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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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" contacted a civilian on the streets of santa ana and stated he wanted to turn himself in " and after one man tutus himself in, the search is heating up for two more escaped inmates in southern california. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is k kg-tv9 news at 10 . only three days ahead of the iowa caucuses, democrat hillary clinton has to tackle another issue concerning her use of email when she was secretary of state. she's made several campapan stops in iowa day, including this one just a couple of hours ago in davenport. today the obama administration confirmed that 22 emails on her home server contained top secret material... andhe state department will not release them because of the highly classified information. but so
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word on whether clinton sent any of those herself. clinton addressed that issue in an interview with t-v nine after a campaign event today in dubuque. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann talked with the presidential candidate. hillary clinton spent the day y in dubuque and she joins us now. thanks for joining us and thanks for coming to dubuque. let's get right to it. the ap is announcing today the white house confirmed classified emails came from your personal, home server. how do you respond to that? hillary: that's been the case since ththvery beginning of this and it hasn't changed anything since the very beginning. the facts are that i never eiled anything that was considered classified. at the end of the day, i asked for all of it to be made public. i'd love for people to see what i did and i hope that will happen.
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believe you are the most qualifii and the most experienced of all the candidates. but they say they like other candidate's personalities better. how do you attract those voters? hillary: last night i was in keokuk and i was calling people in the audience and a man said to me, "i came in here as a trump supporter but after listening to you i am going to support you. you've got a plan for jobs, incomes, and w wys keep health care affordable " and a woman who was crying told me, "i usually vote for republicans. but i don't think i could support them but i am really looking seriously at you." as more people pay attention they realize i say
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how important is it to make those one on one connections with voters here in iowa especially in the 11th h ur. hillary: it'sso important. it's about makiki personal connections. i feel really good. i have a great team here in iowa. we are doing that every hour of everyday. people in iowa take that very seriously. you're right we do take thth
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and thank you for being here in dubuque. we'll send it back to you in cedar rapids. florididsenator marco rubio discussed hillary clinton's email scandal while in the city of clinton tonight. the republican candidate is trying to build on momentum from lat night's debate in des moines. rubio says clinton's use of private servers for government means she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. "this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. if someone on my staff did what she did, do you know what wouldldappen? they would be fired and they would be prosecuted. she is disqualified just because of that. " texas senator ted cruz also commented on these developments on clinton's emails while inin wilton tonight. he claims the department of justice is playing politics by not indicting the democratic presidential candidate. " the enforcement of the criminal justice laws in
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party and ideology the only fidelity should be to the laws in the constitution of the united states " iowa senator joni ernst says shshs excited about caucus night, which is always an important time in the state. like some presidential candidates, ernst has been trying to meet with as many iowans as she can in recent weekek she'll host several town hall meetings this weekend. ernst says she isn't campaigning for any specific republican candidate, but she has advice for all of them leading up to momoay night. "i'm just trying to encourage all of them to get out and talk to as many voters as possible." and we encourage you to stay with kcrg t-v nine monday night for completete caucus coverage. we'll have reporters live in des moines and across eastern iowa, along with expert analysis. we'll broadcast live from eight to nine p-m on kcrg nine point two. then from nine all the way through
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t-v nine. it's been a warmer and quieter day across eastern iowa. joe, does thatt continue through the weekend? we need to take time to enjoy our sasarday with more active weather on the horizon with a partly cloudy sky and highs near 40 expected. a mix of rain/snow develops saturday night and continues into sunday. with a mix some slick conditions are certainly possible. in case you missed it, the iowa caucus is monday and the weather remains quiet. a rain/snow mix develops late monday night into tuesday morning followed by snono, which could be heavy, lasting into wednesday morning. strong winds will accompany this system meaning significant travel impacts are likely. stay with kcrg for updates throughout the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy y low: 25-31 winds: w 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 39-45 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: light mix late low: 30-36 winds: s 5-10
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the man accused of killing a cedar rapids city worker after a police chase is out of jail tonight. 47-year-old lawson chadwick bonded out of jail. he paid 110 thousand llars on his three vehicular hohocide charges. he also paid an addition 20 thousand surety bond on a theft charge. police say chadwick led police on a short chase last april. the chase ended when chadwick ran a stop sign in cedar rapids and collided with a city vehicle on the city's southwest side. 35-year-old stephen cook was driving thatatity vehicle and died. cook worked at the city's water division and was also a volunteer firefighter in palo. chadwick is set to go to trial on april fourth. uninirsity of iowa policecessued their first trigger warning of the year tonight. police say the responded to a report of a sexual assault on sunday. the alert says an acquaintance assaulted someone in a dorm m the east side of campus. u-i police say that anyone who believes they may be a
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them. we've put the number of u-i police on our website, kcrg dot com. law enforcement in southern california believe they know where two remaining escaped jail inmates are hiding. one other inmate turned himself in to police this afternoon. babaduong surrendered to police in santa ana. shortly after his arrest, the orange county sheriff's office said the two remaining escapees, jonathan tieu and hossein nayerer are likely in san jose or fresno. the three men escaped from a maximum-security jail last week. the sheriff's office believes the two missing fugitives might still be in a van they stole shortly after their escape. ethan couch, better known as the "affluenza teen" will stay in a juvenile detention center until his next court hearing next monn. this morning, a judge refused bail for the 18- year-old texan. couch was on probation after a drunk driving crash that killed four people when he was 16. his attorneys
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didn't know the difference between right and wrong because of his wealthy background... the so-called "affluenza" defense. couch and his mother fled to mexico after a video surfaced online that allegedly showed couch partying, which would have violated his probation. this week, the head of the iowa national guard announced a change allowing women to enlist in combat roles. one of t t first to sign up was a student at the university of iowa. you'll hear from her next here on t-v nine.
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women from combat roles, which make up about 10 percent of military positions. but t at all changed last t december when defense secretary ash carter announced those positions would be open to women, without exception. they do still need to qualify and meet specific standards, just as men do. tv9's brady smith sat down with a university of iowa sophomore, who enlisted as the first female combat engineer for the iowa national guard last month. 19:37-:40 "initially i didn't know i was going to be the first female." when megan reaska enlisted as a "12 bravo" - th's military shorthand for "combat engineer" - she was unaware of how significant that was. 19:46-:52 "i didn't realize how big of a deal it was until i talked to my recruiter, sergeant keeler, about it."since then, she's gone through several interviews like this one. initially, she felt some pressure from all the attention, bututow she's focused on pushing herself and proving herself. 20:23-:26 "now we're able to show that we can do just as much
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20:44-:49 "they're going to kind of put me down more because i am female, so it just makes me want to o rk harder for it." part of that motivation comes from her parents, both of whom grew up in military families. and some of it comes from the anticipation of a potential deployment. :50-:57 "it's nerve- wracking, because if we - heaven forbid, if i do go to war, i'll be on the field." for now, she's focusing on being a college student - going for her major in therapeutic recreation. but she knows more challenges are right around the corner. 21:49-:55 "i'll go to basic and ait, and when i come back in early october or late september, i'll go to davenport for drill." in iowa city, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. workers in flint, michigan, have started fixing the city's contaminated water problem. today the governor of michigan announced
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we need to take time to enjoy our saturday with more active weather on the horizon with a partly cloudy sky and highs near 40 exexcted. a mix of rain/snow develops saturday night and
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mix some slick conditions are certainly possible. in case you missed it, the iowa caucus is monday and the weather remains quiet. a rain/snow mix develops late monday night into tuesday morning followed by snow, w(ich could be heavy, lasting into wednesday morning. strong winds will accompany this system meaning significant travel impacts are likely. stay with kcrg for updates throughout the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: w 5-15tomorrow: partly
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high: 39-45 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: light mix late low: 30-36 winds: s 5-10sunday: sct. rain/snow showers high: 39 - low: 33 monday: slight chance of mimi late high: 36 - low: 27 tuesday: heavy snow high: 32 - low: 29 wednesday: am snow, windy, cold high: 16 - low: 15 thursday: partly cloudy high: 17 - low: 0 friday: partly cloudy high: 21 - low: 0
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iowa has been leading the nation when it comes to ethanol production. now thanks to a developer from minnesota is making iowa's ethanol production even better. that's next on
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plans fothe plant started 10 years ago, but a lack of funding stopped construction before it was finished. farmers energy cardinal received millions of dollars in tax incentives to continue the project. the iowa economic development authority approved four point 25 million in sales tax rereunds today. once construction is complete, this will be iowa's 45th ethanol plant. the new plant will produce 150 million gallons a year. iowa as a whole produces
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more funding is heading to flint michigan to help it recover from its contaminated water crisis. today michigan governor rick snyder signene a bill providing 28 million dollars in emergency funds. the money will help repair damaged pipes and pay medical costs for some people who drank the contaminated tap water. lead contaminated the water after the state changed the city's water source in 20-14. last week, president obama announced an additional 80-million dollars in federal funding to help the state of michigan improve its water infrastructurur e. up next tonight, scott reports on a battle for first place in the wah-mac conference. and the second ranked iowa wrestling team was trying to keep their record perfect against the gophers. stst with
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the gophers s night at carver hawkeye arena. the hawkeyes got off to a quick start at 125 second ranked thomas gillman turns skyler perry in the first period and gets the fall.. and iowa with back to b bk pins. at 133 third ranked corey clark sticks sam bran-cale for the 12-nothing lead. what a match at 157. edwin cooper with the take down in overtime to brandon kingsly 4-2 for the 1 13 iowa lead. 184 sammy brooks with the bear hug and that had to hurt and brooks had a few of those and ended up recording the 18-2 tech fall. and finally iowa redshirt h hvyweight sam
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wrestle against his home state school. and the 7th ranked stoll took care of siness with the takedown for the decision over michael krales and iowa stays ununfeated with the win over the gophers. we had a big dual in the iowa conference tonight 15th ranked coe hosted top ranked wartburg... 125, arnulfo olea with a a ce reversal for two points, he defeated coe's jan rosenberg 11-7... 133, connor campo quickly gets out of the down position to score two points at the buzzer... he defeated coe's mike gussarson 10-5... 141, coe's brady ruden put together a 7-point sequence to go up 7-2... but wartburg's kaz onoo responds by getting three points on the near fall and winning the match, 17-10... wartburg shutout coe, 33-0 uni lost to central michig 22-11. to hohos and a battle for f fst in the wamac west was on the line tonight at marion. scott westerberg
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the indians hosting second ranked and unbeaten cpu...the indians hosting unbeatenennd second ranked cpupu first quarter it was allison wooldridge carrying the stormin' pointers as she had six of her team's first eight points. cpu up 2. marion catches fire in the second and caitlyn smith was leading the way as she buries a three to put the indians up 10. next time down the court smith is left wide open and she swishes that one. 29-16 marion timeout cpu. more of the same in the third chloe rice comes off ththscreen and hits nothing but net. indians up 39-24. cpu fights back, nice cut by madison willson. her bucket pulls the stormin' pointers within 11. but mamaon had an anssr every time. isabella sade knocks down the baseline jumper as the indians beat cpu 61-54. the two are now tied for the lead in the wamac west. in marion, scott westerberg tv9 sports. two of the top teams in the mvc faced off tonight at kennedy.. the cougars entertained iowa city west. josh has the action. this was a back and forth game
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ununl the very end. fast forward to the 4th quarter, iowa city west's lauren zacharias buries a three to put the women of troy up 49-47 with 4:40 to go. later, kennedy breaks the press. that leaves sydney hayden open for three. and it's nothing but twine. cougars lead 52-50 with two minutes left. final seconds of the game. same score. logan cook with the offensive board and the putback. west ties it up 52 2 l. kennedy had a look to win it. but it's short. we go to overtime. in ot, lela sellers hits a free throw to give kennedy a 55-54 lead with 30 seconds left. but west's rachael saunders knocks in the bucket and she's fouled. with 4 seconds left, west leads 56-55. kennedy had a good look to win it, but it's off the mark. iowa city west wins 56-55 in overtime. josh christensen tv9 sports. williamsburg hosted benton community on 9.2 and look at the drive and kiss by julie hollins-bee.. and the raidersrsgot a big game from m super soph lizzy donahoe
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answer on the break leah van-wheel-den finishes.. and benton community has some shooters karley minor connnects from downtown and then checkout the nba trey to beat the buzzer by softball star alyssa weebell and benton community beat williamsburg . to the guys and jeff tryryg to upset linn- mar.. riley murphy with the trey and he draws the foul for the lions.. jeff answered on the other end with a triple of their own from trey mccaulley. but linn mar m me a run just before the half thehe quarterback on the football team reese phillips finishes.. and then with time running down in the first half future hawkeye jordan bohannon with drive for the bucket for the seven point halftime lead.. but jeff came back look at the nice passing inside to dennis mckinney for two and jefferson knocks off linn-mar 71-70. and the finally at the stable tonight roughriders and youngstown. and rider goalie ben blacker took a beating in the first period. cedar rapids had a two man advantage in the first
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goalie ryan bednard but couldn't it by the 6"4 goalie. and the phantams scored just before the end of the first period to take a 1- nothing lead and thanks scott. one lala look at the forecast, joe... we need to take time to enjoy our saturday with more active e ather on the horizon with a parary cloudy sky and highs near 40 expected. a mix of rain/snow develops saturday night and continues into sunday. with a mix some slick conditions are certainly possible. in case you missed it, the iowa caucus is monday and the weather remains quiet. a rain/snow m m develops late monday night into tuesday morning followed by snow, which could be heavy, lasting into wednesday
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