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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 15, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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g-o-p presidential candidates debate combating terrorism after attacks in paris and san bernardino. and several dozen kids in cedar falls go home with a smile after r ceiving their own bikes, helmets and locks. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . family and friends are remembering an iowa state student as someone who had a very caring heart. a hit and run accident killed 18 year old emmalee jacobs of urbana yesterday on the ames campus. police say an officer found jacobs lying on a road yesterday morning on campus. emergency responders took her to a nearby hospital where she diee authorititi believe it was a hit-and-run because of her injuries. today, members of the iowa state community left flowers and candles at the intersection where the officer found jacobs. some even drew on the sidewalk, leaving their
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condolences. kcrg t-v nine's brea love talked with family and friends of emmalee jacobs today in the center point-urbana area, where she lived. brea, how are those friends and family members doing? brea well they are going through a rough time.. brea when i spoke with the family earlier thth afternoon over the phone they couldn't tell me enough about emmalee. they say she was a very bright, very smart young woman. she did well in school, loved volleyball and show choir, and they will never forget her beautiful smile. an entire community is in mourning after the loss of one of their own. and they're coming together to support the family, and each other. emmalee jacobs just graduated from center point-urbana high school in may. "she was just one of those students that everybody could talk to, but also she was one of those students who was involved, she was kind of that student athlete." she also belonged to the school choir. jacobs graduated at the top of her class.
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the school had counselors on site monday, and also at the middle school where jacobs mother works. "i think the teachers over there, their thoughts and prayers are with her, and it's kind of that cpu family, we all kind of bond together and help those in need, and right now our thoughts and prayers go out to the jacobob family." the family has belonged to center point united methodist church for more than a decade. the church pastor says jacobs was very involved in their youth programs. he says she will be greatly missed. "her smile was addictive, it would draw you right into her." the church is holding a remembrance service thursday night, giving those who know the together. "anybody in our community, family or friends, can come and spend a little time, sometimes people just need to be together and talk, and just remember, and share stories." "theres many communities and by this, and there's a lot of people that love and support them, and their church family is right
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here praying for them and supporting them in any way we can." brea the family also told me they hope the driver of the car that hit jacobs comes forward. . ey say they know hee or she might be afraid of what will happen.. but it doesn't compare to what the jacobs family is going through right now. brea bruce and beth? thanks, brea. center point united methodist church will hold the remembrance and visitation services. the remembrance is thursday night at 7 p-m. the visitation is friday afternoon from 4 to 8 p-m then funeral services will be held at center point- urbana high school saturday at 10:30 a-m. meteorologist joe winrs joins us now w th your first forecast. joe, we may see some more rain overnight? we have a cold front approaching the state tonight. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing
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the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing a strong southwest wind around to the west. cooler weather is the result for a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s through friday. more rain is in the forecast to start christmas week. tonight: isolated showers low: 36-42 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: isolated am showers, windy high: 40-46 winds: sw 20-30 back to you. tonight, republican presidential front- cruz are going head-to-head in another debate. this is the first g-o-p debate since the attacks in paris and san bernardino, california. a-b-c's brandi hihi reports from las vegas. the gloves came off in the final republican
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face-off of 2015. tonight, things got heated as the candidates argued about national security. abc's brandi hitt is in las vegas with more. pkscript: sot - jeb bush "donald is great at the one liners... but he's a chaos candidate and he would be a chaos president." in their fifth face-off... it was no holds barred battle over national security... with donald trump's proposal to ban slims from entering the u-s -- front and center. sot - -donald trump "we're not talking about religion... we're talking about security. our country is out of control." sot - jeb bush "if we're going to ban all muslims... how are we going to get them to help us destroy isis?" marco rubio - also under attack - on several fronts... over whether surveillance and data collection needs to be ramped up... to track terrorists. sot - sen. marco rubio "that tool w wlost: the metadata tool. thatatas a vavauable tool that we no longer have at our disposal." sot - sen. ted cruz "i would note that marco knows what he's saying isn't true." sot - sen. rand paul "i think marco gets it completely wrong. an argument - that clearly got under governor chris christie's skin. t - govovchris christie "i want to talk to the audience at home for a second. if your eyes are glazing over like mine this is what it is like to be on the floor of the united states senate." but trump and bush quickly brout the fight back. sot -
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donald trump the southern border they come as an act of love." sot - jeb bush "you said on september 30th that isis was not a factor." sot - donald trump "are you talking or am i talking, jeb?" sot - jeb bush "i'm talking right now." sot - donald trump "you can go back." sot - jeb bush "i'm talking." sot - donald trumpmpyou interrupted me. are you going to apologize, jeb." sot - jeb bush "no." sot - donald trump "am i allowed to finish? excuse me, am i allowed to finish? sot - jeb bush "donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency." brandi hitt oncam close: this was the last republican debate for 2015. next up - the democrats face off in new hampshire saturday - a debate hosted vegas. the university of iowa spent thousands of dollars providing the mumps vaccine to students last month. university officials say it cost them around 270- thousand dollars to offer measles, mumps, and rubella vaccinations free of charge to nearly 5- thousand students. the university offered the free shots because of a high number of mumps cases on campus. the u-i has reported 152 of them this semester. officials say they will continue to offer free m- m-r vaccinations ththugh next
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iowa has the top high- school graduation rate in the country. that's according to data the u-s department of education released today. it shows 90-point-5 percent of high school seniors graduated in the 2013-2014 school year. the national rate is 82 point 3 percent. there's a housing shortage in jackson coconty, despite a recenendrop in population. a recent study examined the housing needs in the cities of maquoketa, bellevue, miles, and preston. the study y owed that more single peopop are living in homes as opposed to entire families living in homes. jackson county economic development director dave heiar says the trend stems from an aging population. heiar says the county needs to do more to attract young families to the communities. "if they're going to move to a community, you need to have some quality housing options. " grants to help renovate and restore old houses and
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apartments throughout the county. several cities in eastern iowa are getting loans to help them improveveheir water quality. the money comes from a state program that provides low-interest financing to cities. newhall will get about two point six million dollars to put toward its sewer treatmtmt project. and tama is getting more than a million dollars for improvements to its sewer system. aplington and ryan are also receiving funds. more than several dozen kids in the cedar falls area now have w bikes, helmets and locksks today, variety, the children's charity gave new bikes and accessories to 45 children who have never had their own bikes. it's through the group's bike for kids program, which asks each child to promise that they will ride responsibly. " 11:44:21 it's really one of those humbling moments where today the kids are in the kind of a shock, where the kids got a bike and they don't know what to do with it. and it's really kind of awesome and to watch them walk out of that with their hearts full and realizing they
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got their bike." variety teamed up with cedar falls schools and sartori memorial hospital to choose children who would benefit from a new bikes. city leaders in iowa city, coralville, and noh liberty will distribute holiday meals to m me than four thousand people this week. it's part of "project holiday," a food drive the crisis center of johnson county organizes each year. the food bank coordinator for the crisis center of johnson county says it's important to remember the needy during the holiday season. "when you think about the holiday season one of the first things you think about is food, you know going to your parents house or friends house for that holiday turkey or ham, knowing that we're able to help othe have that experience and share that joy of the season, that's huge and it's wonderful. " the crisis center says the best donation is money. 20 dollars can feed an entire family. cedar rapids police have taken
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bulls stolen in the last month.. coming up, hear how you can keep your pet safe from thieves. stay with your 24-hour news source kcrg-tv9. "hi, i'm msgt bradley thye from sw iowa. i'd like to give a shot out to all my family and friends back home, specifically in the burlington area , i love you very much. i hope to see you soon. " 44:49
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not just a pet owneryou're its mother." a cedar rapids family says someone stole a puppy out of their backyard. it's the second report of a stolen t bull that cedar rapids police he received in the last month. kckcg-tv9's sarah mccartrt explains what you should do to protect your pets. for these kids.. 50:18 "a robber and the dog ran away. drarang pictures of their stolen puppy, sparkles, is the only way to help. 42:10 "yeah, it is hard to think about because you think of your sweet pet, but they're so young that if someone did get a hold of her with bad intentions.. are they a bait t g? because that's a horrible thought. " their mom hopes dog fighting or even back yard breeding or isn't why someone opened the tall, wooden gate to her back yard, taking her dog. 43:14 "i would rather it be with a good
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home, who's just too selfish to report her, than with a monster." the family posted reward signs and filed a police report - the second stolen pit bull reported to cedar rapids officers in the last half of november. shelter workers say dog fighting is a reality across the country. that's why all adopters are screened, but it's not a perfect solution. 57:47 "if someone has bad intentions with an animal., my gut would say they aren't going g a shelter to adopt.t.but moore says this.. beep can help catch thieves. 56:42 "it probably will help, especially if your animal is taken to a peterinarian. if a vet scans that animal and your information isn't on it, but you're the person who brougug it, they'll at least question that." sadly, sparkles wasn't chipped yet. but her family hopes her story will serve as a warning, to always keep an eye out.. 43:02 "i hope someone found her and fell in love with her and don't want to give her back and they're
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taking good care of her." ..even on your own bk yard. in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. school is back in session tomorrow for tens of thousands of students in los angeles... federal authorities say a thriat that forced the district to cancel classes
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we have a cold front approaching the state tonight. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing through the morning hours of our wednesday. the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing a strong southwest wind around to the west. a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s
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start christmas week. tonight: isolated showers low: 36-42 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: isolated am showers, windy high: 40-46 winds: sw 20-30tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 24-30 winds: w 10-20thursday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 2friday: mostly cloudy high: 29 - low: 21 saturday: partly cloudy increasing clouds high: 47 - low: 28 monday:hance of showers high: 46 - low: 37 tuesday:
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tomorrow after the district canceled classes over a bomb threat. the district told more than 640 thousand students to stay home today after it received an emailed threat from overseas. the district says the threat mentioned attacks on multiple schools with assault riflfl and explosive devices. local authorities spent the day searching more than 900 school buildings as a precaution. the f-b-i later determined the threat was not credible. but the school district defended its move. " i think the circumstances in the neighboring san bernardino, i think what has happened in the nation, i think what happened internationally. i i superintendent am not goioi to take the chance with the life of
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new york police say they received a similar threat for the school system there but found it was not credible. today, secretary of state john kerry met with russian president vladimir putin to discuss the conflict in syria. in a shift, the u-s says syrian president bashar al-assad can say in power for now. kerry says people there their leader. the u-s had called on al- assad to step aside for years. eight people went to the hospital tonight after a plane went off the taxiw at nashville international airport. the southwest airlines plananwent into a grass area and got stuck. the plane was carrying 133 passengers and five crew members from houston. most of the injuries were minor. the federal aviation administration is investigating. iowa state's top shooters is out for the season. scott has details. and he will also have highlights from some
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ggat high school matchups tonight. stay with your 24 hour news
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rise at the university of iowa. tomorrow, we tell you if an effort to fight back with free vaccines has worked. and a travel agent could save you time and money for a winter getaway. how to pick the right one -
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today's top stwest branch. scott westerberg has the highlights. the 6-0 bears hosting the 6-0 cougars of cascade...late third quarter....tatu m koenig with the nice bounce pass to haley mullinnix...bears up 10... cougars rally in the 4th...lisa
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tucker in the lane for a pair....cascade cuts it to 5... then it's abbie ruggeberg from just inside the three point line to make it a 4 point game....abbie had 18.... but the bears were able to hold off the rally....the pass inside to allyson simpson for 2 of her 16 as west branch remains perfect with a 52-46 win. to the boys game where the cougars looked to ay unbeaten and the bears gave them all they could handle...cooper koenig buries a three from the wing....then the nice high- low action results in a bucket for cooper kaba....west branch within 2.... but cascade answers with some nice e ll in green insnse for 2 plus the foul....then green buries the mid-range jumper....casc ade needed overtime but the cougars escape with a 57-55 win. in west branch, scott westerberg tv9 sports. we had a girl-boy doubleheader on kcrg 9.2 tonight. wash hosted kennedy. ladies first and wash took a took a 47-43 lead in the fourth quarter on a big time drive by joniqua clark.. and kennedy down three and time running down in the game.. sidney hayden with ice water in her veins ties the game with six seconds
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left..the warriors had a chance to win it in regulation.. clark at the buzzer no comes s just short and they went to overtime.. and the soccer star hayden hit another triple and kennedy wins the girls game in ot 67-59. to the guys. and a big run by wash in the fourth.. keon wills with the long trey.. and the warriors took a 51-53 lead on the ian thomas stroll down the lane.. but kennedy came back and cut the lead to one on this matt berst long ball.. but wash hit some big free throws dodo the stretch, laveechie williams knocked down two to put out of reach and wash wins the boys game 55-51. over at linn-mar tonight. jaimie printy's undefeated lions hosted city high. a a future hawkeye amanda ollinger with back to back rainbow three's to start the game.. the second one put her over the 1,000 point platue.. congrats amanda.. city high answered with a trey of their own from brin hanra-han.. and then here comes aashley joens on the break and she finishes.. and 9th ranked city high knocked off linn-mar
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and a lot of good girls games tonight.. marion entertained benton community. and both teams came out bombs away leah van-wheelden connects and then ellie harrold banks one inn. i heard her call glass.. and then checkout the nice drive by mia laube for the kiss.. the bobcats respond with a little string music from the softball star alyssa weebell but marion beat benton community 50-39. big news from the iowa state basketball program today.. naz mitrou long will miss will the rest of the year to recover from arthroscopic hip surgery he had on both hips this past spring.. the pain is j jt too much and boy is that a big loss. naz will seek a medical redshirt. with long out the timing is perfect for marquette transfer deonte burton to work into the mix this saturday against i. the 6'4 burtrt is an explosivivathlete as you can see by his high flying dunks! deonte is a good addition to this team especially in transition he is gonna be fast
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gonna play at the four and that will be a great advantaghe will be faster than most four's in the country and when we get a steal he is just another body to get out their and he can make plays passing and playing aove the rim too. vtr :24 oc: "aying above the rim too " thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... we have a cold front approaching the state tonight. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing rough the morning h hrs of our wednesday. the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing a strong southwest wind around to the west. cooler weather is the result for a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s through friday. more rain is in the forecast to start christmas week. tonight: isolated showers low: 36-42 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: isolated am showers, windy high: 40-46
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