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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us now. dave, you spoke to some brand new police academy graduates today in cedar rapids. how are they reacting to the ambush of those two officers in des moines? there's the sense of shock that people statewide felt but also a determination not to let fears overwhelm their desire to serve. this particular police class, 14 in all, have taken their training during some of the most turbulent and dangerous times for officers during the new officers were in training, 74 officers died in the line of duty. that's many more than last year. commanders noted this particular class began just one day after five officers were gunned down in dallas. they graduate just days after the tragic shootings of two officers in des moines. during training, they were asked if such events had any giving second thoughts to a career in law
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recruits from all the agencies and the departments they still made the commitment and are dedicated to come on" several speakers told the new officers not to view everyone you meet as a potential threat. the reactions of the public to the des moines-area shootings clearly show support for law enforcement. the 14 new officers who graduated today came this was the 44th basic class for the cedar rapids regional police academy. thanks, dave. in a kcrg t-v nine update... the city of waterloo will pay more than 85 thousand dollars to settle another excessive force lawsuit. the suit involves a 13- year-old officer to "slow down" in 2014. video shows officer timothy everett making a hasty u-turn in his car to find out who had yelled
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took her to the ground after she refused to give her name. waterloo has already paid more than 255 thousand dollars to settle four other lawsuits brought by black residents in recent months. the iowa division of criminal investigations says cedar rapids police officer lucas jones fired his weapon at a man earlier this week during a traffic stop near coe college. and lucas was also a part of an officer-involved shooting last year. poli mitchell on a routine traffic stop on tuesday around one a-m. the two struggled during the stop and jones shot mitchell. mitchell suffered a serious injury and is still in the hospital. officer jones was cleared in a shooting on october 21st of last year. in that incident, police say jonathan gossman ran from police and then pointed a gun at officers. jones returned fire, killing gossman.
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sisters... both of them teenagers. the linn county sheriff's office says the girls were in a car with their mother and two other sisters when a pick-up rear- ended them. and that collision pushed their car into another pick-up. it happened at county home road and north troy road yesterday afternoon. the sheriff's office identified the sisters who died as selena apodaca, who was 16, and isabella severson, who was 13. both were in the backseat injured their mother, jennifer perez, and two other sisters... ages 14 and four. they're all at university of iowa hospitals... the 14 year old girl in critical condition. a delaware county crash this morning killed one person. it happened in the area of 200th avenue and 165th street about 7 a-m. state patrol says a truck driver sideswiped a tractor that was driving in the opposite direction. the truck went into the ditch and the driver died. when you see news, call newsline
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meteorologist joe winters joins us now with your first forecast. joe, can november weather get any better than this? consistent, constant, unvarying, predictable, stable, steady.these are just a few of the words that describe the weather through the weekend. lows will dip into the 40s with highs rebounding well. have a great night, a safe weekend and don't forget to fall back early sunday morning. tonight: mostly clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 45 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: sw 5-15. high: 68
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four days before election day, a new poll shows republican donald trump edging up a bit here in iowa. the simpson college -- raba research poll of likely voters gives trump a three point lead over democrat hillary clinton. it's tighter in a head to head match up, with trump ahead of clinton by two points. 10 percent of voters in this poll said they were unsure who they'll support. kcrg- t-v nine's samantha myers spoke with some iowans to find out why they are voting for donald trump. as a small business owner in kalona, janene king says donald trump's experience building businesses is what america needs. 16:42:45;17 " "less regulation and more just being able to encouraging people to be entrepreneurs that's really
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great for so many decades" " veteran todd cohenour, of cedar rapids, says there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. 16:49:31;10 ""i think we need to re-do the va it's not really helping our veterans how it's being ran right now, the budget is getting out of whack, we have a twenty trillion dollar budget, but we have problems with our schools how our schools are run and just really we need to concentrate on career politicians don't have the best interest of the american people in mind. 16:46:27;20 "i think that a lot of politicians have made a career out of it and instead of serving the people, it's become just about making money for themselves, making a name, making themselves great and they've really forgotten to serve the people." 16:48:35;14 "i know there's lots of controversy with him but i think this is a change we need in washington. i don't think republicans or democrats are doing anything for us" king says she's also willing to
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16:44:19;16 "i don't condone or excuse what he's said or the comments that he's made in the past about women. i don't think it's appropriate but i think that if you look at his life over the past five years i think that he's changed" trump to them is an outsider, someone who will shake things up, and disrupt the status quo... which is exactly what they want. in cedar rapids we'll have a profile of hillary clinton supporters here in iowa tonight on t-v nine news at ten. we hope you'll stay with t-v nine on election night for complete coverage of "your voice, your vote." follow us on social media for updates all day long, and and share your voting experience on our facebook page or on twitter with the hashtag i-a votes. when the polls close at nine, and as results come in,
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t-v 9, including commentary from our political panel. you'll be able to see results scrolling on your t-v screen and online at kcrg dot com. and don't miss a special edition of t-v nine news at 10 with live reports and analysis of key races across the state. it's "your voice, your vote" on your election night leader, kcrg t-v nine. some of the oldest cub fans i chance to celebrate and watch today's parade together. on wednesday, the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians to win the world series for the first time since 19-08. today, hundreds of thousands of cubs fans lined the streets of chicago to welcome home the 2016 world series champions. residents of the sunset park place in dubuque watched the parade on t-v. "i've been a cub fan all my life and enjoyed it with much
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group sang "take me out to the ball game," and ate, you guessed it, hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jack. wait and see. that's what some flood victims in clarksville are doing right now. they're hoping to get federal funding to fix up their homes, but that's becoming tricky because of the area of the town that flooded. stay with tv9.
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dealt with flooding earlier this year say they're trying to figure out their next steps. homeowners have already gutted their homes, and they are now waiting to see if they will get any federal funding to help with flood recovery. in late september... .... the shell rock river flooded 150 homes and several downtown businesses. fema has come and assessed the damage in this town that's had two severe floods in just eight years. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed reports it's now w federal flood recovery funding will come through. this home is gutted dana stock's bright blue house is an eye-catcher on this clarksville street this used to be the kitchen but inside is an eyesore. that's because more that 8 feet of flood waters got into his home "everything had to go. sheet rock, installation, wiring has got to be re-done. furnaces, all new appliances. we gotta get everything new." he has been staying with his girlfriend, and waiting to
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that's hard because clarksville is not designated as a federal flood plain. "we're in a no flood zone, so it's hard to get flood insurance. we tried." clarksville mayor val swinton says president obama's disaster declaration won't help stock and other homeowners. "it only affects municipalities. so we will get repaid for our expenses and the damage to the city itself. but as far as indidvidual homeowners, that declaration isn't gonna help them at all swinton met with the iowa county emergency management last week to see what they can do to prevent future disasters. he says they did not come up with a full prevention plan, but he wants to visit to hawkeye country next "the iowa flood center at the university of iowa has remapped the entire state. and this new map might be able to help us decide how to prevent this from happening again. we haven't seen that map yet, so we are not sure how effective it's going to be for us. "
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clarksville city council meeting to discuss flood relief with them. in clarksville, phil reed, kcrg tv-9 news " it's quarterfinals time for high school football players. the winners of tonight's games will be going to the dome, hoping to eventually win state championships . stay with your 24 hour news
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predictable, stable, steady.these are just a
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through the weekend. lows will dip into the 40s with highs rebounding into the 60s to near 70. plenty of sunshine is expected as well. have a great night, a safe weekend and don't forget to fall back early sunday morning. tonight: mostly clear. wind: sw 5-15. high: 68 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 45 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 66 low: 45 monday: mostly cloudy. high: 64 low: 45 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 61 low: 46 wednesday: partly cloudy. high:
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64 low: 42 friday: partly cloudy. high: 60 low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 57 low: 39
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t-v nine's josh christiansen josh, is the team ready for quarterfinal playoff action tonight? i'm live in mount vernon with a preview. stay with tv9. a trip to the uni-dome is on the
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josh christensen joins us live from mount vernon where the red hot mustangs will host williamsburg in the 2a quarter-finals.. josh the mustangs are peaking at the right time. ... they definitely are scott, the offense has scored 40 points or more in the last eight games... and i'm joined by head coach lance pedersen. coach, you play williamsburg tonight and you played them just two weeks ago. what went repeat some of those things this week? ... we know williamsburg loves to run with wardenburg and hazen- fabor. how do you slow that running combo down? ... how important is a early lead going to be in this game? is that the deciding
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quarter-final games tonight during the 10 o'clock newscast. the hawkeyes are 7 point under dogs against penn state saturday night in happy valley.. the nittany lions have a lot of confidence after knocking off ohio state. that game had a crazy atmosphere with the white out
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night. you grow up a college football fan you get to play in a white out in happy valley that something you dream of that is something you relish and that's opportunity you don't get much in life cant wait. does that fuel you when you hear that crowd? absolutely that's always fun to go to a hostile environment got your guys by your side with you versus the world it's always kind of a fun feeling you know you know your hated you can kind of use that as your identity sot :29 oc: "as your identity " and finally 108 years is a long time to wait to have a parade so you can imagine what it was like in downtown chicago today as about 5 million fans lined the streets to welcome home their world series champion cubs.. this parade was a little bigger than our athlete of the week one last night in center point.
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team meteorologis t joe winters for your final forecast. consistent, constant, unvarying, predictable, stable, steady.these are just a few of the words that describe the weather through the weekend. lows will dip into the 40s with highs rebounding into the 60s to near 70. plenty of sunshine is expected as well. have a great night, a safe weekend and don't forget to fall back early sunday
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5-10. low: 45 tomorrow: mostly
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