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tv   KCRG TV9 First News  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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fire crews in linn county are working on a structure fire this morning. they were called out to 1933 paris road in central city. fire crews working on the fire still at 3:30 this morning. we're trying to find out more information on the damage and if anyone was hurt. iowa lawmakers will walk into the state capitol this morning for the start of the new legislative session. many are hoping to pick up where they left off last spring. kcrg-tv9's brady smith joins us live from des moines this morning. brady, u've been talking to lawmakers alread - what are their top goals for the session?
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agreement on k-12 education funding is onenef the top priorities for lawmakers as they come into work this morning. that was one of the lingering issues last year that led to a weeks- ng impasse between republicans and dememrats. some lawmakers say governor branstad's veto of the 55.7 million dollar agreement lawmakers eventually came to simply added insult to injury. representative ken rizer told us yesterday that he's optimistic lawmakers can work together and find a solution much faster this year. he says working with the governor's office will be a big part of that. "i think it's really important that there's good cocounication between the legislature and the governor's office so that there are no end of session surprises, and from what i've seen so far, the communication between the senate and the house and the governor's office
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rizer believes that how lawmakers settle on education spending and how quickly will set the tone for the rest of the session. rizer wasn't the only one concerned with k-12 education funding. senators rob hogg and b b dvorsky say it's been years since public schools were adequately funded, and it's time for a change. in des moines, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. the iowa caucuses. that means presidential candidates are swarming the state hoping to gain support from voters. candidates tomorrow. donald trump will speak at the university of northern either second or tied for first in iowa with ted cruz.
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an appearance at the coralville public library tomorrow as well. also, former arkansas governor mike huckabee has multiple stops over the next two days. today, he will be in fairfield and ottumwa. tomorrow, he'll make apearances in washington, williamsburg, coralville and muscatine. trump told a crowd on saturday that he plans to be back in iowa a lot between now and the caucuses. that was while he speaking at the surf ballroom in clear lake. texas senator ted cruz closed out a 36- county bus tour yesterday. this video is from his stop on saturday. on the other side of the aisle---former secretary of state hillary clinton will be campaigning in as well. clinton is due to appear at the electric park ballroom she' speak at an organizing event at the university of dubuque. president bill cedar rapids and dubuque. he two opponents for the
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nomination wererein cedar rapids ver the weekend. vermont senator bernie sanders made four visits to eastern iowa on friday, including this rally at the veterans memorial building. he is currently second to clinton in iowa and national polls. former maryland governor martin o'malley stopped outside the cedar rapids gun show on saturday. there, he supported the president's executive actions on stricter background checksksor firearm purchases at gun shows. just as these candidates come to town, we're getting a look at the trends in different polls. and as we get closer to the caucuses we can see where each candidate stands with voters. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins us at the desk this morning. forrest, who are the frontrunners in both parties? well its simple for the democrats, hillary clinton has been at the top and remains the most popular in these final
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but on the side texas senator ted cruz has surpassed donald trump according to the pollster dot com. now. if we take a look at the republican presidential candidates, the oy ones in double digits are cruz, trump, and marco rubio. and you can see starting in november is when he really started to gain support. donald trump is the blue line july. but cruz has passed him in the last month. marco rubio is the purple line you can see he has gaiaisome recent support, but it's not much compared to the other two. for the democrats--- hillary clinton is the dark blue line here and has remained on top consistently so far. but the gap between her and bernie sanders has closed. sanders is represented by the lighter blue line here. coming up in our next half hour,
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hans hasell the assistant profssor of politics at cornell college. he'll look at what these polls numbers and what that means for the candidates in the caucuses. thanks a lot forrest. singer david bowie has died following a battle with cancer. according to a short statement, the musician "died peacefully" yesterday " surrounded by his family and friends" after an 18 month battle. he had just released his 25th album "blackstar" on his birthday on friday. bowie was 69 years old. retailers will no doubt be busy this today, printing powerball tickets for an estimated 1- point-3 billion dollar jackpot. there was no winner for saturday's drawing, which was already a record-breaking next largest
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the drawing will be wednesday night. morning.. the cedar rapids public library is moving forward with a reduction in services after a failed tax levy. last november, nearly 55 percent of voters said "no" to a tax levy to fund the building's operations. the library's board of than 450- thousand dollars from next year's budget. kcrg-tv9's brea love reports that the library says its going to do all it can to keep things close to the way they are. on a cold sunday afternoon plenty of people are using computers, or picking out books s read during the weeee so the cedar rapids public library is doing all it can make sure they can always have some sort of access. "we have worked extensively to look at the cuts we needed to make, and to try and have the least impact possible on our patrons. we did a lot extensive rerearch and study." research on door counts, computer usage, program attendance, and more. that research concluded both
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and only be open six days a week. the ladd library will close on saturdays, sundays. "we tried to choose hours that would be the least impactful of our patrons but we certainly ununrstand any hours we chose are going to make someone unhappy, they certainly don't make us happy." andrea rauch recently started spending more time at the library with her son, christian. "it allows them time to socialize with other children, and they have a lot of activities at this library since its opened up a lot more that we haven't even discovered yet." "it's a lot different than a long time ago, when you would come and check out books or get a quiet place to read, now its more of an active environment." rauch says despite cuts, they will still continue to support the library. and the library says it will fight to do the same for them. "we know that people are using our libraries more than they ever have before, we just have to meet those demands with less money than we've had before." "the cedar rapids library is an amazing library, it will l continue to be an amazing library even at reduced cost
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tv-9's brea love with that story. the cedar rapids city council has to approve the changes, and they will discuss the budget in february. the changes could then take effect by the end of march. today hundreds of athletes will be in dubuque to compete in the 30th annual special olympics winter games. today through wednesday, more than 375 athletes will fight for the winning titles. events include alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, speed and figure skating. the opening ceremony will be tonight at 6 o'clock. this is video from last year's competition. hundreds of people in eastern iowa now have a better idea of what to include in their weddings. grooms walked around the u.s cellular center in cedar rapids for z-102 point 9's annual bridal show. items for the perfect day, including gowns, tuxedos, cakes, and more. the
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director says they plan to hold another event like this, next month, for prom dresses. mexican authorities now have drug lord el chapo behind bars and are investigating other people. that includes actor sean pennnn and a mexican actress who have had talks with el chapo. but right now, here's a look at today's opening farm markets. good morning!
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by a chance of light snow, primarily in the evening
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nobody should exceed an ininh, with most areas just picking up a few tenths of an inch of fluffy snow. wind will pick up after midnight with temperatures falling fast. plan on wind chills tuesday rning to be down again around -20 in many areas. the rest of the week should feature a warming trend - warm enough in fact that we should be back above freezing by thursday. our next system is still on track to impact iowa on friday into saturday with a mix of precipitation possible. we'll
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one carefully as it does have ample moisture to work with. today: mostly sunny, cold high: 1-7 winds: nw 15-25 alo: 4 dbq: 2 iow: 7tonight: increasing clouds low: -5-1 winds: wsw 5-10 alo: -5 dbq: -4 iow: 0tomorrow: chance of light snow high: 16-22 winds: ssw 5-10 alo: 16 dbq: 17 iow: 20tomorrow night: chance of light snow low: 2-8
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iow: 7
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riders using uber this weekend are going to have a little extra money in their pockets. e company is droppininprices in dozens of cities this weekend. more on that coming up today in america's money. stay
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mexican government sources tell abc news that sean penn and katatdel castillo are under investigation for their "interview" with el chapo. is not commenting, working journalist in major issue. abc's stephanie ramos has more. be the united states. the mexican attorney general's office confirms the formal start to the drug lord's extradition process to the u.s. from mexico has
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officials say led to the recapturing of mexico's most wanted drug lord. rolling stone magazine releasing proof of a secret meeting held 3 months ago between ...joaquin guzman...infam ously known as el chapo and academy award winning actor sean penn. nats: el chapo interview after running from mexican authorities for 6 months-- el chapo rearrested on friday after a bloody shootout and sewer escape... ......whisked away to a waiting chopper while handcuffed...his face twisted toward cameras for the world to see. nats: when el chapo wasn't bragging about his drug deals.... the kingpin was trying to land a movie deal about his life. shopping the idea around to hollywood producers and actors... recording this video ... natsot el chapo - "?y para senor sean penn." specifically for penn and mexican actress superstar turned jail pen pal kate del castillo. natsot - el chapo - "no other r way and there still isn't?." now that el chapo is back behind bars - penn is under fire. sot - sen. marco rubio / presidential candidate"if one of these american
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sot - denis mcdonough / white house chief of staff "we'll let somebody else sort out what sean penn did and didn't do. el chapo's where he should be." well, we're waking up to quite a chilly morning. weather with meteorologist kaj o'mara. stay with tv9. it's . now, one last look at this
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plan on more clouds in the sky today, followed up by a chance of light snow, primarily in the evening hours. an arctic front is responsible for squeezing out the snow showers tonight. nobody should exexed an inch, with most areas just picking up a few tenths of an inch of fluffy snow. wind will pick up after midnight with temperatures falling fast. plan on wind chills tuesday morning to be down again around -20 in many areas. the rest of the week should feature a warming trend - warm enough in fact that we should be back above abc's kendis gibson and reena ninan have this morning's america's money. trt oc good morning. topping "america's money" -- another stock selloff. >> china's main stock market plunged 5% today. investors uneasy about the world's second economy. >> u.s. stocks had their worst
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uber is cutting its prices in more than a hundred cities. >> a third january in which uber has cut prices. and the detroit auto show starts today with lots of cool cars. one of t biggest announcements will be the new 2017 lincoln continental. >> and. the mercedes-benz e class. >> and lexus will show off t t production model of its lc luxury sports cars. all i care is about heated all and we're there. that's "america's money." >> have a great day. our digestive systems handle a lot over the holidays. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cocoing for family meals where we eat over 15 pounds of turkey and sides. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so tryryctivia for 2 weeks!!
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may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. try activia. dannon it's easy to love ur laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to u ulock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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work in des moines this morning. many have a list of laws they want to see passed
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with just weeks left until the caucus, presidential hopefuls are heading to iowa make sure they cawin voters. that includes the man in second place with democrats. a man is hoping his wife's memory lives on in a car. and he's also helping a year round camp for people with disabilities. good monday morning! it's 5 o'clock on january 11th. here is a live look at . first, meteorologis t kaj o'mara has your first alert forecast, kaj... plan on more clouds in the sky today, followed u by a chance of light snow, primarily in the evening hours. an arctic front is responsible for squeezing out the snow showers tonight. nobody should exceed an inch, with most areas just picking up a few tehs of an inch of fluffy snow. wind will pick up after midnight with temperatures falling fast. plan on wind chills tuesday rning to be down agagn around -20 in many areas. the rest of the week should feature a warming trend - warm enough in fact that we should be back above
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system is still on track
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