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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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home in highlands ranch after an unspeakable tragedy. >> how something like this could happen is dumbfounding to me. >> reporter: wednesday morning jennifer and her sons ethan and adam were found dead in the mini van. all dead from gunshot wounds. jennifer's husband reported them missing tuesday night. >> we had no nothing like that. no abrupt behavior. >> reporter: they were last seen on surveillance video tuesday leaving bear canyon elementary school early. after an intenser search, a passer by spotted the family vehicle behind the sports authority store at the county line at quebec. >> we didn't see this horrific ending. >> reporter: the sheriffs office says they are not
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murder suicide, but say there is no threat to the suspect. she had battled depression. >> depression is very real. it is what it is. we don't know what is going on now. we know we lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> reporter: as they try to piece together a horrific crime, aley tried to speak for his neighbors. >> >> reporter: the family moved here two years ago and seemed very happy. and ryan labor is not a suspect here and is cooperating fully with authorities. we are live in highlands ranch, tom mustin, cbs4 news. >> thanking tom. now, new information on the arrest of a teacher in jefferson county. deputies say they found michael bueno last night with a 17-year- old run away at her family's cabin in pine. where several open containers of alcohol were found as well.
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teacher at west jefferson middle school. also a football coach at conifer high. right now, a family in aurora is the target of a suspected hate crime for the second time this month. cbs4's rick sallinger is live in aurora. rick, police telling you they are investigating several cases of bias motivated crimes. >> reporter: yes jim. since the elections, there has been an outbreak of xenophobia throughout this country and the denver metro area has no spared. now, this family in aurora has been hit twice in the past two weeks. the letters spray painted on the door, we won't repeat. but, they clearly spell hate. first, last tuesday at this aurora apartment complex, then again yesterday, targeting the same woman who spoke to us last week. she asked that we not show her face. >> you are putting people at risk by doing this and allowing other people to show their
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forward to condemn the action. >> hateful graffiti and other crimes have no place in our city. absolutely, no place in our city. >> reporter: there have been 25 hate related crimes reported in aurora this year. since the election, november 9, juveniles shouting now that donald trump got elected, you are going to become a slave. then, racial slurs to store employee. then an envelope on a car with a racial slur. police are appealing for help. somewhat related to this, tomorrow, there will be a forum for immigrants at aurora central high school. that will take place from 5. 5:30 to 7:30.
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about a 16-year-old shot and killed sat a warehouse party in denver. sang kim was murdered at a party over the weekend for teenagers. his friends are remembering him fondly. >> funny guy. you know. a great musician. all around a great person. >> denver police say there was fight at the party that spilled into the parking lot. a second person was shot as survived. investigators don't have any suspects in custody. they are holding a candle light vigil. 300 kids plan to attend. rtd's light rail d line sup and running after a car smashed into one of the trains. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. at 22 and welton in denver. you see the car definitely got the worst of it. the driver did go to the
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more than an hour because of the crash. big story at broncos practice today as quarterback trevor siemian sat out with a foot injury. mark haas joys us now. do we know when we got hurt? >> reporter: gary kubiak says it happened in overtime, the injury was not mentioned after the game sunday or monday. but, trevor was missing from practice today. and got a boot on his left foot. the injury being called a foot sprain. gary kubiak says he thinks it overtime when trevor was sacked. trevor played the next drive, but is considered day-to-day for the upcoming game against the jaguars. second time this year, his status in doubt during the week. he wasn't resumed out for the falcons game until the saturday right before. gary kubiak again in no hurry to make a call for this sunday. but siemian trying to sound optimistic. >> it will be fine i think. at this point in the season, you are not getting too many
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with those guys. mentally, you have to maximize that aspect as best you can. so i think it will be fine. not look too far ahead. want to take it one day at a time. >> reporter: and trevor is not the only injury news. andy janavic is headed to the ir after having surgery. it will be tough now. >> seems like everybody is banged occupy this time of e nfl. >> thanks mark. well, the city of breckenridge will start charging for parking as it tries easing that traffic downtown. cbs4's matt kroschel in the popular ski town with the story that is new at 6:00. matt, we know traffic really does crawl along at times. >> reporter: if you have ever been stuck in it, it the not fun. trying to find a parking space can also be a bit of a headache. and a lot of people here said they expected to see some sort
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they are still hot happy about it. >> this is it. tomorrow morning. paid parking begins in breckenridge. >> reporter: what was once free won't be anymore. the first 15 minutes is free. the first hour is 50 cents. breckenridge long plagued by parking woes now hoping this pay plan will help alleviate some of the gridlock downtown. >> what has been the feedback so far about this parking plan? >> more mixed than i sort of pleasantly surprised on one hand. on the other hand, some people are furious. >> it is just crazy. >> reporter: inside this thrift store, employees like dawn say this pay to park plan is a rude awakening. >> i knew we would have to go to some kind of parking solution. >> reporter: it won't solve the bigger problems of a lack of spaces but they hope it will help. >> but we need a parking structure. we need something that is more than just the changing how we
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>> this is wholistic plan with parking, transportation, new bus routes. paid parking and new employee parking areas. >> reporter: a resort town struggling to keep up with their own success. >> we are growing and we love that part. >> reporter: another big part of this plan is installing zip car here in breckenridge. seven spots designated for cars here. so that visitors and people share service. they hope that will also help free up some parking spots. we are live in breckenridge. matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. the city of boulder is offering big discounts on uber and lyft rides to people wanting to head downtown there for the holidays. the door to downtown program offers a $5 credit for up to five trips downtown. total savings of $25. the hope is more people will
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limit the parking jams that we see over the holidays along the pearl street mall. the uber and lyft credits are available in boulder through january 1. we put more information on the program at once you get to website, click on links an info. ancient native american ruins vandalized and it appears a group of colorado students are responsible. what the university is doing to make things right. >> a family says the brand new home has turned into a nightmare. why they say the house really >> and, sunshine over the eastern plains today. we are seeing clearing skies over the west. that is just ahead orphean crease in clouds. that is coming with our next system which will bring some rain and snow. but the one we are really watching is sitting out in the
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,, ,, >> fort louis college in durango is looking at vandalism. you can see fort lewis college clearly written on the rocks. the school says the vandalism happened in october. when several students were
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study trip. the rock is lined with other graffiti as well. the student cans head back there to remove their graffiti and the rest of it. a family in longmont tells us poor construction of their new home is making them physically ill. they claim the builders simply ignoring the problem. mold was found growing inside their daughter's bedroom. just two months after they moved in. right now, cbs4's kelly werthmann shows us homeowner's nightmare. >> we have had problems since we first moved in. >> reporter: when john and edie lily bought the home of their dreams in longmont. they didn't expect a nightmare. >> we got a water leak upstairs because water was dripping into the kitchen. >> reporter: they contacted plumbers who found shoddy plumbing. contractors made repairs but the problem was par from fixed. it was making the family sick.
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right near where she sleeps. next to where the copper pipe was leaking. rain found mold on the floor. >> reporter: contractors came back and did some work. but the lilies say it was not enough. so, they hired an independent mold inspector who confirmed mold was still a problem. john says meritage homes is ignoring the issue. >> it has been months. we gave them everything they asked for. they never seem to admit that the bold is a problem. >> reporter: and the problems are not during construction, foam insulation like this was scattered across this backyard. instead of picking it up, john says the home builders plowed it into the ground. the health issues have forced the lilies to move into a temporary apartment. at times they even slept outside in a tent. they want future homeowners to be aware. >> i think the other construction defects we have seen make us worry there are time bombs behind the walls. >> reporter: in longmont, kelly
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>> melaniameritage homes said they did tests around there were no other actions needed. happen today, a rock legend thrills fan ins denver promoting his new book. you might recognize him. that is bruce springstein. he was over at the tattered cover on colfax. more than a thousand people lined up this morning to see bruce including four guys from boulder who confessed to a man crush. >> meeting meeting your hero. >> fulfilled a lifelong dream. he is an inspiration to musicians everywhere around the world. >> i am peachless. it's amazing. >> a lot of excitement. the tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes. time to check in with ed greene and see how cold we will be coming up. >> it will be chilly next several days. we have one storm system off to the east. one to the west. we have clear skies around here. a nice day, still a little cool. you can see the clear skies
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skies in the best. but that is just ahead of more moisture which is going to move into the area. let's take a look at the hour by hour forecast. you can see how the clouds begin to increase. and then by hind the clouds they bring a few snow showers over the mountains. as we move it on into friday, another surge of cold air and moisture. this brings us into the low 30s . there's a chance of the moisture spreading right into the metro area. look. rush hour, going home time on friday. as we take a look, it doesn't last very long. clears out by saturday. re afternoon. we have sunshine around the state. again, as we take a look, there's the system off to the east. here's the next one coming in on the west. high pressure holding in between. that is what we were under the influence of today. southeast, you know they had the tornadoes. these are the ones we talked about yesterday. the same line of storms moving through. they had a few tornadoes spotted and heavy thunderstorms. but, things are starting to calm downright now. of course, the reason for that, this cooler air is crashing into this very warm moist air. and, that really gets those
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southeast. 40 and 42 are highs today. 46 normal. a little bit below that. look at the lows. 10 at the airport. 21 downtown. 19 would be normal. here is the record low of 10 below in 1877. just six years later they went to the record high of 73 degrees. weather watchers 25 silver thorne. 32 alamosa. 43 in berthoud. 33 and 23 now. southeast wind humidity. we have a rising barometer. this is from steamboat springs. they have snow coating the mountains and the ski areas. temperatures mostly in the teens over the eastern plains. single digits a few below zero readings at the high country. and, out west, temperatures mostly in the teens and the 20s . then, for tomorrow ... 30s and 40s over the eastern plains once again. 20s for the mountains. out west, 20s and 30s . here is that denver forecast for
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18 and 12 the overnight lows. then, for tomorrow, increasing clouds as the day goes on. 39 and 338. friday, maybe a few snow showers around. and a high of just 32 degrees. not a bad weekend with 42 and 48 saturday and sunday. and sunshine, monday, we are at 43 degrees but late in the day, rain crease in clouds. tuesday, wednesday, next week, plus four more tonight. snow, and much colder weather. >> much colder. all right, thanks ed. mark is here. we talked about the chance we might see paxton year if siemian didn't do well. >> trevor had one of his best games sunday. the timing is not great. broncos training quarterback might be sidelined as the team get it is stretch run. paxton lynch says he is
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>> time for the ford sports desk. fort f series. the official trucks of the >> quarterback trevor siemian in a walking boot at broncos headquarters today with a left foot sprain. broncos say he is day the day. being in the boot is obviously
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throwing three touchdowns against kc. even if he can play sunday in jacksonville, hard to imagine him being as mobile as he was last sunday. if he can't go, it will be rookie paxton lynch getting his second start. broncos lost to atlanta when he started in early october. pressure would be on paxton to do better this time. they need wins to make the playoffs. >> i feel confident in me and the guys and me. the guys are hungry to get another win. so, these guys are working hard. i'm sure they will continue to work hard and we will try to get a win this weekend. >> reporter: and news about trevor's foot is not the only surprise today. gary kubiak announced andy janavic hurt his ankle. he finished the game, but the injury required surgery and he is headed to injured reserved. pretty big loss. century link poll question. who give it is broncos the best chance to win on sunday?
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lynch? go to to vote. big college basketball game in boulder tonight. csu headed south to take on rival cu. both teams 5-1 in the early going of the year. all time the rivalry has been quite one-sided with the buffs winning 89 of the previous 125 matchups. and it has been very rare when the rams have been able to win on the road against the buffs. it did happen >> the fact of the matter is we know colorado state will come in here and fight and scratch and climb and we have to be ready to match that. >> our biggest obstacle is when we are playing and where we are playing them. and be who, i mean five or six year seniors against sophomores and freshmen. so ...
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clippers and nets last night. paul pierce miss the dunk. i guess paul concerned about his almost 40-year-old teammate goes over and starts cpr. luckily, revives pierce. pierce seems a little embarrassed by the whole thing. they are not really sure what to think about what happened. nuggets host the heat. danilo galinari expected to be back after a thigh injury. a tough avalanche who have lost three straight at home. colorado lost 5-3 to nashville last night. the avalanche have had a hard time putting together a good effort three periods. the coach says too many players are just passengers right now. just along for the ride. avs know something needs to change and soon. >> everyone has to look at themselves in the mirror and realize you have to be better to an individual. it is not one guy. two guys. it is a lot of guys and different guys each night.
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21, 22 guys pulling in the same direction for a full 60. when we do that, we are a good team. it is not good enough. >> five game home stand. you lose the first three. it is still only november. but not the sign of a playoff team really. >> we have a new coach. i think jerod knows what it takes to motivate young guys. we saw it in the minors. it is the same issue with patty roy. something is not clicking. they need the intensity. all right, thank you very much. well, reports of a mountain lion had police on what they found was nothing close to a mountain lion. severe weather hits the southern part of the u.s. that included several tornadoes. we will show you the devastation.
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,, ,, >> live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 news at 6:30. >> donald trump reportedly considering four finalists now for the secretary of state. it is down to mitt romney, rudy giuliani. general david petraeus, and bob corker. he made more cabinet picks. had a big announcement about
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empire. marlie hall has more from new york city. marlie? >> reporter: jim, with less than two months until he becomes president, donald trump says he plans to become more statesman and less businessman. donald trump is close to filling out his cabinet positions. he named wilbur ross, a 79-year- old billionaire to lead the commerce department. and steve mnuchin to he is expected to play a major role in the tax reform plan. >> i know what it take to make sure we can make loans to small mid market companies. >> reporter: mr. trump also tweeted he plans to step away from all of his businesses to focus on running the country. but, the watchdog group crew released a statement critical of mr. trump's decision saying what he does not seem to realize or does not want to admit, is that the conflicts arise from his ownership of the
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mr. trump is making good on a campaign promise. >> they think they will make air conditioners in their beautiful new plant in mexico and sell them accruers the border and make a lot of money and we have all the unemployment. not going to happen. >> reporter: mr. trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to announce a deal with carrier that could keep a thousand jobs from being shipped to mexico. later he kicks off his thank you tour in ohio. still on the president-elect's to do list, selecting a secretary retired general david petraeus, rudy giuliani, and mitt romney are all set to be on the short list. mr. trump says he plans to hold a press conference on december 15. that is when he will outline exactly how he plans to sever ties with his business empire. jim? >> marlie, thank you very much for the update. today, house democrats voted to


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