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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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green party presidential candidate jill stein is behind the move not only in the badger state, but also michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump narrowly beat clinton in the three states. but it's not expected to bring enough votes to change the outcome of the election. mr. trump celebrated a deal that's going to keep jobs in indiana. the carrier air conditioning plant was planning on moving to mexico, but this deal will keep 1,000 tonight donald trump in cincinnati, the first stop in his thank you tour. cbs4's kenneth craig there right now. we know mr. trump just announced an appointment, james mattus for defense secretary. >> reporter: he made that announcement right inside this arena just a few minutes ago in front of a crowd of thousands
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president-elect donald trump arrived in cincinnati, ohio this evening for the start of a thank you tour that will include other states that helped him win the white house. >> history called and the people of this great state answered and you're going to be very happy. we're going to say right now -- what are we going to do? we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: earlier in the day, mr. trump got a tour of the carrier factory in indianapolis. leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> reporter: according to fortune, mr. trump personally call greg hayes, c.e.o. of carrier's parent company and promised corporate tax rate reductions that would dwarf the $65 million a year the company
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mr. trump talked about carrier in his campaign speeches and pledged to make it harder for the company to leave if he became president. for the workers and their families here in indianapolis, the deal means one thing: they won't have to look through the help wanted ads over the holidays. >> just last week, we were still sitting down thinking what are we going to do? >> reporter: while a thousand jobs will be saved, not everyone will be kept on. hu expected to be outsourced. and we were here about 1:00 or 2:00 when hundreds of people started lining up to get inside this arena. so many people showed up the trump team says they were forced to delay tonight's event. country music icon dolly parton announcing she'll be donating a thousand dollars a
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tennessee. tonight we know authorities believe the fires were caused by people. the number of dead has risen to 10 and countless buildings are destroyed. crews will continue to look for those still missing tomorrow. right here, check out pictures from digital globe. they took aerial pictures of guatemala lin burg. a 20 year to the hospital after police in rhode island say he caused this crash while on facebook live. this guy hit speeds as high as 114 miles an hour before crossing three lanes of traffic and hitting a barrier. amazingly, not only did he survive, no one else was hurt. some shoppers in maryland had a double take today when they saw this beaver doing
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pre-lit trees and decorations at the local dollar store. animal control officers dropped by, took the beaver out, took him back to the rehab center. it is a cd -- we're live with brett sonders. he'll tell us which artists are on studio c volume 8 and when you can get your hands on a copy. >> we do way. light snow for the mountains. lots more in the way of moisture and it's going to bring cold air along with it. wait until you see how cold we
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,, ,, are you all ready to hear the line up for 2017 frontier days? back in cheyenne, how about you guys? >> cheyenne frontier days just
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next summer. they were announced during a star-studded affair in las vegas. the daddy of them all, also a premiere country music event. brantly gilbert and tyler farr on stage july 21st. come the 22nd, little big town. and the bellamy brothers. luke bryan hits 26th. thomas rhett on the 27th. then wrapped up with jason aldean. ticket information can be found right now on you can catch many other great artists on the latest studio c album. all was highly anticipated. this is volume 28. it goes on sale on saturday. brett sonders joining us now. as always, i'm looking at the
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cbs4. kbco, studio y volume 28 goes on sale saturday at select whole foods market locations. >> we get so much of a thrill listening to the artists and clearly to entice so many great musicians to come in and play, they must love what this is about too. >> a lot of artists go out of their way to come by and play at the kboc studios. it started in 1988 when melissa ethridge came to the studios. the line up, nora jones. we have local heroes like the lym nears. there are 18 tracks on the disk this year. >> let's talk about where the proceeds go. and do you know how much has been raised over the years? >> yes.
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that's the math. we split the proceeds between boulder 28 project -- as well as food bank of the rockies. we took them on a few years ago. they are magnificent. anybody who's hungry in colorado knows where they can go. >> on sale saturday, where can people get a copy? >> go to and get all the information. first of all, you can buy up to 6 copies this year. you could previously. we found out people were just getting back in the line and we want families to be happy. so this year you can purchase up to 6 copies. also people who have just moved to colorado, this is a tradition in colorado that has been going on for decades now. again, it is a terrific cd this why. saturday morning, 8:00 a.m.,
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authorities in bolivia have
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airline involved in a deadly plane crash. 77 people were on board when the flight crashed into a hill side in colombia. only 6 people survived. investigators are looking into pilot audio recordings that were recovered in the wreckage. they think the jet simply ran out of fuel. former astronaut buzz aldren had to be the south pole after a medical scare. buzz was flown to new zealand where doctors found fluid in his lungs. he tweeted out this picture from his hospital bed saying the recovery is coming along just fine. he was one of the first men to walk on the moon in 1969. and police in the uk are looking for a truck driver whose road rage was caught on
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drivers led to a wrestling match on the side of the road. one of them actually backed up into the other's truck. boys, boys. finally, he took a shovel to the driver side window. police did find the flat bed truck. they're still trying to identify and find the driver. so that's why they carry shovels. >> that's right. >> wow. >> you can't be too careful. so the cold is really going to settle in bigger change comes next week. let's take a look outside right now. look at that. no weather problems in the studio. there it is. you can see everybody moving along, except for the big traffic jam you also see right there. as far as the weather goes, that's not the problem for the slow down. we have clearing skies here. you can see right there. so we take a look at the big picture and there is that moisture. it's around and it will swirl
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here. that's not the one we're watching. you can see the clouds beginning to increase and a surge of moisture. douglas county, jefferson county and denver might see those snow showers push over as well, they just don't last as long. saturday, sunny skies around here. we'll go to sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon and we don't have a cloud in the sky. then everything chs here's the weak system moving through with a little bit of moisture and cooler air. we'll be in the 30s tomorrow and we'll see snow showers. don't expect any big deal out of this. next week, we have this cold air that's going to move down and pump air into colorado felt we're not going to be in the heart of this cold air, but we're going to be right on the fringes of it and still be in the low 20s for the highs.
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time of year and 73 and 6 boy are records. east 8, a rising barometer. look at the colors from this sunrise. and steven johnson, summit cove here is icing over as we might expect. and this from tom at kin son up single digits, higher up west. tomorrow, we'll look at 30s and 40s for the eastern plains, 20s for the mountains. 20 and out west. for tonight, we'll look for increasing clouds, 21 and 19 the overnight lows. for tomorrow, scattered snow showers. that's what we're going to see at best. temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. near 50 on sunday.
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cbs4 collecting new unwrapped toys for our care for colorado campaign. for those families, the club really is a life line. >> reporter: harold is a single father of 4 kids. all are members of the boys and girls club. harold works long hours, struggling to make ends meet. >> sometimes i don't have enough, you know, food. can get a hot meal and snacks at the club. he also knows this is a better place for them than being home alone. >> there would be very little supervision. i don't want them to go in that wrong direction. hereace all positive and looking forward to the future. >> reporter: the kids like it too. they enjoy opportunities they wouldn't get otherwise. >> i never played baseball or
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that. >> we play goggle ball and all kinds of stuff and football. >> they have the technology room, the art room, the learning center where you can read books. >> reporter: when christmas rolls around, harold's kids join in the excitement, like all the children. >> it's been three weeks now that i've heard christmas is coming. >> reporter: but christmas gifts don't really fit into his budget. >> real tight. it's mostly gotta buy them anything. clothes comes before toys. >> reporter: that's where the boys and girls clubs will step in once again, making sure the holidays are bright. >> if it wasn't for the club, we would really be less fortunate than what we are. >> reporter: boy, what a cause. you can help harold and other parents like him by making a donation to our care for colorado toy drive.
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participating king soopers. new ranking out of the worst drivers in the country. colorado -- well, we're not the worst, but ,,
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l the dow hit another record high today, but that was the only index to close in the grain. the s&p dropped 7. hackers have infected more than 1 million phones. they did it from illegitimate apps. the malwear installs malicious tracks user. google has blocked 150,000 of the cyber attacks. princess cruise lines will pay a record $40 million fine for intentionally polluting the waters. the department of justice says the cruise line actually fashioned a special pipe to discharge oily waste into american ports, then orchestrated a cover up of the
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inexcusable, they have taken steps to comply with all environmental standards. we are the 8th worst drivers in the country. quote wizard used data including accidents, speeding tickets, dui's and crash deaths to put together the list. the worst drivers live in utah. they second in the rankings for accidents and
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back to our breaking news, one lane is now reopened on northbound i-25 at 23rd avenue. you wouldn't know it by looking at that picture from the tech center. what a back up from the crash at i-25 and 23rd.
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problems. crash involving two cars and a semi, spilled fuel on the highway. near 50 by sunday, but no and colder by accused. look at that. >> i don't want to look at that. >> hope you'll be
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,, ,, if we're going to be staying in this apartment, would you be interested in doing a little redecorating? oh, actually, i would. great, what'd you have in mind? let's take every single thing from the other apartment and put it in here. well, how about we start a little smaller? like moving the furniture around. you know, i have always thought
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on the curb in front of the building. look, we can't just throw away penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back. you know, i wonder how she feels about all this artwork. well, i'm sure she misses this one. i mean, it's the greatest gift i've ever given anybody. it truly does capture the beauty of your friendship with penny. it may have appreciated in value. the artist killed himself shortly after painting that. yeah, it seems only right that she have it back. i can't wait to see the look on her face when i give it to her again. look, it's the same smile she has in the painting.
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n nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ? ? the earth began to cool ? ? the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ? ? we built the wall ? ? we built the pyramids ? ? math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ? ? that all started with a big bang ? ? bang! ? captioned by media access group at wgbh agine a world where the holidays are about joy again.


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