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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 6, 2016 3:06am-4:01am CDT

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the east coast bringing in the scattered showers pushing across boston. it's expected to move northeast and out of the way. before that happens the impact, expecting rough surf, coastal flooding, beach erosion and strong winds. and in the orange, a moderate opportunity and then a high chance up toward new york. hermine is expected to curve
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deeper colder water. hurricane newton, different story. expecting to target through the baja. possibly downgraded to a tropical storm. it's not going to be weakened to take away the rainfall part of newton's moisture with widespread flooding. >> the reality about commuting as you head back to work. a study says americans lose nearly $1,000 a year because of traffic. commuters in the nation's capital have it worst. losing 1800 bucks. if you're going online more and more, there's an app for that. smart phone apps account for half the time we spend online. we use computers for only about a third of our time job line. tablets make up 11%, and larger smart phone screens and faster networks make phones more convenient than other devices. the man known as johnny football is now johnny student. johnny manziel is back at texas
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the quarterback is back only as a student. he left after the 2013 school year to enter the nfl. manziel's football career took a downturn and he was released by the cleveland browns in march. and you remember the autistic middle schooler who was befriended by a college football player? he got another surprise. >> this is a sixth grader who lunch when a football player sits by and sits next to him. >> beau has a new friend and a new jersey. rudolph surprised him and his mom and gave him tickets to the florida state opening game. >> the game was monday night. they hosted mississippi. they were down by 22 when beau's new buddy catches the touchdown pass. >> that started what would
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fsu history. the seminals went onto a 45 -34 win. i believe that's what they call good karma. >> i believe it is. >> and -- >> there's a lovely photo and that poor kid sitting on his own. beau said he doesn't mind sitting on his own, but -- >> but he seemed to be smiling when he got that new company, and that new jersey. >> anybody who has a child cannot help but shed a tear at that photograph. it gets me every time. >> every time. coming up, the terrifying carjacking in atlanta. a thief jumps into a car at a gas station. unlocked and with the engine running and speeds off, but inside that car, sleeping in the backseat, were twin one-year-old girls. >> and the university librarian who left his school a $4 million surprise. what we're finding out about the man who drive an old car and ate frozen dinners but was apparently sitting on a fortune. you're watching "world news
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"world news now" weather brought to you by my pillow. apparently sitting on a fortune. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
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okay. what you're watching is the world record being set for the world's longest domino drop shs. that's what where a shot glass drops the contents and another. the bar in dubai dropped 4,578 glasses of whisky into an energy drink. it took more than two hours. and 160 employees. >> they'll working to restore power in ohio after a hot air balloon crashed into power lines. there were two people in the balloon. neither appeared to be injured.
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in georgia are looking for a carjacker who sped off in a car with twin one-year-old sisters sleeping in the backseat. >> it happened to a father in atlanta as he stepped away for a minute at a gas station. >> reporter: georgia police are looking for a thief in a carjacker who is seen in a video from that gas station camera stealing are car with two one-year-olds in the car. >> enough for him to get into the car and take off. >> reporter: their father couldn't get his credit card to work at the pump and he ran back to the car when he saw the thief. whoever stole it abandoned the car in this parking lot a quarter of a mile away. one of the sisters was in the car, and the other was in the
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>> the lady was like who got in the car. i turn around. he's in the car. >> reporter: in florida another mother is seen on video fighting off two armed men allegedly trying to steal her car with her one-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son inside. >> police say the girls here in atlanta slept through it and were uninjured. the father warns others it only takes second and never leave your car unlocked and running like he did. thank goodness happy ending. >> yeah. experts apparently say carjacking happens more frequently on the weekend. they say be extra vigilant and friday, saturday and sunday. >> getting kids in and out of car seats is a hassle. i'm just going to pop in for a second, what's the worst that can happen? that's it. >> there's your answer. >> yeah. that is the worst. coming up, the inspiring
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it's an inspiring story of one man's effort to pave the way
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it's an inspiring story of one man's effort to pave the way for minorities in politics.
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a book written by lewis stokes whose brother karl stokes was the first black mayor of a major city. >> robin roberts sat down to talk about the legacy with lori stokes. >> reporter: tell us the kind of man he was. >> humble. gracious. warm. funny. aggressive in a way of what was done, particularly when it came to his constituents and living his life. >> he was considered a champion of the people and of the poor, but he didn't set out to be a politician, did he. >> no. he did not. he set out to be a lawyer, and that started when he was 12 years old. when he was going to a boy scout meeting, and he was pulled over by police who asked him where you going? why are you here?
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he sort of had this dream that he, too, could be a great lawyer. and he would also be able to defend those who had had right or wrong, been accused of something, but that he knew that that was his destiny. >> reporter: and tell people about your uncle, his brother. >> and they're so different. >> reporter: i know. i know. >> my uncle karl was the first major u.s. city. he was my father's baby brother. >> reporter: how does it feel, the president of the united states, barack obama, before his election, pointed to your father, and your uncle, saying because of them he could become president of the united states. that's high praise. >> he said, i just have to say,
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old, and never in my lifetime did i think that i would see a qualified african american to be the president of the united states. >> reporter: how did your father influence you in the decisions you've made and where you are here, a prominent anchor here in new york city? >> he always drummed in all our heads, do what makes you happy. i don't care what you do. just do what makes you happy. i followed the dream to go into university. he also got a kick of being able to say that i was no longer my daughter but that he was my father. we had a beautiful relationship. >> what do you want someone picking up the book to get from the story? >> this is our american history.
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black boy who was born in 1925. he was born to a single mom who was a domestic who would take several trolly cars to leave him and his younger brother to go clean other people's homes who had a grandmother who would take care of him who had a dream to walking from poverty to the halls of congress. to having so many beautiful stories and a family that he loved to the core. he would always end by saying that he was so blessed. >> reporter: it is palpable, your love and pride, and i know it was returned. i know how proud he was of you. >> yeah. thank you. >> reporter: thank you for sharing this. >> thank you so much. thank you. and karl stokes in 1972 also became, her uncle, the first black anchor man in new york city. they broke down barriers in many
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delivers mega support. ? ? ? ? >> that was the chain smokers? >> it was. i like this song. >> after the chain smokers, a story about an unassuming university librarian who had a multimillion dollar secret. >> he was on the job for nearly
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be forgotten by the school that he loved so much. >> reporter: bob spent nearly half a century cataloging books here at the new hampshire library. >> he would come to work every day in his 2003 honda with over 100,000 miles, and he'd have his breakfast, a coke, and maybe fritos. >> and he had a secret. he saved and invested nearly paid off big time. >> he ended up with a little over $4 million. >> reporter: he left every cent of it to the university. >> i suspect everybody was shocked. certainly by his lifestyle would not have expected he was able to leave those kind of funds. >> reporter: this janitor from vermont had a similar secret. >> never had an idea of it. >> reporter: he played the stock market leaving behind a $6 million fortune to a hospital and library.
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kind of things you might read about in a novel, and it's etched in stone at the library where he made his fortune and made dreams come true. my uncle did something similar. he drove a 25-year-old car, lived in this apartment that was just appalling. died, had all this money in the bank, and he left it to the camera club. >> the camera club? >> yeah. >> his nephew just looked over? >> i got a little bit, but the camera club got more. i'm not bitter. that's the news this half hour. no more talk of that. >> moving on. follow us on facebook,
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this morning on "world news now," the candidates are back on the campaign trail. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are on the move wasting no time trading attacks. clinton is blaming trump for her cough. we'll have the latest on the race for the white house. and the global gathering of leaders, the g20, having tense moments. president obama meeting vladimir putin in a chilly exchange. after the president of the philippines has a visit revoked after calling president obama a not very nice name. 3-did -- >> and the major league pitcher hit hard, taking a powerful shot to the head. thankfully the doctors have good news for him as he makes his recovery. and look at this mess -- a driver jump out of her car and
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and all pause something else was in the car with her at the same time. we'll reveal the horrifying monster in "the mix" on this tuesday, september 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with the race for the white house. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are both heading south today after spending labor day in the battleground state of ohio with their running mates at their side. trump is still struggling to clarify his immigration policy. >> and clinton made it clear she has no plans to go to mexico before the election as trump did. it's "your voice, your vote." >> reporter: the sprint is on to election day. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: donald trump crisscrossed the state of ohio dropping in on a packed county fair in youngstown surrounded by thousands. also back on the trail in the
3:32 am
hillary clinton. clinton sat down in an interview that will air tuesday hitting donald trump for questioning her stamina and saying he choked when he went to mexico causing a diplomatic incident. [ coughing ] but it was clinton who was choking to get her words out during a rally in cleveland. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager said clinton must be allergic to media. after she debuted a new plane, allowing the plane to travel with her. clinton who has been criticized for not holding any recent press conference her health. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them i've lost track. >> reporter: not to be outdone, trump invited the press on to his plane speaking to reporters for nearly the entire flight. he talked about the upcoming debates. >> i'm preparing like i did for the other debates. i think i'm preparing -- i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates. >> reporter: that first
3:33 am
but wednesday trump and clinton will take the stage back to back a forum focused on national security, the military, and veterans. abc news, washington. and donald trump is among those praising conservative activist phyllis schalafrle on word of her passing, calling her a pate yacht and a symbol of strength. she founded the right wing eagle forum. she died yesterday at her home in st. louis. she was 92 years old. >> president obama has become the first sitting president to visit the southeast asian country of laos. the visit follows the g20 summit in china where he sat down with russian leader, vladimir putin. we have more on the meeting between the two super powers. >> reporter: tense moments on the sidelines of that summit. president obama face to face with russia's vladimir putin. >> the tone of our meetings are
3:34 am
>> reporter: a 90-minute meeting tackling everything from cybersecurity to a syrian cease-fire between bashar al assad and u.s.-backed rebels, but so far no deal. >> given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation. >> reporter: that meeting on the final day of a summit that kicked off with an awkward scene on the tarmac. chinese officials did not provide the traditional staircase and red carpet reserved for world leaders. instead, president obama had to exit from small stairs at the belly of the plane. mr. obama is now in laos where he was scheduled to meet with the philippine president. now canceling that meeting after the philippine president used a vulgar term, threatening to curse out president obama in person if he continued to question his state's controversial killing of drug suspects. >> clearly he's a colorful guy. >> reporter: obama will be the
3:35 am
he'll be stepping up the u.s. commitment to removing tens and thousands of cluster bombs left in the ground after being dropped by the united states during the vietnam war. bob woodruff, abc news. the u.n. security council is expected to meet today after north korea launched three missiles. the missile launch was an apparent show of force timed to coincide with the g20 summit in china. the u.s. condemned the launch, and officials were discussinth proper response with allies. now to the rough weather spoiling the holiday plans for many on the east coast. former hurricane hermine is churning up the ocean off the mid-atlantic and new england coasts. creating dangerous conditions in and on the water. many beaches are closed with dangerous rip currents and waves of eight feet or more. there are also high winds. it's put a serious crimp on businesses that were looking forward to a profitable labor day weekend. >> phones were ringing like
3:36 am
island. mass exodus. >> reporter: and so here you are left with all of these open tables that would have otherwise been filled. >> i know. and people miss their holiday. >> so far there hasn't been much rain for the post tropical cyclone that was once a cyclone. forecasters say the rain is on its way. meanwhile, hurricane newton is bringing dangerous flooding and mud slides to northern mexico's west coast and may eventually move up to arizona. >> paul williams is tracking the path of both storms. good morning. >> good morning. hermine continues to turn off the east coast. this is the trekking we're expecting to curve away and go toward the deeper water and lose strength. a moderate risk of rough surf, coastal flooding, beach erosion and strong winds.
3:37 am
hurricane newton, expected to bring misery with significant rainfall and flooding in the four corners. nick, diane? >> thank you. as we wrap up summer, it's beginning to look like winter in some parts of montana. >> there is as much as ten inches of snow in some of the higher elevations. bare tooth pass is closed because of snow and high winds. september snow is not that unusual for this area. the big sky ski resort had some in july, b ski resorts weren't open until thanksgiving. >> what good is the snow if you can't ski? >> no good. so struggling actors spend a lot of time pounding the pavement trying to make money. not many of them have figured out to do it quite like this. >> there's this guy. chuck mccarthy. he's figured out a creative way to earn a few extra bucks in los angeles. >> i am a people walker. i walk people. instead of dogs.
3:38 am
i charge $7 a mile. there's no leashes involved. >> now, chuck considered being a dog walker, but he didn't want to pick up after them. >> good to know he doesn't have to do that. who, you might ask, would actually pay someone to walk with them. chuck says it's more about the camaraderie on the walk than the walk itself. his clients talk and he tries to be a good listener. though i have to say this idea is not completely original. fans of "king of queens" did a funny episode on this once where they actually end up paying a dog walker -- this is when a light bulb goes off -- to walk doug's father-in-law. >> because he's -- >> his friend is telling him the dog walker is great. she comes and walks him and takes him out. when he comes back, he's so tired and he goes right to sleep. eventually he figures out that he's dealing with a professional.
3:39 am
counselor, and he takes his clients for walks. in london, they walk and talk. it's a nice environment. >> does he charge $7 a mile? >> he does it for free. he's a good guy. >> see? does it have less meaning if you know you're dealing with a professional? >> yes. >> and they're getting paid? >> yeah, i think so, don't you think? >> i wonder how his clientele is? it's streaming in? >> i mean, i'd go for a walk with that guy. >> yeah? >> yeah. i'm not sure i'd pay him, but i'd go for a walk with him. seems like a nice bloke, you know? >> it would be funny if it comes around and he gets people saying, hey, i'll walk with you. coming up, serena williams is on top of the tennis world. >> she's surpassing another one of the sport's all time greats and making it clear this is her world. we're just living in it. and the latest on the
3:40 am
national anthem. other players are now joining him as critics respond with a statement of their own. also check out our behind the scenes pic so instagram. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." looking for balance in your digestive system?
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what a >> it's an image we've seen 308 times. serena williams celebrating
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monday's win at the u.s. open gave williams the record for the most in the open era. her 308th win in a grand slam sends williams to her sixth straight u.s. open quarter final. >> a pitcher for the los angeles angels is recovering after a frightening injury. a warning -- this may be difficult to watch. matt shoemaker took a line drive off his head sunday in seattle. th miles per hour. he suffered a skull fracture and internal bleeding. the team says emergency surgery was successful and he's able to speak. now to the growing controversy on the sidelines over the national anthem. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick, now has two high-profile defenders, including president obama. abc has the latest. >> reporter: 49ers quarterback
3:45 am
stand during the national anthem is getting steam. >> he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. >> reporter: u.s. women's national soccer team player megan rapinoe kneeling calling it a nod to cap nick's protest of racial injustice saying being a gay american, i know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties. how long do you plan on continuing to take a knee and will it be taking a knee? >> at this point, i will it will continue to be taking a knee. as far as how long this goes, i'm not sure. i want to be able to effect change. >> reporter: support is growing for the quarterback. more gear was sold last week than in the past eight weeks
3:46 am
santa clara police union saying they may not provide security for the game. the chief said kaepernick is expressing his first amendment right and it's their job to uphold it and provide public safety. abc news, los angeles. >> the president spoke about this at a news conference in china after the g20 summit. kaepernick's sincerity to highlight social issues. he says while it may be a messy way to go about it, that's the way democracy works. >> and he acknowledged it's tough for the military to take. seeing both sides. coming up in our next half hour, the hunt for a group of vandals in oregon. this video captured by a witness caught hikers destroying a famous rock formation. reducing to rubble. we'll hear about why they say they did it. first, one of america's favorite funny men is lending his voice to the big screen. who knew andy samberg's talent
3:47 am
even perhaps my voice? you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:48 am
? one of america's favorite funny men is lending his humor and voice to the big screen. >> andy samberg's voice is in the upcoming comedy "storks," and i had the opportunity to hear
3:49 am
who writes this, directly from the stork's mouth. >> bravo on the pun. >> reporter: "storks" no longer deliver babies but packages. >> our new phone. >> i'm aiming to be boss. >> reporter: then by mistake he gets back into the baby game, a mistake his nemesis will exploit. >> i feel like a lot of kids will be doing that voice and driving their parents nuts. >> sorry, i thought we were vibing. >> he's had a hard life. >> reporter: you can do any voice you want? >> that's an overstatement. >> reporter: do my voice. >> reporter: it's not that good. >> it's not that good. >> reporter: now you should do my voice. >> now you should do my life. >> reporter: what are you doing with your life beside "snl"? now picture him together with kelsey grammer voicing this. >> you know why i built my office entirely out of glass even thoh birds can't see
3:50 am
>> reporter: he would do vocal warmups and every now and a good break out a taste of side show bob and everyone in the room would be like, oh. >> reporter: are you improvising? >> there's a lot of improvising. there's a lot of nick stoler, the director, in the booth throwing out ideas with us. >> reporter: it has a slightly andy samberg feel to it. >> there's a looseness. >> reporter: recently he's been working on "never stop." >> it's everyone and everything in pop culture. everyone wanted it to be bieber. >> reporter: it makes a better story. >> but i also feel like isn't bieber okay now? >> reporter: back to "storks." this is about big brothers wanting little brothers and frazzled parents too busy for their offspring. >> don't make me the mean mom. >> reporter: sound familiar on a couple of levels? >> moms are fun, too! >> reporter: i didn't know that was jennifer aniston.
3:51 am
>> reporter: it also raises the subject where do babies actually come from. >> we need to tell him. >> tell him what? >> reporter: i wonder if it will spark conversations. >> i think it will. >> reporter: timmy with his popcorn, daddy. >> i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: also a good thing, grammar, aniston, key and peele. >> i'm going to devour. >> reporter: and samberg unleashed. >> that was funny. you almost died. >> what was he like to interview? >> he was funny unsurprisingly. >> i have to ask, what did you think of his impression? did you think he sounded like you? >> a little bit. >> he sounded exactly like you. that's what you sound like. >> is it? that's kind of disturbing. >> no? >> i don't know. do i sound like this? do i sound like this?
3:52 am
coming up, how the spider caused a car to roll into a lake in australia. >coming up, how the s caused a car to roll into a lake in australia. >coming up, how the s caused a car to roll into a lake in australia. >coming up, how the s caused a car to roll into a lake in australia. coming up, how the s caused a car to roll into a lake in australia. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse...
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it is time for it is time for "the mix." we are starting in australia with a car in a lake. now, why is the car in the lake? >> why is the car in the lake? >> the car is in the lake because the lady driving the car was very, very freaked out when a huntsman spider fell down from the -- what do you call the flappy thing? >> the visor. >> those things have a leg span of up to one foot, and they are venomous, but they're not really aggressive. she probably wasn't going to get stung, but if that fell from your visor, would you crash your car into a lake? probably. >> maybe. >> when you originally said spider, i was going to say all that because of the spider. then they show it.
3:56 am
no, thank you. >> i did a story in georgia last year in a woman with a nest of spiders in the car. in the car seat. >> on purpose? >> yeah. yeah, yeah. all right. we take you to the leaning tower of pisa. normally people pretend they're holding it up. this guy decided the tourists themselves made better photos. >> he has the end of his finger. >> tourists make better background props. >> that's actually clever. the old leaning thing is kind of over, isn't it? he's kicked it up a notch. well done. tell me about the teacher kicking things up a notch. >> to ohio state university, a professor trying to demonstrate a scientific things i don't understand calling transferring an atom -- anyway, that's not the important part of the story. basically this professor threw a ball of paper up on the upper
3:57 am
trash can on the other side, everyone gets a 100 on a test score. >> that's silly. >> look at that -- there guy did it. [ applause ] they all got 100s. i mean. >> the activity seems just so immature. i mean, they're in, at a university? >> you just put balls of paper on our desk. >> at a university? >> is this a challenge? >> maybe. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> oh. >> what if i hit jack? >> you know, i have an old injury. it's hampering me. >> is that what it was? >> you got the first one. >> were you practicing? >> no, but take a look at this white whale. got the first one. >> were you practicing?
3:58 am
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4:00 am
have a great tuesday. making news in america this morning, the presidential candidates start the final sprint to election day. both hillary clinton and donald trump are making campaign stops in crucial battleground states and their attacks are sharpening as the polls are tightening. and president obama making history becoming the first u.s. president to visit the southeast asian nation of laos. that leg of his trip following some tense episodes during a summit in china. a computer glitch has british airways checking in some passengers the old-fashioned way. the issue is causing major delays. we'll check in on what's being done to try to fix it. hang on tight. this little guy making quite a splash for doing this but some asking how young is too


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