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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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after a new poll shows donald trump ahead of democrat hillary clinton by a slim margin. and the university of iowa remembers the five people a gunman killed in a campus shooting 25 years ago today. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . "02:35:32;00 he's just a loving, caring perso tonight, we're hearing from a relative of a man who's in critical condition after an incident where a cedar rapids police officer shot him this morning. family and friends talked about jerime mitchell during an impromptu rally this evening. a cedar rapids police officer shot mitchell during a traffic stop in the overnight hours. it happened around 1:15 on coe road near a avenue northeast, near coe college. police say mitchell got into an
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... leading the officer to shoot him. police say mitchell, who is 37, tried to drive off and crashed into an unmarked police vehicle and another vehicle. the d-c-i is now investigating the shooting. it has not released the name of the officer who fired his or her weapon. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers is live near the coe college campus. samantha, you talked with people who know mitchell? friends and family are gathered out here now at happened. they say he is a kind and loving man and wanted to share their side of the story. 02:50:05;24 nats "this hit me close to home" friends and family gathered in greene square in cedar rapids with candles and signs. 02:42:32;07 "we want to show support to the family first and foremost, letting them know that they're not alone in a situation like this." " "asking questions that are still unanswered.
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there's not reason to shoot him" 02:43:59;12 "we're not here to put blame on anybody, we're not here to say this is a black lives matter, this is a cop vs. black type thing we're here because all of our lives matter " 02:38:12;24 ""we would like to see the dash cam there should always be one on i believe. or a person cam, a body cam. we would like to see that, we would like to know why the police officer shot" " they say jerime mitchell is a caring and loving person wh than ten years, someone who would never try and run from police. 02:37:21;04 "the cop fired and when he fired, the bullet went into his neck and into the top of his spine and i think when that happened his foot hit the accelerator which launched him forward into the other cars. if he was trying to get away he would have steered, but he couldn't because he was paralyzed, he still is paralyzed." he says if his brother in law survives, he could be
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life. 02:41:05;01 "it will change everything. it will change everything. it's not just going to change her life, it will change. it's going to change all of our lives." cedar rapids police say there is not body camera footage because police officers are not equipped with cameras. live in cedar rapids, samantha myers, kcrg- tv9. a man waiting for trial on a first degree murder charge died last night at the fayette county jail. matthew braun was unconscious when jailers found him in a shower area last night. the medical examiner later pronounced him dead. braun was 39. authorities are investigating the cause of his death, but they don't suspect any foul play. he was waiting to go to trial for the beating death of kris simpson. that
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residential care facility in fayette. let's go to weather and meteorologist joe winters. joe, we can expect some rain tomorrow? an area of low pressure and associated frontal systems moves across the state bringing some rain. the best chance for rain is across the southern two thirds of the state develops late tonight nd amounts of 0.5" are possible with much lighter amounts to the north. after thesis system exits the state we are in for a great stretch of weather that is expected to last into the early part of next week. have a super night. tonight: isolated showers late. wind: ne 5-10. low: 55 tomorrow: showers and isolated storms likely, mainly south of highway 20. wind: ne 5-15. high: 61 back to you. with just a week to go before
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democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump are continuing their attacks on each other's characters. a-b-c's maggie rulli reports on what one poll is showing is a tight race heading into the final days of campaigning. just in case there weren't enough october eleectin season - we can thank the calendar for gifting us an entire week in november for campaigning? and both candidates are taking advanatge of every single day. late in the game surprises for both hillary clinton and donald trump continue to weigh over the race? as we see the polls tightening with only one week to go. the latest a-b-c news / washington post national tracking poll shows a mere point-seven percentage point of a difference separates the two
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insignificant amount? but a huge jump from clinton's double digit lead last week. the trump campaign hopes it's enough to re-new enthusiam for their candidate. nats - pence at rally: republican v-p candidate mike pence - again calling for republicans to come home while the two campaigned in pennsylvania? nats: ? later trump rallies his voters in wisconsin - another must win state for a trump presidency. sot - donald trump: "... for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton meanwhile clinton triples down on the all- important swin the vote rallies. introduced at the first one by alicia machado - the former miss universe who trump insulted because of her weight. sot - alicia machado: "we will stop him xxx at her next stop - clinton continues to attack trump's character sot - hillary clinton: "we've got someone running for president who has not only bullied people and made bigoted comments about everyone" tag: with such a tight race? both campaigns are making plays on the other team's turf? trump is beefing up his ad campaign in the normally blue states of michigan and new mexico ? and clinton's running mate tim kaine will be making a
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arizona. today, donald trump, junior tried to help his dad win over voters during stops in cedar falls and ames. " it's ironic that the rich, brash guy from new york is actually the voice of the people i see it every where i go i see it in airports, i see it in convenience stores when we stop at 11:00 at night going on to our last stop of the day. " bar in the college hill neighborhood. there, he stressed if people don't want a career politician, they should vote for his father. also, he didn't mention f-b-i's review of newly discovered emails related to hillary clinton's aide. but said clinton is one of the most corrupt candidates in history, which led supporters to chant "lock her up." democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine and former president bill clinton will both be in eastern iowa tomorrow. kaine will stop at loras college
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and clinton will hold an event at the waterloo center for the arts at four o'clock. the results are in from the iowa youth straw poll of the presidential race, and republican donald trump is the winner. today, more than 56- thousand middle and high school students across the state took part in the poll. about 46 percent of them voted for trump. 35 percent backed democrat hillary clinton. the poll also let students have a say in the u-s senate and congressiona l races. republican republican rod blum won in iowa's first district. and democrat dave loebsack won in the second district. today, the university of iowa took time to mark the 25th anniversary of a campus shooting that killed six people. on november 1st, 1991, gang lu , a graduate student from china, shot and killed five people. that included three physics and astronomy professors and another chinese student in van allen hall. he later shot and killed himself. authorities believe he
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prize for his physics dissertation. today, the u-i remembered the victims with a ceremony on the north side of the old capitol. as part of the ceremony, bagpipes played "amazing grace." physics professor wayne polyzou says those who died were an important part of many people's lives. "02:30:59;06you know we've had to rebuild. there's a number of people whose lives were completely changed because of this i mean the families obviously they were devastated but there were a lot of people who worked for these people worked with employment depended on it " the university will place a permanent memorial on the north side of old capitol at a later date. the federal government wants feedback on a proposed power line that would stretch across several counties in iowa and wisconsin. the proposed 500 million dollar cardinal- hickory creek transmission line would run from southwest wisconsin to dubuque and clayton counties in iowa. it would be a
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the companies say the line would provide savings, support renewable energy, and improve reliability of the system. but critics say the companies should spend the money on current infrastructure. the u-s-d-a's rural utilities service wants to hear from people living near where the power line would run, as it begins studying the potential environmental impact of the power line. president obama has declared 19 counties in eastern an federal disaster areas because of damage from heavy rains and flooding in late september. the list includes linn county, where cedar rapids spent more than 10 million dollars on temporary flood protection. city leaders say they aren't sure how much they'll get from fema to cover those costs. dubuque schools say they're dealing with a mumps outbreak they haven't seen in years. so the district is reminding parents what to do to help keep the contagious mumps disease
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couple of innings away from forcing a game 7 in the world series. they lead the cleveland indians right now, seven to two. dubuque schools say students
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vaccine is not the reason for a recent mumps outbreak. so far this school year, 20 students and staff have had the mumps. and a total of 32 people in dubuque county have had the illness. that accounts for half the
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wiedemann explains what the school district is doing to stop the spread of the mumps. the school district says it seems everyday doctors diagnose another student with mumps. but, right now the school district says there's not a lot they can do. mumps is spread when an affected person sneezes or coughs, so the school district is strongly encouraging sick students to stay home. school custodians are using standard protocol for cleaning school buildings, so nothing above and beyond the norm. state of iowa requires all students have two m- m-r vaccinations. they do grant exemptions for religious and other reasons. however, the dubuque school district says all the students who've had mumps this year have had the full vaccination. "we know the vaccine even when you have had both mmrs is still only 88 percent effective. so is this just that percentage of students that have been fully vaccinated who are getting the mumps because they were the small percentage that didn't have the
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just affecting students. four staff members have also been diagnosed with mumps. and they say it's very painful right in this area. in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news the district says when it confirm a case at a school, it sends out a letter to parents, explaining what steps they and their child could take to help prevent mumps. some kids in eastern iowa are doing more than just brush and floss to keep their teeth in tip- they're not eating candy they collected on halloween. instead, they're giving it to dental clinics, as part of a good cause. an area of low pressure and
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state bringing some rain. the best chance for rain is across the southern two thirds of the state develops late tonight and continuing on
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with much lighter amounts to the north. after thesis system exits the state we are in for a great stretch of weather that is expected to last into the early part of next week. have a super night. tonight: isolated showers late. low: 55 tomorrow: showers and isolated storms likely, mainly south of highway 20. wind: ne 5-15. high: 61 tom. night: gradual clearing. wind: n 5-15. low: 44
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saturday: mostly sunny. high: 65 low: 44 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 64 low: 45 monday: mostly cloudy. high: 62 low: 44 tuesday: mostly cloudy. high: 59 low: 42 wednesday: mostly cloudy. high:
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wondering what to do with all that candy their kids collected on halloween. several dental clinics in eastern iowa will actually pay money for the
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it's part of the nation- wide "halloween candy buy back program." one dental clinic that's participating is the cedar rapids smile center. it's offering to pay one dollar per pound for up to five pounds of candy that kids bring to the clinic. it'll collect candy through this friday. then it'll send all of it to an organization called operation gratitude, which will ship the candy to u-s troops serving overseas. to give back, especially the troops. everyone likes a good cause for the americans, so everyone's especially willing to get involved in that. " this program started in 2006 when a a dentist in middleton, wisconsin, wanted to find a creative way to help fight cavities and gum disease in young patients. we're now accepting nominations for our "nine who care." t-v nine and our show you care sponsors will be honoring nine outstanding
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communities. to nominate someone, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. coming up next, the hawkeye football team got some much needed rest in their bye week. and scott has regional championship volleyball highlights in class 1-a and 2-a. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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34-5. but the knights had their hands full tonight against mediapolis who came in 32-7. this was for a trip to state in class 2a. and the gym was rocking with hungry purple people eaters .. and this was a slugfest.. darian gray with the kill into the front
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teammate la-kay-a lyon with the hammer down the line.. but mediapolis was tough at the net.. the big time block and the bulldogs won the first set 25-20.. north cedar answered.. morgan sander says try to block this one... and the knight won set two 25-21.. but mediapolis won the next two sets for the 3-1 win. springville playing for a trip to state tonight in the 1a regional championship against easton grabbing the lead...alyssa jaeger blasts the ball through the blocker...orioles jump out to a 14-2 lead... --more from jaeger as she hammers another one...that puts the orioles in front by 15.... --jaeger finishes off the first set with the ace...springville wins the opener 25-7... --the o's trailed much of the second set but rallied late...rylee menster with the block...springville wins the second set 25-18... --then on match point, it's menster with the kill as springville is headed back to state with a sweep over
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just a great moment to share with everyone, and i'm really excited to keep going with my sisters." "i'm just happy that i get to spent a few more days with these kids. they just do a great job all the time, and i think they've grown. these seniors have grown together. they've led our younger kids and brought us where we are tonight, so i'm very proud of them." trt :20 oc: "...very proud of them." congrats to starmont, hudson, waterloo columbus, janesville and sumner fred also winners tonight. the first college football playoff alabama is on top followed by clemson, michigan, and texas a@m is a surprise fourth over undefeated washington. the hawkeyes are rejuvinated after their bye week. scott westerberg has more. with no game on the schedule over the weekend, the hawkeye players had friday and saturday off. some used that time to do a whole lot of nothing." "just laid low back in dubuque with my family and my two nephews and just got to hang out." "lot of sleep. lot of ice baths, just tried to get my body feeling
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home, relax a little bit, do a little fishing and relax, so it was nice to be able to take a little break." "i went up to ike's house for a couple days, hung out with him back in cedar falls got to watch some game on saturday and relax."a few of the guys got to do something they rarely have time for, sit in the stands and enjoy another football game. "went to the michigan- michigan state game, just sat there with my friends and watched the game. it was a little weird especially w little weird, but i had to support my school. i wore some iowa gear in the stands as well." "i went and watched my brother's game. he plays at coe, so i was in cedar rapids watching the kohawks stay undefeated.""c oach schulte runs a good tight ship out there in cedar rapids, so it's always fun to watch them and go back and watch the old team." setting a hundred or so college kids free for the weekend seems like a scary situation, but coach ferentz trusts his players to act appropriately.
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for spring break, after the bowl game or whatever about being smart and being safe. at some point they have to make decisions on their own and you just hope they have a good foundation to go off of."and by all accounts, the bye week was pretty uneventful. in iowa city, scott westerberg, tv9 sports. thanks scott. joe... an area of low pressure and associated frontal systems moves across the state bringing some rain. the best chance for rain is across the southern two thirds of the state develops late tonight and continuing on wednesday. rainfall amounts of 0.5" are possible with much lighter amounts to the north. after thesis system exits the state we are in for a great
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween.


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