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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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,, live from colorado's newschannel this is cbs4 news at noon. >> days after estate trooper is hit and killed and i 25 law agencies team up to get drivers to move over for first responders. this is the news and thank you for joining us. trooper cody donahue will be laid to rest tomorrow morning. the veteran was killed on friday while investigating an
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this morning his family issued a statement thanking everyone sink there are no words to express how great our losses. cody was the rock of our family take a want to ask everyone to drive carefully into slow down and move over saying two little girls will grow up without their daddy and there is just no good reason. jamie leary is live in jamie you have a firsthand look what law enforcement faces of their on the roads. >> we did and we saw somebody get pulled over right next to us. five agencies from around the area are partaking in this educational campaign and i want to show you how they are executing. take a look. we are hanging out with the greenwood village to police department and they are looking for drivers who are speeding and when they pull someone over
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move over violations and since it started they have found dozens of cars who just won't move over. officials say i did the drivers don't know about it or choose not to move over and it results in needless accidents. and as we saw with trooper cody donahue some fetal. the law requires any one passing a motor vehicle or tow truck moved to the furthest left lane possible to give the emergency man a this decades old law. >> there should be nobody in that lane and you can see the officers approach and there goes a car flying by and we have pickup trucks with those wide side mirrors that have clipped us. >> if you saw that was an incredibly close call and just
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happens all the time and officer say the purpose of the campaign is to educate -- people in there handing out citations. jamie leary. thank you, jamie. we are waiting for autopsy results of the mother and her two sons. the father reported them missing tuesday evening. her mother says all three had been shot. please say there is no threat to the community and cooperating and not a suspect. no information about the fire on green mountain on monday. investigators now say it as well as four other fires are suspicious. the first four fires were less than an acre but mondays burned 96 acres and threatened several homes. investigators are asking everyone to report suspicious' heavy on the trail would be bank robber in custody after
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man threatened some of the hostages putting his gun to the back of one's head. the s.w.a.t. team moved in with two people were hiding made a run for it that allowed officers to rush the bank while the gunman was distracted. that situation lasted about two hours. cleanup is underway after another round of violent weather in the south. more than one dozen tornadoes hit and four states five and injuring dozens more. hundreds of buildings were leveled. even among the destruction there are signs of hope. >> in one of our hardest hit areas a new child came into the world. that families house had been destroyed and they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. we had 20 injured in one brand- new life. >> that's amazing. a tornado watch is in effect across most of the southeast today.
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people killed when the charter plane that carried a brazilian soccer team went down. cbs news josh l get has those recordings. >>reporter: recordings said to be on board the soccer teams charter plane revealed a flights frightening moments. play 2933 is in total failure, total electrical failure and out of fuel the pilot leads. where is the runway. moments later the air traffic controller says the plane is still over eight miles from the runway. as investigators comb the wreckage on the outskirts of medellin colombia officials are presenting with possible cause of the crash. >> after not finding fuel on the impact zone our hypothesis is there was a blackout in the motors.
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foreign minister who arrived in columbia on wednesday said they do not want to speculate. >> we are not want to put anyone hypothesis forward, josi sarah said. six people including three members of the team were pulled alive from the wreckage. resident elect donald trump is in indiana presenting his deal t decided against outsourcing jobs. they make gas furnaces fortune magazine reports he called the head of parent company and promised corporate tax rate reductions far exceeding the $65 million the company would've saved by moving jobs. those who could join a trump cabinet say. >> more of these types of conversations. >> it starts with an attitude of this administration and this president and this vice president elect, okay, they're going to have open
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leaders. >> carrier will make new investments in the plant. company has government contracts and it is not clear what role they may have played in the decision. >> the recount of ballots has begun in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein asked for the recount. the hillary clinton campaign joined the request. stein is asking for recounts in pennsylvania and michigan and no one expects them to a water main break on baseline road and 20th street in boulder. that has the on ramp closed as well as the pedestrian underpass. those repairs are expected to last well into this afternoon. it is definitely chilly outside today as we start december. let's check in with meteorologists ashton altieri. good afternoon. >>reporter: november starting
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december is starting the way we finished november. 39 right now and we will climb another few degrees at the big story is what is heading our way for next week and we have the latest on our arctic blast and some of us could see snow tomorrow and talk about that we can force us -- we can force it -- forecast straight ahead, britt? what a aaa survey reveals. how boys and girls clubs
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the city for care collects toys for kids at the boys and girls clubs. they serve all school-age children but many members are facing tough situations at home. that's when the club becomes like a second home. >> what are some idea about the fundraising? >> the keystone club at the with the boys and girls club is raising money to go to the national conference. kids ages 14-18 work together to do community service projects club emphasizes academics and career preparation. mary is the president and her best friend leo, vice president . >> we came at the same time.
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coming nine years ago. >> i think our friendship is important to both of us because we have both grown together?c a we've helped each other through problems we are facing. >> they don't go to school together so the only time they see each other is at the club. it's become a bond that come to rely on. >> without the boys and girls club i wouldn't have that support system that i now have and i know i can rely on leo 100%. >> marys health challenges. >> this is where i couldn't unwind. and i feel like and this is my placed -- my place to show who i am. >> you can help teens like mary and leo has a merry christmas but making a donation. we have collection bins at participating king supers as
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in the heart studios on south monica street. for wish list of toys go to the care for colorado section of cbs love this time of year. many of you may like the cold that comes along with it and some may not. >> some of us are okay with this cold but not the kind of cold we have next week. it's when it turns frigid is when it turns uncomfortable. for now 31 degrees along i-70. ye and more cloud cover today compared to what we had yesterday and we are going to see i will call it partly sunny conditions. right now denver we are up to 40 degrees. currently 39 at the airport. 35 angrily and most mountain areas are in the 20s. most of us will warm up and top out around 41 in denver and 39 in boulder 38 in greeley and 39 for high temperature in fort
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clouds we have overhead. that's only for those of -- those of us around the metro area. a lot of sunshine along highway 50 and looking across the country two different fronts. one is on the east coast and this is responsible for the severe weather in the deep south. then there is a cold front in idaho and that's what we are watching. it's going to be a we -- bring a reinforcing shot and we have a high temperature front the front will cause some snow showers in the mountains. as the front approaches light snow across i-70 and across the northern mountains and any accumulation is limited. 7:00 tomorrow morning it is possible there could be a few light showers in the foothills on jefferson boulder counties. want to turn on the wind. this shows the wind direction. it comes in from the east and as we go through the day it will continue and an easterly
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expect much. anywhere from 1-3 inches possible along highway 285 and possibly in boulder. for the rest of us any accumulation would be minor. less of an inch and it looks likely that most of us will not get it. next week here comes the arctic plastic that's arriving monday night into tuesday with high temperatures only in the teens next tuesday and wednesday and the early outlook or snow is five-10 inches and monday night into tuesday in denver. between now and then the small chance for seen snow tomorrow and again cold 33 for the high temperature, 34 maybe for the weekend i temperatures in the 40s with sunshine before everything changes again monday night into tuesday. >> the rumor mill has been swirling. what date do you think the snow could come to expect the worst of it is tuesday.
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keep track of the arctic air. we have us -- a free weather on the go app. search cbs denver app store -- in your app store. how to find a mechanic you can trust and a live look at where the dow is heading this
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,, we would like you to meet figaro. he is 11 weeks old. just a little kitty cat. that means he is full of kitten energy. figaro loves meeting new people and he is already litter box trained. if you want to make him a part of your family visit him in person at the party center in castle rock just south of the outlet mall. a consumer alert about car repairs. a survey from tripoli found two
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trust auto repair shops in general. three quarters of us believe they recommend unnecessary repairs and overcharge. this may be a case where perceptions do not match reality. >> on the other hand the city found a majority of the drivers found a trusted mechanic. in general they do not trust repair shops they did find a trusted mechanic. >> the key to finding a trusted mechanic is to ask friends for recommendations. she says her son was cbs4 investigates the death of him disabled man. why he did not have a life- saving device in his final moments. >> reporter: he had the mental capacity of an 8-year-old and physical problems that were disabling. >> he could not even hold the phone without shaking. >> at a special device that could save his life. we found
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allowed access to that device. >> had an interesting death tonight right now i think it was a seizure. >> my son was then cared for in the right way or at all. >> what was
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today doctor phil explores the idea of a postnuptial with rob and stephanie. rob owns a landscaping business and stephanie says she wants a 40% because she is creative and financial input that included business. rob says no way. >> you just want your business and nothing else. she can have everything else. you just want the business. that's what you told us. >> sounds okay.
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>> that's a real marriage, isn't it? >> can a post now save this marriage? the advice doctor phil gets a from an a state planner today at 4:00. new tonight on cbs4 news at five with president elect donald trump winning the election, some have wondered what does it mean for immigration? police will join leaders to address immigration concerns in the classroom here's ashton with the chili forecast. >> maybe 41 for the high under partly sunny skies. a mix of sun and clouds will start at 4:30 in the days get shorter. tomorrow the sun is up a few minutes after 7:00 a.m. and it will be chilly and we only get up to 34 tomorrow and the light snow shower or two. the weekend will be dry and highs in the 40s. even in the mountains it will be dry in the 40s and next week the storm should be here monday
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>> i this is haystack tv, powered by finding reliable services can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with finding the needle just got a lot easier. now here's the host of haystack tv, chris kane. accountable care and value-based care are healthcare terms that you hear a lot about today, but what do they really mean when it comes to you and your health? my guest today is mark iorio, central west regional he's here to talk about the importance of medicare beneficiaries finding the right care. so thanks for joining us today. glad to be here. so tell us more, what does it mean accountable care and value-based care? traditionally in healthcare, medical providers have been reimbursed based on the volume of services they provide. so the number of services, in addition to treating illness. and healthcare's really moving in a new direction now, and that's what we call value-based care.
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provide care that's more personalized, and there's a greater focus on prevention, prevention services. there's a greater focus on care coordination. and so providers actually provide more services and it increases value, which is why it's called value-based care. great information there. but talk now -- how patients can benefit from being a part of this program? patients benefit in a variety of ways, but really one of the main ways is they get a little more time with their provider, and their provider's team. nurse taking care of you when you're sick, you actually have a team of people that are often available, and they can include health coaches, care coordinators, sometimes even medical social workers and nutritional counselors so you gt additional care at those provider offices, and that realy increases the value, and it really is designed to treat the whole person and not just you when you're sick but actually making sure that you get everything you need in order to keep you healthy.
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that this is an option for them. so again, sharing this information is great so people can follow up on it. tell us a little bit more then, how is humana partnering with these providers? we partner with providers around value-based care in a variety of ways, and they include things like meeting with the provider on a monthly basis, and if it's a big organization, we'll even meet with their executive team on a quarterly basis to talk about the needs of our members, and what it is that we can do to make sure they're getting the benefits that they deserve, and that the provider is aware of what it is that the member should be getting. so members benefit in so many ways and the way we partner with these providers is to provide tools, we also have chronic condition programs that are specific to chronic conditions for medicare members and so older folks are often dealing with health issues and we have programs that are specific to those issues. all right, what about some of the positive outcomes that
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so we have lots of data that show that members who are in value-based care or what we call transformational healthcare like this have typically lower er visits, they go to the emergency room less, less hospitalizations, they're more p to date on their prevention and screening, we've seen an increase in our screening rates across the board in those value-based kinds of arrangements. again, this is such incredible information, because i have share this with them now, say hey look there are some options out there for you, you need to look into this. how can people on their own maybe that are viewing right now or maybe siblings that want to find information out for their parents, how can they access this information? great question. so we highly encourage people to research providers that are in these kinds of value-based arrangements, and we have those in our medicare advantage plans at humana. we offer medicare advantage plans to meet all different
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in fact this year, we are actually offering plans that hae no copay for seeing your primary care physician. and so people can go and see their primary care physician without the financial barrier, many people are on fixed incomes but they wouldn't have that barrier, they could go see their primary care physician whenever they want to and we actually want them to go do that as often as they feel they need to. great, again this is fantastic information. and thank you for sharing it, it's very educational and i'm sure our medicare beneficiaries out there learned a bunch you. and thank you so much for being here. great information again. for more information on accountable care and value-based care, call humana at 1-800-552-0771, or visit their website, the number again is 1-800-552-0771. this segment is sponsored by humana.
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? >> bill: the jet's waiting, andt st. bart's. we'll be married by tomorrow. i have to believe that you want that. look at me. tell me you still want to be my wife. >> r.j.: well, if she wasn't into you before, she is now. >> ridge: i don't know about that, r.j. >> r.j.: you drew a giant heart in the sand, re-created one of her favorite memories, and you showed that you love and care


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