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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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many of the families here this evening say, the loss is so preventable. katlin lepsch says her brother david was her best friend. but his heroin addiction turned him into someone she didn't recognize. "i mean, my brother, his two friends passed away two days before him, yet he still choose to use, knowing there was fentynal in that batch. " in april police warned of a deadly batch of heroin days later, dubuque police arrested n charges of distributing heroin. policsahose arrests have not stopped the deadly drug on the streets of dubuque. "we disturbed it a little. b seo the plate, who still deal it. so we're not seeing much of a difference yet. " sergeant pape says 8 cent of heroin addicts first got addicted by abusing prescription pain killers, also called opioids. "if we could curb that a little
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last april, hundreds of people called for more opioid specific treatment at area hospitals. mercy medical center's turning point treatment center says, since then, they've added staff and hat if people are able to engage in their treatment within 72 hours, we have a better chance of helping them and following through. " spranger says in the past, patients coming into mercy's er who were dealing with heroin withdraw, didn't always meet the hospital's admission requirements. "that what we're looking at to that and help to support patients when they need it the most. " a welcome change says kaitlyn lepsch. her family are left "what ifs" and "could have beens". "he never got to do those things and he doesn't get to see his niece, it's really hard. " one thing many people here say the community
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use. they say, if you know someone is using heroin, talk to them. if you know someone selling it, tell police. live in dubuque, katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news iowa senator chuck grassley says he's trying to better understand what caused a huge increase in the cost of epipens. he and two other u-s senators wrote a letter asking for more information from the centers for medicare and medicaid services. last week, we told you how mylan had hiked the price of the lifesaving drug by about 400 percent. ways to cut the 600 dollar price tag for the brand name version. it also introduced a generic epipen for 300 dollars. today grassley made a stop in dubuque where he said those changes aren't good enough. "why don't they just simply reduce the price? and then now they are putting something they call a generic. and i don't know how much more generic you can get when you look. adrenaline has been around since 1901, but they are putting
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large prescription drug price increases are an urgent issue in our country that needs attention. turning to meteorologis t joe winters, joe, it looks like some great weather for the last night in august. good bye august and hello september! it seems the turn of the calendar coincides nicely with the start of meterologic autumn. highs remain in the 70s with lows in the 50s into saturday. as rain from a tropical system, our holiday weekend shapes up with dry conditions persisting at least through sunday. enjoy the night. tonight: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 this summer's heat and rain are
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mark carlson talked to one farmer who says she may have a banner crop. a bumper year, that's what we keep hearing from the folks out here at northern ridge berry farms in oxford. the two big growers this year for them have been raspberries and jalape?o weather has a lot to do with it. we've had just the right amount of rain and hot humid days followed by cool nights. the farm owner says she's been growing raspberries out here for about a decade and she's never seen anything like it. "not, no.. no... not where the vines are actually falling over, so, they've grown taller this year, the fruit is a lot heavier.. some plants have 75- 100 fruit on them. " despite the great year for
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year for sales. sales at the farm are down about 20 percent, but bonnie says there's still plenty of time to turn that around with this fall raspberry crop. in oxford, mark carlson, kcrg tv 9 news. police say this man who posed as a sheriff's deputy at saturday's kinnick stadium concert stole the badge from a reserve deputy. timothy draper faces charges of theft, impers dangerous weapon while intoxicated. he's 26. police found draper inside kinnick stadium saturday night. they say he was drunk, was carrying a loaded gun, and was wearing a deputy's badge from the black hawk county sheriff's department. police in cedar falls say draper stole the badge from a reserve deputy who lived in a building where draper did maintenance work. draper turned himself into police in cedar falls this morning. a polk county jury found a man
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managed his apartment building. police say norman wadsworth had threatened his manager darlene crook in the past with a knife. and she had a restraining order against him. but that didn't stop him from walking into the office of his des moines apartment and stabbing her 70 times in october of 2014. he was originally charged with first degree murder, but the jury reached a lesser charge, second degree murder, because of wadsworth's mental health. sentencing is set for octobe we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. the linn county supervisors have passed ordinance to raise the minimum wage in the county. the vote was four to one. the ordinance would boost the minimum wage by a dollar an hour starting on january first. the next two years it would also go up by a dollar an hour, finally putting the
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one minimum wage worker told us the decision means a lot for low income earners. " we will be able to go to the grocery store, get the food that you need, no y want you'll be able to clothe your kids better " the supervisors have to approve two more readings of the minimum wage increase to make it official. today's only "no" vote came from supervisor john harris who says he's hearing concerns from small senator chuck grassley has launched his first ads in this campaign cycle. it claims he has the best u-s senate attendance record. we put the ad through the t-v nine and gazette fact checker... next here on t-v
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senator chuck grassley says he has the best attendance record in the u-s senate. is facing democratic challenger patty judge, in a race that some polls show is getting tighter. in an ad the grassley campaign is now airing, the senator touts his attendance. the kcrg and gazette fact checker team looked into it. and tv9's forrest saunders has the results. this minute long ad, titled simply "chuck", paints a picture of a blue-collar politician who came from humble beginnings. grassley's lawn care is even mentioned as well as his love for ice
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he can find every dairy queen in iowa." likely only the senator knows if those things are true. but, we did look into this claim about grassley. "he still shows up for work everyday. best attendance in the senate." the ad cites a january 2016 news article by "roll". in it, grassley is recognized for setting the record for most time without missing a recorded vote in senatorial history. after cross-checking that with data from govtrack-- it's true. grassley hasn't missed a years-- since july of '93. at the time he was checking out flood damage along the mississippi. that record doesn't include committee hearings or voice votes - neither of which track attendance. "he's kind of a big deal in washington, but it never went to ad." wisconsin sen. william proxmire previously held the record. from 1966 to '88 proxmire cast 10,252 votes. grassley has
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his current streak. that's 120 fewer votes per year - a symptom of more partisan gridlock in congress. "i'm chuck grassley and i approved this message." grassley not only gets an a for effort after making it to all those votes, he gets another for accuracy, when it comes to this ad. forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. last saturday's back porch revival concert brought together hawkeye quarterback c-j beathard and his brother, tucker beathard, who's a country music t-v nine sat down with the brothers who say even though they are busy, they still make time to support each other. stay with your 24 hour news
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good bye august and hello september! it seems the turn of the calendar coincides nicely with the start of the 50s into saturday. as the east coast deals with heavy rain from a tropical system, our holiday weekend shapes up with dry conditions persisting at least through sunday. enjoy the
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wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 tom. night: clear and cool. wind: light ne low: 53 friday: mostly sunny. high: 76 high: 80 low: 55 sunday: isolated storms late. high: 82 low: 63 monday: chance of storms. high: 83 low: 65 tuesday: chance of storms. high: 83 low: 67 wednesday: chance of storms. high: 79 low: 65 thursday: partly cloudy.
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the other is a country music star, but last saturday at kinnick fans got to cheer on both at the same time. scott westerberg has more with the beathard brothers. c.j. beathard grew up being more than just a football player, but even from the start his brother tucker knew where c.j.'s future would lie. "you could just tell that was his thing every since we
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so we both did the same things, but we both knew what each of us was kind of leaning towards more."but before c.j. and tucker found separate paths, the two along with younger brother clay had quite the family band." "back in eighth grade, freshman year, sophomore year we had a pretty good band. i branched off and stuck to my roots in football, and he was a little disappointed about thk then but obviously it's working out out when he broke our band up and went to football. hell, i couldn't be happier for him." to say things have worked out for the beathard brothers is the definition of an understateme nt. one is a rising star in country music and the other is an nfl-caliber quarterback fresh off a trip to the rose bowl. "when you take time and really soak it up and think about it, it's awesome. we both support each other so much and keep in touch and it's
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be familiar with each." you would think as a touring musician, tucker wouldn't get to see much college football, but every time big brother c.j. is playing, tucker is watching." "the past year, i remember, i was usually traveling but we'd always usually stop at a buffalo wild wings or stream it on a phone or something." and when it came to one of the biggest games of c.j.'s life, tucker had to get a little creative to not miss watched the big ten championship on stage. i had a show and i was playing and i couldn't miss it, so i had to wach the last couple quarters on stage." "there was a tv off to the side or something and he said he literally went on like 15 or 20 minutes late and in the middle of the show he would stop and watch, so it was pretty cool." and if all goes as planned, who knows, maybe c.j. and tucker will once again perform
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starting quarterback in the super bowl someday and you're singing the national anthem or what?" "maybe the halftime show or something. that would be pretty cool." hey, a brother can dream, right. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. tucker says the first person he called when he found out he was playing at kinnick stadium was, of course, his brother c.j. the hawkeyes are trying to keep c.j. healthy this year so they have been working hard with lots of coach davis harped on me getting down and sliding feet first more and i think that will help me stay healthy this season. have you practiced the slide? we have working on that in practice. and one thing that we can go thru every other day and drills coach davis has us slide. i was a head first slide tin baseball so that i have always slid head now i am just kind of getting the feel for sliding feet
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first again in different " i will go one on one with iowa coach kirk ferentz tonight at 10:00. and i will also feature jessica heims of prairie high school. jess is leaving for rio this weekend to compete in the paralympics. thanks scott. now here's a look at today's most viewed web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour
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forecast. good bye august and hello september! it seems the turn of the calendar coincides meterologic autumn. highs remain in the 70s with lows in the 50s into saturday. as the east coast deals with heavy rain from a tropical system, our holiday weekend shapes up with dry conditions persisting at least through sunday. enjoy the night. tonight: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again
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(laughs) i wish you could all be inside my head. the conversation is sparkling. fine, i'll tell you. a lichen is an organism made up of two separate species, fungi and algae. if you could merge with another species, what species would you pick and why? : there is a right answer. none of you will get it. okay, i'd pick swan because, uh, the resulting hybrid would have the advanced industrial civilization of a human and the long graceful neck i've always dreamed of having. wrong. leonard? horse, but mostly just for the height.


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