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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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2 c1 3 a former college professor takes on a surgeon in a debate to represent southeast and newbo city market welcomes back shoppers with a grand celebration that includes music, food and games. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . the only democrat in iowa's congressiona l delegation wants to keep his job for another two years. but that means dave loebsack will have to beat chris peters. today the congressman and his challenger, an eastern iowa surgeon, debated on iowa public television. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins us to break down the debate. forrest, loebsack is favored to win this race? he is. the cook political report rates
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hill battle for the republican, peters, to win over the more than half million people in the 24- county district. for an hour, the two sparred over a variety of topics. on obama care, loebsack said the system needed more competition in the market to drive down high premiums. peters wanted a bigger overhaul, calling for an emphasis on health savings accounts and more high deductible plans. social security, both agreed a raising the tax cap would be helpful. loebsack hospitals was a bad call. peters thought vas could be made to specialize in soldier specific issues, like ptsd. here's how the two felt when it came to getting federal dollars for flood protection. " ultimately we're going to have to move away from sending so much of our tax dollars to dc in the first place, then hoping bargaining, begging to get the money back when we need infrastructure projects, flood mitigation, etc.
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convincing of a lot of folks to change the system as it is now. not saying it's necessary a bad way to go, but it's probably very impractical. i think the army corps has it wrong in terms of how they prioritize. the two senators think so as well. " the two were also asked if the u-s should have intervened earlier in syria. peters said, "i don't think so. loebsack said he wouldn't vote today to send troops to the country. beth? thanks, forrest. donald trump is taking a defiant stance while campaigning, angrily denying the latest allegations of sexual misconduct. this comes as new polls show he's trailing hillary clinton nationally - and in several battleground states. a-b-c's chuck sivertsen reports. donald trump came out swinging friday .... in both of his campaign rallies
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kissing them without their consent. sot trump charlotte rally "these allegations are 100 percent false, as everybody, i think you know." sot trump greensboro rally "it's a total setup." "they are 100 percent made up." two more women came forward today after hearing trump talk about women on a bus. nats quick bus sot - "grab them by the pussy." kristin anderson says hearing trump talk about sexual assault explains what happened to her when she was sitting next to trump at a trendy told the washington post... sot kristin anderson "the person on my right who unbeknownst to me at the time was donald trump, put their hands up my skirt." trump and his campaign dismissed anderson's accusation, and the one of summer zervous, a former contestant on his tv show "the apprentice", who told gloria allred at a news conference of an alleged sexual misconduct in 2007 after her run on the show had ended. sot summer zervos "he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me aggressively and placed his hand on my breast."
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hillary clinton did not directly address the new allegations when she blasted trump at a fundraiser in seattle. sot hillary clinton: "if we do our job in 25 days, donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. "president obama, hitting the campaign trail for clinton, went even further. sot obama "democracy itself is on the ballot now." chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. the obama administration is preparing for a possible sources tell n-b-c news the attack would be in retaliation for alleged russian interference in the presidential election. the u-s has suspected russian hackers in the leaking of campaign emails to the website, wikileaks. johnson county says the mailing center of its vendor is to blame for duplicate absentee ballots some voters got. the mailing center sent two sets of ballots to nearly 160 voters. one of those had a return address for johnson county, the other had the
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with black hawk county, so those ballots that went to the wrong address... go back the johnson county. the county says it will check every absentee ballot with the voter's record. and it will count only one ballot per voter. meteorologist justin gehrts joins us now. it started off cold, but warmed up to a pretty comfortable day. will it cool down again overnight? clouds have taken over and will be with us over the sunshine, our afternoon highs will make it into the 70s this weekend thanks to a southerly wind. lows will be held up in the 50s, so we won't be dealing with frost again for a while. showers and storms are possible late saturday into saturday night. monday's looking warm with highs edging close to 80. we'll fall back down from there, though.tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 57 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 57
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storms are possible late. wind: s 15-25. high: 73 alo: 73 dbq: 72 iow: 74 tom. night: showers and a few thunderstorm s possible. wind: sw 5-15. a federal judge has sentenced the second person accused of trying to smuggle guns to lebanon. , of cedar rapids, will spend more than seven years in prison on exporting firearms and money laundering charges. adam herz got 20 years yesterday on similar charges. two other family members are expected to receive their sentences next week. they were arrested after raids at three locations in cedar rapids last year. the pizza daddy on first avenue, a home on catskill street, and the midamar business. prosecutors say the four hid firearms in crates bound
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with clothes collected for refugees. prosecutors want the former city clerk of casey to pay up for lighting city hall on fire. they are asking a judge to order dorothy dillinger to pay two million dollars in restitution... and for the judge to sentence her to five years in prison. dillinger pleaded guilty to setting this fire at city hall back in august 20-14. it happened the night before auditors were to arrive to investigate admitted she had been taking the money and using it for personal expenses since 2009. she's expected to receive her sentence next friday. the city of marion has decided to look outside in hiring a new police chief. joseph mchale is taking over the position. his first day on the new job will be december 12th. he has spent more than 25 year with the police department in kansas city, missouri. marion's city manager praised mchale for working with the community
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to participate in a task force against violence in the area of kansas city that he works in. he's done a lot of work with a lot of agencies to help coordinate projects on a multi state area. so he's got a lot of experience that i think could be beneficial to marion." he's replacing longtime chief harry daugherty, who retired earlier this year. there's a collection at the university of iowa that you won't find anywhere else in the world. and the keeper of this extraordina science is working to stop the disease that killed his wife. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers reports on how researchers across the world are turning to iowa city in the fight to eradicate cancer. the key to stopping the growth of cancer tumors could be here in these tubes of antibodies. 12:21:44;18 ""a monoclonal antibody is the most useful drug for cancer right now in fact most of, over
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antibodies." " it's a collection unlike any other in the world. worth a quarter of a billion dollars. the lab sends the antibodies to thousands of researchers. 12:18:49;09 "140,000 clients in the history and if you go to any university you will find 100- 200 clients there buying our antibodies" the researches will then use those antibodies to find one that fights cancerous tumo the tumors it grows. right now a tumor is being grown in each one of these incubators and it's being shown up on the tv screen behind me. 12:18:19;15 "our desire is to find commonality between tumors formed by different cancers and find a single drug that will shut them all down" this kind of research is personal for biology professor david soll. his wife died from a brain tumor. 12:25:14;25 when she died i said that's it, i was studying oral diseases of the aging, vaginal diseases and things like that. i said i'm gonna study the biggest disease. 25 percent of everybody that will be listening to me will die of
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tumors from spreading. 12:24:28;05 "if i can find one drug in my lifetime and my life is running short right now, i'm an old man then i'll be able to be happy with myself." a lifetime of research that could one day stop tumors from growing. in iowa city samantha myers kcrg-tv9 news. newbo city market in cedar rapids held a celb re-opening after the flood. band playing people at the post-flood recovery event enjoyed music and food, and got to play some games. there was even a prize for the person that could guess how many sandbags were inside of a truck. newbo city market say it's the least it can do for the thousands of volunteers who helped place sandbags in newbo, czech village, and all around the city. "we were overwhelmed by the
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back then, and now it's just that kind of gratitude that we wanna show back and just throw everybody a big party and say we made it mayor mayor corbett asked people to visit a local business afterward, as part of his gavel challenge. there's another post-flood event. it's called "party on the nobo side," and it goes all day tomorrow. "nobo" refers to the part of newbo where floodwaters reached. tornado's grub and pub organized the event as a way to raise money for the businesses on the wet side staying warm this winter will cost you more. we'll explain what's different this year, compared to last, when it comes to your thermostat. and it was another busy night for high school football, as teams try to
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highlights from across eastern iowa, on friday night lights endzone. clouds have taken over and will
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the sunshine, our afternoon highs will make it into the 70s this weekend thanks to a southerly wind. lows will be h we won't be dealing with frost again for a while. showers and storms are possible late saturday into saturday night. monday's looking warm with highs edging close to 80. we'll fall back down from there, though. tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 57 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy and windy. a few showers and storms are possible late. wind: s 15-25. high: 73 alo: 73 dbq: 72 iow: 74 tom. night: showers and a few
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63 alo: 61 dbq: 61 iow: 64 sunday: partly cloudy and mild. high: 77 alo: 63 monday: partly sunny, windy, and mild. high: 79 low: 65 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 71 low: 63 wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 66 low: 49 thursday: chance of showers. high: 57 low: 45 friday: partly cloudy. high: 58 low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy.
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to find the best
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pork producers association says nick's on army post road takes home the top prize this year. it's the first time in its 14 year history that the winner has been in des moines. nick's is known in the area for its tenderloin sandwiches and serves a thousand a week during the year. there's a new item people can't bring onto we'll explain the electronic that is now on its own no-fly list. and alburnett and lisbon was just one of several big games this week on friday night lights. highlights, ahead. stay with us. energy bills might be a little
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the energy department says
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increased prices of the heating fuels. they include natural gas, electricity, heating oil and propane. the energy department also says people can expect a colder winter than last year, which was mild. "things right now aren't set in stone but what we are seeing in the market i think the eia has sort of captured a fair expectation of what customers should expect over the course of the winter." experts say there are several ways to save on energy. that includes checking the insulation in the home, or getting a home energy inspection from a company, like homeowners can apply for the federal low-income home energy assistance program, or li-heap. the samsung galaxy note seven is now banned from all u-s flights. the f-a-a announced the emergency order this afternoon. it says anyone who tries to bring the phone onto a plane could face criminal charges. the news comes after reports that some phones - and even some replacement ones - were overheating and catching fire. earlier this week, samsung urged
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phones. we'll be back. stay with us. one last look at the forecast,
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clouds have taken over and will be with us over the next few days. even without the sunshine, our afternoon highs will make it into the 70s this weekend thanks to a southerly wind. lows will be held up in the 50s, so we won't be dealing with frost again for a while. showers and storms are poi
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left, so no roo playoff spot. lisbon came into tonight's game in a three-way tie for first with wapsie and east buchanan in class a, district 4. lions hosted alburnett on kcrg 9.2, bob bruce had the call tonight. ... thank you, bob. i'm joined


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