time of year, the answer would have to be no. but those that live on and around green mountain remember very well several years ago we had a fire that was started by lightning up there which spread
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forced the evacuation of many homes, including my own. >> all right. rick thanks so much and thanks for the team in copter 4. no evacuations. we will see how they want to fight them on let it burn. certain a story we will be following for the duration of this newscast and end of the evening. right now death of a colorado state trooper. today the truck driver accused of hitting cody don hue. ruiz swerved while the trooper was on the road. he is accused of careless driving resulting in death. >> exceed careless and become even reckless then it's the
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>> if convicted, he could spend up to a year in jail. and honor the responders to the planned parenthood. that includes one of their own. on black friday a gunman opened fire at the clinic. jennifer marcofki, stewart swayzy all lost their lives. lauren with the latest. >> reporter: and just under 30 minutes studes and community members will gather for a candle light vigil. you can see the candles stacked here and crew us setting this up on campus. this is to honor the fallen officer responding to that shooting attack. it was one year today that
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the an active shooter situation was going on. he was killed along with two other women. now, the suspect, robert deer has told cbs 4 said he did it to save the lives of unborn fetuses. he has since been declared unfit for trial and remains in a hospital. people at the planned parenthood cl deterred by the suspected killer's action. this ceremony, candle light vigil will happen at the basketball game honoring swasey. that game kicks off here at 7:30 and we will be there cover this
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our newscast at 10:00. live in colorado springs. two football players will not be on the field for pac-12 game. they were arrested after getting in a fight with each other. christopher hill punched abdual, and knocked him unconscious. responding officers say they then found cocaine in his ll >> oh, there it was, the chiefs pulling off the dramatic win with a field goal that bounced off the left up right. getting ready for xfinity monday live, we know after a tough loss there is always monday morning quarterbacking. >> yeah, i think broncos fans running out of fingers with all the finger pointing they have been doing. always room for second guessing. of course the hot topic today is
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goal in overtime. it was no good. and a couple thoughts, the broncos could have done it a, gone for it ton fourth and ten and b punt, which is essentially settling for a tie, but when uveng about #i89. gary kubiak thought they would give mcmanus a shot. >> we have shown confidence in him and in our defense, doesn't happen, like i told you, i believe in our football team and we will go out there and try to win a football team. >> what are we playing? are we playing for a tie or win the game. i'm 100% behind him. we got one of the best defenses in the national football league. we stuff them. i wouldn't just want to play for the tie either. i'm 100% the coaching staff.
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that decision, but plenty of blame to go around, one of the big issues, penalties and the broncos hit a season high on that. >> thank you, michael, city of denver cleaning up the camps in the neighborhood and the governor's new plan to fight homelessness. >> and the storm continues in the upper midwest and that is bringing ,,
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koo get back to the breaking news. over the top of it, it's a big one. we all know how dry it is out there. we have heard no homes are threatened as of yet. we have seen emergency lights at the end of that fire. we know crews are are out there battling this one, we will monitor this until it's out. and continuing homeless sweeps in the neighborhood.
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sweep. the city says there are shelters available for the homeless. opponents of the sweep say they are just pushing the homeless to other parts of the city. the governor has a new plan to fight homelessness. he wants to use $12 million in tax revenue to build affordable housing. the units will be available to those he has it in his 1718 budget. we are talking about winter weather in the high country and it is chilly down here. ed green joining us momentarily with an update. in the meantime i can take it from here. >> just are egg setting the compute -- resetting the computer. any second. i think so it will start. >> see snow rolling in from the
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there is ed. >> the computer would not kick in and how it has. you can see the rotation. that is the storm we are talking about and that is driving colder air in the north and into colorado. but what you also see is a little bit of the clearing on the front range. and storm, additional snow anywhere from 3 to 5 to 4 to 8 inches. here is how it plays out you can see how it dies down with a little activity tuesday and wednesday. we have a clear day out here with sunshine on the eastern plains. but next batch of snow pushes into the mountains and friday we could see a few snow showers spill over hered on the eastern -- on the eastern plains. here we have that snow there and
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we have had showers, thunderstorms, even tornadoes down there. you can see a very strong line of storms. i will put the storm reports in. and you will see tornado and thunder clouds to the south and some hail and strong wind with that powerful line of storms. 46 is pretty normal. little mild with 31 and 35 when we weather watchers. 34 in buena vista. aurora, and 39, 36, with 39% humidity. larry pierce up in steamboat springs. during the day, pretty good skiing up there. temperatures for tonight. teens for the mountains and out west teens in the 20s, tomorrow 30s, 40s over the eastern
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for tonight we will see cloudy and breezy conditions. tomorrow cold gusty winds only in the upper 30s and for the next couple days stay in the 30s until we get to friday and then 20 with a chance of snow showers, saturday the sun returns. >> green mountain fire estimated 5 to 7 acres, still no structures threatened.go everybody has an opinion on what went wrong. so michael, which it? what happened? >> well, karen, it depends. which way do you want to go? you have plenty of options. you could take a poll and every single person will tell you differently. when we congresswoman come
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ford sports desk, brought to you from the best selling trucks, the official trucks of the nfl. >> was it penalties? was it the defense, was it the field goal decision, go ahead
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from after their loss to kansas city. one of the biggest issues was their penalties. three on the defense and the final drive for kansas city, those resulted in an extra 15 yards for the chiefs. and think back to the third quart e. they kicked a field goal, but the broncos got called for illegal form that cost a 4 point swing. >> first of all as a coach we got to be in a position on field to see something like that and take control of it. so, you know, get off the ball. so we made a mistake. but you are right. those things hurt. there is other plays in the game that hurt just as bad. when you get beat in this league you probably make mistakes, and we made our share. >> poll question tonight, we talked about it earlier, do you
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we will have the results at 10:00. the captain going to miss sixth straight game tomorrow. they are still chasing the illusive 500. every time they get there, they go on a losing streak and as a result colorado currently last in the central division . >> it will be nice tomorrow if we win. 500. it's better than 9-11. we have another chance tomorrow night. >> guys we got plenty of
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,, ,,
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,, ,, get you back to that brush fire. live picture from copter 4, at this pint between 5 and 7 acres. no homes threatened. we will stay on this breaking news for you. and give you more information as it comes in tonight. also tonight attack on the campus of ohio state university
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terror. people hospitalized. the attack on the lsu campus ended in less than 2 minutes because police were already on scene. the 18-year-old student droe his car into a crowd and then got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. >> i heard a bunch of screaming, so i took my headphones out and all these people were rushing over this way. at first i thought it was some sort of game orom >> what did their faces look like. >> they were terrified. >> osu student here legally, born in somalia. he posted his anger over treatment of muslims. dough was down 54 pounds, nasdaq 30 and s&p 11. telling people to plan an
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through clear creek county. >> and news at 6:30 continues with xfinity monday live. michael's special guest, broncos safety justin simmons. ,,
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live from view house centennial, this is xfinity monday live, brought to you by xfinity on the x 1 operating system, tv and internet together like never before. now your host, michael spencer. >> hello everyone and welcome to the view house centennial on a chilly monday night.


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