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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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cold is sticking around. 23 in city park. we're watching cloud cover build up in the mountains. but it's down in new mexico where our flurries will come up from later today. i'll give you a time line on when coming up. for now at least as you go up hoo the high country it's a good looking drive. there is a sheen on the roads this morning if you're driving up that direction. that should mostly be some of the chemicals. later today tougher conditions and maybe chain and passenger traction restrictions. cody donahue was a husband, father of two and a state trooper. he'll be laid to rest after losing his life last week while on duty. jamie leary is live in denver for us. this is expected to draw a lot of people. >> reporter: a lot of people, in addition to the funeral service, a huge procession is expected to take place. it will honor the trooper donahue and his family
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be closed during this procession. the honor flag will escort the trooper's body to here the first church of nazarene. hundreds are expected to be in attendance. the family of the 34-year-old trooper released its first initially statement yesterday. the statement ends by saying "two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and he leaves behind his wife and two daughters, ages seven and 10. last week a truck driver drifted for no known reason where donahue was tending to an accident. the truck driver killed donahue on the spot. he stayed on scene and has been cooperating with authorities throughout the investigation. the obituary described him as a gentle giant that loved helping others. a man so honest he even gave
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asking for donations to the flying wheels downation. jamie leary, cbs4 news. new revelations about the actions of a mother found dead along with her two children in a van in lone tree this week. police say jennifer laber purchased a handgun before she picked school. autopsies determined she died of a single gunshot wound. it appears to have been self- inflicted. her two children, 3-year-old adam and 5-year-old ethan, also both died from single gunshot wounds. authorities have stopped short of calling this a murder- suicide so far. they tell us they're just not ready to use that label and this has been a difficult investigation for everyone involved. today president-elect donald trump will hold more
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out his administration. he fired up the crowd with one of his latest picks yesterday while in ohio. here's our roxana saberi with the very latest. [ applause ] >> reporter: trump kicked off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory over hillary clinton. >> we won in a landslide. >> reporter: and mocking what he called the disponce press for -- dishonest press undercity. ing his chances -- under estimating his chances. >> they're looking at the map saying, there's no way for hillary clinton to become president. donald trump is president of the united states. >> reporter: tensions from the bitter presidential election boiled over during a panel discussion at harvard yesterday as top aides from both camps
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>> reporter: in cincinnati the crowd was mostly silent as mr. trump addressed lingering divisions. >> we're going to come together. we have no choice. and it's better. >> reporter: but became fired up when he unveiled another cabinet pick, retired general james mattis. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: in the past, mattis has said that responding to political islam is security issue facing the country. he's expected to face a tough challenge in getting senate confirmation, since he retired only three years ago, not seven, as the law requires. roxana saberi, cbs news. >> at his ohio rally trump pledged to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. weather and traffic every 10 minutes and dave aguilera is in for ashton.
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watchers are reporting temperatures in the teens. denver eastward partly cloudy. once the sun comes up later this morning we're going to have a little bit of sunshine, but there is a system we're watching right over arizona. there it is there. there's snow in some of the higher areas of arizona and new mexico. that moisture will be flocking up into colorado, so we have flurries in the forecast today. about 25 at with increasing clouds. light flurries by noon. light flurries this afternoon, probably until at least 10:00 we could have flakes of snow. and 34 ought to be our high today. even with the flurries, joel hillan, i think we're going to see maybe 0.25-inch or 0.5 inches at the most. just not going to be a ton for us. those are the kind of flocking flurries i like. i-25 and 8th avenue to the side, this is in that
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pulled off to the side. and you have the onramp as well coming onto southbound i-25. drive southbound coming into town, nine minutes from thornton to denver. maybe a little slowing in the northbound direction of i-25 getting past i-76. across the denver metro area, nice and wide open, no accidents or stalls on the area highways. i want to mention for trooper donahue there's going to be the funeral procession along c-470 from bowles. i know that's eastbound, but they call that northbound, all the way out to where the church is. there will be some cars that will join at kipling at 285. expected various closures and delays from 9:30 to 11:00. what if you were on the
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lies ahead? cdot is testing out this new method. cbs4's shawn chitness is live along i-25 and thornton parkway with this test. good morning. >> reporter: britt, good morning. that testing about to happen in about 30 minutes here. there are several of these smart signs set up along i-25, so you shouldn't miss it if you're on the right stretch of the road. take a look at this picture here and this graphic, that gives you a sense of what you'll be told bill on one side you can see speeds suggested for you as you're coming to an area that might have a crash, and on the other side you see more specific information about which lanes to avoid and go into. that's really the idea here, to provide more accurate information to drivers ahead of time so when there is an accident, these smart signs can warn drivers which lane will be closed and what lanes to move into before you get to that
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down because of those speeds. the signs will run from 120th avenue in northglenn down to i- 76. that's along i-25 here and research in other states has shown when you have these signs the number of crashes actually goes down by about 30%. we'll see how it works out here. remember, this is actually one of two locations in our area along i-25 as well as highway 36 where they have these smart signs. live in thornton, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning listenburg, tennessee -- gatlinburg, tennessee will get their first chance to go back to their homes after a deadly wildfire. they have homes in some places and in many places they don't. many of the homes have been burned to the ground. monday's wildfires forced more than 14,000 people out. the death toll is now at 10. fire has damaged 150 homes and businesses along with it.
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pledging a thousand a month for those who lost their homes until they can get back on their feet. >> we want to provide a hand up to alm those families who lost everything in the fires. to recover, we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides a thousand dollars a month to all those families who have lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. i know it's been a trying time for my meme, and this assistance will help. beginning friday, you can join our efforts to recover from these deadly fires by visiting >> she says the money will come from her company holdings. new video this morning of a close call for a woman on a street in poland. this crash happens right in front of her. one car heads toward her, only to be stopped right there by that light pole. parts come flying off. she wasn't hit, but she did go down. nobody was hurt in that crash. there is now a new effort
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take in the homeless, but not everyone likes this idea. we reported on the homeless camp sweeps downtown over the last several weeks. an interfaith coalition says the law would protect homeless people getting shelter at churches, so the coalition is asking religious leaders to allow the homeless on their premises. >> land that people can camp on or designate yurts or proposal. >> opponents say it would reduce crime in neighborhoods. they have yet to come to an agreement. happy friday, 23 degrees in denver. >> buffs celebrating their season. it's been a big one, but there is work ahead. that first pac 12 title game. the broncos are on the road
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good morning, everyone. this is the news in health. are looking at how a lack of sleep affects you. too little sleep takes a toll on your heart. researchers conducted a small study on men who worked a 24- hour shift on three hours of sleep. the researchers found the short- term sleep deprivation led to an increase in blood increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. the more time people spend outside in the sunlight during their teen and young adult years the lower their risk of becoming near sighted later in life. researchers in london found higher exposure to ultraviolet b radiation at ages 13 through 39 was associated with reduced odds of myopia later in life. they say more studies are
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f0 little pressure on dave aguilera. >> little pressure? it's a lot of pressure all the time. today we have flurries heading our way. we're not too bad. 22 at dia. 21 in fort collins. 28 in boulder. though it's cold, it's not in the teens yet for a lot of locations in denver. it is in the i don't want any wind when the ice age gets here! that happens tuesday when we go into the deep freeze. look at the temperatures. mostly 20s and teens here. then you go way up in the northern part of canada, up to
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increase of clouds. partly cloudy over denver. starting to see moisture build up over northern new mexico. cutoff low over arizona that will swing that moisture in. we could start to see flurries around here late morning and off and on throughout the day. shows up on futurecast forecast. by about 10:00, 11:00, few flurries over monument hill into denver. they'll be off and on throughout the day. around here maybe 0.25 inches or 0.5 inches in the mountains maybe 2 to 4. overnight tonight we clear it out and should lead into a pretty nice weekend. highs today on the chilly side. mostly 30s and 40s showing up, with denver's high about 34. 16 tonight with a few flurries. weekend, sunshine, 44 saturday. 50 sunday. then rain mixed with snow late monday. on tuesday that's when the ice age comes into play, joel, 19 degrees and a good chance of
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look at that low on tuesday night. 1below zero. there's like physical pain i'm experiencing. take a look, i-70 -- coat and gloves and lots of warm things. i-70 up at vail pass, if you're traveling today, should be a good drive now. of course, as dave was mentioning, could change throughout the morning and as we get through the day today. keep watching for the chain and restrictions. nine minutes from thornton out to denver. i-76. i-270 nice and wide open. here's our mousetrap cam, we have that morning commute underway, so we have more volume. but nothing that will slow you down heading across the denver metro area. thanks, joel. big night tonight. cu buffs will look to bring home a pac 12 title when they take on washington. there is good karma in that
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around from the bronco super bowl l win. >> like to have that one back. >> reporter: from worst to first. >> a great accomplishment. >> feels great. will feel better once we win. that's our main goal from the beginning of the season. offseason that's what was driving us every day. it's great we've gotten here, but a lot of us, we won't be satisfied unless we colorado's way is one of the best teams in college football. >> touchdown john ross. >> reporter: the 11-1 washington huskies are a touchdown favorite tonight. but the buffs aren't too concerned with the dogs' bite. >> i'm confident going against these guys. i'm confident going against anybody in the nation. it's a matter of preparing. i'm excited to play in this game and play against really good players.
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honestly. whether who will throw the first or last punch, it's a matter of who gets up. >> reporter: they're on the verge of doing something in boulder that hasn't been done in 16 years. >> this university hasn't been in a conference championship game since 2005. they haven't won one since 2001. when you hear that, what do you think? >> let's make it another one. why not? especially since we haven't been there since 2005 and last time we won was 20 >> it's going to feel good tonight. big game. broncos hit the road this weekend. >> they take on the jacksonville jaguars, a 2-9 team. romi bean is here with a preview. good morning. we're thinking about a lot this morning, including which quarterback they're going to play. >> yes, a lot lapping. the drama never ends. 7-4, 3rd in the afc west, the
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for a game they cannot lose. if the playoffs started today, the broncos would be out and dolphins would take the first spot. but fear not, the broncos still have a chance. the broncos are chasing both the chiefs and raiders, and they cannot afford a stumble against a team like jacksonville. jacksonville is tricky. while they only have two wins, they've lost six games by seven or fewer points. defensivy hard for teams to throw the ball. they're ranked third in the league in pass defense. when you look at the big picture, one thing that's clear, this is a must win game for a broncos team that guys, i think they just might have the toughest finishing stretch of anyone in the league. all five of their games left are against afc teams, which means they'll all matter in playoff tie breakers and three of those have at least 8 wins on the season. >> puts pressure on us, you know. we don't really feel pressure,
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something we have to emphasize. >> my x factor, is trevor siemian's left foot. he's been fitted for an or poddic inserted to put into his shoe. if he can show he's got enough mobility to run the offense before sunday, he'll start. bi if he doesn't practice. if he can't play, rookie quarterback paxton lynch gets the second start of his career. after that loss to the falcons early, which was his first loss, he is eager to put the broncos in the win column. the number you need to know, 475 minutes and 33 seconds. the jags haven't had an
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they are last in the league with three interceptions on the season, which could help out the broncos with this sticky quarterback situation. >> it's scary the jaguars can get to the quarterback and we have trouble protecting the quarterback. >> we want to think positively. malik jackson is now on the jaguars and he had interesting things to say about his former team. >> i think he said, i'm a problem and you let th deal with me. jaguars aren't exactly taking names, but how do they they'll with him? >> absolutely. we've been talking about this a lot. any former players, i talked to emmanuel sanders, he said when he went back to pittsburgh he wanted to win that game more than anything. there's that extra fire. and there's julius thomas on the offensive side. players get upset when they get left and they want to show when they don't get resigned, excuse
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is what you're missing. it's made good billboard material, because he's said things and he thinks he deserved more money than derek wolfe. that got derek wolfe fired up. there's a lot of fire on all sides. >> hopefully the broncos pull out a win. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> early game sunday here on cbs4. you can hear romi week days 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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,, f0 welcome ck if you have to wait for your bus or carpool, layer up. it's going to be chilly. cold and partly cloudy most of the morning, 23, 24 degrees all the way through sunrise, which is at 7:03 this morning. we take a look at the futurecast today, we are expecting flurries to populate this afternoon on into this evening. less than half inch accumulation for most areas.
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about 34 degrees in denver today. a chilly friday. joel, i want you to hang tight for the weekend forecast, though. i think you're going to like that a little better than this. it's a good one. hang out for it. i-25 and 20th, southbound coming down into town where we're starting to see most of the volume now. it's turned out to be a typical friday morning commute, light volumes. ten minutes from 120th to i-70. thanks, joel. we hope you had a chance it was warmer. it's your chance to show off your holiday spirit. here's a look at one of the entries we've received. well done. martinez family christmas. this is in longmont. that is the way to get it going on right there. enter your decked out house at for our contest page. a chance at a $500 gift card from mike's camera. they're going to need a big camera for that house. if you want to vote for your
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and like the lights. we'll feature more of the homes on our newscasts. those lights may freeze over next week. watch out. 23 degrees in denver. here's what's still ahead at 6:00. jamie is live. >> reporter: a huge procession and memorial service planned this morning for the csp trooper who was killed just last friday by a careless driver. we have details coming up on cbs4 morning news. cdot testing out new smart signs this morning. how these signs will give you this morning a change in the forecast. the forecast. friday flurries.
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this week's fires is one of the many suspicious fires on green mountain. investigators say they are happening too often to be started by natural causes. plus-- the e-mails just stated, this is city policy. we cannot reimburse this. it would set a bad precedent. >> the mother of a carjacking victim upset at aurora police for having a car towed and stored in an impound lot where they got a big bill. what else the family found inside havi case was mishandled. we're watching cold arctic air that's still congregating up in alaska and canada. i'll let you know when that will bring the ice age back to colorado coming up. if you are traveling up into the high country now, there's a little bit of a sheen on the road, but no chain and passenger traffic restrictions in place. family and friends will say goodbye to a state trooper.


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