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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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companies owe iowa hospitals' doctors just six months into the program. it also shows how long providers have waited to receive payment. the numbers total up to millions of dollars owed. for example, amerihealth owes just the university of iowa nearly 600-thousand dollars for claims that are less than 30 days old. amerigroup owes the u-i nearly one million dollars for claims made in the same time period. combined, the two companies owe iowa providers nearly 250 million dollars in in a written statement, a spokesman for governor branstad called the new system more efficient. he says data shows providers are being paid on average in nine days - on par with the old state-run system. but democratic state senator liz mathis says the opposite is happening for providers across the state. and it could seriously hurt what services iowans can access down the road. 00:11:48 "i think looking at other states, you see where providers shut down, or they have to really slim their services, so they can
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medicaid providers and patients will be able to share their stories at a listening post in des moines on monday. we've put details for that meeting under this story on kcrg dot com. bruce, the federal centers for medicaid did ask for that meeting to be live streamed so they can also listen in. thanks, sarah. firefighters say a cedar rapids man is a hero this evening for saving his neighbor from a burning boyfriend died in the fire. the fire that killed naquave whitlock started about 2 a-m at 611 a avenue northwest. he was 22. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us from the scene. and dave, you talked to the good samaritan and the woman he saved? beth, we did. bradley burnell is the neighbor who at first thought
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from across the street were something he was dreaming. then he realized someone was in trouble and he jumped up, saw it was a fire with a woman on a roof, and ran to grab a ladder. 20-year-old alize watson was still grieving the loss of her boyfriend as she returned to the ruined home around midday. but she paused to thank he the trouble. burnell says he saw watson on the roof over the porch as the smoke was pouring out of the home. as soon as he put up the ladder watson began climbing down and burnell then started looking for her boyfriend who was still inside the home. " i just tried seeing if there was anyway possible to get in there and get somebody's attention and there was no way possible so i waited for the fire department" firefighters eventually found naquave whitlock's body upstairs. he was pronounced
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the cause of the fire was an accident. investigators determined someone left hot grease unattended in a pot on top of the stove. dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. today police in iowa city released surveillance video of some recent robberies, hoping someone can identify the robber. the armed robberies occurred between july 20th and august. they happened at three restaurants... they happened at three restaurants... a mcdonald's, a culvers, and them are in an area along highway one. police say the robber targeted employees outside the restaurants late at night, forcing them to go back inside and robbing them at gunpoint. since then police have advised employees at nearby businesses to leave through the front of their buildings and in lighted areas. anyone who has information about the robber should call the iowa city police.
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call newsline nine at 319- 365-9999. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, we're looking at some rain falling tonight? as a cold front approaches tonight storms develop. heavy rain is possible overnight with the storms winding down during the morning hours. the front will still be in the vicinity of southern iowa later on wednesday bringing a chance for thunderstorm redevelopment in the late afternoon and evening. two comfr chance for storms on saturday and sunday. have a good night. tonight: storms likely. heavy rain possible. wind: s 5-15. low: 67 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, mainly in the morning. a few may redevelop in the south late. wind: w 5-15 high: 80 back to you. some students in iowa city will
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be seeing construction equipment when they begin classes tomorrow. the growing district is in the midst of a ten year plan to update, renovate and improve all district buildings. kcrg-tv9's mark carlson joins us tonight from one of the impacted schools. mark, the construction there is moving along? district officials estimate about one-third of the way through their facilities master plan. over the course of the upcoming school year, students at two elementary schools will really be impacted. here at lucas elementary about half of the students will be spending the year in temporary classrooms. extensive renovation work is also going on at weber elementary. these renovations are expected to be done in about a year. at that time, the third high school and another new elementary school will be opening as well.
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unprecedented. "from beginning to end it will be one of the largest projects, in terms of scope and size and dollars in the history of iowa. " again, they're saying they're about one-third of the way done with this project. the district is said to be growing at about 400 kids per year. tonight at ten, you'll hear from some parents and students. for now we'lle at prairieview elementary in cedar rapids. thanks, mark. the first day of school can be an anxious one for students, obviously. but it can also be for teachers. even one teacher, here, who's been at the front of the class for decades. kathie cink says it's a constant.the night before
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a restless one. "why do you have a hard time sleeping?""oh, because i'm so excited. goofy as it sounds i'm just excited. i can't wait to see the kids and get them started." she's had a lot of those restless nights. fourty-five in all. one for each year of teaching. this next will be her 41st at prairie view. her colleagues say lifetime teachers, like kathie, often retire around three decades. to keep going. "she's not your traditional. even though she's 40 years in, she's as excited as someone who's five years in."kathie went to college and then started teaching in vermillion, south dakota. she alway knew educating was for her. kathie said she moved a lot as a kid and never had a chance to create a special bond with a teacher. she wanted to give others what kathie never had. "you have some kids that come from some very normal settings, which is a blessing, verses kids
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"i want to make sure i reach every child. no matter what their circumstances are." she has. kathie estimates she's had around 1,125 second through eighth grade students over the decades. some of them the parents of her more recent students. nat kids if you're wondering when she'll finally take a break and retire, kathie has no clue. "somebody asked if i wanted to teach for 50 years. i said oh my gosh, that's five decades. no. but then, i don't know. we'll cross that bridge so, yet again, mrs. cink says hello to a new class and likely a good night's rest for at least another year. in cedar rapids, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. as the school year begins, we are looking for nominations for the kcrg t-v nine student of the month. just go to "kcrg dot com" slash "student of the month" and click onto the nominate button. we'll announce three finalists on
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du show. loras college in dubuque is offering a new engineering program as the school year begins today. and it's hoping to help fill the growing need for more biomedical engineers. that's coming up next on t-v
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return to campus, they have the option to enroll in a new program. loras is launching a new biomedical engineering tack. the bureau of labor statistics says biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing careers in the country. biomedical engineers are
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and building things like prosthetic limbs and organs. last school year, students in an engineering class developed this prosthetic hand. that helped the college to consider creating the new major. one professor at loras says this type of engineering is changing the medical world. "in another 20 years there may be no transplant list because of engineers and scientists are so far just one student has enrolled in the biomedical engineering program, but loras expects many other students to follow suit. no purses- that's the permanent rule for football game days at kinnick stadium. kinnick stadium adopted the "clear bag policy" for the last game of last season. and they are continuing that policy into this season. fans can only bring in
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bag will work. small clutches are allowed- but they have to be four and a half by six and a half inches or smaller. people who have items that aren't allowed can check their bag inside the stadium. for those attending this weekend's concert at kinnick, this policy will be enforced. the coralville city council could vote listing their homes on websites like air b-n-b. people use air b-n-b and other sites to find homes they can rent for a few days or even weeks. but neighbors of some of those homes in coralville have complained about noise, parking violations, and other problems. the ordinance the council's considering would ban renting of any dwelling for less than 31 days. the exception would be if the
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traditional bed and breakfast. head coach kirk ferentz talks strategy as he prepares for the hawkeye football team's season opener. and we'll take you to the great outdoors where two fishermen look for both big and small catches. stay with your 24 hour news
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possible overnight with the storms winding down during the morning hours. the front will still be in the vicinity of southern iowa later on wednesday bringing a chance for thunderstorm redevelopment in the late afternoon and evening. two comfortable days of weather to
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night. tonight: storms likely. heavy rain possible. wind: s 5-15. low: 67 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, mainly in the morning. a few may redevelop in the south late. wind: w 5-15 high: 80 tom. night: isolated storms, mainly south. wind: nw 5-10. low: 63 thursday: partly sunny. high: 77 low: 63 friday: mostly sunny. high: 76 low: 54 saturday: chance of storms. high: 77 low: 61 sunday: chance of storms. high: 80 low: 61 monday: partly cloudy. partly cloudy. high: 80 low: 62 wednesday: partly cloudy.
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the college level, so that means iowa's first football game is fast approaching. --the hawkeyes are just 11 days away from their season opener with miami of ohio, but for now, kirk ferentz is keeping his guys focused on themselves. "we're just going to continue working us against us like we do in spring or early preseason just to get a better gauge on how guys compete against really good
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year. we just do very little on our first opponent until we get into game week, but we'll introduce a few things, but not even the abcs, maybe the as on thursday or friday." trt :24 oc: "...on thursday or friday." --one likes largemouths while the other prefers smallies...together, they form quite the bass fishing pair. "i want to fish that tree. i think that tree could be money. i think it's too weedy over here." though just 13 and 14 years old, respectively, wilcox know where to find the money spots. it helped the duo win the iowa junior bassmasters state tournament on the mississippi. "we caught all of our fish on a crank bait which was all in one spot. that was like the size of a table." "it was pretty cool. we got to do our first live weigh-in and that was pretty awesome."that win qualified tristin and bentley for the national tournament earlier this month in tennessee. the two didn't have as much success as they would have liked
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"it was tough out there. we were fishing in like 20, 30 foot of water. we caught a couple fish and in pre-fishing we thought we had a pretty good bite, but then day one of the tournament we only caught one and day two we only caught one too." "here we're throwing lighter baits, fishing grass. there they're fishing heavy lures or crankbaits and deep, deep running baits." nats...."that's like four out of that one spot." "i honestly didn't start bass year in april. my uncle, todd young, he introduced me to it and i've loved it ever since. i think it's tough sitting inside not doing much or sitting there playing video games. i'll play video games, but i don't like to waste my day playing video games when i can be outside learning something new." "just the aspect of being outside. you usually
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catching fish." words of wisdom from a pair of anglers wise beyond their years." --high school volleyball is back and we've got a great match-up on 9.2 as prairie is hosting third ranked iowa city west. the broadcast begins at 7...i'll have highlights of that games plus other volleyball action tonight at 10. --the kids from johnston, iowa, trying to avoid elimination at the little league world 5th when kaiden dinh crushes one deep and gone to center...that monster blast ties the game at 1... it's now 2-2 in the bottom of the 6th....bases loaded for dinh and he delivers the walk-off single as iowa beats rhode island 3-2...johnston will play again tomorrow at 2 on espn against the winner of california and tennessee. thanks scott. now here's a look at today's
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like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba? ready. ? tresiba? ready ? forecast. tonight storms develop. heavy rain is possible overnight with the storms winding down during the morning hours. the front will still be in the vicinity of southern iowa later on wednesday bringing a chance for thunderstorm redevelopment in the late afternoon and evening. two comfortable days of weather to end the work week proceed a chance for storms on saturday and sunday. have a good night. tonight: storms likely. heavy rain possible. wind: s 5-15. low: 67 tomorrow: showers and storms likely, mainly in the morning. a few may redevelop
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kcrg-tv9 news at 6.
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gentlemen, i think i've come up with a fun way to get young people interested in science. physics mad-libs. now, give me a number. five. uh-huh. and an irrational constant. "e." and a funny greek letter. gamma. i said funny. upsilon? good one. and an electrical charge. positive. (laughs) perfect. sheldon: okay. get this. (clears throat) "professor jones told the symposium he had a new method "for calculating the mass of a muon. five times the limit of (laughs) 'e' to the upsilon as..." (laughing) (clearing throat): okay. no, no. i'll start over. "professor..."


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