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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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melissa, investigators just gave you new information. >> reporter: they did. and it's pretty disturbing. police say jennifer laber purchased that handgun from a store around 12:30 tuesday just an hour before picking up her kids from school early and going missing. autopsies performed on the three today by the douglas county coroner have determined that the 38 year old mother die friday a single gunshot wo that appears to be self- inflicked and her two children also both die friday single gunshot wounds. however the boys' manner of death is still under investigation. the coroner was not able to confirm this as a murder- suicide saying they're not ready to use that label and this has been a difficult investigation for everyone involved. >> i mourning the loss as the citizen of douglas county.
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being very involved in mourning the loss and we have professionals involved. but i think it hits us as hard as it does any other citizen. >> reporter: it was just before 8:00 a.m. yesterday when a passerby saw the van of what appeared to be the missing mom and her two sons. it was parked in the lot of the now vacant sport. responding officers found a glock in the family van along with the her two children. police are encouraging anyone who's going through a tough time right now to reach out for help. >> i would encourage anyone to look for avenues and help whether it's a close friend, family member, services, even us as a police department have resources to help these folks. these times can be trying. >> reporter: and investigators
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toxicology results and that could take several weeks. we're live in lone tree. cbs4 news. we have new developments in the investigation into the brush fire that burned dangerously close to many homes in lakewood. it took hours for firefighters to contain that fire on green mountain monday night. now they say someone set it. investigators think the person who started this one might have started others as well. >> reporter: past month, november, has been one of the driest novembers on record here in colorado which means a lot of the trails like this one here on green mountain are surrounded by dry grass. someone has been setting several fires in this area this past month and it is no longer a joke. >> it is a more hazardous environment now that it's so
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determining a cause. >> it leads us to believe there's human being behavior involved. >> reporter: in the month of november, firefighters responded to 5 different fires on green mountain alone. >> i would say every 5 years or so, it wouldn't be unusual to have a large fire on green mountain. but 5 in a month is. >> reporter: the fires all have a similar characteristic. >> there's a similar pattern as far as time of da hours. >> reporter: with firefighters, police and atf now investigating possible arson, some locals say they were shocked to hear this may have all been intentional. >> i assumed somebody was back there smoking or something. >> reporter: 30 year resident tamme says she wants the culprit to know their putting her life in danger. >> you can always replace a
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>> turn yourself in. let us know who you are. let us know how we can stop this behavior, but most of all, stop. >> reporter: tonight west metro fire will be holding a private event for the community so they can further discuss this issue. cbs4 news. a weather alert now as some of us might see a snow flurry or two. copter 4 high country. we talk about the fire danger. we'd love some real snow. any chance? >> i think some of this could help the fire danger. especially the foothills, mountains. they will see snow. for us, just scattered snow showers. you can see some of the snow in the west and from the west and northwest all the way down. that's going to push right into denver and into colorado. how much do we see here?
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range. one or two of these could spill into the metro area. but what we're watching is the clear skies here, cloudy, then snow moves in. we're really watching the system in the pacific northwest. that's a big one and strong one and that's going to bring us colder air that's going to slide down out of canada and slide into colorado and with that cold we will see snow. and that could add up right here in denver. we have two systems to talk about immediately and then there's r in the pacific. right now, new information on the crash that killed a cyclist in boulder last night. a semitruck hit that man at 28th and arapahoe. the driver didn't know what happened until police pulled him over. investigators hope to talk with people who saw the accident. the victim is identified as dum garoon. and happening tonight, aurora police will join leaders
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discuss concerns about immigrant students and their families. it was a key topic during the election campaign. our and ria flores live tonight. >> reporter: in half an hour, local leaders will address concerned citizens and answer questions and concerns from aurora's diverse community here at auro organizers hope to debunk any myths about their rights especially following the recent election. community leaders from across aurora are coming together thursday night to provide support for the refugee and immigrant population. >> we were hearing from our community that a lot of people were feeling really worried and nervous and stressed. >> reporter: doctor kalin says many are on edge following the recent election.
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incidents of being harass, victims of hate speech. >> reporter: an aurora family was targeted not once but twice. >> they taped a note to the door that said "watch your back, kkk." >> reporter: doctor kalin decided to organize aurora together to provide resources and answer questions for those who aren't sure where their rights stand. >> many of the refugees that are resettled in to aurora. we have a large latino population and people from all over the world. >> reporter: mental health and school officials will also be on site. dr. kalin says more than 233 languages are spoken in aurora schools alone. >> aurora is an incredibly diverse community. >> reporter: tonight's meeting
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immigrant families. organizers encourage everyone to attend. reporting live in aurora, cbs4 news. a hundred 33 languages. well, donald trump is expected to take the stage any moment now for a post-election rally in cincinnati, ohio. this is a live look at the first stop on trump's so-called thank you tour. ken craig is there right now. we were just talking about gr today about the wall along the mexican border. >> reporter: he certainly did, jim, among many other things. it's been a busy day for the president-elect and it feels as though we are back on the campaign trail all over again with the first rally tonight of this thank you tour right here in cincinnati. president-elect donald trump got a tour of the factory where he brokered a deal to keep about 1,000 jobs in america.
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>> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. >> reporter: according to fortune, mr. trump personally called greg hayes, c.e.o. of united technologies, and promised corporate tax rate reductions which would dwarf the $65 million a year the company would have to mexico. mr. trump talked about carrier in his campaign speeches and pledged to make it harder for the company to make it leave if he became president. >> he stood up for us from the get go. nobody else would. he stood up for us and made good on his promise. >> reporter: while a thousand jobs will be saved, not everyone will be kept on. >> now, it's just coils and furnaces, but the coils are going to mexico.
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are still expected to be outsourced. and i can tell you people started lining up to get inside this arena early this afternoon. you can see behind me a number of ralliers for and against president-elect. a recount of the president election is underway stein has raised questions about the integrity of voting systems in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan but hasn't presented any proof. almost no one expects this will change the outcome of the election. a gunman holds hostages for hours inside a bank in florida. how rescuers were able to get in and what happened next. >> after another trooper is killed along a colorado
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have to move over. >> we get a little bit of a break. we warm up over the weekend before this monster comes our way. this will bring snow and cold and snow you might have to shovel. >> trevor siemian is still day to day with a foot injury, but it was another day of no practice for the broncos quarterback. >> new at 6:00, the homeless moved out. now a new campaign called move along to where is asking churches to
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z26zuz zvpz y26zuy yvpy happening tomorrow, thousands will remember fallen colorado state trooper cody don hew. he was hit and killed by a truck in castle rock last week. the funeral will be on hampton and englewood. if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to
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there's just no good reason. we'll be carrying tomorrow's service on if is a reminder for all of us to follow the law and safely move over to give first responders the space they need to do their jobs. law enforcement agencies are teaming up to drive home the reminder. part of that effort involves writing up offenders. >> reporter: it certainly jim. greenwood village is one of 5 different agencies taking part in the crack down. despite the state's move over laws, they continue to see needless crashes across the state. colorado state patrol says every year numerous first responders are seriously hurt or killed because drivers refuse to move over. we saw it again last friday. that's why 5 police agencies have teamed up to raise
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mow-over laws. that law requires any driver passing a road construction crew, emergency vehicle or tow truck to move over one lane or to the farthest left lane to provide a safe buffer zone. >> what we found is a lot of people just don't know that law is in existence and the ones that do can't be bothered to switch a lane. we're trying to get the word out for the people that don't know and for the ones that it's can cause somebody their life. >> reporter: greenwood village police are one of the agencies participant nothing the enforcement in the next few days. a second patrol car will watch for the other drivers who are violating the move-over law. drivers will also get a ticket. and take a look at the sign right there in -- on your screen. that is what you're going to see along the highway here,
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reminding people to move over, to be conscious of those first responders on the road. already dozens of tickets have been written. developing tonight, the investigation after a man takes hostages inside a bank in florida. police and swat teams in jacksonville forced their way into the bank after seeing the robber put a gun to a hostage's head. they got their chance when made a run for it and he got distracted. you see everybody getting out safely. the robber was arrested peacefully. little blast of winter coming early. >> we could see snow showers, but nothing very organized, so not a big deal coming our way. that will just kind of wash through the state. as it does, a little snow near the high country. clouds will begin to increase
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forecast. the snow showers die down, go into a break and another surge of moisture comes our way. right into the foothills here and the southern metro area. one or two of those could push across. they just don't last long and then we see skies clear out for saturday. here's saturday with hardly a cloud in the sky. here comes sunday at noon. you see border to border we have sunny skies and a the coast. a little high pressure gets out of the way, lets snow get in, then high pressure moves in for the weekend. a little bit of a warm up near 50 degrees on sunday. high pressure in the southeast. good news for them because that's where they had tornadoes. we do have rain and snow as you move into new england. 41 and 43 our highs today. 16 at the airport this morning. just 23 downtown. 45 and 19 would be normal.
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we have an east wind at 8 and a rising barometer. this is the green mountain reservoir and teleyou ride. they are opening up tomorrow. mostly in the tens, 20s over the eastern plains. single digits country. tomorrow, temperatures cooler with the snow showers. we'll find 20s, 30s, a few 40s for the plains. here is your denver forecast. for tonight we'll see increasing clouds with 21 and 19 the overnight lows. for tomorrow, we'll look for scattered snow showers with 34 and 33 the highs. look at sunday with 48 degrees and lots of sunshine. 43 on monday with scattered
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ready for tuesday? >> i'm not sure. >> 22 degrees and a 60% chance for snow. >> and single digit lows. in sports we'll have ,, ,, wondering what's in the box?
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seen a pro football player with that on his foot isn't good. i'm not a c but my medical
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>> trevor siemian still not practicing. not looking good for trevor to start on sunday. >> reporter: no, it is certainly not. trevor missed his second straight practice today. all signs pointing to paxton lynch getting a start in jacksonville. one thing they can do is run the ball. in their last two games, they've had season highs. they ran the ball 37 times against new orleans times against kansas city. >> that's what will help him the most obviously. and we've been in a couple of games, really close games. with new orleans, playing from ahead for a little bit, kansas city playing from behind for a little bit. able to get production out of it. >> it gives him confidence if we're running the ball well and start opening things up on the passing.
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him talk all season long about how important it is to establish the run. they've done it the last two weeks. we are here at the view house. cj anderson and will parks going to be our guests. college football, cu's mark mcintire named the coach of the year today. this award voted on by all the head coaches in division 1 football. j buff coaches to earn the honor. a lot of impressive wins along the way, but probably facing their toughest task tomorrow against the huskies. >> very talented football team. and they played really well this year. and they've -- we gotta try to find flaws in them somewhere.
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fighting and keep playing and find a way to get it done. >> good thing he didn't wear that tie tomorrow. >> that's right. got the washington tie out. >> good luck to ,,
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here's your chance to show on our contest page for a chance at a $500 gift card from mike's camera. if you want to vote for your favorite house, check out all the entries on our facebook page and like the lights. we'll feature some of the best displays on our newscast. some of those might be lights and snow coming up. just scattered snow showers tomorrow, no big deal. as we get through the weekend,
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cold by tuesday. new at 6:00, captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also tonight, the vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear was gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the- top light show at niagra falls. this is the "cbs evening news"


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