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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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chill - but the actual temperatures below zero. meterologist chris havely leads us off with the first alert forecast... we're now entering the ice box. temperatures tonight will fall below zero, and although winds will not be terribly impressive, they'll be blustery enough to bring our wind chills down to -20 to -30 across much of the tv9 viewing area. our northwestern counties, includudg black hawk, could see wiwi chills closer to -40. there is also a clipper system that will move just to our south overnight. as it does, there is the potential for light snow which could create a dusting up to an inch of accumulation by morning. with blowing snow possible and these types of mperatures, slick roads could develop . many areas may not make it above zero until monday afternoon at the earliest, so prepare for another bitterly cold sunday night as well.tonight: cold w/ light snow low: -9--3 winds: nw 10-20 alo: -9 dbq: -6 iow: -4tomorrow: sunny, very cold high: -4-2 winds: nw 15-25 alo: -3 dbq: 0 iow: back to the first week of the 2016 legislative session over, a handful of eastern iowa lawmakers heard "from the people" this morning in cedar
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the linn county league of women the senators and representatives to mercy medical center this morning. the funding k-12 public education - remains a the leading priority. democrats hope they can get more cooperation frogovernor around, and funded at the "highest responsible level." "29:46-:00 "a house subcommittee was a little below the governor's number, and i know the senate democrats i think are about 83 million above that number. so, we've got some work to do, but i think we can get there. " " 24:51-:03 "i believe they've heard loud and clear from people across party lines that what happened last year was unacceptable. and i think they have felt the sentiment from people that we're going to have to set school funding early. " iowa's transition to a private medicaid system and water quality were also issues brought up during the forum. 16 days froro now, iowans will
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candidates across the state. on the republican side, polls in iowa reveal a tight race at the top for donald trump and texas senator ted cruz. consistently in third place over the last several weeks is florida senator marco rubio. today he tried to gain some momentum heading into february 1st with campaign stops in western and central iowa. this is from council bluffs earlier today. the omaha world herald reports about 3,000 people showed up to hear the presidential candidate speak. today, rubio also spoke to voters at an event in johnston. also in iowa today, new jersey governor chris christie tried to build more support as he has been polling since he got appearance in ames this morning. tomorrow he'' campaigning at the blue bunny ice cream parlor and museum in le mars and at a town hall event in sioux city. more debates are coming.. this time the democrats. former secretararof state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley will meet sunday night in charleston,
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debate. republics met in south carolina earlier this week. tomorrow night's democratic debate starts at 8 pm iowa time. police dubuque say an 18-year-old man is expected to survive after being shot at some point late friday or early saturday but that the people involved are not cooperating with police. investigators say they have charged 22-year-old deante jenkins with multiple offenses, including reckless use of a firearm, interference with official acts and operating while intoxicated. dubuque police tell tv-9 that jenkins and the 18ear-old man who was shot are roommates in east dubuque. but they are uncertain where and when the man was shot. investigators say the 18- year-old showed up at a local hospital for treatment before 3 a.m. today and, soon after, police were called to a 32nd street in was the driver of the car that crashed and, during the impoundment, police discovered a gun and believe that weapon was used to shoot the victim.
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cooperation in the ongoing case. whenever you see news, give us a call on newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also email pictures and video to newsroom at kcrg dot com. we've already talked about the bitter cold this weekend -- especially for sunday. yet what if the unseasonably harsh winter could bring something...fu n. maybe you've driven fast the silo in cedar falls where people ice climb and wondered... how is it done? kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy takes us to the farm silo that has turned into an icy, 8-year tradition. 18:44:31 all right, you're good to go heather. good to go.. ice pick ..isn't as easy as these experts make it look. but at the top of this straight up this 80 foot silo climb.. 19:00:24 "okay, take." makes each slip of the spikes worth it.. feet slipping for 66-year-old veteran climber don briggs. 19:20:38 "i really don't like starting out at the bottom. but
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top, it's a good sense ofof accomplishment." an accomplishme nt that started with a knock on a stranger's door. 19:06:35 "about 2008 he shows up at my front door one evening, i didn't know him, wanting to know what i think about putting some ice on my silo." 19:17:21 "he said let me think me up and actually brought me here. i said no, this is a hog said, well you need a warming house." a warming house complete with all the gear i needed to try it out.t. 19:29:10 before you go out, i'm going to show you how to climb properly. okay. that would probably be good. boots laced and picks in hand.. 19:35:11 "how do i start? i found out just how hard climbing is.. 19:40:23 this is not comfortable. but for people who are here every saturday and sunday.. are you titid? it's a challenge they're never tired of - even in the bitter cold. 19:21:19 "i don't get bored of it at all. now there's some days that are more challenging. it's going to be really, really, cold. minus four, and who knows what the wind chill factor will be. but it's what we got, so let's enjoy it." in cedar falls, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. the ice silo will be open
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march. if you want to give it a try, look for mo information under this story on in monticello tonight, a gathering this evening to warm up at legacy lanes for a scotch doubles bowling tournament to help out with jones county special olympics. dozens braved the icy cold for the scotch doubles - that means you bowl with a partner-- sometimes challenged to bowl through their legs. in this game, gutter balls and turkeys don't matter -- wait, turkeys in bowling always count - but a fun night for all... "you're gonna have to do this sitting on the ground, you're gonna have to bowl backwards between your legs, you have to bowl with your other hand. bowling, this is fun." "and that's the way my motto is i make sure that everybody has fun." all of the proceeds go to
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round. in order for all athletes to play at no cost, the team will need to raise more than $4,000. the recent deal with iran brought praise from the white house and scorn from many republicans... yet, today, the president lifted the sanctions against iran to try and limit its nuclear capacity. plus, we're often ready for spring tornados in ft. myers florida now working after one rolled through... stay
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tonight iran has more economic latitude after meeting goals to reduce its nuclear programsms president obama signed an executive order today, lifting economic sanctions on the country. the move means iran will now have access to billions of dolllars in formerly-frozen assets and could see some benefits when it comes to commodities like oil exports. the united nations is calling this 'implementatio n day' as several world powers announced they would lift sanctions. in austria today, u-s seseetary of stateteohn kerry commented on the historic move. "iran has undertaken significant steps that many, and i do mean many, people doubted would ever come to pass. and that should be recognized " israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu didn't waste any time today condemning the move. he says israel will do whatever is necessary to quote 'protect its security and
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two virginia men face terrorism charges after investigators say they were trying to go overseas to join isis. law enforcement arrested 28-year-old joseph hassan farrokh and 25-year-old mahoud amin mohamed elhassan yesterday. prosecutors say law enforcement caught the two men at the richmond airport. investigators say farrokh intended to go to syria but told family he was going to saudi arabia to study. both men face up to 20 years in prison. federal help is coming to flint, michigan amid that city's very dangerous public water situation... flint's tap water became contaminated with lead after the city switched water sources in 2014. michigan n vernor rick snyder requested the federal aid on thursday, saying the crisis is more than the city is capable of handling. the president's emergency declaration today allows fema to provide watete filters, cartridges and other water quality items for the next 3 months. governor snyder says it could cost as much as $41 million dollars to fix the problem. parts of florida are cleaning up today after a
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the national weather service reports an ef-1 tornado touched down in the fort myers area yesterday. it ripped off roofs and knocked down trees. wind gusts were estimated at about 100 miles an hour. the national weather service says the tornado was on the ground for a about two minutes and covered about a quarter of a mile. no one was hurt. another rare january storm is churning in the atlantic ocean. the international space station snapped this picture of then- hurricane alex. it's since been downgraded to a tropical storm. it brought heavy rain and 70 miles to a group of islands a several hundred miles off the coast of portugal. the weather channel reports this is the first atlantic hurricane in january in more than 60 years. back to meterologist chris havely is back. dangerous wind chills tonight and especially into tomorrow... we're now entering the ice box. temperatures
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and although winds will not be terribly impressive, they'll be blustery enough to bring our wind chills
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of the tv9 viewing area. our northwestern counties, including black hawk, could see wind chills closer to -40. there is also a clipper system that will move jusus to our south overnight. as it does, there is the potential for light snow which could create a dusting up to an inch of accumulatioioby morning. with blowing snow possible and these types of
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develop . many areas may not make it afternoon at the earliest, so prepare for another bitterly cold sunday night as well.tonight: cold w/ light snow low: -9--3 winds: nw 10-20 alo: -9 dbq: -6 iow: -4tomorrow: sunny, very cold high: -4-2 winds: nw 15-25 alo: -3 dbq: 0
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night: clear and cold low: -14--8 winds: nw 10-15 alo: -12 dbq: -9 iow: -8monday: sunny, still cold high: 5 - low: -11 tuesday: chance of snow late high: 17 - low: 0 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 15 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 26 - low: 19 friday: partly cloudy high: 28 low: 21 saturday: partly cloudy high: 35 - low: 17 thanks chris. josh joins us now, iowa state was highly ranked to start the season and it's been a tough start to big 12 play. a big thing is the cyclones have
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into the 2nd half, but can't quite finish. stay with your 24 hour news
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iowa state men's basketball team couldn't afford to go 1-4 in big 12 play. also, hallice cook game state's benchh is alrlrdy thin. today at kansas state ... early first half action... abdel nader goes back door for the wide open dunk... game is tied 6-6... and their offense explodes after that ... with hallice cook out, that meant guys like jordan ashton had to step up... and he nails a three in the corner... cyclones up 16-9 ... then it's monte morris with the alley-oop to guess who? jameel mckay... cyclones extend their lead to 22-9 ... closing seconds of the first half... morris with the ball... drives, pumps, fires and beats the buazzer... cyclones led 32-23 at the break ... this time, they made sure to keep the lead... morris with thehe penetration... count the basket and one... he had a team-high 19 points... cyclones lead by 10 ... then it's nader with the steal...and he's all alone 14 as iowa state gets a much needed wiwi 76-63 gary rima has called many
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basketball games, but today's was not one of them as the panthers set an all time record for futility in their game with loyola. john campbell was there and has the report. "he finds bennett koch. he throws to the right corner.morgan. open three. kaboom! and thahawas the sum total of uni's offense for the first 6 and half minutes of the game and it was sign of things to come. now i iis morgan off the steal and uni had its first lead at 15-13. right before halftime the panthers got the transition game fireup. wyatt lohaus gets his only basket of the day. then wes washpun got a rare opening to the hole. he ored 4 and uni led 22-19 at halftime. to bohannon. kaboom! kaboom arama! that tied it at 30 all but it was an aberration. the panthers managed only 20 per cent from the floor. in
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meanwhile. loyola.which was winless in the valley ..outrebbnded and outshot the panthers,. ben richardson hit a pair of big shots in the late going for the ramblers..they led by six with a minute to go and uni had no answer. 51-41 the final.the 41 points the lowest total ever by a panther team in the mcleod center. we had stretches where we were soft. can't have those stretches ,not with this team. we have played well here. very well.l. think the guys were counting on just having more rhythm andhaving more flow. we never got to it. tuff day for gary rima and the panthers who must now regroup before hosting wichita state on wednesday. john campbell ... on thursday, the iowa men's
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team won in east lansing. today, it's the iowa women's basketball team's turn. both teams come in with 3-2 big ten conference records. ... this is a homecoming for freshman point guard tania davis who's a michigan native... she buries the three to beat the shot clock in the first quarter... mom is pretty excited ... 2n2nquarter, it's davis in the corner... nothing but twine... iowa goes up by 7... davis had 16 points including 4 three- pointers ... the lead keeps growing... davis stops, looks and gives it to a wide open kali peschel who buries a three of her own... hawkeyes lead 29-19... they led 36-23 at halftime ... michigan state did come back in the 2nd half... 3rd quarter, iowa city west grad ally disterhoft hits a big three to make it a 4-point lead... ally had 13 points ... but the spartans kept coming back... they'll get the steal and take it coast-to- coast... michigan state wins this one, 80-73... iowa drops to 3-3 in the big ten conference
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this is valparaiso at milwaukee ... cedar rapids washington grad dani franklin had a big 2nd half for valparaiso off the bench... she gets a couple of buckets with help from the iron gods ... the her teammates start feeding her inside for two more... they'll go inside again, count the bucket and one... she finished with a team-high 14 points... milwaukee won 82-60 ... to golf, round three of the sony open in honlulu ... zach johnson came in just two shots back of the lead... here on the 6th hole, he hits the much needed par putt... he made two birdies on the front nine . but he had a very tough back nine... on 11, putting for par, and he misses... not what he wanted ... and that was the trend all throughout the back nine... on 13, a shorter par putt, goes off the cup... zach fired a 70... he's at 10 under, six shots back of the lead ... and coming up after the break, i'll have some nfl playoff highlights. stay with
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straight games, but they're next opponent was england patriots. ... there were questions all week about the health of several patriots players, incncding rob gronkowski... he looks fine to me on this touchdown in the first quarter... patriots lead 7-0 ... 2nd quarter, how many times have we seen tom brady do this throughout his career... 1-yard sneak for the score ... 4th quarter, the chiefs try to get back in it... the pitch to charcandrick west for the toucdhown... k.c. down 27-20 ... the defense tries to get a stop... brady nearly throws a pick, but it falls into the hands of julian edelman for the first down to seal the victory...
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j-hawk jefferson ... 120, jefferson's brenden baker gets two points for the takedown on connor cleveland of new hampton... but in the third period, cleveland gets two points for the reversal with less than a minute left... he'd win the match, 4-3 ... at 132, keaton geerts of new hampton has a headlock on his opponent... geerts gets the fall at 3:11 to win the title ... at 145, alex ward of dubuque hempstead gets a takedown against cayd lara of fort dodge... this was a tight match, but ward wins 4- 3... team scores, fort dodge was 1st, hampton 3rd ... high school swimming, cedar rapids washington hosting the jim voss invitational... and there's the former wash coach ... 1st event of the day, the bettendorf would go on to win this one... the wash team of donels, saulnier, jackson and durin finish 2nd in a time of
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freestyle... this was a thriller... nathan spencer of bettendorf and cameron kelly of wash go down to the wire... and they end up in a tie... yes a tie, 1:46.14... and since it was tie, they had to share the podium ... onto the 200 yard individual medley... nick saulnier of wash was leading halfway through the race... but caleb aman of bettendor goes on to win this one... bettendorf won the team title, wash came in 4th ... to the ice, roughriders hosting chicago ... big night for hugh mcging... a minute into the 2nd period, he scores on tt power play to give the roughriders a 2-0 lead... he finished with a hat trick... and the roughriders go on to win 4-1 ... indoor soccer, rampage hosting the syracuse silver knights ... 1st quarter, the rampage strike first, great crossing pass to bobby hurwitz who lets it rip... rampage take a 1-0 lead ... syracuse would get the equalizer in the 2nd quarter... antonio manfut squeezes one through a tight window... but the rampage win their 2nd staright game, 8-7 in overtime thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chis havely for your final forecast. we're now entering the ice box. temperatures
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terribly impressive, they'll be blustery enough to bring our wind chills down to -20 to -30 across much of the tv9 viewing area. our northwestern counties, including black hawk, could see wind chills closer to -40. there is also a clipper system that will move just to our south overnight. as it does, there is the potential for light snow which could create a dusting up to an inch of accumulation by morning. thanks chris thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. don't forget the kcrg-tv9 sunday
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