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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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se, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. home after home burning. tennessee is getting torn up by a raging wildfire that will not stop. in colorado we have snow in the mountains and they need it, and a chill in the city. now we're talking about the chances for a big one coming. thanks for joining us at noon. i'm alan gionet. let's get right to ashton altieri. he's in colorado's weather
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latest. hey, ashton. hey, alan. good midday. we're not going to see snow in the denver area until next week. just will be chilly over the next couple of days. a bit windy outside as well. camera over at the library pointed to the u.s. flag, you can see it whipping around. 38 degrees the temperature right now in downtown denver. degree colder at the airport, 37. boulder at 39. factor in the wind and of course it feels colder. windchill at the airport is feels like 24 in both fort collins and greeley. the wind is the strongest on the eastern plains. burlington and sterling both experiencing wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. the strongest the wind will get in the denver area is around 30 miles per hour. that's where it is now out at dia. golden has 22-mile-per-hour gusts in the foothills. here's the plan through the rest of today, highs around 41. with the wind blowing of course it will feel colder than that.
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through the afternoon with more cloud cover than sunshine. then once the sun sets around 4:30, it's going to be chilly this evening. temperatures in the 20s. tomorrow much more sunshine and much less wind. we'll talk about the forecast for wednesday and about the big change we're expecting next week it's straight ahead. appreciate it. the latest on that grass fire in green mountain. here's time lapse video from our rooftop last night. the big question this morning was how did this fire get started? our jamie leary has talking with investigators and we just learned the fire did not quite eat up as many acres as we first thought but it did put a scare into a lot of people. >> reporter: absolutely, alan. and despite all the wind last night and this morning, the fire is mostly contained, just over 90% containment now. you can see the burn scar just behind me. how close it got to those homes. early this morning fire crews had the opportunity to do some
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dropped from 300 to just 96. 30 firefighters have been working since early this morning to put out the remaining hot spots and they were told to expect to remain here the better part of the day. the wildfire was reported around 5:00 monday night. the county sent out more than 4300 evacuation notices out. residents were scrambling to get ready to go. the flames visible from all the way downtown denver and quickly engulfed the side of green different agencies responded and worked quickly against the winds to prevent it from reaching nearby homes. >> wind can do pretty amazing things, and especially shifting winds in colorado with the different drainages and gulleys and basically the topography we're dealing with, i don't know that you can consider anything up here normal behavior. now, what is interesting is that all of denver had a pretty good look, so they don't get to
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interesting in where things flare up and how it behaved and stuff like that. >> reporter: despite the wind and the complicated topography the crews had to work in, there were no injuries or homes lost. the evacuation order was listed just after 9:00 last night. the big question is the cause and origin of the fire. we asked the chief that, the origin has yet to be determined. that's what they'll figure out as so cleared out. dozens of buildings are destroyed, hundreds of people forced out of their homes left shaken in the dark about what is happening next in tennessee. wildfires are tearing away at gatlinburg now. today we learned 15,000 animals at ripley's aquarium of the
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fire is perilously close there. >> hit the gas, hit the gas! >> reporter: cell phone video shows flames surrounding a driver vacking the area of gatlinburg, tennessee late monday night. fire threatened to block off the only road to safety. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> reporter: at one point, sparks flew over the windshield. >> almost every cabin has burned to the freaken ground. >> reporter: the driver was lucky. flames closed in on the hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people trapped inside captured video on their cell phones. guests were forced to wear masks in the lobby. logan baker was inside.
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least 30 structures were burning. the mountain lodge, a road side restaurant was destroyed. >> oh, my god, it's so hot. >> reporter: high winds caused the chimney 2 fire which began last week to descend on surrounding towns. drivers captured the fires cascading down the mountain as they were forced to evacuate. earlier in the day, smoke blanketed gatlinburg in an ominous cloud. >> we're dealing with some very difficult situations here in we could use your prayers. >> reporter: this red cross shelter is one of many shelters where residents spent the night. 600 residents are registered here and many of them don't know what they're going to go home to. >> dollywood representatives say the theme park has not been damaged by the wildfires yet. the man found guilty of
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sentenced in boulder county. he was driving high and recklessly as he took off from a traffic stop last year. he hit and killed taylor tiefold and hurt another officer. proceedings are still happening. we'll have an update at 5:00 tonight. fire destroys a business in north denver today. this one tennyson at the green door furniture store. nobody was inside at the time. we do know the business next door the pearl street fitness shop is closed for the day. they say their building did not sustain any damage. not clear how the fire got going. there are six known survivors from the crash of a plane in colombia carrying a brazil an soccer team and 20 journalists. 76 people are dead.
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aviation experts say at least two players, two crew members and one journalist survived. one journalist who covers south america soccer spoke about the tragedy. >> to be tore down from that perch, after all they've done, it's harrowing, heart breaking, i think it will take a long time to digest. >> the crash happened last night when authorities say that plane declared an emergency, lost radar contact electrical failure. the government there has declared three days of mourning. new at noon, colorado springs police say they found the bodies of two women inside a home this morning on mosswood lane. investigators say the bodies had traumatic injuries but haven't said how they died. they haven't said if it's being treated as a homicide investigation. when we learn more we'll let you know. new video of the consequences of the homeless camp sweeps in downtown denver
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the area near larimer and broadway, then this video was shared of people who moved over to the city and county building. police also told them they could not stay there. all seem to be reluctantly cooperating and slowly packing up. a crash in commerce city killed one person, happened on quebec. police say two cars collided. the person who died was ejected. it's not clear if they were wearing a seat belt or if the other driver has only minor injuries. expect major delays on i-70 in clear creek county. rock scaling work will be done between empire and lawson junction. drivers should budget an extra two hours. that work is expected to last through tomorrow. coming up at noon, a new tweet from president-elect donald trump is causing controversy. the punishment he suggests for those who burn the american flag.
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developing now, president- elect donald trump is setting off a new wave of controversy with a new tweet. it reads "nobody should be allowed to burn the american
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consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail ." the supreme court ruled in 1989 that flag burning constitutes free speech. mr.trump has said he would pick the next supreme court justice in the mold of justice scalia. live electric mike pence was back at trump tower tuesday morning after stating last night very important announcements would be made today. >> going to be a busy day. stay tuned. >> reporter: cbs news confirms trump has picked elaine chao to be transportation secretary. she served as secretary of labor under president george w. bush. she is married to senate majority leader mitch
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to lead the department of health and how many services. he is a vocal critic of obamacare. >> this is what happens when you put the government in charge. >> reporter: in a statement trump said price is exceptionally qualified to shepherd our commitment to repeal and replace obamacare. but charles schumer said it is akin to asking the fox to watch the hen house. donald private dinner with mitt romney as he continues to mull over his pick for secretary of state. retired general david petraeus met with donald trump yesterday. new details about yesterday's attack at ohio state university, as investigators dig into the attacker's past, they say this is increasingly looking like a case of terrorism.
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shortly before the stabbing attack yesterday, abdul razak ali artan posted at least one message on facebook suggesting that he was disturbed by how muslims were being treated. he hit pedestrians with his car before stabbing several people. >> very kind, very well received around here by people for the most part. >> that's what some are saying. investigators still have not confirmed a motive here. new information on the protestors at the dakota the governor has ordered emergency evacuations of those protestors because of the extreme cold weather coming. hundreds of people have been camped out on federal land for months. they oppose a four-state multibillion dollar pipeline that runs beneath tribal land. it's not clear what they may face if they don't leave. but law enforcement says they are not even likely to push them out in spite of the governor's order. let's go back now to ashton who is looking down the road at what's coming to denver, too.
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next week, we still have a lot of this week to get through, but next week looks like a storm could bring significant snow to the denver area. we'll keep you posted. that would be next wednesday. >> mark it on your calendar. >> still a week away. 39 degrees in denver. when you factor in the wind it's colder. normally this time of year we're around 46. last couple of days we were above normal on sunday with 52. yesterday we officially topped out at 45. today about 41. it's deceiving because of the wind coming out of the north it will feel colder than 41 this afternoon. then tomorrow 42. not much of a change. as we get into thursday we stay around 40. we expect temperatures to now stay either at or below normal for at least the next seven to 10 days. both daytime highs and overnight lows, tonight into the teens. 30s all around the denver, bolder and fort collins areas.
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bit warmer, 40 and 44 respectively there. most mountain areas topping out in the 30s or 40s, at least mountain towns. little bit of light snow on the northeastern plains. just enough to maybe create a little bit of accumulation along i-76, east of fort morgan. sterling, holyoke and wray, burlington, minor accumulation. it's really the outer snow band from the big storm system that is now in minnesota bringing a lot of snow to the dakotas. here's the cold front that ou of us. but the cold air behind the front remains so it's going to be a chilly and winnie afternoon for -- windy afternoon. the wind will calm down tomorrow as the low moves farther away. here's where we are now. not only do we have that snow on the eastern plains, but wind gusts are near 50 miles per hour currently in burlington. metro area, the wind isn't quite as strong, though bennett has a 35-mile-per-hour gust now. through the afternoon wind
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hour. these temperatures are deceiving this afternoon. even though we'll top out near 40, it will feel colder than that. most mountain towns in the 20s. and western slope 30s, including 38 this afternoon in grand junction. for the rest of today we'll call it mostly cloudy and chilly. high 41. tomorrow the sun comes back in a big way and wind will be lighter. more pleasant day tomorrow, but still chilly. speaking of chilly, look at thursday and friday. on friday we struggle to reach freezing. could be a few flurries in the morning friday. after that, sunny and cool for the weekend, highs 40s for weekend. next wednesday, the 7th, that's when snow could arrive on the front range. now it could be several inches. perhaps more. >> it's way out there, i know that's tough. >> tough to talk forecast. it's closer to japan than the u.s. now. >> ashton, i know you're on it. thanks a lot.
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state tv show provoked outrage after showing this video how to cover the marks of domestic violence with make-up. the channel responsible for that clip has since removed it from its web site and apologized there in morocco. time to dig deep for giving tuesday. find out which states are th a live look where the dow is heading this afternoon. rather chartable day on -- charitable day on wall street.
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,, ,, ,, today is giving tuesday. it stems from unofficial holidays like black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday. this is the annual kickoff for the charity season.
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countries across the world donated $160 million to their favorite charities. according to wallethub, utah and minnesota are the most charitable states. colorado will celebrate its own kind of tuesday next tuesday. colorado gives day tuesday december 6th. the idea is to donate online to nonprofits here in colorado. athletes from all over the world brave snow and ice and minus 20-degree temperatures in marathon. they raced 26 miles around the camp, just 600 miles from the south pole. and they really had it going on. we knew coloradians are getting into the spirit when we see homes decked out with holiday lights. now is your chance to show off. enter your home at on our contest page for a chance at a $500 gift card from mike's camera. if you want to vote for your favorite house, check out all
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today on a new dr. phil, a feud between a woman and her sister-in-law. they live under the same roof. christy says ashley is trying to take her baby from her and that forced ashley to be so stressed out that she needed a feeding tube to eat. >> they either have to kick ashley out of the house or i'm taking my son and we're leaving. >> it is >> who stays and who goes? dr.phil airs here on cbs4 at 4:00 today. >> final check, ashton is back. breezy, windy and chilly. take your term. northeastern plains a couple of snowflakes, maybe enough for a dusting of snow burlington, holyoke and wray. that precipitation stays to the east of denver. we'll be dry through the rest
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gusts up to 30 miles per hour. making it feel coral than our 41. tomorrow sun in a big way, but chilly, 42. sunny and dry for the weekend. >> and we're below average. >> it's different, yeah. right from summer to winter. >> all right, ashton, thanks ,,
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