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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CST

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work toward a successful transition, as he prepares to welcome trump to the white house. "donald trump was smart enough to recognize the mood of the american people. " and governor branstad says donald trump posted an upset victory by capitalizing on voter dissatisfactio n. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . around the country tonight. thousands of people are gathering in cities to show their frustration after republican donald trump's election to the white house. these are images from new york, philadelphia, chicago and seattle tonight. trump captured the presidency with wins in key battleground states, which helped him get at least 279 electoral votes. even though his opponent, democrat hillary clinton, won the popular vote,
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that a-b-c hasn't called. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers is live tonight at greene square in cedar rapids. samantha, there were rallies in eastern iowa over those election results? yes, there was a small anti- trump protest here at greene square a few hours ago. and it was actually the second one in eastern iowa. the first happened on the university of iowa campus this afternoon. was elected president.. university of iowa students and community members one- by-one took turns sharing their thoughts. nats some with tears in their eyes as they recounted the moment they found out. a circle of support, a safe haven in a time of uncertainty. 15:41:53;21 "one thing that i think this event did was help people feel like they still had something to go for, that they still had hope. there were also trump supporters
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said they wanted to hear the other side. " 15:39:24;20 "trump has a lot of work coming after him if he wants to unify these parties i think the republican party as a whole needs to become more inclusive i think that me being someone with strong christian values to open up our arms to these people " later in the day, people to came together and rapids. 05:23:30;24 "we need to stand together and show people of all backgrounds that we care for them and they shouldn't be scared or frightened of the future of our country. and we will ensure that we are not going to tolerate hatred." " " the people i spoke with on both sides said it is a divided time in this country and
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myers, kcrg-tv9. president obama is calling on americans to support trump. he says his team will make sure there's a successful transition. and that officially begins tomorrow morning, when the president will meet with trump. a-b-c's lauren lyster reports from capitol hill. president obama at the white house said he spoke to donald trump early this morning... as did hillary clinton... the party...conceding to the first president- elect who hasn't had either military or political experience. it comes after a dramatic upset -- getting a major reaction today... ? this morning...hilla ry clinton facing the nation after her shocking loss... ? sot: hillary clinton: "this is painful and it will be for a long time. ? emotional at
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sot - hillary clinton: "donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. ? and president obama aiming to unify the country behind the new president-elect. sot - president obama: "we are now all rooting for his success ? emphasizing the bigger picture... sot - president obama: "everybody is sad when their side loses an election - we have to remember we are all on the same team" ? trump overnight capturing the presidency in an historic and stunning victory -- grabbing key battleground states and even taking traditional democratic strongholds from clinton, who polls had leading going into election day. ? sot - donald trump: 'our's was not a campaign but rather an incredible movement' ? the triumphant trump -- delivering an supporters of that movement -- speaking to the whole country. sot - donald trump: "i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down? we will do a great job ? republican leaders -- reacting. sot - rep. paul ryan: "let me just say this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in my lifetime ? tag: trump will lead with a house and senate controlled by republicans. tomorrow -- he meets with president obama here in washington at the white house.
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today, we're hearing from governor branstad, who's calling trump's win something of a miracle. governor branstad says enthusiasm for trump's campaign was off the charts. governor branstad has spent months calling for republicans to unite behind trump's campaign. his son, eric, was trump's campaign chief in iowa. " my son, who as the director of the campaign says he's never seen anything like the number of people who called and asked for yard signs. the common working people in this country came out in huge numbers and people that haven't been identified wit there's been speculation that trump could ask governor branstad to be the new ambassador to china. but governor branstad says he's not interested in living overseas, and he's committed to serving the people of iowa. some people are wondering today why so many of the national polls indicated a different outcome in the presidential
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poll say there are a few reasons. early voters tended to support hillary clinton. but people who were undecided up close to election day and voted yesterday tended to support donald trump. another reason was the difficulty of polling certain segments of the population in states like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. "you have to remember it's a snap shot. it's one little picture on three days in which we were polling. with a margin of error it's basically telling yo other issues. it could go within this range, plus or minus 4.4 percent. " budzsiz says it's important to note the margin of error when looking at the polls. and when you consider that, almost all of the polls were very accurate. let's go to weather and meteorologist joe winters. joe, how long can we expect this
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through the upcoming weekend. light winds swing to a more southerly direction and pick up to bring highs tomorrow well into the 60s. a cold front swings through the state friday, resulting in slightly cooler weather. the moisture is not available for this front so it remains dry. an early outlook into the weekend gives a frosty start to saturday with 60s back in the forest for sunday. have a great night! tonight: clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 35 tomorrow: sunny and a little breezy. wind: sw 10-20. high: 64 the university of iowa is investigating a racist message someone wrote on a student's door in a residence hall. the university says someone saw it this morning at the
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staff. that prompted the university to issue a statement condemning the hate speech. last month, someone put up racist posters at the university's afro- american, latino, native american, and l-g-b-t-q resource centers. the poster was also on a bulletin board in a residence hall. and remember, whenever you see news happened, call newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also send news tips, pictures, and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. the state of iowa is working to come up with a way to determine which schools are doing well - and which ones aren't. it's asking for input from educators around the state before a new law fully takes effect next year. and the future of a small community in southeast iowa is uncertain after a key
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that's the goal behind "the every student succeeds act." president obama signed the law last year. it's a revision of no child left behind. the biggest change is that the new education law gives more power to the states.
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students- specifically those who attend struggling schools. under no child left behind districts had to set aside money to provide free tutoring to low income students. it also forced schools to bus kids to higher performing schools if their parents asked. with the new federal law, fewer kids are eligible for free tutoring, and students can't transfer out of struggling schools, unless they did so last year. kcrg-tv9's jordee kalk joined us in the studio. jordee, what's the timeline for implementing the every child succeeds act will fully roll out next school year. but before that, many steps need to happen. that's why the iowa department of education is holding public input meetings across the state. " so we have the chance to design a plan that makes sense in the iowa context and the local school context as well." iowa needs to set standards for schools with the new law. it also needs to have a way to hold low performing schools accountable. under no child left behind the
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schools were failing, now the states will take on that role. the director of iowa's department of education explained the act to about 50 educators in cedar falls tonight. he said the new law doesn't eliminate standardized testing, which was a cornerstone of no child left behind. children in third through eighth grades still have to take math and reading tests every year. students have to take these tests twice while in high school. " 46:45, "assessment and testing are critically important but it needs to be in balance. and it needs to make students are doing and where they need support and assessment should in line with what's being taught in the classroom " the state department of education says it will take this input to make a draft version of the state law this january. more public input meetings will be held after this. and bruce and beth the final proposal will be made in march. thanks, jordee. people in one tiny community are split down the
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and that's prompted the county to step in and
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upcoming weekend. light winds swing to a more southerly direction and pick up to bring highs tomorrow well into the 60s. a cold friday, resulting in slightly cooler weather. the moisture is not available for this front so it remains dry. an early
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60s back in the forest for sunday. have a great night! tonight: clear. wind: sw 5-10. low: 35 tomorrow: sunny and a high: 64 tom. night: mostly clear. wind: nw 5-10. low: 39 friday: mostly sunny. high: 55 low: 39 saturday: sunny. high: 53 low:
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sunday: mostly sunny. high: 60 low: 37 monday: partly cloudy. high: 59 low: 40 tuesday: slight chance of showers, mainly early. high: 55 low: 41 wednesday: mostly sunny. high: 55 low: 37 th high: 53 low: 34
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cedar rapids has changed two traffic lights... to stop signs. the new signs are at the intersections of center point road northeast and j avenue, as well as cottage grove avenue and 34th street southeast. the city says the traffic lights that were there needed repair work. it did a study and found the areas didn't have toom installing the cost-effective stop signs. we'll be right back.
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into what's next for a small community with only about a hundred people. the residents of mount union voted yesterday on whether to dissolve the town, and that vote ended in a tie. 31 people voted to unincorporate, while 31 voted not to. this issue has been a point of discussion since mount union passed a resolution last spring to unincorporat e. one of the reason was a dispute over who pays the bill for the town's sewer system. now, the henry county aud next after the tie vote. it says there's still a possibility there are uncounted absentee ballots in the mail. the lee county supervisors say they don't have plans to ask voters again for money for a new courthouse. yesterday, people rejected an eight and a half million dollar bond issue for a new building in montrose. it would have replaced two existing courthouses in fort madison and keokuk. the county says those two courthouses
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a north dakota lawmaker says donald trump's presidency could help completion of the bakken oil pipeline. congressman kevin cramer helped write trump's pro- oil energy plan. now, he says trump could help the progress of the pipeline that runs from north dakota to illinois, cutting through iowa. a portion of the route in north dakota has been the site of protests in recent months. the standing rock sioux tribe says it's concerned the pipeline will harm drinking water and building the pipeline, dakota access, says it's moving forward with the project. coming up next tonight... scott has his weekly conversation with iowa coach kirk ferentz. and it was a big night for local teams at the state volleyball tournament in cedar rapids. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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ready to host 3rd ranked michigan. had a couple practices what have you sensed from your team are they still a hungry football team i think so got back sunday was a really tough day i let all of the guys sleep in an extra hour going thru the tape we tried to move through it fairly quickly but there are things we want to learn to and some teachable moments in there then we tried to the next one. it takes a while to bounce back good news is that the guys came out
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today. are you looking at this game as an opportunity night game national television against one of the premier teams in the country? we took one in the chin last week and that was no fun for anybody involved i guarantee you but you get to come back to kinnick night game national tv audience and most importantly were planning an outstanding opponent so what an opportunity what a great challenge for us.night game national television against one of the premier teams in the country so all we can match up and find a way to win the thing. looking at the film is this the really is the vinyl records and press of the ranking but when you watch them on film that's most impressive thing on the most of their games haven't been competitive i think it would be behind one time this year in a lot of seniors are playing well veteran players they play well together. they are tough to prepare for because they have so much talent at all positions and i try to do some different things? they are really balanced on offense and got excellent receivers and quarterback has done a good job for a first your player you can't load
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but they really play aggressively they're good at what they do and are reminence of the 85 defense it wasn't exactly rocket science try to get ready for but playing against is really a big challenge. the state volleyball tournament continued tonight with the 1a quarter-finals. josh has the highlights. defending class 1a champion janesville opened up with starmont. 1st set, the stars trying to battle back as hayley goedken delivers a cannon, starmont down 23- two straight points, one of them coming off this victoria hazard kill. wildcats win 25-20. third set, match point. kennedy meister rises up for the block. janesville advances with the 3-0 shutout. in the neighboring court, hudson making its first state tournament appearnace facing lawton-bronson. the pirates are led by the state's leading killer, kiley deberg as she leaves a trail of smoke on that one. she had 31 kills tonight.
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pirates, it's hailey elder with the kill off the block. pirates even the match 1-1. hudson took over in the next two sets. deberg with the block. pirates advance winning 3-1. they'll face the winner of this match, springville versus audubon. it was a tight match early in the first set as riley menster's kill is right on the line. orioles tie it 7-7. but they start to pull away. madi wagaman rises up for the block to put springville up 11-9. match point for the orioles. it's samantha johnson with the kill off the block. springvill the semi- finals. josh christensen tv9 sports. for highlights from class 2a and 3a we ran at 6:00.. go to it was signing day and one of the top volleyball players in the state is headed to the west coast..dubuque wahlert senior hitter mckenzie may signed on the dotted line today to play volleyball at ucla.. mckenzie who has dreams of being an olymipian someday also plans on playing beach
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this was the scene at cedar rapids washington today as four athletes signed letter of intents.. trey leonard will play baseball at louisville.. cameron kelly will swim for minnesota.. frank lindwall will golf at iowa state and jessi puk who is the sister of mlb first round draft pick a.j puk will play softball at ole miss.. at waverly shellrock today 6"9 forward austin phyfe signed with the uni panthers.. iowa signed luka garza a 6"11 center out of d.c.. and the cyclones signed three players today including four star guard lindell wiggington thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... more great weather continues through the upcoming weekend. light winds swing to a more southerly direction and pick up to bring highs tomorrow well into the 60s. a cold front swings through the state
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