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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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it's a cold start to our ?? day. we'll talk about the arctic air
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let's get over to joel. it's starting to become ?? that time of the morning where you have a lot of company, as you ??get into the tech center. nothing at that will slow you down. an accident at pena boulevard and we'll look at ??that in jus a bit. thank you. breaking over night in tacoma, washington a suspect who shot ?? and killed a police officer is dead this morning. that man apparently was shot by authorities ??during a standoff the around 9:00. this began at 5:00 ??when polic were called out to a domestic violence situation. the woman ??and children got ou safely. the police officer was rushed to the hospital and ??died duri surgery. >> gunfire rang out. i will say very clearly ??the police officers identified themselves. they were very humane in the
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the situation. they just said they wanted to talk to him, and gunfire started and it ??wasn't them th started it. >> last night hours later around 11:00 police lined the spital paying their respects to that fallen officer. this morning officers are teaching a possible ??life savi lesson to drivers here and this comes after a state trooper was killed friday when a ??driver d not heed road rules. cbs4's jamie leary 25 and arapahoe. good morning. >> reporter: good ??morning, britt. the move over law has been around since 2005. but officials say too many just don't follow it, resulting in needless crashes. the most recent example resulted in ??the death of a trooper. last friday trooper cody donahue was killed when a truck driver ??drifted over the fog line and struck him. donahue was on the shoulder of
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was struck. the driver was in violation of the move over law. that law ??requires when possib that you move to the furtherest left lane when ?:p::rgg a stopped machine vehicle or -- emergency vehicle or tow truckn five different law enforcement agencies are taking part in this educational campaign stopping vehicles in violation of the law along ??the southern corridor of the i-25. funeral services tomorrow afternoon. we'll be covering that. as far as this educational campaign goes, it is ??for educational purposes. law enforcement says depending how seriously you violate the law, they aren't afraid to ??ha out citations. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. aurora police and city leaders are delivering a message now, ??racial hatred wi not fly here. the woman who asked not to be identified says her home has ?x?ime in two weeks.
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messages were spray painted on ? her door. officials want it to stop. >> ??hateful graffiti and other crimes have no place in our city. absolutely no place in our city. >> aurora policw say they are trying to figure out who is behind that graffiti and the charges ??could be serious. kind of a list here, there is another crime police working in aurora now, robbery. they have put out video. they say the man didn't ??reali the bank was closed. the money was locked up. this was at the academy bank inside a wal-maru0at hampden earlier this month. he didn't show a weapon and left empty handed. weather and traffic ??ever minutes on the 4's. we'll start with ashton. >> we'll see light snow in the mountains today, tonight and ?? tomorrow. it's not going to amount to
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in the downtown ??denver area. sun will be up at 7:02. there will not be as much sunshine as yesterday, as ?? clouds will be on the increase as we go through this thursday. thornton 20. centennial ??22. ken caryl 22 over there. genesee you're at 18 degrees this morning. at the bus stop expect 22 for the kids this morning. d there's definitely a chill in the air. then a high temperature today in the upper 30s, ??close to 40 we made it today i'm not sure we'll be able to ??manage that. it's going to be another below normal day for us and below normal temperatures will continue through the weekend and we ??drop way below normal next week. latest on the arctic air mass straight ahead. let's get over to ??joel. pretty good start to the morning commute. hopefully we can keep it that way."#kdvym?r?h(qgtral park bou plenty of company on the roadway. southbound coming into town,
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9minutes from 120th to i-70. i-76 looking great as well as i- 270 ??and u.s. 36. one accident, on 40th at airport. not affecting pena or i-70 this morning, if ??you are heading o to the airport, as you head up into the high country it will be a crunchy ??drive and icy. but it's that time of year. no chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. thank you, joel. to a ??case that has stunned th community. what led to the deaths of a young snz. 36-year-old jennifer labor and her sons, 3-year-old adam and 5- year-old ethan, were ??found de inside their minivan yesterday. labor's mother says the three of them were shot. they were ??last seen tuesday afternoon around 2:00 leaving bear canyon elementary school, where ethan attended. labor's ??husband reported them missing around 8:00 later on that night. the preschool where adam went is holding a prayer vigil for ??
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early learning center in ?? littleton from 1:00 to 2:00. teams trying to find people in the rubble after tornadoes tore across the south ?? yesterday, leaving this. it looks horrible in a lot of places. so far we know five people are dead. our roxana saberi has ??the latest. >> reporter: search and rescue teams spanned out across parts of the southeast into"?the night. >> we've got crews out doing home searches, making sure evod alabama took stock of the devastation around them. in the town of rosa lee yesterday, a tornado ripped apart ??homes and businesses an killed three people waiting out home. jim smith knew one of them. >> it's a friend of mine's daughter. my business is gone, no big deal. i'll ??get it together and restart. >> reporter: 100 miles north, mark faulk, ??jr., a georgia
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>> he loved the vi ? department, what it represented, he loved to work with the neighbors and kids. >> reporter: at least five other counties ??in the state w hit. the mayor of one of them was moved to tears, sharing the story of @0family that escaped the worst. >> a baby was born at the local hospital. that family's house ??had been destroyed. >> reporter: the twisters were part of severe weather that plagued parts ??of cars and even 18-wheelers. >> we're lucky nobody was hurt ? here tonight. you know, it could be the other way. >> reporter: the storm system moved through the carolinas, bringing down tvq:hand closing roads. roxana saberi, cbs news. >> those storms tore through just as crews in eastern tennercee were containing a deadly wildfire that destroyed hundreds of structures in ??two resort towns, hitting gatlinburg especially hard.
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parton plans to give financial l&p to those who lost their homes. we are learning new details about a middle school gym teacher in jefferson ??county accused of sexually assaulting a child. court documents detail how the alleged ??incident unfolded. here's our karen morfitt. >> reporter: 47-year-old michael ben o a long ??time teacher and coach facing serious charges, arrested for contributing to a minor and sexual assault on a child. >> with these ??types of charge or accusations, the person >> reporter: anna wilson is a ?? spokesperson for jefferson county schools, where he has been employed since 2011. he worked as ??a gym teacher at west jefferson middle school. he's also coached girls track at stanley lake high ??school a football in conifer. >> it's always disappointing and disheart ping when we hear we try to deal with it responsible and fairly.
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students, because it's overwhelming to them when they hear something about this when somebody is in a position ??of trust and these accusations are made. >> reporter: according to court documents, the alleged victim, point a student where he worked. she ran away from her home ?qnd called bueno who reportedly picked her up and took him to two were found drinking when deputies arrived. >> he is judge next weaw he was put on leave. the school also sent a letter out to parents informing them of that investigation. thanks for joining ??us thi morning here on cbs4. 21 degrees in denver. >> it's cold out there. got to get the heavy coat out. health watch. a link now between white wine and an increase in a certain ?? type of cancer.
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,, i love this state and this weather. do you know hurricanes can reach speeds up to 250 miles per hour?
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up to 300 miles per hour? thanks for considering me to be a junior weather watcher. >> i like the hands behind the back, ashton. i think you need to work on that, buddy. tune in tomorrow, catch brandon's tv weather debut. this is going to be good. >> it's going to be awesome. >> like his style. >> it's polite and gentlemanly if that's a word, right? >> absolutely. i'm going to do this brandon style. keep my arms behind my back like this the whole rest of the morning. >> look >> it does, it looks sharp. sophisticated. overnight steamboat had about 1.5. but now they've had 5 inches. you can see a few snowflakes coming down in steamboat this morning. another inch or two possible up there. most mountain areas looking they possibility for another inch or two of snow. that's in the high country. denver and the front range we
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that fell of course on one day. normally in november we see 7.5 inches of snow. it is our fifth snowiest month on average. now that we're in december, it's our third snowiest month. we typically see more in december than november. it's possible we could see all of that coming up next monday night into tuesday as the storm system moves into colorado. more on that in just a second. single digits and teens in the colorado high country. this afterno lower 40s for the eastern plains. 39 in denver. most mountain areas will top out just below freezing for a high temperature. you can see clouds in the mountains now. we'll zoom way out. two different storm systems. one on the east coast, that's responsible for the severe weather we were talking about earlier in the deep south. this next front will roll in for tomorrow and it will spread snow back into the mountains tomorrow. again, light snow in the mountains today. you can see that here on the futurecast.
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travel disruptions. 9:00a.m. tomorrow, maybe light snow in the foothills during the morning commute tomorrow. and a few light snow showers are possible here in the metro area as we go through the day. any accumulation in town would be very minor. less than an inch. meanwhile in the mountains a couple of inches expected for tomorrow. next week here it is, our blast of arctic air coming straight from siberia. it will be over the rocky mountain region next tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures only in the teens and now we're still in that range of5 to 10 inches for the metro area. more mountains. that's all next week. today, 39 with increasing clouds. tomorrow 34 with a few light snow showers. up to an inch of accumulation. for the weekend, sunny, highs in the 40s. if we're lucky, joel, on sun we could be -- sunday we could be flirting with 50 degrees. will seem so warm. i was just looking at the lows and thinking those will be our highs next week. >> if that. >> okay. i-70 central park boulevard,
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nicely along i-70. southbound coming into town speeds into the 60s and 50s. nine minutes from thornton to denver. i-76 still nice and wide open. good drive eastbound along i- 270 and here we are across the denver metro area, look at c- 470, at or near posted speed limits. similar situation for i-225. accident on side street 40th and airport. not affecting the drive. heading up into the hike, eisenhower and johnson tunnels, no chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. > good morning, everyone. this is the news in health. new research on why people with type two diabetes need to keep moving. sitting a little less may help people with type two diabetes control their blood sugar levels. researchers found standing and light walking are an effective alternative to traditional exercise to keep diabetes under control. a new study at brown university links white wine with an increased risk of
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each glass per day was associated with a 13% increased risk of melanoma. beer, red wine and liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk. new evidence that aspirin can help older adults live longer. research at the university of southern california finds a daily low dose can help seniors reduce of risk of a heart attack and even prevent certain cancers. f0 today to announce a deal to keep about a thousand jobs at a carrier plant. then he'll begin a thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio. our roxana saberi has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump will meet with carrier air conditioning employees today after making a deal to keep their jobs from leaving the country.
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an improved more competitive business client it expects under the new administration and incentives offered by the state. the details aren't clear, but mr. trump and carrier workers, like robin maynard, are calling it a win. >> joy, excited, and looking to the future. >> reporter: wilbur ross, mr. trump's pick for commerce secretary, says the new administration has what it takes to help working people. even though the president-elect and ross are successful doesn't mean you can't relate to working people. >> reporter: wednesday donald trump continued to interview candidates for his team, including indiana senator dan coats, who is under serious situation for director of national intelligence. roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. >> donald trump has yet to announce his picks for secretary of state and secretary of defense. mr.trump and his children who are slated to take over the family business will outline details of that in a news conference that comes up the
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neglected to death. and tonight at 10:00 a cbs4 investigation examines the death and why he didn't have a life saving device in his nine minutes. >> reporter: he had the mental capacity of an 8-year-old and physical problems that were disabling. >> he couldn't even hold the phone without shaking. >> reporter: but he had a special device that could save his life. we found, th hours he was not allowed access to that device. >> my son wasn't cared for in the right way. he wasn't cared for at all. >> watch brian maass' investigation, neglected to death, tonight at 10. we are awaiting word from the broncos on which quarterback will start sunday against the jaguars. we did find out yesterday
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foot sprain. head coach gary kubiak said it happened on this play in overtime when trevor was sacked before the broncos kicked that field goal. trevor played the next run, but is now listed day-to-day. for the second time this year, his status is in doubt. he was not ruled out of the falcons' game until the saturday before, so that means there's no hurry to make the call for this sunday. but trevor sounds optimistic. >> be fine, i think, at this point in the season, practice as it is out there with those guys, so mentally you have to maximize that aspect as best you can, so i think i'd be fine. not, really not looking too far ahead, want to take it one day at a time, listen to greek, and put as miles per hour into each day getting better. >> news about trevor's foot not the only surprise. fullback andy janovich hurt his
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he finished the game, but the injury required surgery and the rocky is headed -- rookie is headed to injury reserve. a big loss for ,,
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,, ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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f0 it's 5:54 here on this thursday morning. good morning, everybody. temperature outside 26 degrees. it is a cold start to the day. even colder in mountain valleys like alamosa, 5 degrees down there in the nancy rockwell in wray is reporting 10. she says brrr, it's cold, but the wind isn't blowing, yet. nancy, it's just going to be cold on the plains today, i don't think there will be much wind. we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast, but now let's get over to joel. starting to fill in a lot. mousetrap cam and look at the volume southbound coming down into town. everyone is cooperating, at least for now.
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one of those barometers is eastbound along i-270 and speeds dropping into the 40s. that means the morning commute is underway. it is officially the christmas season, at least in new york city. last night was the annual tree lighting at rockefeller center. now the tree is lit, ready to be enjoyed by thousands of tourists who travel to new york city. millions, really. isn't it pretty? look at all those lights. 94-foot norway spruce, about 90 to 95 years we know coloradians are getting into the spirit when we see all their homes decked out with holiday lights. now is your chance to show us what you've got. enter your decorated home at on our contest page for a chance to win a $500 gift card from mike's camera. if you want to vote for your favorite house, check out the entries on our facebook page and like the lights. we will feature some of the most popular houses on cbs4
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here's what's still ahead. jamie. >> reporter: starting this morning you could be getting a ticket for a decade old driving law. we'll explain what that law is and why police are specifically targeting drivers who break it. overnight another police officer gunned down in the line of duty in america, this time, tacoma, washington. break out the heavy jackets, gloves and hats this morning. summer wardrobe is in the are getting even colder next
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their minivan. what the woman's mother is saying about this investigation on her family. plus-- when a good cop goes in and tries to help, they shouldn't have to die. >> heart breaking story to bring you this morning. a police officer in the state of washington shot and killed after responding to a domestic violence call. why a witness says police did everything right. good morning from colorado's weather center. temperatures are in the and 20s this morning. next week, highs will be in the teens and 20s. plus two chances for snow in denver's future. all the details are straight ahead. ashton, thanks a lot. we have an accident southbound along i-25, block, off the left lane at thornton parkway. we'll take a look at the delays. police officer is killed after a shooting in tacoma, washington overnight. the suspect shot and killed the


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