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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the sports authority store on county line road near quebec. our tom mustin is following the investigation in highlands ranch tonight. and tom, investigators say there is no threat to the public. >> reporter: a lot of questions tonight. you can see the douglas county sheriff's office is on the scene here at the family home. and inside, the husband is still there. he is expected to give us a statement some time this evening. meanwhile, friends and family tell us they gone forever. >> it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: flowers an balloons lined the spot after the tragedy. >> how this could happen is dumbfounding to me. >> reporter: jennifer labor an her sons three-year-old adam and five-year-old ethan were found dead inside the family's mini van. all had died from gunshot
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>> we had no indication. nothing like that. no abrupt behavior. just blind sided. >> reporter: the mother and sons were last seen on surveillance video tuesday just before 2:00 p.m. leaving bear canyon elementary school early. after intense search, a douglas county sheriff's office and lone tree police, a passer by spotted the family vehicle behind the sports authority store in county line and quebec. >> we didn't see this ho >> reporter: the sheriff's office is not commenting on a murder suicide. but say will is no threat to the public. the spoke man said that she had battled depression. >> depression is very real. it is what it is. we don't know what is going on right now have. it is under investigation. we know we lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> as deputies try to piece together a horrific time.
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>> hug your kids and try to be the best parents you can. >> the sheriffs office say ryan labor is cooperating with the detectives and not considered a suspect. we will have more tonight on cbs4 news at 6:00. live in highlands ranch tonight, tom mustin, cbs4 news. >> thanks tom. you will find this morning's entire news conference with investigators if you visit and, new tonight, a teacher ac a teenage girl. michael bueno taught pe at west jefferson. and was a coach at conifer high. he was found in a cabin with a 17-year-old run away and there were several open containers of alcohol. a developing story. an investigation after a teenager is shot and killed during a party. it happened late saturday night at a warehouse at cherokee and arkansas in denver.
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our jennifer brice is there now. jennifer, what are the investigators saying about suspects at this point? >> reporter: i can tell you jim denver police are telling me that they do not have anyone in custody at this point for the homicide that happened in an around the area. but we learned a lot more about the victim in the situation. a teenager from aurora. on his facebook page, his love of music is evident. the 16-year-old student will be missed by classmates. >> a funmy guy. great musician. good student. >> reporter: amed says he was invited but didn't go to the warehouse party where sang and another person got shot. the second victim hit in the hand. there was a fight in the party that spilled into the parking lot. sang died. >> it makes me sad, too,
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front of him. and, he was going to be a great musician, but he died. >> reporter: sang was an honor role student at overland. his family moved to colorado from korea a few years ago. the news of his death has many of his friends realizing life is short and fragile. >> anything could happen to anyone. it is crazy how things happen. >> reporter: and, students are telling me they are planning a candle light vigil overland high school which is utah park in honor of their friend, jennifer brice, cbs4 news. new developments tonight out of aurora. for the second time this month, messages of hate have been spray painted on the home of an african-american family. cbs4's rick sallinger gathering new information. rick, police are investigating these as bias motivated crimes. >> reporter: jim, the city
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this type of activity will not be tolerated. as you indicated, this is the second incident involving the same family in the past two weeks. the first incident occurred last tuesday when someone spray painted two obvious racially charged notations on the door. then, it happened again yesterday. it is two of 25 such bias related incidents reported in aurora this ar condemned it at a news conference saying this could not be condoned. >> we will not allow anyone to be victimized based upon the way they look or what they believe. >> i don't know if it was a joke or if it is somebody who really is out there trying to start, you know, this anonymous
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city and town. >> reporter: that was the woman who was the target of these vandals. coming up at 6:00, we will hear more from her as well as city leaders who say this is not aurora, this is not the usa. live in southeast aurora, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. now an update on the attack this week in ohio state er it might have been connected to isis and a former al-qaeda liter. authoritys are not aware of any direct contacts between them and abdul razak ali artan. he drove over several pedestrians and stabbed several people with a knife. a campus officer shot and killed artan. three vims are still in the hospital. democrats reelect nancy
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the house of representatives. tim ryan challenged her for the position. after the vote, the california congresswoman says democrats have to be united to take on president-elect donald trump and the republican controlled congress. >> this is so much bigger than politics. this is about the character of america, the responsibility to the people. >> the new congress starts work january 3. now, in the meantime, mr. trump makes a major future involvement in his vast business empire. marlie hall is live in front of trump tower in new york city. around we have been waiting for him to address this matter for some time. >> reporter: that's right jim. and, he did this morning with less than two months until donald trump becomes president, he said he will become now less businessman and more statesman. president-elect donald trump is
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his cabinet positions. he named wilbur ross, a 79-year- old billionaire to lead the commerce department. and stephen manuchen, a former goldman sachs party to be the financial secretary. >> i want to make sure we can make loans to mid market. >> reporter: and mr. trump plans to step away from his the country. but the watchdog group crew says what he does not seem to realize or does not want to admit is that the conflicts arise from his ownership of the trump organization. mr. trump is also making good on a campaign promise. >> they think they are going to make air conditioners in their beautiful new plant in mexico and sell them across the border. and make lots of money and we have all the unemployment. not going to happen. >> reporter: mr. trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to
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conditioning maker carrier that could keep a thousand jobs from being shipped to mexico. later, he kicks off his thank you tour in ohio. still on the president-elect's to do list, selecting a secretary of state. retired general david petraeus, rudy giuliani, and mitt romney are all on the short list. mr. trump plans to hold a news conference on december 15. that is exactly how he plans to sever ties with his business empire. jim? >> marlie hall in new yorkings thank you. coming up, crews battling that catastrophic wild fire in tennessee finally get some help from the weatherand we get a better look at the damage. >> speaking of weather, on doppler 4,000, here is our old system cranking off to the east. here comes the next system. you see it with snow and rain. we are right in between today. cold, but we were sunny. what we are really watching is the system in the mid pacific
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maybe this weekend, you will find the snow shower. >> and the boss comes to town. why some lucky fans were able to hang with bruce springstein. >> coming off the best game of his career, trevor siemian's status for sunday is now in doubt as the broncos quarterback has a foot injury that currently has him in a walking boot. >> new at 6:00, mold is found in this newly built home making a family sick. and they say the builders are ignoring the problem. this is the ,,
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,, >> a w tonight. five people died when a string of tornadoes ripped through alabama and tennessee early this morning. three children and three adults were also hurt when a day care was hit. debris including big chunks of wood and power lines just blown all over. weather experts confirm at least a dozen tornadoes touched down including twisters near atlanta and new orleans. now, the latest on that devastating wild fire near gatlinburg, tennessee, not too far away from the tornadoes today.
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and we learned today more than 400 buildings have now been destroyed since the fires broke out. as gatlinburg's mayor tries to get the community back on its feet, he is dealing with his own personal loss. >> i had an opportunity to drive through town and come firm that my house was gone. and my business of 31 years is gone. >> so sad, the storm system that created the tornadoes also brought rain that helped firefighters. fires burned about 15,000 acres. and, new video tonight shows the damage to a car that collided with a light rail train in denver. happened this afternoon. 22 and welton. one person in the banged up car was taken to the hospital. the rail line in the area had to be shut down while crews removed the damaged train. a thousand people in denver enjoyed time with a rock legend today. bruce springstein was in town promoting his new book.
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kathy, you were just steps from greatness. >> reporter: absolutely. it wasn't thunder road, but it was right here on east colfax. it was a lot like a springstein concert. the crowds, the camaraderie, but, this time, fans could get up close with the boss. >> reporter: fans snaked everyone had a hungry heart anxious to meet their idol. >> i'm here to meet the boss. >> i'm just in love with him. >> why? >> because he is so hot! [ laughter ] >> reporter: 1,050 of bruce springstein's lucky fans scored ticket that's sold out in under three minutes. this mom and baby first in line, flew in from new jersey. >> you don't get to meet a hero all that often. >> reporter: 32.50 bought a
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snap a photo. >> it will be fun. >> reporter: when the moment came, it was magic. the rock star shook hands. got hugged. even smooched. and patiently posed for picture after picture in his signature leather jacket. >> oh my gosh. it was amazing. >> reporter: people left beaming. clutching their cherished autographed books. four guys from boulder admitted having a man crush. >> meeting an icon. meeting your hero. >> fulfilled a lifelong dream. >> he is an sp musicians everywhere around the world. >> i am speechless. it is amazing. >> reporter: in all, the event was much like a springstein concert where people show up happy. celebrate with strangers ands leave feeling alive. jim, this will go down as one of my glory days. that's right. and i would like to give a shout-out to my boss for allowing me to be in the presence of the boss. reporting live, kathy walsh, cbs4 news.
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ed, looks a little like your last book signing. >> that was just a couple of years ago, you know. [ laughter ] as we look at the doppler 4,000, we had clear skies around here. it was chilly once again. but we had the rain and the snow off to the northeast. rain and snow off to the northwest. we have high and dry for today. that is about to change. you can see not much is going on now. so i put nit the hour by hour. and, we have a few clouds starting to move in to the west tomorrow. that will produce a couple of scattered snow showers as snow is taking more of an aim toward denver. this is at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. we put it in motion. here is 4:00 in the afternoon. you might see snow on the way home friday. and it just kind of dies down. and then saturday, we clear it out once again. and here it is at noon. and we have sunshine back. but, we have another big system sitting way out in the pacific. and that is one we are really watching. this could really signal that
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in the meantime, the low pressure system. rain, thunderstorms. once again over the southeast. they did have very heavily storms. a couple of tornadoes were spotted. the warnings went up. now, we have severe thunderstorm warnings over portions of south and north carolina. and, you can see that temperatures are warm there. that cold air keeps crashing into the warm gulf air. that gets the storms going. colder air now, really beginning to push across the u.s. we only had 40 degrees today. and, those temperatures will begin to chill. these have been in 70s , 80s over the southeast. we were 40 and 42 today. with 10 and 21. now look at the difference in the morning lows. out of the airport, it was just 10. downtown, we were 21. 46 and 19 are normal. 73 and 10. only six years apart. are the records for this day. from our weather watcher, silverthorne, 25. 40 in south denver. berthoud, 43. 35, 32 right now. northeast 7 for the winds.
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barometer. look at this from larry pierce in steamboat springs. they got a lot of snow up there. they are seeing pretty good skiing. temperatures for tonight. mostly in the teens over the eastern plains. single digits, a few below zero readings for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the teens and 20s . as we look at tomorrow's highs on the cool side again. maybe a few degrees cooler than today with mostly 30s and 40s , east 20s . mountains. here is the denver forecast. for tonight, we will see mostly once again. tomorrow, increasing clouds. 39 and 38 for the highs. for the next several days. boy, we are up and down, 32 friday. a chance for a snow shower. back to 42 saturday. 48 on sunday. monday, 43. some clouds begin to move in. and, that is the leading edge of that next storm that is coming our way. this could be wintertime in full force. >> packing moisture. >> i think so. coming up, the avalanche head coach has an interesting way of describing what is
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and the foot injury that kept him out of practice today. the bigger we, will he be able , ,
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,, ,, >> you know, these guys are so tough. they can get a injury and not know. >> trevor siemian played so well. even if he plays this week with that foot. he will not be as effective. broncos preparing for a make or break stretch for the season. a pair of surprise injuries to
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full back andy janavich. he had surgery on his ankle and will be placed on ir. and, siemian was absent from practice. he hurt his left foot in overtime against the chiefs. he is in a walking boot now. broncos saying he is day-to-day at this point. if he can't go, it will be paxton lynch making his second career nfl start. >> just a little sore now. by day. hoping tomorrow is better than today. and, today was better than yesterday. so that is encouraging. >> i think that i will be a lit more comfortable out there than i was for the first time. especially going against a really good falcons team at the time. so, i think i feel a lot more comfortable that where i was when i started that game. so, we will just see. day-to-day. what happens. >> and check back tomorrowment
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injury news. gabe landeskog headed into ir. avalanche in the midst of the longest home stand of the season. and it is not going well. avalanche gave up a pair of goals in the first three minutes of the second period. and a pair of goals in the first three minutes of the third period. >> i thought we had too many passengers. it is not good enough. it is too many the game. and, seeing how the game goes. and, we need more passion and intensity for 60 minutes. >> finally, jr smith is nothing short of entertaining. the cavs lost to the bucks. jr smith went to hug someone on the bench. he explained what happened. >> can you tell us what
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hugged him. you didn't know they handed you the ball? in the first half? you ran off the court and hugged jason terry because you were off the floor. >> i didn't even know i was in the game. >> didn't know he was the game. >> hmm. >> get a hot dog. grab a beer. might ,,
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>> 30s and 40s the next several days right into the weekendful before we get there, maybe snow showers friday.
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>> mason: deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us. >> mason: tornadoes and wildfires destroy hundreds of buildings and force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in the fatal shooting of a black man that led >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: safari in southern california-- the hunt for a killer mountain lion. and, a wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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