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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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praising the attacks here in paris. and now threatening a major american city. the hd of the cia saying, it should be wakeup call. pierre thomas tonight with the video. and coming to america, or not. the refugee backlash in the u.s. did one of them pass ththugh? now, a list of governors back home in the u.s. saying, refugees should not be allowed in america. good evening tonight, from paris, where this country has declared war against isis. is evening, the air strikes, the aircraft carriers on the move. and the dramatic scene playing out as authorities thought they were zeroing in on that eighth attacker. it is playbelieved he is armed and dangerous, authorities warning the public not to intervene.
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on a neighborhood in brussels, surrounding a town some authorities have said has virtually been turned over to the islamic state. also, a major development involving the threat to america. a new isis video praising the paris attacks, and promising an attack on washington, d.c. is coming. our team analyzing that video for you tonight, but first, abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in belgium, as he heard what sounded like explosions, with investigator s investigators chasing after one of the attackers on the run. >> reporter: police surrounding an apartment building, scaling rooftops. they war neighbors to stay inside, away from windows. then -- they moved in. but their target was gone, and tonight, the manhunt continues for the gunman who got away. 26-year-old salah aboutdeslamabdeslam. they found the cars he'd represented, one left outside
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the dheater. the other abandoned in this suburb. then, drivivi a third car with two other passengers, he headed toward belgium, stopped by police at a road block on saturday morning, but not detained. and they made it across the border. the two other people in that getaway car, picked up by police later, now charged with participation in terrorism. and the fugitive's brother, also detained, but later reased, saying today, he had no idea that both his brothers, one died during the attacks, were terrorists. "they were normal brothers," he said. this gritty neighborhood, a breeding ground of terrorism. while we were on the streetsts here tonight, we spoke to one man, he didn't want his face shown, who told us, many of the young here are radicalized. three of your neighbors went to syria? >> yeah. >>eporter: today, arench police union is even saying that isis has taken over here. and that the belgian gothvernment has lost control of this neighborhood. david?
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>> terry moran in belgium tonight. terry, thank you. we're going to turn now to the fast-moving investigation under way right here in paris. french president hollande today saying france is at war, vowing to destroy isis. he wants the s ste of emergency in france extended for months now. french war planes conducts air strikes on isis targets. and an aircraft carrier on the move next. tonight, what they're planning, as new video now emerges of the attacks herere the jojo just before it all turned dark. for the first time, the moments before paris was forever changed. these ptographs now emerging from inside that concert hall. taken from thetage before the attack. so many smiling faces, their hands in the air. and now we know what would come next. the gunfire breaking through the music. we're also getting our first look at this video of the immediate aftermath. sirens blaring, voices crying out. two officers peering through
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those doors. president obama saying today the u.s. had no intelligence this attack was coming. >> there were no specific mentions of this particular attack that would give us a sense of something that we need -- that we could provide french authorities, for example, or act on ourselves. >> reporter: while here in france, president hollande stood side by side with students in a moment of silence across the country. a short time later, in front of a joint session of particularth, he declared, france is at war with isis, calling for an extension, he wants a three-month state of emergency here in france. saying today, the attacks were, quote, planned in syria, organized in belgium and perpetrated in france. tonight, this country continuing its military response, from those air strikes overnight, thanking america for providing sistance, to sendingng a warship, an aircraft carrier to
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the eastern mediterranean on thursday, right off the coast of syria. the world now watching as that international manhunt plays out. the alleged eighth attacker on theront pages of newspapers across the globe.. a massive anti-terrorism crackdown across france. these images of officers entering a building, detaining a man. 168 police raids in allll 23 arrested. computers, hard drives seized. 31 weapons found, among them, clish any cover clish any clash any covers. 104 under house arrest. as you travel through paris, all of the places, where the carnage unfolded. and today, we learned, there were 19 different nationalities amonthe dead. a survivor today holding his blood-stained ticket from the concerer showing photos she took on her cell phone inside the concert hall, with friends standing this close to the band. she hid in the dark inside a closet for three hours.
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running and screaming, gunfire and thuds, which could only be people hitting the floor, their bodies hitting the floor. >> reportete and we metro man roman, who lived near two of the restaurants targeted. he told me it was his responsibility to be there with the victims who were dying. why did you kneel down beside them? >gnore them? just do what you can. you're not a doctor. you can't help. you can just show feelings to people, don't let people die alone. so, you do what you can do. you just watch, you just try to ease pain, but what can you do? >> sensing it was his responsibility. meantime tonight, the french prime minister now saying he doesn't wan to scare the friend of people, but he does want to warn them, saying he believes more attacks are coming, wanted to make sure everyone is aware, he said. and british prime minister david cameron saying they have foiled sesen terror attacks in the uk
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in just the lasts sixth months alow. as they hunt now for that alleged eighth attacker, considered very dangerous, another major reveal toght. the so-called mastermind behind this whole attack. authorities say he w w behind the highlyoordinated attacks across this city. tonight, the leading theory, where and how the mastermind assembled that team of attackers and delivered the deadly orders. and we have new information on the passport discovered, as authorities grow more certain that one of the attackers used it to pose as a refugee and slip into europe. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on what we're learning now about the allegege mastermind. reporter: he is only 27, but he's risen rapidly through the ranks of isis to mastermind some of their biggest terror plots in europe. in this propaganda video, abdelhamid a aaoud asks, is there anything better than jihadism than matter dom? officials believe he planned the paris attacks from syria. carrying out the direct orders of top isis aders, who h he
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terror attacks in the west, with recruits separated into brigades but their nationality and language skills zwlflt. >> this was pulling it off across borders. >> reporter: the isis mastermind sent one of its attackers from syria, presented this forged passport to greek officials just five weeks ago, and then making his way across europe to paris. other attackers were hand-picked in the mastermind's hometown in that brussels neighborhood of molenbeek, where he traveled often. narrowly escapes a police raid just this past january before he returned to syria where he is believed to be tonight. >> the mastermind selects a trains and motivates the suicide bombers, but he never kills himself. >> and brian, french authorities say they had no advance warning of theseattacks, but you are learning tonight, several of
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>> reporter: that's right. at least two were well known to french intelligence as possible isis recruits. one of them had actually been charged with terror-connected crimes but allowed to remain free, and the government, david, clearly lost track of both of them. david? >> brian ross with us again tonight. brian, thank you. tonight, the n nion's top security experts studying the new threat from isis. the 12-minute video, praising the attacks here in paris and now vowing to strike washington, d.c. next. america's top spy, cia chief john bren nonyan warning, isis has other operations in the pipeline. and the new york city police chief receilin what concerns him most. those matching suicide belts warn by the attackers. tonight, across the nation's capital, images of beefed up security. and what we're now learning about how the attackers may have gone undetected. did a video game help them go dark? abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas analyzing the new threat to the
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>> french police in a shootout exchanging gunfire with terrorists outside the bataclan concert hall. three hours of terror. isis quickly claiming credit for it all, saying paris is only the beginning. and i this video, isis issues a warning to america. an attack on the nation's capital is coming. as we struck in france in the center of its abode in paris, then we swear that we will strike america at its center, in washington. >> we are always at a heightened level of security because of our lowcale locale. >> reporter: the cia director says the attacks should serve as a wakeup calalto americans. >> their agenda is to kill. >> reporter: across the country, security is being ramped up. there's a heavy police presence in times square. and the new york city police commissisier said today the tactics deeply concern him. >> the idea that all of them, all of them were equipped with suicide vests.
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also worried that the killers in france may have used their computer and cell phone communications. so-called going dark. and belgian officials suspect the killers in france used gaming systems like playstation to communicateofofrid. evev though there's no specific credible isis threat to the homeland, the fbi is intensify intensifying in all 50 states. more than 70 prospectiveve supporters of isis arrested in the last two years alone. some with deadly intentions. security stepped up across this city, and there are morethan 900 terr investigations across the country, as we speak. david? >> pierre thomas with us tonight. pierre, thank you. and tonight, france dramatically intensifying its air sdrikes against isis. retaliation, of course, for the deadly attackshere. bombing targets in syria, the isis stronghold of raqqah. but tonight, many are now asking, why weren't those targets being hit far soon?
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abc's chief global affairsrs correspondent martha raddatz now. >> reporter: the response from the frenc air force has been strong and swift. french fighter jets pounding targets in the isis stronghold of raqqah, bombibi a a isis command post, training camp, recruiting center. but this is not a real increase in bombing. these are isis targets that may already been on a list or strike package for weeks. so why not strike when they were first on the list? >> they would wait for them to be populated, to have a class there in training, to have a group there being recruited. >> reporter: but when paris was attacked, the u.s. stepped asase, and let the french go after the targets as retaliatory strikes. it's not known whether there were isis fighters inside. as for the overall militaryy strategy, nothing is changing. the president adamant about not adding combat ground troops. >> we have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. >> reporter: isis is believed to have between 20,000 to 30,000 fightersrsnd oil fields that
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month. >> and martha is with us now live. martha, the u.s. aircraft is now attacking new targets? >> reporter: well, for t first time, the u.s. targeted isis fuel trucks, david. more t tn 100 of them, used to smuggle oil to finance military and terrorists operations. but those, too, have been on the target list for awhile, as well. david? >> martha raddatz with us again tonight. martha, thank you. we're going to turn now to that moment on the football field, and concern over muslim backlash in america. nfl teams paying tribute to victims in paris on sund. the moment of silence before the lions/packers game ruinedshouting an anti-muslim remark. star quarterback aaron rodgers set by the comment, speaking out after the game.. >> that kind of prejudicial ideology puts us in the position that we're in today.
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disappointed with the fan, calling the quote very inappropriate. there is still much more ahead fromdad on "world news tonight" from paris. the growing debate over syrian ref ewe fwees in the united states. should they be allowed to come to america? we want you to weigh in on the debate. also tonight, the tornado in the last 24 hours, and now a major system hitting 30 million americans in the next two days. a wininry blast expected tonight into tomorrow. we'll have the latest. and then, we'll take you to the eiffel tower right here in paris tonight. red, white and blue. e colors of the french people. we take you there to meet the americics in t t shadow of the tower, one up thecouple who was at the top when they learned of the terrorists attacks, returning tonight.. so i drink boooo to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all withth great taste.
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that syrian refugees are not welcome. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president obama today declared america has a moral responsibility to allow some syrian refugees to settle here in the united states. >> many of these refugees are theictims of terrorism themselves. slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. >> reporter: but tonight, republican presidential candidates are attacking the president's plan to allow up to 10,000 sian refugees into the u.s. >> president obama and hillary clinton's proposal to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslims is nothing short of lunacy. >> reporter: the president's plan says nothing about the religion of the refugees, but senator cruz says, quote, there is no meaningful risk of christians comtting acts of terror. he and jeb bush insist the emphasis should be on allowing syrian christians into the u.s. >> they're being beheaded, they're being executed by both sides. and i think we have a
5:48 pm
responsibility to help. >> reporter: the president called that un-arican. > when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who's fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted -- that's shameful. that's not american. it's not who we are. >> reporter: president obama also said that any syrian ref guy years coming into the united states will be thoroughly vetd to ensure that no terrorists slip in. republicans just aren't buying that, david. in fact, some republicans are saying it's just not possible. >> jon karl with us from washington tonight. jon, thank you. and when we come back here, the major storm hitting tonight. or the winter weather in america making for a stretch use commute. and we have news tonight about gas prices just in time for your thanksgiving travel plans. we'll be right back. or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. of course, how you plan is up to you. take healthcare.
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severe s srm warnings tonight in california. the ef-1 tornado tearing roofs off homes. and look at the blast of winter in utah. heavy snow causi treacherous driving near salt lake city. there are tornado watches tonighgh from the texas handpanhandle to nebraska. and in denver, a blizzard warning in effect, up to a foot of snow is excted. news tonight about gas prices, with thanksgiving coming. the average pricecost of gas dropping six cents a gallon to 2 $.18. and prince williams tonight seing a message. announcing he will be in the crowd at london's well bly stadium tomorrow, attending the soccer match between england and france. the royal family calling it a show of sol daredy with the people of france. when we come back to papas, tonight, the big reveal at the eiffel tower.
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can helplprevent shingles. holding a forum tomorrow to have bru harreld respond to their& concerns publicly. buu harreld hassyet to agree to aaend. an elderly man crashes his vehicle into a cedar rapids jehovah's witness church. tonight at 6 finally tonight here, the eiffel tower has now been lit up to honor, to remember the victims here in paris. and paying tribute, right theje at the eiffel tower tonight, where so many americans wanting them t tknow we care. on our way to the eiffel tower, driving through paris, we noticed the famed ferris wheel lit in the blue, white and red of the french flag. as we get closer to the tower, a reminder of how tense this city is, the officers on patrol. but when we arrive, the tower lit up in the colors of this country, and right in t shadow
5:57 pm
of the eiffel tower, the americans payiyi tribute. michelle selene moved her family here two months ago. she remembers 9/11 in the u.s., and now the terror attacks here. >> back then, we were on our way to work, over here, we're on our way to sleep. and two days, just turns you inside out. we have to continue on with life. we can't hide. we can't stop our lives. >> reporter: and andy and julia hawthorne froro austin, xas. they were here to celebrate her 40th birthday. they were at the top of the eiffel tower friday night when they learned of the terror attacks. >> we were at the top when we heard about it. >> reporter: the top of the tower? >> top of the tower. and all or family members began to sends text messages, are you safe, are you safe? and we didn't know why. >> reporter: tonight, as they prepare to go back home to texas, they wanted to return to the eififl tower, lit up. it was a beautiful sight there tonight. and thank you for watching here on a monday evening. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow.
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good night. cpr. " did an argument prompt one man to fatally stab another at a rural cedar rapids motel? as governr branstad orders state agencies to not help settle syrian rrfugees in the future, we talk to the iowa united nations association about the concerns. iowa city police say the cty's 21 and over ordinance is reducing underage drinking, but it's also causing some new problems. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 6. the linn county sheriff's office says a man stabbed and killed another man early this morning at a residential motel west of cedar rapids. somom people livinggthere have told t-v nine what they
5:59 pm
47 year old michael lehman faces a first degree murder charge for the death of 23 year old jimmi- jon lint. linn county sheriff brian gardner says lehman stabbed lint multiple times with a kitchen knife. about 12:30 this morning, law officers found lint with stab wouds in room 21t the ced rel motel. that's a few miles west of cedar rapids on highway 30. they rushed him to a cedar rapids hospital where he died. sheriff's deputies arrested lehman in another room at the motel. he went to another hospital for treatment of some minor injuries. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us live tonight from the lin county courthouse where lehman has already made his initial appearance on the murdrdr charge. dave? bruce, a judge ordered lehman to remain in jail on a million dollars cash bond both for the murder charge and also a parole violation. authorities confirm the stabbing occurred during a fight. some who live at that rural


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