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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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many democrats are also gathering to kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman is live at the forte conference center in des moines. de, it's now just a waiting game. bruce, party leaders and party faithful will, of course, be waiting for the iowa returns to begin coming in after the polls close at nine tonight. but polls in other states, such
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earlier. party leaders tell me there may be some early signs of how hillary clinton is doing even before iowa polls close. so that's something the crowd, which will begin coming in at eight tonight, will watch until it's time to focus on the state returns. some top democratic candidates, including u.s. senate candidate patty judge will be on this stage later.m democrats say they are encouraged by a large turnout...especially in counties around the democratic. so we'll see later if those hopeful early signs translate into good news at the polls later. live in des moines, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. the iowa secretary of state's office says nearly 647 thousand iowans voted early this year. and that number should go higher because 47-thousand other early
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still out. they needed to be postmarked by last night, or voters can also return them to polling places today. and, as far as turnout at the polls today, here are the early numbers from a couple of counties. at three o'clock, linn county had about a 27 percent turnout with more than 42 thousand people having voted. at three in johnson county, today's turnout was about 22 per cent with more than 20 thousand people voting. vote today at the polls, you just need your i-d and proof of residence. if you need to find your polling place, you can go to the secretary of state's website. and if you have any questions, you can call 1- 888-s-o-s-vote. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, it's a beautiful day for voting. tonight's weather ends very quietly with a clear
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lower to middle 30s bringing a frosty start to our wednesday. sunshine then takes over for the rest of the weekend after brief cool down the mercury responds nicely as a ridge of high pressure reestablishes itself with highs in the lower to middle 60s on thursday. have a good night! tonight: clear and cooler. wind: nw 5-10. low: 34 tomorrow: sunny. wind: w 5-10. high: 57 br in other news we're following tonight... cedar rapids police have released the name of the man who died in a car crash yesterday. he was richard hartl. he 54 and from marion. his car crashed yesterday afternoon at tower terrace road and miller road northeast. police say the car
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landing on its roof. hartl died at the scene. today law officers from across the state gathered for another funeral for one of their own. this time it was for the second of the two des moines area police officers who died in ambush attacks last week. the funeral for urbandale officer justin martin was in his hometown of rockwell city, iowa. kcrg-tv9's jordee kalk joins us with coverage of today's funeral. jordee, multiple communities are hurting the urbandale police chief spoke at martin's funeral. he said his police department lost a young man, but the community of rockwell city lost their son. "he was a man of integrity. we were not prepared to have justin's life stolen from us. all of us here feel pain together. we will continue to live those values of god, family and country in memory of
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the chief says martin will continue to be a role model for all young people in rockwell city. martin was an eagle scout, and friends say he was a dedicated leader. friends of martin say he loved serving as a police officer. "a respectful listener and a professional protector. justin an something bigger than himself to serve a greater cause." a gunman also shot and killed des moines police sergeant tony beminio just minutes after officer martin last wednesday morning. beminio's funeral was yesterday in west des moines. at least one thousand officers from across the state attended that ceremony. authorities believe 46- year-old
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for both officers' deaths. he is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. court records show greene is waiving his preliminary hearing, which a judge had set for next week. bruce and beth? thanks jordee. black hawk county will pay 30-thousand dollars to a man who fought with an off-duty sheriff's deputy. the board of supervisors voted unanimously today to settle a case by edward felts. felts claims he and the deputy nearly crashed in authorities say it led to felts head butting the deputy, and the deputy in turn took felts to the ground and beat him. earlier, a jury found felts guilty of assault. but the county's insurance company defended the case because the deputy displayed his badge and is a deputy at all times. the presidential nominees have still been working today, trying to get every last vote they can get before the polls close tonight. but the day hasn't gone without controversy. we look at the lawsuit filed today by donald
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tonight's weather ends very quietly with a clear sky and a cool night. overnight lows into the lower to middle 30s bringing a frosty start to our wednesday. sunshine then takes over for the rest of the weekend after brief cool down the mercury responds nicely as a ridge of high pressure reestablishes itself with highs in the lower to middle 60s
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clear and cooler. wind: nw 5-10. low: 34 tomorrow: sunny. wind: w 5-10. high: 57 tom. night: clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 37 thursday: sunny and a little breezy. high: 64 low: 37 friday: mostly sunny. high: 55 low: 41 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 53 low: 30 sunday: mostly sunny. high: 60 low: 39 monday: partly cloudy. high: 58 low: 44 tuesday: chance of wednesday: partly cloudy. high: 51 low: 31 thanks joe. tonight we'll find out who will
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chief. but how will the u-s house and senate align with the next president? we look at
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in washington. and we're hearing from voters after they cast their ballots today. find out what helped them decide who to vote for, next on t-v nine.
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research center found 86 percent of working mothers feel rushed --nearly constantly. where do you turn for support? many of us turn to other moms... and our momseveryday panelists agree... support is vital to the entire family. stephanie sot: modern motherhood has become competitive in many ways and i thinkomen get caught up in competing with each other and
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really be there for each other. nicole sot: i remember a time because i've always worked strange hours, and i needed to go to work i had kids at home you have mommy guilt anyway you don't want to leave them. and there was a beautiful friend who came to the rescue said you can leave them here they can play with my kids they're in good hands... and that meant so much to me because it was like we're in this together. chery on cam: for ways to connect with other moms and more ways to make moms life easier check out momseveryday dot co. everyone is paying attention to the presidential race tonight. but it's the u-s house and senate races that could determine which direction the country takes in the next four years. kcrg t-v nine's alex miller is in our washington d-c bureau with a look at the congressiona l races.
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hours who will be president of the united states---and whoever it is--- they'll have to work with congress to move meaningful legislation. although republicans currently control both the house and senate-theres a chance that could all change. eli yokley "democrats definitely have a chance to take the senate back. they're ru nning in a year where republicans are on the defense. republicans have a historically unpopular standard bearer, and republicans have made mistakes." but what looked like a the months leading up to november--- has changed in the home stretch. eli yokley 32-35 "in the last month or so, republicans have been pretty competitive and made it neck and neck." races across the midwest have proven to be competitive-not to mention the closing of many polling gaps after fbi director jim comey first said the fbi would be looking into more of hillary clinton's emails before later saying they would not be indicting her. eli yokley :48-:52 "what the comey emails did was reinforce something people already thought about hillary
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wins? a democratic senate for clinton would allow her to get her nominees for the supreme court and for her cabinet through much faster. however . eli yokley 1:02-1:05 "republican senators have talked about blocking her supreme court nominees. that would be unprecedented in terms of separation of powers." and for trump - a democratic senate would prove difficult as well. the house, on the other hand, looks like it will remain republican. mocrats must notonlt they woda tot gain 30 seats to guess, 15-18 seats" house republicans are proving resiliant to the trump effect down ballot, so a change in congressional power - and in washington itself- rests in choic washington, i'm alex miller. today the presidential hopefuls both voted this morning at their separate polling places in new york. the latest abc news tracking poll shows democratic nominee hillary clinton with a four point lead over republican nominee donald trump. trump refused to say whether he would concede defeat if he loses. and in nevada today, a judge quickly rejected a lawsuit by trump's campaign that claimed there were
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the suit said allowing people to vote past the closing time was illegal, but the county said it was just accommodatin g voters who were already in line. while some a lot of chose to vote early, others waited to cast ballots today. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers is live in iowa city. samantha, you asked some people how they decided on who to vote for and why they waited until today? johnson county auditors office. i spoke to people today about voting, and many of the people i spoke with said they came after class or work. poll workers at another polling spot in iowa city said there's been a pretty steady amount of people coming in to vote throughout the day. some of the voters tell me they wanted to wait to vote because she wanted to be a
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.... everyone's out there voting too" " " "you see everything that's going .... that's how i came to my decision." " live in iowa city samantha myers kcrg tv 9 news. another subject that's very top of mind for rigging. and, as usual, people from both parties have volunteered to be poll watchers. we'll hear from two of them next here on t-v
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iowa elected to be poll watchers. those people make sure voting goes smoothly at the polls. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed joins us live from the linn county elections depot polling place. phil, you spoke with poll watchers from both parties who are working there today? the elections depot say they will stay until the last vote is cast. they hangout where people are doing same day voter registration to make sure the information they are giving is right. they also make sure there is no campaigning within three hundred feet of a polling place. members of their central committee parties trained them on what they can and cannot do. they don't interact with the voters or touch any of
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time being a poll watcher, for the republican, but not the democrat and they have different opinions on the possibility of a rigged election. "a general concern. and you know you hear stories of other places, iowa has a history of being on top of election details and so forth but i guess to be fair i had enough concern that i wanted to be part of the process." "it is effectively impossible to rig an election in iowa. you would have to have both the democratic poll watchers, the republican poll watchers. the democratic and thre poll watchers all in on it. and that's impossible." the linn county auditor says there are still thousands of absentee ballots that haven't been dropped off. he wants those dropped off to the audtior's office by 9 tonight live in cedar rapids, phil reed, kcrg-tv9 news now here's a look at some of what you'll see at 5:30 on a-b-c. recapping today's top stories,
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z24zwz z12fz y24zwy y12fy the candidates in iowa's most competitive congressional race both spend this election day pushing for votes. and democrat patty judge hopes for a huge upset tonight in her race against the heavy favorite in iowa's u-s senate race... republican chuck grassley. see these stories and more
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today's election. anyone who requested an absentee ballot and hasn't returned it can drop it off at their polling place yet tonight. people can also register to vote at a polling place, but they need a photo i-d and proof of residence. polling location is, you can go to the secretary of state's website for that information. and if you have any questions at all, you can call 1-888-s-o-s-vote. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. tonight's weather ends very quietly with a clear sky and a cool night. overnight lows into the lower to middle 30s bringing a frosty start to our wednesday. sunshine then takes over for the rest of the weekend after brief cool down the mercury responds nicely as a
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in the lower to middle 60s on thursday. have a good night! tonight: clear and cooler. wind: nw 5-10. low: tonight, breaking news. election night in america. from abc news election headquarters, right here in times square. the first clues coming in right now. what voters are revealing already. just as the first polls are set to close. tonight, hillary clinton, donald trump, the sprint to the finish. clinton in the wee hours of the morning. finishing in north carolina. >> i believe that we will win! >> just hours later, casting her ballot. will she become america's first woman president? donald trump after midnight, finishing in michigan. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. >> flying back to new york, then casting his ballot. a thumb's up. and this image peering over his wife's ballot. and tonight, trump in a new interview. will he accept the results? he says, we'll see.


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