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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, tonight, flames devour. crews from across the area join forces. >> you do what you can to prevent it from spreading. >> some are pushed out in the
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>> the winds coming up. >> that wildfire is 90% contained right now after burning some 300 acres. >> sam joins us live in lakewood tonight, crews are getting a handle on the fire and evacuations were just lifted? >> reporter: that is right. good news we found out a couple minutes ago. the work is still going on. you take a look over my shoulder and you can up on green mountain putting out the hot spots. just below you see homes. it it gives you an idea how close the fire got. at some point you can see it across the metro area. it was a terrifying euplg from afar and especially up close. >> reporter: the fire crawling down green mountain lit up the night. jumping through dry brush, fueled by gusting winds. firefighters poured water on
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neighbors panicked. >> i never seen fire this close. >> reporter: he grabbed a hose and started dousing a neighbor's house as a precaution. >> i am just trying to keep it from burning down. i don't go what is going on. >> reporter: the police blocked intersections as evacuations grew. >> reporter: he got a reverse 911 call and took everything >> papers, photos. my wife's items, our cat of course, just, what we need to get out. >> reporter: don and his son are on vacation in florida. he went to his his house to get his pets and anything else, wored this fire could be the next col-- worried this fire could be the next colorado tragedy. >> you see the winds coming up and the fire and you think about colorado springs what
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>> reporter: now, again, e vac waeugz orders are still under way. right now a cause is unknown. we -- evacuation orders are still underway. right now, a cause is unknown. >> thank you. it is strange to see a raging wildfire at the same time it is dumping snow in the mountains. a big crash stopped traffic. there are traction laws in effect. ed greene joins us now, fire, snow, a woke ahead. e evening what a week ahead. we have the rain bringing us snow. that is curving right on into colorado. we have the northwest flow. bringing the cooler temperatures. cloudy skies east. we have snow towards the west. the winter storm watch
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of snow. now, 14, 15.5 near spicer. steamboat spring, 20 inches of snow. the snow will die down tonight into tomorrow morning. scattered snow showers continue. we get into wednesday the snow stops and the skies clear over the eastern plains. catching a break. sunshine, more snow coming our way. this snow might come into denver. you will see that coming up. >> now, thank you. numerous ranging wildfires in the mountain tennessee. this video, taken inside a hotel. you can see the flames burping. firefighters are dealing with 70 mile-an-hour winds. now, the entire town is under evacuation orders. >> developing tonight, a plea for help from denver police. they are hoping for a tip that will solve a murder. this man, 77-year-old lewis easterday was killed last tuesday. 13th and mariman. he was found stabbed to deathed in of his car in the middle of the street with the hood up.
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answers. our jeff totd is -- jeff todd is live tonight, jeff, a lot of people are concerned. >> reporter: the biggest concern is the person who did this has not been caught. neighbors who live in this apartment complex have been telling each other they did not hear any part of it this mystery. we talked toes his granddaughter and the first man who found him >> i happen to show up right here as something occurred. >> reporter: he just left the same pizza place that he did. >> the driver's side window was broken out. most of the glass was on the street. >> reporter: today, it was posted on a nor by apartment complex.
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neighborhood. >> what could happen? so many questions. he can do anything for anybody. he was very, very social and sweet and nice. giving anybody anything he would of asked it for it. >> now, easter hadday's granddaughter. she thinks the attack was rapbdom. >> random. >> the family and the police are making a plea for help and information. >> if they seen what happened hopefully they ll cower -- have the courage to say something. >> what this guy did to the man was -- it was -- it was pretty harsh. you don't want someone on the street like that period. >> reporter: here is some of the glass from that shattered window. with busy 13th avenue they think it is impossible for someone to have not witnessed something. that is what the police are hoping, too. anyone with information can
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we are live in denver, cbs 4 news. >> thank you, jeff. tonight, new details about 2 deadly shootings in denver. one, deadly case of road rage on saturday afternoon. a driver was shot and killed near kentucky and federal. the police say that he was taking too long at a stop sign. the car behind him honked and when he gave him the middle finger the other driver shot ask killed him. that deadly shooting. this man, garcia, facing murder charges for the road rage homicide. tonight, the police are searching the home of ohio university student who went on attack. they injured 11 people, one critically. there is his house. a big question tonight, was it an act of terrorism? >> reporter: it was just after 9:00 a.m. when artan pulled off his attack. students gathered outside of a
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alarm, artan crashed through the crowd and jumped out of his car and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. >> i need medics as soon as possible. >> i heard screaming and i took my headphones out. people were rushing over there way. at first i thought it was a game or something. until i can see people's faces. like? >> terrified. >> reporter: campus police were close by because of the fire alarm. an officer shot ask killed artan a minute after it began. he come to the u.s. with 6 family members in 2014. after fleeing somalia and spending 7 years in a refugee camp in pakistan. the student interviewed him on his his first day at ohio state. i wanted to pray in the open he
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of scared with everything going on in the media. if it people look at me a muslim praying, i don't know what they are going to think. what is going to happen. >> tonight, the fbi is involved. approaching it as a terrorism case. isis has been encouraging sup porters to carry out lone wolf attacks wherever they live with whatever weapon that are available. today marks one year since the deadly rampage at planned parenthooded in colorado springs. three people died in that attack. today, tmu together to remember those that lost their lives and the first responders who rushed to help had. we go to colorado springs for the ceremony. >> reporter: it was at a basketball game one year ago when university officials first announced the death of campus police officer garret swazy saying now it is only fitting to remember him and celebrate his life at the season home
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a ceremony for the first and the last in a year of painful first. the anniversary of his death. before recognizing him they honored his sacrifice with a candlelight vigil. >> be sure you celebrate him tonight, be sure you celebrate the uccs police department and be sure that you celebrate >> reporter: last november he went to active shooter for planned parenthood. he was the first campus police officer to be killed on duty. >> he did not have to go and help, he did because he was a good officer and a good man. >> reporter: another man and a woman were also killed in the shooting. and 5 law enforcement officers were hurt. >> at uccs, he is remembered for his character. >> he was a very strong, very opinionated but a good officer and very dedicated to the
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church community but also here. >> reporter: at the game volunteers collected donations for a scholarship fund to one day go to students in the officer's name. in colorado springs, back to you. developing tonight, a truck driver hits and kills the state trooper. careless driving. why is he only facing a misdemeanor charge? >> i think our law is across the spectrs a quick exit. a woman opens the emergency door and dashes out of a plane. trouble for 2cu football players. why they were arrested while celebrating the big win. today's high, just 45 degrees. and that will be the warmest day this week. find out what the other days come in at, coming up. sometimes brothers fight. what jordan and talib are saying about it.
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the latest on the criminal investigation this in the death of a colorado state trooper. donahue died on friday after being hit by a truck as the trooper was investigating a crash along i-25. the district attorney says it shows a problem with the law. >> reporter: distraught by friends. he, himself, a father. an 18 year veteran troeufer driver with this company. it was on -- driver with this company. it was on this road. the trooper was investigating a previous accident when he was struck by a semi truck driven by ruis. one said he swerved out of the lane striking the trooper. at this point he is faces misdemeanor traffic charges of
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yield for an emergency vehicle. >> the way our laws are set up had the conduct we believe had exceeded careless and reckless and then it is potential that the charge could be vehicular homicide. we don't think we have it. >> reporter: the investigation is not yet over. sro from cameras from the state patrol and on the truck itself -- video from the cameras from prosecute the state patrol and on the truck itself are examined. >> our laws are weak when it me killed is a civilian or law enforcement in the line of duty. it makes no difference. >> reporter: back to you. >> maximum sentence for careless driving resulting in death is 1 year in death. two cu students are arrested. they were arrested on sunday
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and drug possession charges. awini had drugs in his wallet. both have been suspended prosecute the pac-12 championship game. president-elect trump made his choice for health and human services secretary. tom price from georgia is also a surgeon. today trump met for an hour with patraeus. a new contender for secretary of state. >> he walked us around the world others showed a great grasp of v some of the opportunities as well. so, very good conversation. we will see where it goes from here. >> tomorrow, trump will discuss the secretary of state job with two other candidates. tennessee senator corker and once again mitt romney. young white man accused of killing 9 black parishioners in a church in south carolina is allowed to represent himself at trial. 22-year-old dylann roof facing 33 charges including hate crime and murder.
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trial and jury selection began today. a new video of a bizarre story behind this open emergency exit door. the united airlines plane was taxiing at the airport in houston when passengers say a woman opened the exit, stepped out on the wing and made the 15 foot jump to the ground. she got up she did not give any reason for he >> happening tomorrow, major delays. now, the crews are doing rock scaling work in clear creek county. drivers should budget an extra two hours to get through the empire junction area. the work continues wednesday afternoon. >> you know, fresh snow could be an issue as well. mountains got a dose today. >> yes. we better bundle up. >> yes. bundle up and the mountains could get more snow. here is the storm system, going over the dakotas right now. on the cold side. the snow, pushed down in our state. then, continuing to see good
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center section of the state, those skies are clearing. cloudy skies here in the east. the winter storm watch until noon tomorrow. this is pore snow. another 1-3 or 2-5 inches of snow could fall. here is how it does it. you see the snow continues. slowly dies down. continues to generate the snow showers into wednesday when things stop with the snow, the skies clear over the east. catching a little bit of a break. here is thursday, the next system with cloudy skies pushing on to denver. more snow up at the elevations. i think it gets a pushover the front range. friday, scattered snow showers around here. big picture? the low pressure system and more cold air coming in. 40s today, 30s tomorrow, here is that low pressure system with that snow on the front side of it. it is the warmer gulf air coming up. we had heavy showers and thunderstorms. they continue tonight. but,a they did produce severe thunderstorms and tornadoes and
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close to 46. look at the lows. 31 and 35. we should be at 20 degrees for the average low at nighttime. 72 and 10 delow are the records. from the weather watchers, 30 in netherland. 33 in littleton. everyone close to normal. 35 and 31 right now. southwest wind at 6. switching around to northwest. getting breezy by tomorrow. the winds will be temperatures feeling colder. nice shot here. now, this is mount blanket. this had is north. this is a shot here. now, copper mountain. great snow during the day. and take a look at this shot from telluride. they open up this friday. it temperatures in the teens and the 20s in the eastern plains. out west, the temperatures in the teens and the 20s.
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winds. 20s, 30s, 40s over the east. 20s for the mountains, low 40s out west. here is the denver forecast. tonight, take a look at mostly cloudy skies. 25 and 23 the overnight lows. cloudy, gusty winds, making it feel cold. it will be. 39 degrees for the official high. then, the next tkef ral days, staying in the 30s through friday, only -- several days staying in the 30s through friday. sunny skies, not bad 50 on monday. here comes the next system. we might see snow showers here in denver again back in the 20s by midweek. >> all right, ed, thank you. time to meet baby bryce the girl called a miracle baby. the 8-month-old was with her family when they were hit by a tractor trailer. the car slammed into a guardrail, the baby was thrown 35 feet away. firecrews eventually found her
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>> we pulled this hay back from the grate. the baby at the time, the 8- month-old was sitting down in the grate sitting up and looking up at us. >> i know it is a miracle. nobody but god. the way they had to pull her out of the drain. now, turn her head and body a certain way just to get her out. >> unbelievable. the baby had a small scratch on her head and minor injuries for the rest of the family.
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workplace arguments are not unheard of but chances are if you shove a colleague in the back you would get fired but these brothers say they are all good. talib with frustration to a push to his back after he mucked a punt. not exactly the scene we are used to seeing on the bronco sidelines and to be fair the others were not happy either but, talib say they harshed it out this morning and everything is hunky-dory. >> i apologized to him man, we are all good. >> we talked earlier it today and squared it away. we all want to win the football game. a lot of emotions there. >> they have to handle those situations better. i tell our players all of the time.
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other. they understand that. we are out there competing. arm chair quarterbacks out in full force today. some fans wondering if a tempting a 62 yard field goal in overtime was the smart idea. a make and broncos would of won the game. but, instead, the chiefs got the ball. question gary kubiak all you want but they to not. >> he is one of the best kickers in the national football league. i am cool on that one. why, we are playing for or win the game? >> you know. i am one un% there. >> century leak park question. do you agree with kubiak's decision? 62% saying yes, you do. another week and another weekly award for cu. this week it is thompson. named the pac-12 defensive player of the week. coordinator is one of the pine lift for the frank boils award. that award given to the nation's top assistant. what they want to wins the pac- 12 title.
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and in uncharted territory on friday night as they get set for the first pac-12 championship game. the coach doing his best to help keep his guys with a level head. >> excited. you should be, enjoy the moment, focus on what you do. that is what they have to do. >> yes. and both teams are in in that situation. fun for them and at the same time it is all pomp and circumstance. real meat and potatoes is when the ball is kicked off. >> now, continuing to defy logic. the thunder point guard turned in another triple double tonight. his stat line, 25 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists. he is now averaging, averaging
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monday night football, packers, adams, the star of the night. the first quarter. the touchdown pass from rodgers. more of the same in the 2nd quarter. adams had 5 receptions, 113 yards, two touchdowns, packers win it 27-13. now, tom brady found himself in then, reversed the paoeld. leaving brady as his lead blocker. now, the quarterbacks are not paid to be blockers and today, social media brady had fun at his own expense. [music] . ? i made up my mind. ? i ain't wasting no more
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ever known. ? but i made up my mind. ? i ain't wasting no more time. [music] >> to be fair, he did a good job of avoiding the defenders
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hard to tell what the picture of the day is. >> take a look. snowing like crazy. but you said put the car and the bike together and let's go mountain biking. that will not work. where do you stay? of course, rabbit ears motel.
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almost live, it's time for "unleashed" with your host byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes sinbad. maria cam for, tom driessen. and dennis mitchell. and now, a guy who's opposed to internet porn because it's too hard typing with one hand, byron allen! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. oh, no, no, no. say hello to deejay cobra.


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