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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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after what was thought to be a possible meth lab was found. police were so concerned they got everyone out of the marriott courtyard and called in the bomb squad. they are trying to find the people who used a fake credit card to book that hotel room. new developments as the family of a colorado state patrol cadet speaks their piece to the man who killed their loved one. >> a crash near longmont year killed taylor tefault. our kelly werthmann has been following this case and joins us live. the court sentenced the driver to life. >> reporter: well, karen, that is the mandatory sentence for a first degree murder conviction. but christopher gebers was
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charges. it is a sentence that taylor teffault's family is fear saying he took the life of a young hero. >> we will live fiercely in his absence. >> reporter: trooper tyler was just 21 years old when he was killed in the line of duty. >> it got taken away from him. >> taken away by christopher gebers who crashed into him 18 months later, the family of the fallen trooper asked the judge to give gebers the maximum sentence including trooper rusher who was nearly killed as well. >> he will never have to experience that kind of thing. it is the only memory i have of that day. not knowing what happened. not knowing a man you were supposed to be responsible for that day had died.
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read a letter he had written in high school. >> i admire your strength as you seem to come out stronger every time. >> i will forever be his mom. do now know how hard it is to see you mom when you don't see your child every day? >> and before the sentence was handed down. he addressed the family. >> i'm sorry. if i could take it back, would. i'm sorry. >> reporter: another trooper who addressed the judge says state patrol is grieving after donahue was killed. kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> to watch all the reaction, go to still not known what led a
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the shoulder of i-25 year castle rock and struck trooper cody donahue. our rick vick is live along i- 25. the truck driver's friends are talking about him as well. >> reporter: the driver of the truck who struck him is a family man as well. we understand he has been with u.s. foods 18 years. he was a member of teamsters local 455. some of its members coming forward to support him. >> reporter: donahue and ruiz. one charged. the other dead. their lives intersected last friday as ruiz was returning from a delivery and donahue was tending to an accident. >> it is difficult to see this happen to anyone. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, richard whittaker has been a driver for u.s. foods and a friend of ruiz. >> a great guy. he came to work every day.
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out. where it be work related or personal. >> reporter: he does not know what may have happened to cause a deadly crash. but says the answer may very well be held in the camera contained in the cabs of the trucks. >> kit tell you what the driver was doing at the time. the camera also goes off in front of the truck. >> reporter: the camera starts recording when alerted by a bomb showing just what happened prior and cameras as well. it is unclear if they recorded what led to the impact between the truck and the trooper. >> i think part of the tragedy of this circumstance is that it took place about a mile away and 13 months later than the death of jamie juravics. >> reporter: she was struck and
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and taylor thyfault was also killed. live along i-25, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. >> thank you rick. a massage therapist in lafayette is arrested after two clients say he sexually assaulted him. brandon smith faces six counts of sex assault. they say smith inappropriately touched them while they were nearly asleep. it centner lafayette. no cause on a fire that damaged the highlands neighborhood. flames broke out at the green door furniture store. firefighters were quick to put it out so it did not spread. an update to the fire that burned into the night on green mountain. copter 4 showing us exactly how much land burned. quite the scene. all the evacuees have gone home. as firefighters investigate what caused it. and right now, our jamie leary gives us a look at what the
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night. >> reporter: despite the wind, the fire is contained. you can see the burn scar just behind me. officials had the opportunity to do more accurate mapping and the acres burned drops from 300 to 96. more than 30 firefighter worked through the morning and into the afternoon to put out remaining hot spots. the wild fire was reported around 5:00 monday night. the county sent more than 4300 evacuation notices out. residents were scrambling to get ready the flames were visible from downtown denver and quickly engulfed the side of green mountain. 160 firefighters from 12 different agencies responded to prevent it from reaching nearby homes. >> wind can do pretty amazing things. especially shifting winds in colorado with the drainages and the gullies and the topography. i don't know if you can consider anything up here
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that all of denver had a pretty good look. they don't get to see that all the time. it may look a little bit interesting and where things flare up and how it behaved and stuff like that. >> reporter: despite all the wind and the complicated terrain firefighters had to work through, no homes were lost. nobody was injured. and, the evacuation order was lifted just after 9:00 monday night. in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 news. president-elect donald trump coming down on those who would burn the american flag. >> he said should be consequences for people who do so including a year in jail or loss of citizenship. meanwhile, trump continues to work hard on cabinet positions. kenneth craig live outside trump tower. cbs confirmed long time goldman- sachs is his pick for treasury secretary. a busy day there. >> reporter: it sure was. the president-elect's picks were not surprising but they certainly were very interesting.
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washington insiders. dan quayle was among the people there. he was seen with kelly ann conway. >> he moving forward, he is going to make america great again. >> reporter: cbs news learned former labor secretary is president-elect donald trump's pick to be secretary. chow searched under george d. bush and is married to mitch mcconnell. tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price, an orthopedic surgeon is a vocal critic of obama care. tennessee senator bob corker met with trump. he is a contender for secretary of state. mitt romney is scheduled to have a private dinner with the president-elect as he continues
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and later this week, the president-elect plans to embark on a victory lap of sorts. he is calling it the thank you tour. it starts in ohio with the rally on thursday. >> thank you kenneth. coming up, a fast moving wild fire in a popular tourist area in tennessee has turned deadly. see what guests did as flames surrounded their hotel. >> also, six people somehow survived a plane crash that killed more than 70. what wrong with that flight. >> medical professionals bands together to combat the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in colorado. >> and the big storm hasn't moved much. we are on the backside of it once again. you see snow showers in northeast colorado. a little clearing though over the southwest. we will see sunshine tomorrow. but, i have also got snow for denver in the forecast. >> new at 6:00, the family of a road rage victim talks about the children this father left behind. i'm tom mustin.
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rage case may be tied to
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>> developing now, an emergency crew scrambling to evacuate more people thanks to a fast moving wild fire. they have burned dozens of homes and businesses in a resort around gatlinburg, tennessee. look at the flames surrounding people trying to evacuate. people were trapped in a hotel as things burned right around them. >> so ... they are keeping us in now. but, the smoke is really bad in here. >> we are just now beginning to assess the loss of structures and general conditions throughout the area. >> horrible scene. the wild fire is being fueled by high winds again today. very dry conditions. 14,000 people have been evacuated. the investigation begins in columbia after a deadly plane crash. >> six people did survive. 71 died. a brazilian soccer team was on board that plane. one of the survivors suffers
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five others are recovering. the jet crashed into a hillside after the pilots declared an emergency. the plane lost radar contact due to an electrical failure. we have been following the increases and drug overdoses here in colorado. >> drugs and medications contributed to 87% of all poisoning deaths in our state. well today, a group of people at the front lines of the opioid crisis talked about ways to slow it down. our jennifer brice is checking in live from douglas county. jennifer, these are >> reporter: that's right jim. and you know, the feedback that is going to come from these meetings will be applied back into this. this is the state guideline for prescribing and dispensing opioids. the idea is to cut down on addiction without taking away very good medications that some people need. everybody knows how big the prescription drug abuse problem has gotten in colorado and across the nation. it is why this room is packed with medical providers, families, and pharmacists who want to fix it.
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take a while to get out. >> reporter: he is the director of a board aiming to cut down on prescription drug abuse and says it begins with educating the people who prescribe and dispense the drugs. >> not to give as much medicine after a tooth ex-traction. or not to be so quick to give an opioid necessarily if somebody sprains their ankle or sprains their knee skiing. >> reporter: this man's son is addicted. he sent his teenage tore montana for treatment because he was able to ut treatment center in colorado. he wants tougher laws. >> we are trying to get claims paid. $80,000 total. >> reporter: this pain management doctor says insurance companys are not paying with quality of care either. >> the third party payers have developed systems that make it impossible for physicians to spend time with patients. it is an obligatory 40 minutes
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addiction crisis is complicated, the hope is that it can get better with education. and i do want to mention we also heard from some chronic pain patients who say they have noticed that doctors are already weaning them off of their long term medications because they say the doctors fear government policy and also, losing their licenses. live in douglas county, jennifer brice, cbs4 news. time how to check with ed greene. co >> it really was. we had the cloudy skies. as promised temperatures are not out of the 30s today. you see the cloudy skies in the west, but you see the clearing skies that are happening rapidly. this sets the stage for the whole state with sunshine tomorrow. but, a few snow showers over the northeast continue and that is because the system is to the north. hasn't moved much. we still see a little bit of moisture flow over northeast colorado. and we have snow as a result. here, a few snow showers left in the mountains will put this in motion on our hour by hour forecast.
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tomorrow. look at is sunshine across the state. as thursday rolls our way. we see clouds move back in. scattered snow showers and friday, another surge. look at this along the front range from laramie down to denver. this is 6:00 a.m. at the start of rush hour. look how it continues along the front range until 2:00 in the afternoon. we may see some snow right here in denver. toward the end of the week. cold air has pushed th today. we have the snow and the rain showers and the thunderstorms and the storms have gotten very heavy down over the southeast. these yellow squares right now, tornado watches that are out. and, the red boxes that you see, those are tornado warnings in effect right now. the gold boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now. we are talking severe weather down here. but, in our area, we are talking cold. let's go back to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center.
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the weather pattern is changing. temperatures now are a little chilly. this has been our first real seasonal weather will it feels a little on the cool side. 34 grand junction. 24 craig. 10 in leadville. 24 avon. 36 boulder. 34 here and in denver. fort collins and denver. 34 in burlington. looking to the north. fairbanks, alaska, 25 below. juneau, 45. so, there's a lot of cold air. take a look at all the pinks our next system will start right up in that area. that will head our way early next week. that will head our way monday. all of this cold air will sink down our way. we are really going to cool off. these could be our coldest temperatures of the season. 20s in denver. single digits overnight. this could bring us snowfall. we will watch it. it is very far away now, but the early indications show a major cooldown headed our way for early next week.
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definitely come our way. >> i think next week, we could look at the temperatures and say how warm it was. 38 at dia. 39 downtown. a little breezy out there. 32% humidity. a rising barometer. look at this shot from phil. it shows the snow cover near buena vista. and this is from wolf creek. take a look at this from copper mountain. and, this is from steamboat oh, the ski areas enjoying snow. and more on the way. temperature to night, teens and 20s . above and below the zero mark in the single digits for the high country. out west, single digits and teens. as we take a look at tomorrow's temperatures. mostly in the 30s and the 40s around here. much like today. 20s for the higher elevations. 20s , 30s west. here is your denver forecast. for tonight, we will look for decreasing clouds. temperatures only in the teens. then tomorrow, another chilly day. right around the 40-degree mark.
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clouds moving right back in on thursday. 39 degrees. friday, 32. chance for snow showers, the weekend, sunshine and a warmup. look sunday at 48 degrees. next week, here come it is cold weather and maybe a genuine chance of snow in denver. >> a deep freeze. >> thanks ed. we will show you the blunder of the year so far in college basketball. >> and mike mcintire won a ,,
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of the day, mike mcintire named the pack 12 coach of the year. the buffs made a complete turn around. after going 1-8 last year in conference finish this year at 8-1, ha is the best single season improvement in pack 12 history. the buffs would love to cap it off friday. as they get set to take on washington, coach mac drawing on the memory of his late father george who was the bobby dodd coach of the year back in 1982. >> i think about my dad all the time. i keep his coin with me. it is something i do keep with me. and it is not a luck charm. it is what would you do in this situation. it is what it is. and thinking of him, i was honestly at practice today. i had a moment where i was looking around. i said, wow. we are still practicing? here we go. and i thought this would be really cool. so i do think of him quite often. >> seems a little bit surreal
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chances are you are tires of hearing about it. they put sunday's game behind him. there are losses and then there are what happens sunday night. losing a tough one like that at home is really hard to swallow. especially with the damage it does to the afc west. but the broncos say they are not worried about the division title race. they are focused on jacksonville. >> just got to move onto the next team. we played as hard as we could. >> i'm not wod stretch run. i'm worried about jacksonville. we have to play bet her week. there's a lot of football left to play. a lot of great battles along the lead. our division is very good, but we have to stay focused. >> the college basketball season is less than a month old and we already have a candidate for blunder of the years. the brown bears taking on the bryant bulldogs. brown has the ball down by one.
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brown goes up by one. bryant inbounds the ball. but, their point guard thinking they have already won the game. [ laughter ] he celebrates. throws the ball up in the air. his teammates are looking around like what are you doing? and, brown gets to celebrate a 91-90 win. >> aw no! aw. >> it happens. >> certainly in the seas
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upright now. >> o'donnell: a race against the flames. >> go, go, go, go! >> o'donnell: wildfires turn deadly in the great smoky mountains. thousands run, hotels and homes burn. >> this is a fire for the history books. >> o'donnell: also tonight-- ( cheers ) ends in tragedy. dozens were killed when their jet went down, but there were survivors. donald trump makes more cabinet picks, including the man who intends to blow up obamacare. and why would they put a mop bucket in a museum? >> it seems like the proverbial drop in the bucket to do it once, but when you do it 17 million times, it really has an impact.


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