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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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,, joining us. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on tuesday, november 29th. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: we're live in a lakewood neighborhood where the green fire mountain kept residents up all night. evacuation orders have been lifted, but it's not quite over. we have the latest coming up on cbs4 morning news. it is expected to be a big day for the trump transition team. why vice president-elect mike
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announcement is in the works. breaking overnight, a plane carrying a soccer team crashes in colombia. a suggestion about what went wrong. not only will it be a chilly day, but a breezy day for denver and the front range. we'll talk about how much wind we're expecting and what that means for the windchills this afternoon. a tough drive into the high country. at least i-70 is open. we'll look at the road/weather indext five people survive a plane crash in colombia. 72 passengers are confirmed dead. a charter flight carrying 81 in total, including a brazilian first division soccer team crashed. the pilot of the plane declared an emergency around 10:00 last night because of an electrical failure. there were also poor weather conditions, mainly heavy rains. the fire in green mountain is far less visible this
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night. 300acres burned. that wildfire could be seen for miles. it is about 90% contained with crews expecting to mop up hot spots this morning. but it got worrisome. cbs4's jamie leary live. >> reporter: evacuation orders have been lifted and that fire is mostly contained. it was a long and is stressful night for residents in this lakewood neighborhood. i want to show you what we captured on our cameras that fire first flareed up. take a look at this. this is one of our first pictures from that fire. it lit up the skies when the fire sparked on green mountain and quickly spread due to high winds. people living nearby scrambled to get to others' homes, see if they would get what they could to get out and help other neighbors. an initial notice went out warning anybody with livestock or needing additional time to leave right away.
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could be the last notice they received. one man was checking out his son's home and said it was a close call. >> we had that fire about three years ago when they brought in the slurry bombers and that was frightening. you smell the smoke, see the fire on the different news channels and what not and see the winds coming up, so you think about colorado springs a little bit, what happened several years ago. >> reporter: as you can tell, it is incredibly windy out here. the wind just forced one car doors shut. these conditions obviously working against firefighters today as they continue to check out to see if there are any remaining hot spots. again, 90% containment. it burned through 300 acres yesterday. they're going to still be a little bit of work ahead of these fire crews today and wind not in their favor. no word on the cause. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> thank you so much for that. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's.
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>> we are below normal and we're going to stay below normal through the upcoming weekend. hope you liked that warmer than normal weather we had earlier this month, because that is gone for a while. single digit wind speeds around most of the area. where jamie leary was live on the west side of lakewood we have the occasional gusts reaching up to around 30 miles per hour. that will be the case as we go throughout the day. generally speaking the wind will get stronger and stronger as the day goes on. windchill values this afternoon in the is 26. as we look at our morning bus stop temperature, that's about where we'll be, 26 at the bus stop for the kids this morning. plenty of chill out there and a little bit of wind at the bus stop in addition to the chilly temperatures. also a few snowflakes flying in the mountains. it's possible some mountain areas above 9500 feet could see a trace to 3 inches of additional accumulation today. here in the metro area we'll be dry. again, chilly. high temperature of 41 is deceiving because of the winds
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that will mean windchills in the 20s this afternoon. mix the wind with the snow in the high country and that could be an issue. now chain and passenger restrictions in place, pretty much along i-70 over the high mountain passes. icy conditions and lower visibility closer to glenwood canyon. across the metro area, along 285 good bailey. c-470 slowing both directions near university. we are awaiting what's being billed as an important day for the trump transition team. last night vice president mike pence teased there is a big announcement in the works. here's the latest. >> look forward to being at it first thing in the morning, and be a number of very important announcements tomorrow. >> reporter: the promise of a big day in washington, president-elect donald trump is
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cabinet picks, including, and according to a source, georgia representative tom price as human health and services secretary. >> ever since president obama and the democrat led congress passed obamacare six years ago, the law's failures have been piling up. >> reporter: it could be a nod to trump's campaign promise to change the trump has tempered his stance on obamacare since the election, whereas price has been steadfast. >> with the supreme court ruling that its constitutional doesn't mean that it's good policy for the country. >> reporter: trump is still meeting with contenders for secretary of state, including retired general david petraeus. but questions have swirled since he is currently on probation after pleading guilty
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great smoky national park in tennessee is filled with flames as people living in eastern tennessee are under mandatory evacuations. the wildfire has destroyed a 16 story hotel and on of dolly hood. >> this is so close to the resorted. >> reporter: residents and visitors are fleeing gatlinburg, tennessee this morning. >> oh, my god, it's so hot. >> reporter: as fierce flames burn next to one of the main roads out of town. a bright orange sky lit up the abandoned and smoky streets as wildfires from the smoky mountains quickly spread into nearby communities. >> in you are a person that prays, we could use your prayers. >> reporter: the tennessee
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been impacted by the fire, including a hotel and apartment complex. [sirens] >> reporter: logan baker was inside the vista hotel as flames burned outside the doors. >> it's so much worse outside. smoke in here. [sirens] >> reporter: people at this hotel were kept inside until they could be safely only faned the fires burning around the area, home to the great smoky national park and dollywood, the theme park owned by country music legend dolly parton. guests have been relocated. >> the situations are absolutely dangerous. they're dangerous for our firefighters, they're dangerous for our residents and they're dangerous for our visitors. >> reporter: the national guard has been activated to help fire crews battling the blaze. hena daniels, cbs news.
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help to solve a mysterious murder that left a 77-year-old
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denver police need your help. they're asking for any tips that can help solve a mysterious murder in the capitol hill neighborhood. 77-year-old lewis easterday was found stabbed to death inside his car last tuesday. the car was in the middle of a street near 13th and marion. the driver's side window was shattered. the car had two flat tires. as we first reported last week, people who work in the area say he was a regular at a nearby
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killed while trying to help someone. developing now, the city of denver continues its homeless sweeps in the ballpark neighborhood. we have received tips that many have moved into areas near the capitol, city and county buildings. this is at broadway and park yeah from last week. the city says there are shelters available. opponents say the sweeps are just other parts new plan he says to fight homelessness and it involves marijuana funds. the governor wants to use $12 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales to build affordable housing. they would be available to people who have been chronically homeless. the legislature will have to approve that housing money. it is much colder outside. 26 degrees. we want to get to ashton now and talk about this chilly forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you, britt.
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compared to the way it's going to be in the morning later this week. up at keystone we're in the single digits in summit county. 9 degrees. 2inches of snow. breckenridge 3. single digits in other mountain areas. leadville at 7. aspen is at 19 and 24 at dia. meanwhile, boulder right at freezing, 32 degrees. wind will be an issue today. you're going to notice the wind and the wind will make it feel colder. this afternoon wind gusts up to around 30 miles per hour is going to cause windchills to be in the 20s this afternoon. strongest wind this time is in southeast wyoming and that will translate southward through the day. you can see clouds coming out of wyoming heading towards denver this morning as well. we'll call it mostly cloudy today. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings east of vail pass canceled. we could still see up to 3 inches in summit county and winter park and steamboat
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warnings and advisories that go through noon. generally 2 to 4 inches of additional snow for the western mountains and wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour creating tough driving conditions along portions of i-70 and really all mountain roadways for today. here's the storm system responsible for all this weather. it's now in the middle of minnesota. on the back side of the system, we got that northerly flow and it will bring us the gusty wind for today and keep temperatures cold. highs around 40 this afternoon, which is a little below normal for again, factor in the wind, gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. it's not going to feel 41 this afternoon. it will feel colder than that. tomorrow less wind. sun will be back. 42 for the high. thursday 40. friday 32 with a few flurries possible. for the weekend, mostly sunny with highs in the 40s. let's get over to joel. we're watching this drive up into the high country at a portion of i-70 that was closed last night.
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commercial vehicles. chain and passenger restrictions over vail pass. good look drive through conifer, bailey, fair play to buena vista. heard ashton talking about the weather advisories to the west of vail pass this morning and through the day today. you have the winds as part of that. will be icy along i-70 as you get through glenwood good. i-270 still looking good. starting to see volume develop as you get right there where all the ramps come together. and along c-470 continuing slowing from colorado out to university in the westbound direction. today there's going to be major delays in the high country and we aren't talking weather. cdot crews will be doing rock scaling work. cdot says drivers should budget an extra two hours to get through the empire junction area. the work does continue through
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actress nicole kidman is set to receive an early award next year. and a heavy metal band is back at it. here's today's hollywood minute. >> reporter: nicole kidman will receive a new honor, the actress will be given the international star award at the palm springs international film festival. she'll be honored at the gala taking place january 2nd with the festival running through ? >> reporter: music news, metallica debuts at number one. the bay area rocker's new album hard wired to self-destruct debuted at the top of the album charts by selling 291,000 units in its first week of release. this marks their sixth straight album to reach number one. >> like tiffany's. >> the jewelry store? >> that's right. >> i'm crazy about tiffany's. >> reporter: movie fans have a
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a classic on the big screen again. "breakfast at tiffany's" is being released this wednesday november 30th. happening now, 45,000 shoe boxes filled with gifts are on their way to mexico to help children in need. this is called operation christmas child. we stopped by their processing center yesterday, where 650 volurs boxes with toys and school supplies and hygiene items. 11 years ago one man received one of the boxes after he and his family escaped rwanda. he wanted to give back. he said the box gave him hope when he needed it most. >> it allowed me to understand what it meant to be loved by god. not only that, but i had a family of believers across the world who loved me enough to
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how you can help operation christmas child on, click on links and info. ,,
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,, ,, we survived cyber monday. today is giving tuesday. a day dedicated to giving back. what do you need to know before you write the check? >> we also have colorado gives day coming up tuesday december 6th. and cbs4's jill schlesinger is with us. you can minimize your taxes and help great organizations. i like this, jill. first of all, let's figure out
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used wisely. >> reporter: first start by ensuring you're donating to a qualified charity that's entitled to a tax deduction. the irs has a good tool called select check, so head over to to check that out. you want to know it's efficient and effective. charity navigator has a rating system that includes a review of the charity's fiscal performance, he understand what portion of your donation goes to support overhead versus what's going to support the cause itself. that's the important distinction. by the way, a lot of charitable scams are running rampant now. if you think you're the victim of a scam or if a fundraiser has violated do not call rules, do file a complaint with the federal trade commission. >> you've said this year may be a good one for contributions. if that's true, why?
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president-elect trump and speaker ryan have tax plans that would likely change the deductibility of charitable contributions. that means things could get less valuable in terms of charitable contributions next year. they may go away altogether. considpr contributions. and given the gains in the stock market recently, if you have a taxable account you may want to consider using highly appreciated assets. you escape taxes on the gains. for more, you can go to >> thanks, jill. >> reporter: take care. let's get a check of
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minutes on the 4's. we'll start with ashton and the travel forecast. >> good morning, we are checking out your travel forecast. i think winds will be the biggest issue. front range both hands on the steering wheel. and in the mountains the wind will combine with snow. meanwhile in the dakotas, lots of snow there for today. delays in houston because of thunderstorms this morning. on the east coast, delays later on today because of rain. now the only airport that's reporting issues is houston where the ys than 45 minutes because of those thunderstorms along the texas coast. let's get over to joel. he has the latest on our local roads. depending where you're traveling today is where you're going to run into trouble, in the high country. this is the east side of the eisenhower johnson mountain tunnels. you can see how icy and snowpacked it is. some of that is chemical, some of that is frozen water. along i-70 inbound along pena boulevard nice and wide open.
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drive times as well. thanks, joel. it is cool out there. 26 degrees. >> you'll notice it as soon as you step out the door. fire crews are working out in that cold trying to wrap up their fight against the fast moving fire on green mountain thattity up the sky last night. look at these images. the latest on containment numbers. an attack at ohio university is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. i'm hena daniels and i'll have more on the campus rampage coming up. workplace arguments are fairly common, but chances are if you shoved a colleague in the back while at work one day you would probably get fired. then again, not many of us wear mads and a -- pads and a helmet at work. talib expressing his frustration with a nice push in
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punt. the two say they hashed it out monday morning and everything is hunky dory. >> you have to be in pads and helmets to understand. we're all good. >> we talked and squared things away. we all want to win the football game. there's a lot of emotions. >> they have to handle those situations better. i tell them, we together, not each other. they understand that. we're out there competing. >> broncos have the day off today. they'll be back on the practice field wednesday getting ready for sunday's game in
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hi, everybody. good to have you with us on the cbs4 morning news. we're at 5:30, november 29th. live picture from the tunnel right now where we have snow. thanks for joining us. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it's finally feeling more like the holidays with that chilly weather. let's get over to ashton and figure out what is on tap for today and the remainder of the week. good m. story. temperatures this morning are the warmest they'll be probably until the end of next week some time. starting tomorrow morning we'll be in the teens around the denver area. that's where we'll be through the weekend. in the high country still a little bit of snow left anywhere from a trace to up to 3 inches of additional accumulation in the mountains. on the front range, windchills in the 20s this afternoon. we'll talk about today's


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